Our Henny who art in heaven
Stacy be thy name
Thy backswamp come
Thine makeup done
In drag as it is in backswamp
Give us this Henny our daily Henny
And forgive us our boogers
And those who booger against us
And lead us not into Heathers
But deliver us from lipsyncing
For thine is the backswamp
The Henny and the couture

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Milk and Laganja keep posting on social media which means they aren’t on All Stars. They are two of the most deserving queens for redemption. Milk was trying to give they judges what they wanted and was judged too harshly when she did. Laganja has grown so much in the past two years and is so talented. I’m emotional.   

queens who've been inactive on instagram

ongina - 3 days
Tatiana - 1 week
Mariah Balenciaga - 1 week (last post was about going on an airplane)
Stacy Layne Matthews - 3 weeks
madame laqueer - 2 weeks
phi phi O'Hara - 2 weeks
Kelly mantle - 4 days
magnolia Crawford - 5 days
adore Delano - 4 days
bendelecreme - 3 days
darienn lake - 6 days
penny tration - 2 weeks
Serena chacha - 3 days (picture with ivy winters)
Monica Beverly hillz - 5 days
Vivienne pinay - 5 weeks
lineysha sparx - 5 days
jade jolie - 2 days
ivy winters - 3 days
Alyssa Edwards - 6 days
coco montrese - 5 days
detox icunt - 5 days (a baby picture)
roxxxy Andrews - 5 days (joke how she should be miss congeniality)
Alaska thunderfuck 5000 - 4 days (a child picture)
max - 3 days
Kandy ho - 2 days
Katya - 1 week
Kennedy davenport - 2 days
pearl - 2 days
ginger minj - 6 days
milk - 3 days
Kenya micheals - 1 week

All Stars 2 (According to reddit)

So, the Nancy Drews of r/dragrace have been tracking who’s active on social media and who isn’t, because the show is apparently filming right now. Based on this evidence, this is the possible list for the new season. 

  • Tatiana
  • Phi Phi O'Hara
  • Alyssa Edwards
  • Coco Montrese
  • Detox Icunt
  • Roxxxy Andrews
  • Alaska Thunderfuck 5000
  • Adore Delano
  • Katya Zamolodchikova
  • Ginger Minj

So lined up are my reactions below the cut 


Tatiana and Coco are back, but Willam and Dela aren’t? Bull. Fucking. Shit. Neither of them have remained as compelling or in the limelight. Hell, Courtney Act, Pearl, Ongina and even Ivy freaking Winters would have been better choices.

Phi Phi and Detox I get because they are LA queens who have huge followings (and honestly, I’d love to see Phi Phi go on a redemption arc).Roxxy, being Top 3 in her season, makes sense as well.

Also, what’s with all the season 5 queens? Are they making the setup for Alaska’s win that blatant? Otherwise, there are only two season 7 queens, one season 4 and 6 queens (the two most vocally adored seasons yet), one season 2 queen and nothing else. It’s like only season 5 happened. It definitely rubs me the wrong way.

Also, Alyssa should be competing independently. I don’t think we saw her best when she was against Coco and the producers don’t give a fuck. 

I Can already pair the teams from here.

Yup, only eight episodes this time around (again, bullshit) so the team layout seems obvious.

Ginger/Katya (Team Gatya)
Adore/Alaska (Team Adorska)
Roxxxy/Detox (Team Roxxetox)
Alyssa/Coco (Team Aloco)
And, being loved by no one else, Phi Phi/Tatiana (Team Ta Ti? Phiana? Idk)

To be fair, the Alyssa/Coco pairing could go either way. The two of them have publicly reconciled, and Coco Montrese has even declared that she loves Alyssa. Continuing the feud would be ridiculous, but not above World of Wonder. 

And I predict Gatya and Adorska going furthest, with possibly Rolodex hanging in a bit. But god knows how the edit will go. 

Who will win?

Alaska or Katya. One is a global superstar, the other was so robbed that there was a vocal outcry that rivaled Chad Michaels’ miss in Season 4. I only worry that Adore will get the Manilla treatment from the last All-Stars, and people will start to think she’s overrated. 

Either way, this has the huge potential to suck. I really hope it doesn’t.