• mos: jor-el, jonathan, zod
  • bvs/jl: martha, hippolyta, atlanna, the mother of terrors
  • outliers: lara launches the ship and sets kal free, thomas punches first
  • clark wouldn’t fight a hippo he’d try to talk to it probably
  • bruce: listen… hear me out… graverobbing ???
  • me: bruce, there is literally an entire genre on reasons NOT to do this
  • mindhunter bingeing paying off!
  • are you victor stone? I WAS / I LIKE BEING ALIVE
  • u know how all that drama over the amazon’s revealing wardrobe and when you see a few of them, yes, you can see their bare arms and legs and stomachs, but they’re running TO STOP A GIGANTIC FUCKING GUARD DOOR TO GIVE THEIR QUEEN TIME
  • and that’s just the beginning of pass the motherbox baton. knew znyder wouldn’t pass up a chance to show a team kicking ass
  • too many cut scenes :/
  • ONE?
  • one.
  • aaaand… okay another one
  • and another one
  • and help diana
  • and here you go
  • and this isn’t so bad
  • arthur to the guys: fuck you, fuck you, fuck you
  • arthur to diana: not you, you’re perfect
  • clark walking around his decapitated stone head lol sorry i really like body horror shit like this
  • the donner theme as horror instead of hopeful
  • the lasso of truth doesn’t work when he’s called kal-el
  • big guns
  • clark guaranteed not to rot
  • ray fisher… walking is… amazing ????? his voice ??? his eyes???? he’s so tol in a movie filled with tall dudes and look his dad is literally miles dyson soooooo there’s intertextual madness for you
  • zimmer theme when they enter the kryptonian ship UGGGGGH
  • motherbox macguffins in the 5th movie instead of 20th (just sayin)
  • repentant billionaire brings to life super being irregardless of consequences u think j0ss worked out some ultron feels here lol

The Bracelets of Submission are a pair of indestructible steel cuffs worn by all Amazons of Paradise Island. They serve as a reminder of the years when the Amazons were subjugated under the rule of the treacherous Hercules. Years after gaining their independence however, the Amazons continued to wear the Bracelets as a symbol of their past oppression. Wonder Woman continued to wear a pair of these metal cuffs, but the design and model of the cuffs has changed over the years. She often used the bracelets to deflect gunfire, small missiles and other projectile weaponry.


“The beach battle was defined by one thing, which is Diana’s point of view. She has grown up with this idyllic, romantic idea of these Amazons all around her and battle and training. And she wants to be one of them. She’s seen them train in a very fair and organized way, where they all fight, and there are rules. So this battle, what was fascinating to me [is] it’s the first time Diana sees her own people turn and this other side of them, which is brutal and capable and willing to wage a battle. And she sees the brutality of man.” – Patty Jenkins

one thing that i hate about capitalism is the obsession with Growth for like, every enterprise, no matter how unnecessary their products are…like starbucks’ sales are growing more slowly than usual but suddenly that means it’s ‘over’?? like corporations are never ever just satisfied with having a reasonable consumer base and staying there, they have to aggressively grow bigger and sell even more products until it explodes for some reason. like it’s just not practical or sustainable at all lol


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20 Wonder Woman things I loved

Spoilers y'all 

 1) Diana - she is so pure and good and absolutely magnificent and GAL GADOT Christ take the wheel 

2) Steve - broke my heart to fucking pieces with blue-eyed sincerity and the quiver in his voice when begs Diana for help 


4) No Man’s Land - I don’t know what it is because it’s not about people dying, but it’s the sheer EPIC scale of the hero sequence, the music, and the way Diana just lunges forward with her shield and just TAKES THE FIRE that brings tears to my eyes 

5) Etta - we fight with our principles 

6) Diana is bi 


8) Steve and Diana’s relationship: respectful and gentle 9) They don’t deserve you 

10) And Steve knows it 

11) SHIELD - The fact that Steve saw that move and remembered it and used it to HELP Diana 

12) how much of a LOVELY person Steve is: smart, charming, self-deprecating, and so deeply deeply human and scared 



15) When Diana just smashes through buildings with an unsuspecting soldier smashed through the wall - get wrekd 

 16) the values the film explores 

17) did I mention horses? Because horses! 

18) WOMEN EVERYWHERE (and in the crew too!) 

19) The WW THEME y'all 

20) Chris Pine: he is still making me bawl my eyes out. THE SPEECH. when he wishes he could tell Diana that there’s ONE man to blame but there isn’t and his voice just BREAKS. That broke me. Oscar worthy. His eyes tearing up and his hands clutching desperately at her. And he looks death in the eyes and is scare, but DOES THE THING ANYWAY. “I can save today. You can save tomorrow. I wish we had more time. I love you" 

 Extra: To Be Human Is To Love

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All the Amazons! → Menalippe of Themyscira

“Outside, beyond the seas, the world of man changes. Great civilisations rise and fall. But the Amazons know nothing of this. They hear only the voices of the old gods grow more distant … until finally, of all who did once commune with the gods, only Menalippe remains able.”

Third-born of the Amazons, loyal servant of Hippolyta, lover of Penelope and High Priestess of Themyscira – for centuries, the oracle Menalippe served as the gods’ voice among the Amazons. Among other things, she prophesied Diana’s birth.

When Eris sought to pit Amazons against mortals, Menalippe was one of the first to fall under the spell of the golden apples of discord; in the aftermath, ashamed at having failed to see the trickery for what it was, she suffered a crisis of faith. But her devotion to her sisters never wavered, and when Hippolyta’s life was threatened she jumped into the line of fire without hesitation, sacrificing herself for her beloved queen.

One of the best parts of the Wonder Woman movie was that she was so obviously bisexual.

Like she lived with all these Amazons and has canonically found sexual relationships with them to be “pleasurable”. And then she meets Steve like “alright, well I guess I’m attracted you too!”

Wonder Woman is the bisexual representation we need!!

Give her a girlfriend in the sequel!!

So I just Saw Wonder Woman

And it was the perfect marriage of my two favorite genres, the superhero movie and the war movie. So I’m going to nerd out for a minute.

- Diana kicks so much ass in this movie, she is unquestionably the star and her fight scenes are so cool. Just beautifully choreographed and stunning.

- The sound design on this movie is really good, every time the Wonder Woman theme played I got chills. And there is one moment where the German general touches Dr. Poison’s face implants and it makes the sound that ceramic makes and it was such a small detail but it stuck out to me.

- Steve Trevor is perfect. I have nothing else to say I’m just in love with him.

- The side characters all had very small roles but they were so memorable. Like I got enough of what I wanted from all of them and I really liked them. They all had a moment, the Amazons, Etta, Steve’s squad, but they never took over the movie for me nor were they superfluous.

- Diana deserves to be happy and I love her so much.

On note of some of the War stuff that I loved so so much:

- They use grenades correctly!!!!!!!!!!
• Which is so huge they never do that in moves but when they actually want to use bombs they use bombs and not grenades that just happen to explode fire and not shrapnel.

- The bunkers were so cool and the no mans land scene was amazing!!! It looked so perfect.
• I had moment when they took over a village that this worked perfectly as a war movie, like it fit with say Band of Brothers. The way it was filmed was so fitting.

- I truly believe that this was a war fought with normal people trying their best that just happened to have a superhero dropped into it.

- This movie really understands WW1. Like the way people felt and acted about and in the war. The environment, the weapons, the politics, and, most importantly, the changing understanding of war. It felt like it respected the conflict.

- Which, as much as I love that movie and I do, is something captain America the first avenger didn’t do. It got the comic book part, but not the actual war. It understood the cheesy, obvious aspects of WWII, punching nazis and fighting for good and freedom, but the larger conflict the larger moral lessons and feeling of that war was left unexplored. Which is not something I begrudge. They made a superhero movie for my favorite marvel hero which I loved. But Wonder Woman actually made a war movie. And I love and respect that so much. 

 - CONCLUSION: WONDER WOMAN is so great. It’s spectacular and I love it and I’m gonna see it a thousand more times. It’s the kind of movie I can watch over and over again and if this is DC going forward I want to see more! Go see Wonder Woman!!!

anonymous asked:

is there any information u would consider relevant to know for the wonderwoman movie?

i’m not going to assume too many (and sometimes obvious) specifics because the movie may have chosen to interpret them differently to fit the overall universe and i don’t want to confuse you further, but some of the things i don’t think will change substantially:

  • *the DCEU version of wonder woman is apparently following her new 52 origins which means that, unlike her pre-flashpoint origins where she was made out of clay, here she’s the daughter of the olympian god zeus and the queen of amazons hippolyta. that makes her a demi-god and explains her ability to still kick around in the modern timeline
  • her lasso of truth has the ability to not only make you speak the truth but see it yourself, understand and sometimes accept it too, effectively rendering bad guys useless if they have a conscience. it was made by the god hephaestus and it’s completely indestructible
  • diana’s iconic bracelets are actually steel cuffs that all amazons wear as a reminder of the time they were enslaved by hercules to show they remember and won’t ever be subjected to such or any oppression ever again. it’s occassionally been said that diana’s, specifically, are made out of part of zeus’s shield and/or that they have the abilitiy to contain her true power so she doesn’t completely wreck her opponents. it’s why we sometimes see her in the comics take them off if the danger is too high and she needs to end the threat immediately
  • she has a myriad of powers than can even rival superman’s, and they were primarly given to her by the ancient greek gods who are patrons to the amazons and paradise island/themyscira (the ones that aren’t complete dicks, anyway)
  • steve trevor is considered to be the link between the amazons and man’s world because he was the first one to, after a very long time, show up on paradise island, largely later helping diana settle in our world. it also helped that he wasn’t a douchebag so thank you steve
  • let me make clear that the amazons had absolutely no intentions of interacting with man’s world ever again since hercules and his men had completely broken their trust by pretending to come in peace and then subjugating them. they consider us lost, dangerous and to be disregarded. queen hippolyta continued being weary even after diana proved that we might not suck so bad
  • she’s funny. unintentionally at first because she had no idea how anything here worked, but later too, because she’s too clever not to pick up some good puns along the way
  • she’s kind and gentle but she values truth above all else so she will sometimes go to extremes to get it if it’s important
  • she’s (and will be in the films too) a founding member of the justice league which means she had to deal with batman from day one and yet she’s kept her sanity. that’s like… a plus ten in my book
  • a p p r e c i a t e   e t t a   c a n d y

*edit: some of you are making some fair points that the trailer more or less proves she will have her clay/non-flesh and blood origins that i misinterpreted from not remembering the trailer correctly. so there’s that :)