I love that people keep coming up with new mediums and ways to love history. like, I was that kid that thought history was boring and just words on a paper until teachers went out of their way to humanize the shit that baby jay just didn’t give a fuck about.

I fell asleep once during a presentation about Egyptian history because I just Didn’t Care - until the next day my middle school history teacher whipped out some Popsicle sticks with the castes on them and said, “tomorrow, we’ll be doing a little experiment.”

that ended up being one of the pivotal lessons in my childhood that really explained classism/inequality to me, and helped me equate it to the real life instances that I found myself in throughout the years.

but it’s great bc even if not every teacher has an exercise that stimulates a kid’s interest, there’s always the media we get exposed to.

“why are you spending twenty minutes typing a post about history, Jay?”

well because I woke up sad and while I browsed tumblr on my phone, I clicked on a random Hamilton blog. it was a 16 y/o whose latest post was them talking about their favorite historical pairing. and then I got all choked up because I’m a sap, that’s why.

even though I was mainly into American history, another thing that just continued to drive in the nail was that when I was a freshman, almost all of my friends were watching this thing called Hetalia. I didn’t get into it because I loved history, but just the concept of personifying countries was just such an outlandish and amazing lure that it stuck. I mean, I didn’t learn my history from a satire anime - but the spark it lit made me sit up straighter in class, gave me a motivation to listen more. I ended up researching further, even outside of class - to give myself a better understanding of characterizations of these countries/characters that I’d become invested in.

so if a teenager stumbles upon Hamilton and LOVES it, there’s more of an investment and a desire to learn. as well as Hamilton having commentary that applies to current news, y'know?

it’s like creativity will take a topic, put it in a blender with some added ingredients; show-stopping musical numbers, amazing choreography, expressive acting. then it blends it up, and you’ve got some new milkshake medium that someone suddenly just stops and goes, “yeah, never really had anything like it, but that Hamilton milkshake looks good. maybe I’ll try it.”

(and don’t even get me STARTED on shipping - with or without historical aspect tbh.

man, if kids are sitting around writing about Laurens and Hamilton holding hands, then hell yeah I support that. it’s a fantastic, safe way to explore when you’re young and you don’t know what a relationship is/you’ve only seen the ones in your life.)

SOng Tag (;

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Rules: write the first ten songs that come up on shuffle (no skipping) and quote your favorite lyric from each song, then tag 10 people (probably won’t tag people, knowing me).

I don’t actually have many songs on my itunes at this moment so I’m using my 2015 Spotify playlist that has about 200 songs in it. Hope that’s acceptable and if it isn’t… Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1. Up 2 U by Walk the Moon

“It’s not the monster under your bed/It’s the one with you in the sheets”

2. Electric Love by BØRNS

“You make my heart beat like the rain”

3. Millennia by Crown the Empire

“Will you lie to me, tell me I’ll be okay/Close my eyes and lay me in my tomb/Then pull the trigger and send me home”

4. Psychosocial by Slipknot

“There are cracks in the road we laid/But where the temple fell/The secrets have gone mad/This is nothing new/But when we killed it all/The hate was all we had”

5. Giants by Bear Hands

“Never been to jail cause I never get caught”

6. Young & Unafraid by The Moth & The Flame

“Do you think we couldn’t feel you there”

7. Failure by Breaking Benjamin

“The world will die alone/The frail will fall below”

8. St. Patrick by PVRIS

“Transparent hands/Were at my neck/But I love the way/You let me breathe instead/Breathe instead”

9. Avalanche by Walk the Moon

“Sometimes the past echoes in the future”

10. Lemon Eyes by Meg Myers

“You’ve been drinking someone else’s pain”

As you can probably tell, I was more into alternative rock and pop by the time it hit 2015. So glad this wasn’t another playlist or else it would have ranged from hardcore banjo folk music to funky pirate dance party or something like that. (Twenty One Pilots would’ve been on this list if we went for 20 songs instead haha)

I’ll tag three people since I like listening to artists I haven’t heard of before.

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So I found a website that listed all of the songs that the boys were all co-writes/writers of and I decided to make a list! And this happened…

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MANY and i mean MANY of these songs are on FUTURE ALBUMS. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT. 

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ok so this is probably a pain in the ass but can you please try to tell me all of her songs because I feel like there's more than just the EP room 93

It’s no problem at all ^-^

Updated: November 16, 2015

Ashley Frangipane Era:

Room 93 EP (2014):

Room 93: The Remixes (2015):

Room 93: 1 Mic, 1 Take (2015):

VEVO LIFT Live (2015):

Badlands (2015):

Music Videos:

Covers *if there’s no link, it’s been deleted and I can’t find a new link*:

Other songs:

Please let me know if I missed any or if you have links for the ones that are missing :)