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Confession #1473:

“I just got back into Vocaloid and I’ve noticed it seems to be dying out as a fandom? Or is that just me. I guess I listen to more 2011-ish songs, but still, there’s newer a lot of new content?”


A+ Epilogue: Sneak Peak

I’m in such a good mood today that I thought I’d let you guys in on a little secret: It’s almost here! The end is in sight! And look, they’re smiling, so most of the angst is over (most… not quite all. With a story like this, of course anything happy is gonna be bitter-sweet)

Keep an eye out for the full-length epilogue of A+ Secrets before the weekend is over!

A year ago, he’d just met you right at that spot. He had seen that spark in your eyes and knew that he needed to know you better. And a year later, here he was, kissing you right on that same spot. If it hadn’t been for the tingle that spread throughout his body, he would have thought this was just a dream. But it was real.

A student coming into the classroom for the next class catcalled, breaking the two of your apart. Your laughter and bright smile twisted Dean’s stomach and he couldn’t look away. You carefully extracted yourself from his arms and tugged him by the hand toward the door.

“C’mon, professor. I think I need some private tutoring.”

“You seemed to be doing just fine,” the student said with a teasing lilt, taking his seat in the front row. In your good mood, you grinned over at the guy and Dean felt slightly jealous.

But then you squeezed his hand and your eyes returned to Dean’s. There was nothing to be jealous about. “I think I’ll let Professor Winchester be the judge of that. After all, he didn’t get his Master’s for nothing.”

“Get a room,” the student teased lightheartedly, pulling out his notebook.

More students trickled in, so you grabbed the rest of Dean’s notes and started for the door. As you passed the guy, you winked at him, then cast a smile in Dean’s direction. “That’s the plan.”

all i’m gonna say is 1r had better put the deluxe edition on spotify at some point

here’s another performance of seisyun wakarazuya from idol on stage

uploading mostly for my girlfriend @hiroshisakamoto because i promised i’d show it to her like…two months ago

but y’all can enjoy rats tail tatsuya and awkward nervous tomo and black heart mabo and sweet head thrown back hiromu and taichi jumping behind his keyboard and leader’s caterpillar eyebrows too

also the audience is going insane and i’m like “me too”