ok seriously, I always thought Carmilla has black hair and Laura is a brunette, not a brunette/blonde pairing???  I guess lighting has to do with it or what your own personal identification of hair colours are.

I share my birthday with the anniversary of the Challenger disaster and when I was eight a lady asked me why I looked so happy and I remember giving her a big smile and saying “it’s my birthday!” and she said “oh who cares. Today’s the fifteenth anniversary of Challenger.”

It’s only been the past few years that I’ve been able to celebrate it without feeling, on some level, like a terrible person.

Well, my Bucket List is one item shorter.

I went out to get the paper a few minutes ago, and Venus caught my eye. Just below it, and slightly to the left was Mercury. A slight turn of my head, and there was Saturn. A little more turn, and Mars came into view. Then, with still more turn of my head was Jupiter. It took me a moment to realize, but I had just seen all six naked-eye planets without moving from the spot in which I was standing. So, I stood there in the crisp morning air until the salmon-pink glow of the rising sun caused Mercury to fade from view…

I almost went in to wake everyone up, but I knew that by the time i’d gotten them all out there, it would have been too late.

Maybe tomorrow morning.

Iris 2: Emily

All seven of us are crammed into Garcia’s little office, it’s hot and we can hardly move but none of us really seem to care. I glance over at Hotch. His eyebrows are furrowed and he looks worried. Hotch cares about all of us but he has a special kind of worry for you. He’d never admit it but we’ve all seen his eyes linger on you a bit longer than necessary. The way he always talks softer to you so that you have to move in closer to him. I knew how he felt about you by our third case. That guy that had abused his wife for all those years had yelled at you in the interrogation room and Hotch had gotten in his face. You had been surprised but then you’d rolled with it, I hadn’t been sure you could handle this job until that moment. You kind of wormed your way into my heart, I didn’t want to add another person to the short list of people I actually care about but that hasn’t seemed to matter to you. JJ and I share a look as Hotch snaps.
“Play it again Garcia.” She starts the clip over and we all watch in silence. You look like you’re giving directions, you motion down the street away from the FBI building and then makes a small right gesture. There’s a small shift in your body language then. Like he says or does something that makes you uncomfortable. You pulls out your phone, without looking you unlock it then glance down for just a second. The UnSub Tases you then, your phone falls from your hands as you and it tumble to the ground. He picks you up and then we loose you again.
“I’ll keep looking.” Garcia says her voice tight. I place a hand on her shoulder, stay focused Penelope.
“JJ, Morgan I want you to go look around where you found the phone. Reid, Rossi help Garcia narrow down what to look for. Prentiss go through Iris’ things. See if there’s any indication that she saw this coming.” I don’t love the thought of digging through your life but if that’s what it takes to save you I will.
“What about her brother?” I ask as I follow Hotch out of the technology filled office.
“I’m going to reach out to him.” Hotch says moving up the stairs and to his office. He shuts the door with a slam. We can’t loose you Iris. I don’t know if we would get Hotch back this time.

ironarmored asked:



“ we’ve been through quite a journey, you and i. some i liked more than others, and some none at all. we’ve had our fair share of problems over the years. and God knows we’ve fallen out more than once. but despite it all, you’re still my friend, tony. in the end, despite our differences, despite all the reasons and all the ways we could have ended up differently, we remained friends. 

and i’m PROUD to call you it, too. you get on my nerves most days, and sometimes i just want to shove a sock in your mouth to get some peace and quiet, but i can’t imagine a life without you. in fact, i wouldn’t have a life without you. if it wasn’t for you and the others fishing me out of that ice all those years ago, i’d still be frozen in the arctic somewhere. 

i woke up not knowing where i was, and i didn’t realize it wasn’t a matter of where but when. i didn’t think i’d have a purpose here. but you gave me one. you offered me shelter, food, clothing, and a reason to be in this century despite the fact that it didn’t belong to me. i could have easily been swept up, lost. you made sure that didn’t happen. you gave me a home, and above all, a family. and while you’ll never hear me say this again - God forbid I inflate your ego any more than I already most certainly have - I’m thankful. For everything that you’ve done for me, and for you yourself, Stark.

you’re still a pain in my side, shellhead. but you’re my pain. i wouldn’t trade that for all the time machines in the world. “