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For anybody who still hasn’t managed to get hold of it! h/t Ben Aaronovitch’s twitter (apparently nobody told him until just now either…)

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ETA: The April 2016 date for a collected volume is an act of imagination on Amazon’s part, not a real release date.

Love As The Stars Went Out

A collection of poetry from the end of the world. Poems of love, feeling and emotion, the collection encompasses all of life, and even beyond. Simple and elegant, the book contains all the poetry of existence.

“I love every bit of this book. So simple yet deep meaningful words. I would recommend it to all and everyone….” Customer Review. Paperback - Kindle - Lulu Publishers - Paperback - Kindle - Paperback - Kindle - Signed Direct from Author - Full List of Availability


It’s my pleasure to announce that Lavender, my first novel, is available for preordering from Amazon!  (If it’s fiddly, just give it time. It can take a while for a book to be availble across all of Amazon’s various sites, and To Clarify: You don’t need a kindle to buy or read from amazon! They have an app that’ll work on most everything.) I’m hugely excited for this, and I’ve been eager to show it off to you for sometime. If you’ll permit me a blurb…

Lavender knows what her family expects of her.
She just doesn’t know how to avoid it.

All her life, Lavender has wandered the forest outside her home, climbing its tall and ancient trees and following its brooks. Yet now her father has betrothed her to a boy in her village: Erkin, son of the village Elder. For Lavender, who hates being stuck indoors, has no knack for cooking, and would far rather be exploring the high branches of the forest, marriage is a fate worse than death. But fate is rarely so simple, and a chance argument reveals a secret at the heart of the forest that could change everything she thought possible.

Sometimes, friends can spring from the most unlikely places, and the biggest fears and the greatest evils don’t need to come at the point of a sword. For Lavender, the struggle to make her own path has only begun. 


Lavender is - blurb’s over, by the way, and the rest of this post is largely recycled from an earlier one - Lavender is a very low magic - yet quite fantastical - fantasy novel about a young girl by the name of Lavender. At the start of our tale, she discovers that despite all the attempts she’s made to appear as unmarriagable as possible, her father has betrothed her to the son of the village elder. It’s a story about growing up; about discovery, bravery, adventure and heartache. I hope it’s a story for you.

If you need further convincing, then you can find the first 3 chapters of Lavender here! I’ll also be taking a little more time in this post to cover some details.So, I’ve already said that it’s low magic. What does that mean? Bluntly speaking, there’s no spells. No dragons. The world more or less operates as you’d expect.Well. More or less.

What else? Well, this isn’t quite Young Adult. Nor is it not YA. With Lavender, I’ve tried to craft a story that doesn’t care how old you are. That won’t patronise younger readers or use its younger cast to dodge difficult questions and situations. On the contrary, I think the younger cast lets me dive in with both feet. I’ve felt the category of YA is increasingly nebulous, and whilst there’s much in the way of YA fiction I adore, I find myself not quite sure what it is in order to assuredly categorise my book as such. Regardless, if you’re the sort of person who usually spurns child protagonists, then try the sample chapters. I hope to convince you otherwise.

More than that, I am a proudly feminist author. There’s women in my books, and lots of them. I’ve toyed with saying this outright. There’s a concern that by even squeezing it into this little mini-FAQ I’m constructing that such a declaration will give the impression that by reading Lavender you’re opting in to a morality tale. Instead, what I’d like to say is this. If you’re bored with fantasy as swords for boys. If you read blurbs just hoping for a book with an interesting fantasy premise that doesn’t give the title role to the gruff guy with the shaggy black hair and the stubble and the destiny, then I’ve got a book for you.


Calling all Amazon Prime members, you can score a FREE Baby Welcome Box from Amazon. This box will include various freebies for parents and babies. All you have to do is create a baby registry. It needs to be 15 items from each of the Jumpstart categories. Then once you’re done, you’ll see a yellow “Claim Now” button on the left side. It’ll add the $35 box to your shopping cart and at check out you’ll see a $35 promotional balance payment method. This makes the box completely FREE! Last time, they and this offer open to Amazon Mom members only back in March, but not it’s open to all Prime members. Hurry though, this is valid while supplies last only! Enjoy :)

anonymous asked:

hey so you talk about ur skin products often and im curious, when you have time could you please make a post about what you bought and recommend?

ill quickly do it here :-)) these r the products i bought:

  1. face shop rice water bright cleansing light oil
  2. skin food black sugar mask
  3. cosrx aha/bha clarifying treatment oil
  4. missha first treatment essence mist
  5. etude house mask sheets
  6. etude house moistfull collagen lotion
  7. laneige water sleeping pack

i got them all on amazon, and i found out about most of the products from here

its an article that tells u about a 10 step korean beauty product regimen (i personally skipped some steps like the second cleanser in step 2, the ampoule and eye cream cus i dnt feel like i really need it)

the lady who wrote the article has a website where she lists all the korean skincare products that she recommends that she handpicked herself

another thing that i bought is this clay mask that i saw someone on tumblr recommend so tried it out and ive only used it once but i rlly liked it

i hope this helps i only started last week but my skin genuinely already feels & looks better :-))

Got to organizing some of my pens today and I tell myself (and my mother) that there’s worse things I could be addicted to… Here’s what is pictured!(I linked all of them on Amazon, but the sets may be slightly different than what I have)

·       PaperMate Flair Pens

·       Bic Mark It Permanent Markers

·       Bic Cristal (Multicolored set and black set)

·       Papermate Inkjoy Pens

·       Papermate Intro Highlighters

·       Stabilo Boss Highlighters

·       Stabilo Point 88 Pens

·       Sharpie Highlighters (thick and thin)

·       Pilot G2 gel pens

·       Zebra Mildliner Highlighters

·       Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers

·       Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers

·      Papermate Write Bros. Ballpoint Pens (Blue)

·       Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

Ok so time for one of my fav jokes ever

Three men are in the Amazon jungle on an expedition when they get captured by a tribe of cannibals.

The cannibals tell them that in order for their lives to be spared, they must do what they are told or else they are going to eat the three men.

“Go out into the forest and find 10 of the same fruit and bring them back to us!” The tribe demands. So the men go to find 10 of the same fruit.

The first man, being an expert woodsman, was able to locate 10 plums within a half an hour. He returns to the tribe with them in hand.

“Good. Now, we want you to shove all 10 of these plums up your ass without making a facial expression, or else we will kill you and eat you”

The man, quite aware that he could not complete his task, managed three plums before he was killed and eaten.

The second man, having explored the jungle previously, returned with 10 blueberries in hand a short while later.

“Good job! Now, we want you to shove all 10 of these blueberries up your ass without making a facial expression, otherwise we will kill you and eat you”

The man managed to fit 9 berries before he made a facial expression, and he was killed and eaten by the tribe.

The two men who had recently been killed by the tribe were now up in heaven, discussing their very recent deaths.

1st guy: “BRO! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! How the HELL did you not manage to fit 10 blueberries up your ass! You should still be alive!”

2nd guy: “oh, that… Well, as I was reaching for the last blueberry I saw the 3rd guy coming back with a bunch of bananas and I just couldn’t contain myself”