Jin Mutant AU

-More cautious than Namjoon when handling being mutants in public
-Mostly due to past family separation and loss trauma caused by being exposed
-Been trying to find Taehyung ever since they were violently separated as kids; main reason he went into covert operations under Big Hit (a mutant-based agency guised as a conglomerate)
-One of the best undercover agents they have, not only because of his powers but also because of his natural abilities to adapt and fit in
-expert in hand to hand combat


Welp… ok. I probably will not start drawing Bendy stuff a ton but dang drawing in a more “Classic Disney-like” style is fun… plus just trying to draw a creepy cartoon character. Even plopped this guy into an AU that I have (anyone remember that summoner AU I had? No? That’s okay! ^^)

But yeah - doodled some Bendys and thought that I should post them. Left is more of how I would draw him normally, and the right is more of how I would draw him from my AU I have. 

I’ve received a lot of messages saying that my theme being broken might be one cause for people not reblogging/commenting as much as they used to. Also my bio is cut off for some people with a specific screen definition/size (the part with my e-mail for work contact, the part about how I don’t take requests, and the part where I say if commissions are open or not) . The “next page” button is also cut off for some people. The reblog button is broken. My Patreon link is missing. etc.

I suck at html shit but the friend who did my original theme is coming to visit in a few days so I will see with her if we can fix all of that. Sorry about all of this.

anonymous asked:

Interviewer: steven, what are you thoughts of voltr- Steven, moving in so his lips are touching the mic: no

someone: can you talk more about vo-

steven yeun: have y'all watched the latest episode of the walking dead yet? good stuff.

someone: yes, yes, but can you talk about your part in vo-

steven yeun: oh man i LOVED being part of the walking dead. really grateful for the opportunity.