Imagine Being A Girl From Themyscira

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Diana watched from between Queen Hippolyta and Cassie as you trained.

“Y/N has grown very strong. Her skills are impressive,” Diana noted. You thrust your xiphos into the shoulder of the training dummy, and then gave your queen a respectful bow once your training was finished.

“Come forward, Y/N,” Hippolyta said. As you approached her, you could hear the very edge of a conversation that ignited your heart.

“…would be happy to take her,” Diana, your princess and idol, said quietly.

“Your highness,” you knelt before Hippolyta respectfully.

“Rise,” she commanded, and you did so, listening to her speak. “Diana is very impressed with your progress, Y/N, and so am I.” You smiled, but knew Diana would likely take a turn to speak.

“I’d be honored if you would join me in my return to Man’s World,” she said, offering you a pair of shiny, golden gauntlets of your own. “You could be an excellent voice of truth in our crusade against injustice.”

“It would be my greatest pleasure,” you beamed. Cassie grinned at you.

“Don’t worry, Y/N,” she said, “It’ll be plenty of fun, too.”

That didn’t really matter to you, though, anyway; finally, you could do something good in the world with your power.

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There’s this freaking commercial with a kid and a big dog and the kid thinks the dog is scary at first so the dog has to sit down the hall looking sad. The dad sees the dog looking sad and orders a lion costume to make the dog funny and then shows the dog to the kid again. There’s this moment where the kid is just staring and your like…is he going to cry? Is he going to laugh? Did it work or is the dog going to be banished to the hall forever? And then the kid starts laughing and everyone is happy.

It’s a commercial for freaking Amazon! They put it to this song that starts off with “I wish I could ask you, how was your day?” And it MAKES ME CRY everytime I see it. It’s so bad that whenever I hear the first few notes, I have to flee the room because I don’t want to cry. I was having a pleasant morning until that accursed commecial came on!!! >{ Damn u Amazon

its 4am ive finished DA:I and I am very sad but im just going to publicly express my current hopes for DA4

· takes place, at least partly, in tevinter
· elf/dwarf/qunari protag options
· tevinter mage // eleven slave // fog warrior origins?
· return of scout harding, as a bi romancable companion
· really any romancable dwarf
· whoever was left in the fade is fucking alive. not possessed by a fear demon. assholes.
· warden????
· joy


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