What happened...

Hey Mod Tem!Frisk here to explain what happened!

Disclaimer: It’s fiction so I can screw it up all I want.

The previous pageset to the huge mess of black and white, had a singular abnormal thing appear in the last page

Oh look at that weird black mass! Weird right? Totally!

What is it? Essentially a black hole. Created from what was extracted from Chara. You know, the same stuff that removed the floor.

So this thing blows up and absorbs the underground.

Papyrus(WingDings) is the closest to the machine and exposed to the largest amount of the energy and determination. So in the “void” he contains the most form and determination to survive, you know, in Papyrus style. Motivating the souls to survive.

The souls all joined up (Which was hard to express but I tried!) with Papyrus, he controls their mass and recreates his form (He became an algamate with all the souls that were dragged in.) when he reaches out for Chara’s soul in the “void”.

It might have had something to do with this


Also remember during Chara’s story when this happened?

Man, that was strange…

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did I hallucinate the komaeda ass scene or is everyone actually just not talking about it

A drawing I made for the lovely @glittering-snowfall . She’s been having a rough couple of days so I wanted to make her something to cheer her up :3 she wanted me to draw a sweet elsanna kiss so here it is. I know it looks a bit rough but this is my very first time drawing a kissing scene so cut me a little slack lol but even though it may look rough I still put all my heart and soul into it and all of my love. I hope you like it and I hope it makes her day :3

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I know right, Midna is the best!! I haven't beaten it 100% yet. I'm still trying to find all the poe souls but I would say I get around 85% done lol. Yeah wolf link will be in breath of the wild! He'll travel with you, help you hunt and kill the baddies, it's so awesome Aaah! I just hope they just let us pet wolf link tbh

That sounds amazing.

A lot of you guys messaged me talking about your heart breaks and love and exes and all that, guys if you aren’t happy change something in your life about it, if you think someone is better then you don’t look at them or block there stuff so you can’t see it and talk to someone about it, relationships are hard and no one should have to force them but if you feel like it’s worth it do it work for it work for the love you deserve, and to the people who are sad and suicidal right now, please don’t harm or kill your self, I know that it’s hard right now but it will be okay it will and I know you don’t think that right now but trust me it will all be okay in the end it just takes time to realize that it is just a bump in the road, you are all your own person all your own beautiful soul and I love you all you are all amazing and some of you might not think that but someone out there is in love with you someone out there cares, you guys can do it I know your tried of being strong but I believe in you guys I love you all and I hope you have a good night.