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Dude yes okay I gotta semi angsty headcannons for you. If any of the Paladins end up in any kind of relationship, platonic or romantic, they can't sleep with anyone, even other Paladins, nearby because they've all gone thru some shit and the nightmares make them violent in their sleep. I view this as Shance, but it works with any of them. They could be dating for a while, years maybe, but they need separate rooms or beds for sleep because of violent outbursts. Makes up with lots o cuddles


but can you imagine shance being unable to sleep next to each other. lance, who grew up with sleepovers with his siblings and cousins and friends, who was roomies with hunk and often slept in his bed just because. 

shiro, who doesn’t remember people very well but remembers that he used to enjoy being held in his sleep - he’s always filled the role of protector naturally, so being held in his sleep made him feel protected and loved. 

lance and shiro, who finally end up together after a lot of “omg just fucking kiss already jfc” from pidge. they take things slow at first, and it takes them like a week after they confess to each other to actually kiss.

and then of course that first kiss is sweet and slow and everything either of them wanted it to be. lance lets out this little breathy sigh and shiro just loses it, grabbing lance’s face and kissing him so deeply that lance really feels like he’s going to be swallowed by the storm of the black paladin’s passion. the best he can do is hold on and try to give back as good as he’s getting. it’s apparently enough for shiro, because the way he’s crowding up against lance, invading his space, and with someone in his personal bubble, lance hasn’t felt this much at home since he arrived in space. 

after that, pidge regrets all her comments imploring them to smooch, because they are clingy and schmoopy and gross everyone out by kissing literally everywhere. shiro is surprisingly shameless in his affections. he’ll hold lance’s hand when they’re all relaxing in the common area, and he doesn’t spring away from lance when they’re all but dry humping in the hallway and someone walks up on them. he’s got the decency to look a little sheepish, but there’s a lot of reluctance in his movements when he pulls away. in battle one day, lance makes a tight shot and shiro calls out “nice shot, babe!” and hunk squeals

so obviously it doesn’t take long before they’re advancing their relationship. their first time is in the middle of the day, spontaneous and filled with smiles and laughter. they’re docked on a friendly planet they’d helped liberate two years earlier, and the others are still out in the market. lance had led shiro back to the castleship, grinning and breathless as shiro kissed the life out of him along the way. lance started to lead them back to shiro’s room, but shiro diverted them with a snarky looking grin and took him to the lounge, where he laid lance back on the couch and worked several fingers into him before he fucked him slow and deep until they were both reduced to a sweaty pile of suspicious bodily fluids and dopey, lovestruck looks. 

it took them several more weeks before they ended up in an actual bed with one another - and fell asleep. that first time it happened, shiro was startled out of a dreamsleep by lance shrieking in his ear to please, wake up! focus slowly crept up on him and as soon as the reality of the situation dawned on him, he scrambled backward, flattening himself against the wall, a hand clapped over his mouth, grey eyes wide and feeling more terrified than the first time he ever saw the gladiator ring. he’d had lance’s arm twisted behind his back and one of his knees pressed between his shoulders, forcing that beautiful face into a pillow. 

shiro didn’t sleep that night, despite lance holding him and murmuring reassurances of his affections.

the next time they spent the night together, it happened again, except to lance. he’d always been prone to sleepwalking. shiro remembered that matt had been a sleepwalker too, so he knew how to handle it. gently guide them back to bed, don’t wake them up. woke up and saw lance standing in the doorway of his bathroom, murmuring to himself, eyes half lidded. smiling, shiro got up and spoke nonsense, quiet and calm, gently putting his human hand on lance’s shoulder. 

in an instant, lance’s eyes shot open, his mouth curled in a feral snarl, and he twisted shiro’s arm behind his back and body checked him into the opposite wall. when shiro managed to get his feet under him again, lance was dropped into a crouch, muscles tense and eyes still dulled with sleep. the blue paladin launched himself at shiro and they grappled. in some small, detached part of his mind, shiro wondered where lance had been keeping all of this strength - he could barely hold him off. 

lance managed to wrestle shiro back to the floor, and had his forearm pressed against shiro’s throat when his throaty gasp of “babe, i love you, please” managed to shake lance from his nightmare. 

lance flung himself at shiro as he coughed and spluttered, gasping for breath. lance gasped for breath as well, panicked sobs instantly overtaking his body and suddenly he was in hysterics, loud, uncontrolled bawling. shiro joined him, albeit far more quietly.

there is a mutual decision to not fall asleep together after that. 

it’s a strange dynamic that is introduced to their relationship. they’re in love, they’re adults, they’re warriors and survivors, but they can’t even overcome their own minds enough to sleep beside one another without trying to kill each other. 

lance cries a lot, and it rips shiro apart every time he kisses lance goodnight and watches him leave

they try a tonic from coran, some altean mixture that works to suppress dreams. it leaves them unable to block out the torrid thoughts during the day, as they have no escape in their dreams. they’re unnecessarily cold to each other and their teammates; they don’t take it more than a handful of times. 

this lasts for a year and a half.

eventually, they’ve freed more people than the number of galra they’ve killed. they’ve liberated more planets than they’ve been betrayed by some. they’ve scraped by more times than they should have died. the dreams calm down, if only just a little. so they try again.

shiro doesn’t remember people very well, but he remembers enjoying being held while he sleeps. he knows that lance wraps around his body much like the black lion wraps around his consciousness. neither of them lash out at one another, for the first time in their nearly two year relationship. he will remember lance, he knows. he’ll remember thinking that sunlight woke him up, shining bright on his face the next morning. he’ll remember the feeling, a warm and beautiful ache deep in his bones, when he woke up expecting to see the sun, and instead saw lance smiling at him. 



I summarise heathers songs
  • Beautiful: School sucks unless your hot
  • Candy Store: Your not allowed to suck anymore
  • Fight for me: DAAMMNN you're hot
  • Freeze your brain: Take a fucking sip babes
  • Big Fun: underaged drinking! UNDERAGED DRINKING!
  • Dead girl walking: Sexy times
  • The me inside of me: Die in order to become even more popular
  • Blue: The fuck boi tune
  • Our love is god: I killed three people but I love you
  • My dead gay son: Dads out gay their sons
  • Seventeen: So sit in the naughty corner for murder
  • Shine a light: Your flaws are okay*
  • Lifeboat: My life's gone to shit now that all my rides to school have died
  • Shine a light reprise: *as long as they're socially acceptable
  • Kindergarten boyfriend: Still not over my ex, the song
  • Yo girl: Lol your life is shit
  • Meant to be yours: VERONICA openthe opentheDOOR plEAse
  • Dead girl walking: You thought you'd seen the last of me hah think again
  • I am damaged: You suck less than me so I'll die
  • Seventeen reprise: My boyfriend killed 4 people including himself but fuck that lets go watch the princess bride
the vampire diaries rant *spoilers!*

For years, we’ve watched the writers and people involved with the show shit on Bonnie and push her aside in favor of the other characters. They’ve given her crappy storylines, sacrificed her happiness, and neglected her as a character. They killed her grandmother, her father, turned her mother into a vampire, killed Bonnie herself, and got rid of her powers. They pulled that bullshit with kai and linking elena’s life with bonnie’s (which I’m still fuckin pissed about). They built up her friendship with Damon and then shit all over it. They sent her best friend and her boyfriend on some weird ass murder spree as part of some dumb storyline. After months of searching and hoping and fighting, Bonnie gets her best friend back. She and Enzo are happy together. Things are finally starting to look up. But then the writers go “nope nope nope, can’t have that. how can we make bonnie bennett miserable again? Hmmm. How about, lets pull all the hope and happiness right out from beneath her! Great idea!” So Bonnie has to sacrifice herself and her happiness AGAIN (and yeah i get that its for the greater good and all but it just had to be bonnie, didn’t it?). then they go and kill enzo??  I wasn’t even that invested in their relationship (I mean they had finally started to grow on me but thats another post for another time), but Bonnie was happy with enzo so I was shocked (although I probably shouldn’t have been all things considered) and pissed when enzo died. This is such bullshit. I’m so fucking done with this show. 

the difference in gameplay i felt in automata was pretty intense cuz while playing as 2b it’s like “don’t worry i got this” while feeling really bad every time i saw 9s get punched across the room cuz he wanted to help, and then when playing as 9s it was a lot of panicked “i don’t got this” while feeling blessed every time 2b just sliced apart hostiles whenever she felt like it.

The first time was when he woke up, the sun streaming in through a crack between the curtains, Derek’s breathing soft and even next to him. 

This can’t be real, Stiles thought. This life, this happiness, it can’t be real.

He started panicking. Derek woke up and pulled Stiles against his chest. Together they counted, first Stiles’ fingers, then Derek’s. Derek smiled and shook his head when Stiles told him it was because he couldn’t believe how happy he was.

Sometimes he still needs that reassurance, that after all the shit they’ve gone through, after all the shit he’s done, he gets to be happy. And over time, it even becomes a small gesture, for both him and Derek, to show the other how happy they are. So he counts his fingers when he slides under the covers next to Derek, counts them when they’re watching television, counts them any time he realizes he’s truly, ridiculously happy.

He’s sitting at the kitchen counter, willing the coffee machine to go faster, at seven am on a Sunday morning. It would be terrible if not for Derek’s humming drifting through the house as he makes the bed, and the pitter-patter of small feet racing towards the kitchen.

Lily climbs into his lap, and he leans back to accommodate her. 

‘Are we counting?’ she asks, pointing at his hands, lying palms down on the kitchen counter.

‘You want to count together?’ he asks.

Lily nods and bends over his left hand. She press her little pointer finger against his pinkie and says, ‘One.’

When they get to ten, she turns to him with a brilliant smile, presses a kiss against his cheek, and slides off his lap.

‘Love you, daddy!’ she yells, disappearing into the hallway. You’d think it was a small elephant and not a five year-old pounding up the stairs.

‘Love you, too!’ he shouts after her.

The coffee is finally done and he pours himself and Derek cup. As he sets out breakfast, he privately counts his fingers again, a smile on his face.

Ok but the low key sweetest part about this episode was when Catherine was dressing down Jackson in front of everyone in the OR and basically saying he doesn’t know what it really means to be a Avery, April was the one who felt for Jackson the most. She slightly turned her glance to him knowing this would cut him deep, and she was the one who suggested they stop the surgery and pick it up later, giving Jackson a moment to recover.

Mr. Wiener: how is aging up any different than lgbt headcanons-


I want Hallmark to make a card that says:
“I’m sorry for how ashamed of me you must be; I really only want to be someone you could admire.”

I want them to make cards for the friends who don’t hold your hair back when you vomit, but only because you cut your hair so short;

The ones who clean you up and put you to bed after you’ve had too much to drink, and give you two blankets instead of just one.

I need a proper Thank You card for the sort of friends that are few and far between, because a lot of people would just let you fall asleep on the bathroom floor, you know.

A lot of people wouldn’t offer you a cigarette without you having to ask,

And a lot of people would just leave and stay gone after all that shit you tend to drag them into.

You could have spent that night alone;

You could have spent a lot more time bleeding and crying on the street.

You could have said Thank You with your voice and not a Hallmark card because honestly this is getting to be A Little Ridiculous,

But it’s so hard, you know, to say this all out loud, because then you’ll hear it just like it’s happening again, and you think if you let them down one more time that you will just drown and fall to the bottom of Lake Michigan.

And a Thank You card is neater and cleaner and prettier and easier to fit in a mailbox.

Sometimes I feel like my obsession with the Raven Cycle is wearing off and I’m starting to move on.

But then

It’ll just hit me out of nowhere

A single thought

Adam Parrish

And suddenly I’m on the floor sobbing again


she deserves to see him

It had been weeks since she last heard from him, and while Sakura attended her best friend’s wedding alone, she kept her mind open and heart happy.

Naruto deserved this, he deserved a happy ending after all the shit he had gone through his entire life.

Between the hand holding, small gestures of smoldering love and final hurrah, Sakura couldn’t help but wish he was here. Her mind felt cluttered, lost in a wave of pain as she watched Sai with Ino, or Temari with Shikamaru. 

She felt it in her heart most of all, but when her emerald eyes found that familiar looking hawk, it was like her heart had kick started. He glided smoothly to her, taking his landing on her forearm and presented a small letter. 

A single word, not entirely meant for her, but then again it was.

He was aware of Sakura’s feelings, and while he hadn’t attended the wedding with her, she knew in her heart that he had always been there. Not in person, but just there.

Her eyes remained on the rough, scratch piece of paper, fingers shaking slightly while her eyes held back silent tears. A small smile finally pulled at her lips.

Her legs began to take her towards Naruto. He was surrounded, Hinata attached to his arm while her family stood by her side. Smiles masked everyone’s faces as well.

It was a beautiful picture that Sakura admired. Having the one that she loved by her side, smiling a heart warming smile while he thanked everyone for coming and attending such a beautiful event.

She waited for what seemed like ten minutes, and when she finally worked her way through the crowd that surrounded the couple, she presented Sasuke’s letter to Naruto, gave him one last hug and congratulated the newly weds one last time.

“Hang in there,” Naruto soothed softly as he let her go.

The sun held its position in the sky, hovering above the mountain lines while Sakura walked away. She found a familiar sadness transpiring in her heart once more, but she kept her head held high and continued to that spot.

It was nothing more than a guess, but if she had the faintest clue of what Sasuke was hinting to, she’d find him. The streets remained empty, not a soul in sight and when she finally arrived, bittersweet memories came rushing through floodgates.

The cool stone seat felt familiar as she sat down on it, memories of team 7, of her and Sasuke’s first confrontation, and their emotional good bye. Sakura kept her legs together, the coral fabric soft against her thighs as she slung her head over her body, letting the emotions from a long day finally spill.

Her tears were hot, her mind growing numb while she released quiet sobs into the twilight. 

Why did he have to leave? Stay away for so long?

Seconds, and then minutes, and then finally an hour went by. By the time she wiped the remaining of her tears and cleaned the running make up from her cheeks, it was time to head home. 

He wasn’t here, and she wouldn’t see him today.

Another day, she thought, giving Sasuke the benefit of the doubt. 

As she stood from her seat on the bench that held memories of days past, the dragging of her heels filled the empty street as she began her walk home.

The flurry of rushing wind and silent promises stopped her in her tracks, rewinding time back to that night.

The night he left.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” he whispered next to her ear, sending shivers down her spine. Her muscles tensed, heart rate increased, jade eyes wide with shock.

It was unlike him to apologize, but it made the faintest of smiles appear. 

He was here.