When the stars are down, when the day is done
When the lights are out like the love is gone
I will fill your heart with afterglow (x


Happy Valentine’s Day Psychology Lovers!

Imagine receiving a mixtape from Woozi, with tracks made especially for you, as a Valentine’s Day gift.

i will be a gun & it’s you i’ll come for by apparatuses

awolnation - like people, like plastic // sir sly - found you out // stars - your ex-lover is dead // now, now - wolf // chvrches - gun // black coast - trndsttr // tove lo - love ballad // miike snow - genghis khan // vaults - lifespan // lykke li - i follow rivers // phantogram - fall in love // pianos become the teeth - repine // nate ruess - ahha // andy grammer - pushing // years & years - memo

❛  me, myself & i, solo ride until i die  ❜

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Let Me Be With You ENGLISH Version Full~* <3
  • Let Me Be With You ENGLISH Version Full~* <3
  • Round Table FT. Nino
  • Mana Singz

Hello everynyans! Happy Valentine’s Day! I just wanted to share some love today cuz heeeeeeeeey we could all use a hug every now and again right? This song I dedicate to my beloved @tyrestgwa ^_^! He is a sweetheart and my darling soulmate! I love you! ♥♥♥
I have wanted to cover this song for awhile cuz I can voice match it kinda well XD! And cuz CLAMP Shows are awesome! Also yes I changed the last line, but it was a preference cuz of the show. Ehehe Enjoy! Chuuuuu~*~*
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Anime: Chobits

Original Artist: ROUND TABLE FT. Nino

Song: Let Me Be With You

Lyrics: Shiroko

Vocals: @manabingu / @manadarkmagiciangirl

MDMG Studios 2016

♫ Lyrics ♫

I wanted to make sure our paths would be crossing, and so I cast a spell
Our hands chance a touch and we look at each other, I can’t contain my smile

Dancing around pretending in the end we don’t know how we feel
So that someday suddenly, we fall in love for real
Let me be with you
Let me be with you
Let me be with you
I wanna hold you close to me

Unable to say it until recently I have been hiding my heart
I want you to see through me transparently ‘cause I’m only acting strong

Please my darling wait for me, in a few minutes we two can meet
And then we will finally hopelessly fall in love
Let me be with you
Let me be with you
Let me be with you
I just wanna cry, you know

Whenever our fingers untangle, my hands start to shake
It makes me uneasy… It makes me uneasy!
Let me be with you
Let me be with you
Let me be with you
You are the only one for me!


Everyone has a secret Valentine but I’m just here, trying to remember the name of Kekkai Sensen’s ending…

I won’t have a valentine this year either ~

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Everyone meet the man I share my bed with at night. He likes me with and without make up on, doesn’t care when I sing him top 40 songs out of tune, lets me take multiple pictures until I find the right angle, and never is annoyed I always want to cuddle. 

The more boys I meet the more I love @emmalinealistair‘s dog.