Honestly, I’d rather Vanessa

win at this point rather than one of the Austwins. I hate Vanessa but at least she has some game. I do not think she is as good a player as everyone thinks she is though. Most of her staying power is due to the Austwins wanting a meat shield in front of them not her powers of manipulation. They just let her believe it is her persuasion so she doesn’t come after them. 

But then the other part of me feels like all the idiots of this season deserve for one of the Austwins to win for letting a showmance and twins skate by like nothing all summer. This just sucks.

Please James or John win this season. I would say Meg but that girl could not fight her way out of a wet paper bag and has been hell bent on believing the wrong people EVER single week..


All That Skate Summer 2011

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All That Skate Summer:Yuna Kim’s ice show will be broadcasted on SBS on 15 August.