Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen

Original Soundtrack  [Full Album]

was requested by cheyo-chan<333

The audio song up here: “Dim Light” [track no.01] by mpi.

Track List & Download Links:

  1. Dim Light [by mpi] - Download: MEGA, Regular
  2. 4-a: - Download: MEGA, Regular
  3. world wAr E - Download: MEGA, Regular
  4. Asura no Chikara - Download: MEGA, Regular
  5. Teikigun - Download: MEGA, Regular
  6. WD×2 - Download: MEGA, Regular
  7. In Cold Blood - Download: MEGA, Regular
  8. Kizoku Shakai no Tairitsu - Download: MEGA, Regular
  9. Ouja no Fuukaku - Download: MEGA, Regular
  10. 21-ka 315 - Download: MEGA, Regular
  11. Extinction Evil - Download: MEGA, Regular
  12. Nakama to iu Sonzai - Download: MEGA, Regular
  13. Kanashisa to Tsuyosa to - Download: MEGA, Regular
  14. WD×2 <ver.2> - Download: MEGA, Regular
  15. Tenpenchii - Download: MEGA, Regular
  16. 4-a:slow - Download: MEGA, Regular
  17. Dim Light <instrumental> - Download: MEGA, Regular

Download Full Album on MEGA [WinRar File]

Anime: Owari no Seraph: Battle in Nagoya\ Nagoya Kessen-hen

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The Signs as Green Day Lyrics

Aries: I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known. Don’t know where it goes, but it’s home to me and I walk alone. ~Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Taurus: It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right. I hope you had the time of your life. ~Good Riddance (Time of your Life)

Gemini: She’s a rebel, she’s a saint, she’s the salt of the Earth and she’s dangerous! ~She’s a Rebel

Cancer: We all are born in a world of doubt, and there’s no doubt…I figured out, I love you. ~When It’s Time

Leo: Don’t wanna be an American Idiot, one nation controlled by the media. Information age of hysteria, it’s calling out to idiot America. ~American Idiot

Virgo: Do you know the enemy? Do you know your enemy? Well gotta know the enemy, wah hey! (Ohh way ohh way!) ~Know Your Enemy

Libra: When you’re at the end of the road, and you’ve lost all sense of control. And your thoughts have taken their toll, when your mind breaks the spirit of your soul… ~21 Guns

Scorpio: Well she’s my blood, well she’s my soul. I get so lost, out in the cold. Feels so far, like this lone star. It gets so hard, when I’m missing you. ~Missing You

Sagittarius: The town bishop’s an extortionist, and he don’t even know that you exist. Standing still until it’s do or die, you better run for your fucking life! ~Letterbomb

Capricorn: Nobody likes you, everyone left you, they’re all out without you, having fun. ~Homecoming (Part 3), also beginning of Letterbomb

Aquarius: Everything that I want, I want from you, but I just can’t have you. Everything that I need, I need from you, but I just can’t have you. ~Stray Heart

Pisces: My beating heart belongs to you, I walked for miles ‘til I found you. I’m here to honor you. If I lose everything in the fire, I’m sending all my love to you. ~Last Night on Earth


Hey everyone, I just did a cover of All Too Well by Taylor Swift, I worked really hard on this one and it means a lot to me. Thank you, hope you enjoy! 💜💜💜💜

All I want is nothing more
To hear you knocking at my door
‘Cause if I could see your face once more
I could die a happy man I’m sure

When you said your last goodbye
I died a little bit inside
I lay in tears in bed all night
Alone without you by my side

But if you loved me
Why’d you leave me?

—  our love was made for movie screens/ stucky song: all I want

sloangrey asked:

top 10 oth music moments

  1. come on - ben jelen (after lucas gets into the car accident in 1x15 and peyton visits him at his house after he wakes up)
  2. dare you to move - switchfoot (naley’s first kiss in 1x08)
  3. within you - ray lamontagne (the time it’s played in the closing scene of 4x21)
  4. one tree hill - u2 (the closing scene for 9x13)
  5. hear you me - jimmy eat world (when jake leaves in 2x22)
  6. coffee and cigarettes - michelle featherstone (in 3x21 when brooke makes haley’s wedding dress for her, the proper one, out of their bedsheets)
  7. times like these - foo fighters (in 4x21 when haley is giving her valedictorian speech at graduation)
  8. hands down - dashboard confessional (in 1x01 when peyton is driving her car and almost runs down lucas lol)
  9. i don’t wanna be - gavin degraw (anytime he performed it, but especially in 9x13 when he performs it live at tric)
  10. your love is a song - switchfoot (in 7x11, i can’t remember exactly what is happening in the scene but i’m pretty sure it’s a brulian scene?? or at the end of an episode)
  11. babe i’m gonna leave you - led zeppelin (3x23 when nathan dives off the bridge to save rachel and cooper and haley is screaming his name)
  12. always love - nada surf (3x03 the ending scene of the episode, like when lucas and haley are writing their predictions for the school year etc)
  13. wannabe - spice girls (the dancing moment in 4x21 with all the girls because that’s such a classic moment)

i couldn’t just pick 10 my bad

“Catastrophe” - by Lagrange Point [Full Album MasterPost]

requested by anon<333333 this is the beautiful album “Catastrophe” by the coollest band of Margial#4 idols game, Lagrange Point - Shy [Toyonaga Toshiyuki] & Kira [Okawa Genki].

PVs of the album:

Track List and Download Links:

  1. カタストロフィ [Katasutorofi] - Download Links: MEGA, Regular
  2. 1/f(エフぶんのいち)の揺らぎ[1/ F (efubun'noichi) no yuragi] - Download Links: MEGA, Regular
  3. ‎Message Bottle - Download Links: MEGA, Regular
  4. Dear Princess.- Download Links: MEGA, Regular
  5. カタストロフィ [Katasutorofi] -off vocal- - Download Links: MEGA, Regular
  6. 1/f(エフぶんのいち)の揺らぎ-off vocal- - Download Links: MEGA, Regular
  7. ‎Message Bottle -off vocal– Download Links: MEGA, Regular
  8. Dear Princess -off vocal- - Download Links: MEGA, Regular

Game: Marginal#4 ~Idols of Supernova

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Enjoy!!!! ^__^


The other animation Im working on.