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I've just seen the video of bryana fat shaming and now I feel like shit, I am insecure and now I feel like killing myself. I don't know how to feel like what if 5sos; my idols think the same way about some of the fans they meet?? I just want to be beautiful and think and have boys like me!! I feel so ugly!!!!

Ok look that video was made years ago, and I’m sure bryana has grown, matured and learnt from her mistakes. 5sos aren’t around her enough to have those views, plus they’re not that way inclined. You can’t base your beauty on whether those giant dorks will think you’re beautiful. Bc whether they do or not is irrelevant, you need to think you’re beautiful bc that’s all that matters! That video is old and stupid, I would pay no attention to it. People make mistakes and bryana isn’t the only one to have made them, I truly believe she’s grown up and isn’t the same person in that video.

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Justin Bieber


** Justin Bieber Imagine for Bieberwhisperer (lamisa)**

Imagine you were very upset at Justin, he had been hanging out with his friends more than you. You had no problem with Justin’s friends but he was your boyfriend and spending as much time with him as you could meant a lot to you. 

Justin was playing video games when you enter the bedroom to tell him how you felt.  His eyes turn from the screen as you entered but quickly turned back to focus on the game.  "Hey..wanna play?“ He asked 

” No..I need to talk to you.“  You say leaning in on the door way

Justin pauses the game. ” Oh okay, come sit down then.“ He sets the controller aside and motions for you to sit on his lap.

You sit down and he wraps his arms around your waist and rests his head on your shoulder. 

"So what do you want to talk about? The guys will be here in bit so we might have to cut it short.” He asks

“ That is the problem. You hang out with your friends more than me. ” You confess

“ What’d do you mean, You always chill with us. ” he says lifting his head and looking at you

“ No, you hang out with the guys and I’m just there. ” You look down

“ What do want me to do, give up my friends…?” He says 

“ No, but I’m your girlfriend.”

“ I know that and I try to spend as much time as I can with you ." 

” Obviously..not enough or I wouldn’t have to say it.“ You take his arms from around you and get up. You stand facing him with your arms crossed.

” Babe -“ He gets cut off by a text, he replies quickly

You roll your eyes. "See exactly.” You turn around to leave

Justin catches up to you and pushes you against then wall. “Where do you think you’re going?" 

"I’m leaving so you can go hang out with your friends.It was probably one of them texting you hmm?” You question trying to move from his hold but he wouldn’t budge.

“ Actually yeah..I was telling them that we can’t hang out for a while because I would like to spend time with my amazing girlfriend.” He kisses you on the neck  " I’m sorry. I’m going to make difference, you should be number one.“ 

”  I guess,apologize accepted. “ You smile

” You guess..?“ Justin says taken back then presses his lips to yours. You make out and he bites your lip.

You part from him ” Apology definitely accepted.“

bieberwhisperer I hope you like it!

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