DCEU + Ladies (So Far)

So... modern witch thing:

With all these Google/Amazon etc. personal computer assistant things I just… I *need* to see a comic or something about a modern college witch working in her little space and randomly needing something like “Okay Alexa, charms for safe travel at night…” or “Okay Google, find me herbal associations for attracting luck… this final is fixing to kick my ass.”
Help me eat while i go to school pls

Sooo if any of yall want to send me gift cards so i can eat while at school here my amazon wishlist tho a couple of things are just things i want or for my art if yall want to help me there too¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ETA: Ill do small art pieces for you if you want you can check it ouy on my ig (nahnopedenada) or my art blog @doddlesart which has a lot if my older sthff and slowly adding newwer things



(dont delete this caption!!)

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This giveaway includes:

  • a kanken backpack
  • a pack of copic markers
  • a van gogh postcard book  (as seen in the picture)
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we’re buying all of these products from amazon and the giveaway ends February 28th 2017 and the winner will be chosen at random xoxo

so, i was informed that sunstone hardcover book 1 (combining volumes 1 to 3) will be out in comic book stores (that stock it) on march 29

support local comic stores that carry the books you like or will order for you. so if possible, i advise getting the book there.

but i’m also not delusional. not many stores carry my books, so if all else fails, amazon, barnes and noble, book depository and other such book sources will have you covered :)

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding my drawing tools so I decided to share this post on tumblr as well~  🎨
above materials are basically what I’m using right now. so, I’ll be listing them down here;

1. Koi Watercolors Pocket Field Sketch Box
2. Copic refills, Derwent paper stumps and pencil extenders
3. Copic Sketch markers [72pc. Set B]
4. Prismacolor Premier colored pencils, Soft Core [132 pack]
5. POP Artz sketchbook
6. Strathmore Visual Journal: Watercolor - 140lb
7. Strathmore Visual Journal: Bristol - Smooth
8. Strathmore Toned Tan [5.5" x 8.5"]
9. Sekai markers (these are really nice as they give full solid color)
10. just different brands of black colored pencils ._.
11. COPIC Opaque White with built-in fine brush (this is the one for my white highlights. magicccc ; v; my absolute favorite 😘) / for an alternative of this, Sakura White Gelly Roll Pen is also pretty good!

Hope this helps for people who are wondering about my art supplies and have a nice day guys~ 🎨