Why can’t you let go? Like a bird in the snow. This is no place to build your home.
—  lyrics from Friction by Imagine Dragons

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When your jam comes on, but ya squad ain’t there

We Don't Believe What's On TV

Hear me out on this. I found it…kinda

A couple months back, fan pass tv released an interview of twenty one pilots on their tour bus.

In it, tyler himself went ahead and showed josh, the interviewer, and the audience a demo of a song he had been working on the night before. He hadn’t even showed it to josh yet.

Let me tell you, the demo was gorgeous. Perfect. But there was one thing I couldn’t comprehend: this one sound in the beginning.

Tyler used a software called logic and his piano keyboard to make this song, and as we all know, most keyboards can make the noises of different instruments.

For example, in the video he says he can make the sound of a string orchestra.

Now, back to the sound. What generic sound played from a piano keyboard could possibly make that sound?

I remembered scrolling through the reddit thing that tyler and josh did, and I coming across one comment about josh playing the trumpet.

The weird noise was a trumpet.

The demo was the earliest recorded version of “we don’t believe what’s on tv.”

You are welcome.

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When he says “I love you” after one handjob