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Inktober 23 -  Mira, Sofia, sin tu mirada, sigo. Dime Sofia, cómo te mira. Mira, Sofia, sin tu mirada, sigo, sin tu mirada, Sofia🎶

I’ve had this song stuck in my head the last three days someone save me

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Okay this is a long ass playlist, so I’m gonna put it under a read more, but here we heckin go my dudes

(I’m tagging @kurtwxgners bc she a music hoe and @daft-punkin bc we have the same taste in music)

Mutual Pining: The Musical

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in the season 4 finale of bobs burgers a bunch of drama happens and so bob and his landlord end up tied under a pier and the ocean is coming at high tide so.. obviously bad things are gonna happen and they sing a song and one of the last lyrics are “and now I’ll never know who wins game of thrones” and honestly if that isn’t butters…

so I’ve been listening to bet on it on repeat all night and my mind had to make it about malec so??? here you go lmao

Bet On It (1148 words) by auclizzy


Alec is only doing what he feels is right. He needs to marry Lydia. But, when it boils down to it, will he choose her or Magnus?

You know what gives me hope for a Strange Magic sequel?
Arthur and the Invisibles. It’s one of those movies Strange Magic tends to be compared to, due to the small-creatures-in-big-forest-setting.
It’s a french movie that did okay in most parts of the world, only in the USA it received many bad critiques and the boy office was worldwide not that good.
Still it good two sequels a few years later.
Strange Magic also got a bunch of bad critiques and the boy office was one of the worst, but when I see how every week there is at least one more person who likes this movie, I’m very positive that we may can hope for a sequel in the next 10 years, especially when George Lucas says he wants to do one. That man has influence after all. So I will cross my fingers, toes and everything else for the next 10 years until we get a (hopefully good) sequel.