one piece women ranked by hotness

1. boa hancock god i hate this but look i want her turn me to stone and then smash me to pieces killing me instantly like in those feminist retellings of medusa

2. nico robin do i even need to explain this. esp her pre time skip design imo bangs are apparently hot. also i appreciate her cowgirl aesthetic despite not having been farther west than alabama in my life.

3. nami my actual FAVE so i am biased but she is an angry girl (hot) and a lot of fanartists draw her with freckles (cute). let’s throw in her beautiful canon girlfriend VIVI in here too hell yeah

4. i can;t think of anymore characters

5 WAIT KOALA i feel like she’s more cute than hot but that’s ok everyone needs variety and she is extremely cute and also a passionate fighter for justice

6. oh dude jewelry bonney how could i forget…she wears suspenders LIKE shit….nice. and the piercing

7. charlotte smoothie and that other lady working for big mom who’s name i forgot actually all of them. but smoothie wins imo, bc thighs

8. this post is shamefully long but BELLEMERE hot mom…..oh shit olvia too then

elsinore-and-inverness  asked:

Tennant audiobooks? Arkangel Shakespeare: HVI 1-3, Merchant, RIII, Macbeth, Lear, Errors, R&J. Time Warner: Quite One Ugly Morning. Hodder & Stoughton: Starter For Ten, Macmillan: Whiteout, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again, The Beasts of Clawstone Castle Simon & Schuster: Bear Snores On, Dogfish, Supermarket Zoo. Orion Books: My Sister Lives On The Mantlepiece. All of HTTYD. Amazon Audible: Carmilla. BBC: On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Doctor Who etc. I can't fit all of them. I'm sorry.

Thank you so so much!!!

The 10 Best Damn Drugstore Makeup Products (for everybody)

Sephora, I love you, but you’re bringing me down. I don’t have the hard cash to be throwing at you and your 36 dollar bronzers, eyelash primers, lip plumpers, and whatever the fuck else your beautiful playground has to offer. I can splurge on you, sure, but when it comes to everyday makeup, I need things to be a little more my budget. My budget is 99 cent Hot Cheetos and individual bottles of Bud Light Platinum at the bodega, just so you know. That’s why I love drugstores. The quality is still 10/10 if you know where to look. And I can put my money where it matters, in my bra and out to bars. Here’s my list of the 10 best drugstore products that you can find at any drugstore, Target, Kmart, etc. No speciality stores, here:

1. Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Mascara (7.99) I used to swear by Great Lash, but not after I found this little baby girl. This stuff separates your lashes without giving them that horrifying Spider Snooki Clump Parade. The brush is workable around your lower lashes without sending you smearing it all over your face like Lady Gaga’s Appluase vid. It’s a pretty solid dupe for Benefit Great Lash, and here’s the thing: I like it BETTER. Plus the bottle is so bright you can actually find it in my hell pit of a room.

2. Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal In Barely Branded (5.99) Do you use eyelid primer? I did, when I got a tiny little sample of it once, until I realized it was 28 bucks and I’m not Leo DiCaprio in Wolf Of Wall Street. Then, this angel came along. It works exactly like Urban Decay’s Eyelid Primer in Sin, which every makeup Youtube on Guru sacrifices goats for. It’s shimmery and pretty and works well underneath other eyeshadows but still looks great alone. It’s a nice neutral white-ish beige, very Nature Fairy Queen. And no creases! No fuckin’ creases! I got no time for creases cuz once I’m out, I don’t look at mirrors.

3. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Eyeliner (3.99) I swear by this stuff, specifically the nude eyeliner. Put that shit on your waterline and you won’t look like you’ve been on a bender of white wine and House of Cards on Netflix till 4am the night before. It’s creamier than fucking Phish Food, applies like soft butter, and smudges really easily for a smoky eye look. Does tend to get in the crease of my eye if I do a cat eye with it, but schlep a little powder on that area and you’re good to go.

4. For Dark and Yellow-Toned Skin: The Maybelline FIT Me Shine Free Line (7-8.99) If you’re yellow-based like I am, olive-toned, or darker, this is the line for you. Every fuckin’ drugstore line tends to be more pink/pale based, and I always look sickly and Beth-like from Little Women. Not this stuff! This stuff is made of social justice warriors on Tumblr, cuz it doesn’t forget us minority types. I looorrvee the foundation stick when my skin is breaking out or oily, it has light coverage for daytime and mattifies very well. The cream foundation is great for heavier coverage and drier skin, as it doesn’t highlight the rough patches. Go at it, you Pocahontas Tiana Mulan Princesses!

5. For Pale and Pink-Toned Skin: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation (8.99) Of course I wouldn’t forget you sweet little peach-faces! This line has better options for lighter skin, isn’t too heavy, blends very well, AND! It also has more coverage, ie why it calls itself a “3-1” deal. That means you covers your pimples and red marks and it doesn’t wear out halfway through the day. Don’t fear the mirror at 12am on a Saturday on Ladies Night. Look, you’ll look effin’ flawless and drunk girls will tell you you look like a baby doll on the bathroom line.

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DCEU + Ladies (So Far)


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When the price of gold skyrocketed, illegal miners flooded into the Peru’s Amazon basin, eager to find even the tiniest bits of the precious metal. Trees and villagers have paid a price.

Here’s a great piece by NPR’s Jason Beaubien focusing on the toxic levels of mercury the miners use. Worth a listen!

Image courtesy of Gregory Asner, Carnegie Institution for Science

I wrote a TV show.

So, I was actually pretty apprehensive to post about this because I’m a sensitive tulip when it comes to my writing. But I wrote the pilot episode for an original TV show, and it’s currently one of the many pilots being considered by Amazon Studios to be produced.
It would be an incredible help to me if you clicked HERE to see my pilot (Pilot Script 3) and give it 5 little stars. And hey, if you want to read the thing and tell me what you like and don’t like, that’s even better.

If it gets enough attention, they’ll actually make my thing.