I literally downloaded Sony Vegas and learned to use it in order to make this video

best drag race seasons (indisputable)

all stars 2: the best. no season of any show is better. every aspect, cast member and conversation could not be created better for television. alaska’s meltdown, alyssa being behind the mirror, the Return Of Rolaskatox™, phi phi saying she’s trying to redeem herself but not changing at all, $10,000 via paypal, tatianna and alyssa both returning, adore leaving, KATYA SAYING PARTY

season 5: a close second. rolaskatox, first double elimination, BACK ROLLS, roxxxy hating jinkx with every fibre of her being, alyssa vs coco, lil poundcake, the roast of serena cha cha, roxxxy’s fucking wig reveal

season 4: simply iconic. sharon vs phi phi, everything latrice said and did, willam being eliminated, dida ritz’s lipsyncs, the wrestling challenge, sharon’s rupocalypse now look, “GET THOSE NUTS AWAY FROM MY FACE”, the snatch game failure

season six: a comprehensive look inside the mind of a crazy person (laganja). ornacia, THIS IS JUST TOO FUCKING MUCH, not today satan, laganja’s no smoking sign on her head, kelly mantle’s bacon dress, every blessed word that came out of biancas mouth