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Hey, Diego I was wondering if you had any tips for people just trying to like step their life up or create opportunities for themselves -not specifically for modelling, actually not for modelling at all really- just like how to meet people and do something more with life, cause you always seem to be doing these amazing things and I just wondered how did you start that? like how do I do that?

find something you love, like painting or singing or designing clothes. See that as a job so you dont feel like youre working, that should be your motivation, live your life by doing what you love. Then just try to aim for that, if its what you really love put all your soul in it and you will find a way to get there. Step out of your comfort zone and always believe youre gonna make it. You might need to take risks and big decisions in your life but it will all be worth it once you achieve your goal. Im talking from my own experience. Or do you wanna live your life hating your job till the day you die?

I’ll go out there and make my mistakes. I’ll fall down, get hurt, cry, laugh, love, and get back up. I’ll stand on the highest mountaintop and go into the deepest caverns. I’ll roam across the world, visit the moon and swim in outer space. I’ll let my imagination run wild and let my spirit soar. Why? Because when my life flashes before my eyes in those final moments, I want to have something worthwhile to watch, with plenty of love and laughter, good times and bad. I don’t want to regret a thing and I plan not to. Remember, it’s not usually the things you do that you regret, it’s the things you don’t do and leave unsaid. Laugh out loud. Cry in the rain. Love with all your heart and soul. Get hurt. Tell the truth. Go crazy. But never forget that you only get one shot. One shot at this day, one shot at this minute. One shot at this age. One shot at life. So make sure your life is one you will enjoy watching in your final moments.
—  Anna Freud
Soulmates wasn’t something I had ever believed in. It was a Hollywood word - a notion created to sell romantic literature and movie rights. 
Love, as I saw it, was a worldwide obsession born out of desperate fantasy. People could call it love, romance, finding their soulmate, and all that other nonsense. But in my mind? It was just hormones, biology, chemistry - dressed up in some happily-ever-after, self-created delusion born out of a fear of being alone
—  Holly Bourne

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Oh man, that post you reblogged about "#gentle baby boy on the bitter path of revenge". Imagine how Harry's gonna feel when he comes back and finds out that his death made the boy that brought warmth into his life into someone colder and hard-edged. Think of all the angst about how he took this sweet, goodhearted boy who had been through absolute hell already and still came out of it with a gentle soul, and all it took was Harry to ruin him. And then come cry with me in the corner :''''(


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Request for Klaroline drabble, write them in the context of one of your other OTPs.

A/N: Contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Furious 7. If you don’t want any, please don’t read. You don’t have to have watched the movies to read this. This is the angstiest thing I’ve ever written. I was crying when I wrote this, but I was also still reeling from the movie haha. Klaroline as Dom x Letty.

We Live to Reminisce

Caroline feels her heart lodged in her throat. He’s standing there, in front of her, his eyes boring into her like he’s reaching for her soul. And all she can do is stand by and watch him reach for someone who can’t reach back into his.

She doesn’t know how she got so lucky, and that’s exactly the problem.

Klaus had brought her back to the race wars, thinking it would trigger something. He’d been doing everything for the past few months to bring back the woman he fell in love with, and, albeit, he claims that it would make no difference to him if she never came back, she knows that she disappoints him.

It tears her up at night, knowing that she is the reason for the hint of moroseness in his eyes when he doesn’t think she’s looking. He still mourns her, the woman who died in that fatal accident. She desperately wants to offer him solace, if only she could just remember.

She felt like a stranger masquerading as the love of his life, like she didn’t deserve all the unyielding love that he presents her with.

“Klaus…” Her hand reaches up to caress his stubbly face. His tender eyes only exacerbated the agony of the gradual shattering of her heart. “I can’t do this to you any longer.”

His hands grasped her hips and his eyes widened slightly in alarm. “Do what? Caroline, love, did you not enjoy yourself?”

“No, that’s not what I meant.” She smiles, sadness still on her lips. “You take me to the race wars and everyone, especially you, see someone else. They see the woman who died. They called me ‘Ghost Girl’ because it’s the truth.” Caroline turns around, her eyes returning to her tombstone. “I’m not her. I know that you and everyone else want me to be, but I can’t.”

Klaus touched her shoulder, and she turned around. “You are her. It doesn’t matter how much you remember, because at the core, you are the same woman who is the only one on Earth who can pull me back from the abyss, even as I cease to believe it myself.”

He’s looking at her with those eyes still, the ones that burn hotter than any car explosion she has ever felt. It’s like she’s dying all over again, but all she feels is Klaus by her side.

“It’s not fair to you and it’s not fair to me,” she pleads. “You look at me with fifteen years worth of memories. And I can only recall less than a year’s worth. You look at me and expect someone who’s known you for your entire life, and I can’t give that to you. I’m sorry.” It looked like he wanted to say something but she cut him off. “You can’t love me like someone else. And I’m not even sure who I am at this point. I need time to find myself. This isn’t goodbye. But I need time alone.”

She begins to walk away, but Klaus pulls her back to him, crushing his lips against hers harshly. He clutches her soft body against him, like she might disappear in his arms. His lips are soft and warm, a stark contrast to the almost bruising movement of his lips. She feels it, all his fears and the depth of his love for her.

Even without her memories, she has fallen for him irrevocably, though not as deeply as he clearly feels for her. She pours her heart into the kiss, reassuring him that his love is not unrequited.

She reluctantly pulls away and her finger touches her swollen lips, still feeling Klaus. Her eyes blink back the tears and try to push away the ache in her chest. She makes the mistake of meeting his eyes again.

“Come back to me.”

He watches her leave, like his entire world goes dark.

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let me just tell you how ridiculous i am: so there’s this minigame mission in a game i’m trying to complete 100%. basically, you have to hit this rubber ball to keep it in the air and the mission calls for you to hit it 100 times before it touches the ground. i checked the guidelines briefly and saw a one and some zeroes after it so i went in assuming i needed way more points than i actually did and got my score to 1200. that’s right, i’ve played this game for ten years and i’m so ridiculous that i got 1100 more points than i actually needed. and the best part was that i know so many tricks to get that kind of combo that i was scrolling through tumblr and barely paying attention as i did it.

i kinda wanna max out the counter now (which means hitting 9999) just to see what happens.

i’m pathetic, i know. just thought i’d give you guys more proof of that.

Dear Diary,

Reading random books placed inside ancient caves, I’ve now learned, is always a bad idea. Especially, when those books belong to the Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of tentacle slime, eyeballs, and the most boring gauntlets of all time.

I saw what looked like an ancient little black book that I thought would be filled with the names of ancient Nordic hotties. I was gravely disappointed. The book transported me into Hermaeus’ own little tentacle hell.

He thinks he’s bringing me into this great realm of knowledge and gifts. Well, if knowledge and gifts are brought to me as slimy tentacles that come out of the ground to slap me across the face Hermaeus can keep them! That’s disgusting. I’ve never felt more violated in my life.

I will be collecting all the soul gems as my consolation prize and getting the hell out of here.