Libraries and Piragua (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You were sexiled by your roommate on a day that you’d kill just to collapse into bed. You end up passing time with someone that makes your day end on a high note.

Word Count: 1,340

Warnings: Aimless plot, mentions of sex (nothing graphic), cussing, mentions of death (but character death like Abuela Claudia’s death in ITH mentioned is what I’m saying)

A/N: College AUs are my weakness, this is a demonstration of my knack for tying In The Heights into literally anything (and making my Classical Tradition professor proud with my Sophocles reference). Also, I am obsessed with the way Lin’s eyes are so expressive and was forced to take out approximately 1,000 references to them from this fic during proofreading.

“Please [Y/N]? You owe me from that time you broke the coffee machine, [Y/N].” you muttered, mocking your roommate’s pleas as you trudged across campus to the library. You planned on mocking your own stupidity for agreeing to her request once you were done being annoyed with her. She had to pick the one day you ended up having a terrible, rushing-everywhere, everything-goes-wrong kind of day to seal the deal with the guy she’s been pining over for months. 

You yanked open the door to the library with an unnecessary amount of force before you stalked inside. You made it upstairs, appreciative of the near empty scene. There was only a few people scattered among the tables or computers along the wall. At least you knew you’d be left alone with your bitterness. 

You pulled out a chair to toss your bag onto before shedding your jacket. Once you got settled in, you pulled out your headphones and laptop. You popped in one headphone and scanned your library looking for a song that might ease your exasperation. Once you had it playing you pulled out your textbook and leafed through it, debating whether you wanted to be productive or not. You settled on not and shoved it away before pulling your laptop closer. With your one free ear you heard a chuckle and you internally sighed before turning to find its source. The table to your right had a boy who was looking at you amused. You wondered if the dark circles under his eyes meant he was as exhausted as you were.

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Happy accident

Requested by @fridafalconxoxo: “Imagine absentmindedly brushing and braiding Kili’s hair like you’d always done with your friends, but not realizing the significance it has to dwarves" from ImaginexHobbit

Part one: A friend in need
Part two: Happy accident
Part three: Baby, it’s cold outside
Part four: Happy surprise


“What would you eat right now, if you could eat anything?”

The question drew your gaze upward from your mud-caked boots to where Kili had materialized in front of you, walking backward to face you, looking as tired and bedraggled as you surely did, but with a smile sunny enough to make up for the gray clouds and spitting rain.

You chuckled. It was a conversation the two of you had nearly every day of the quest, to distract yourselves from weary legs, inclement weather, or the toughness of the stewed rabbit that had become a staple food for the company.

“Hmm,” you thought for a moment, gauging your mood. “Do you remember the cinnamon buns at the bakery next to the wheelwright’s shop?”

“Ohhh,” Kili groaned in agreement, “I’d give anything for one of those right now.”

You and Kili had shared many of those cinnamon buns, squirreled away in your packs on your forays into the woods of Ered Luin…the woods where you had met for the first time one autumn morning when you’d encountered each other – well, nearly shot each other, more like – using the stumps of felled trees for target practice. An unlikely friendship had sprung up from your mutual love of archery, despite your family’s misgivings about your spending so much time with “that dwarf,” and when he had broken the exciting news that he was to go on a quest with his uncle to their faraway ancestral home, complete with the possibility of encountering a dragon, you’d immediately offered your services. 

Though you had Kili’s enthusiastic support to join the company of dwarves, his cantankerous uncle, Thorin, was not so easy to convince. You and Kili had wheedled and begged and pleaded your usefulness until the mere sight of you induced deep sighs and muttered appeals to Mahal from the company’s leader, and Thorin found himself scarcely able to stir a step outside his door without happening to stumble upon you at practice, determined to give him a show of your skill. In the end, your persistence had overcome his doubts about the wisdom of having a woman, and a human woman at that, on the journey, and so it was that you were to be found trudging through the soggy countryside and reminiscing about your favorite foods.

“Well, look on the bright side,” you teased Kili, “maybe tonight we can shoot a stringy, old turkey instead of a stringy, old rabbit.”

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Never Leave Me Alone

Raven’s feet dragged through the hallway, she could barely keep her eyelids from collapsing and was using what little energy she had left to make it to her destination. The hallway surrounding her bore the marks of their betrayal. Her body was covered in yellowing bruises and deep cuts from defending her home. After healing her friends, she found that she had no energy to heal herself, and in a way it didn’t matter. Her torn body now matched how she felt inside.

She had done this, Terra had sold her friends out to their enemy.

The tower was a mess, mechanical parts were spread out everywhere. Even after hours of clean up, the Titans had only made a partial dent in what needed to be done, but she didn’t care about that. Not right now. The only thing she cared about was him. 

He had came home hours after the battle had ended, at first their leader bombarded him with questions, where he was, where she was, what happened, he however ignored them all. His body was hollow and emotionless, she didn’t need to know what happened, because she already knew. Terra broke his heart. Without a word he locked himself in him room. 

After thirty minutes of badgering, Cyborg had told the rest of the team what little information he had been able to get out of the changeling. Terra had sold them out to Slade, he had given her the one thing they couldn’t, absolute and total control of her powers. In a way Raven was disgusted, but deep down she understood the struggles that her former friend had faced. After all she herself understood that control was release, control was being completely at peace. 

Raven couldn’t help but feel accountable for what happened to her team. After all she had foreseen all of this, she had a vision of the upcoming event and she let her uncertainty of the girl silence her voice. She should have spoken up, should have told Robin the feelings that she was keeping at bay, should have insisted until someone listened to her concerns. But she didn’t. Instead she allowed the betrayal to happen, and now the one person she cared for the most was broken. 

Raven looked up at the name on her desired door. They letters taunted her in a way, she felt like they knew how much of a fool she was, and how scared felt. After her lungs drew in a large amount of air she brought her knuckles to the metal and knocked. 


She could mentally sense that he was awake so she knocked again. 

Again nothing. 

“Beast Boy, I know you are in there.” she said softly. 

There was a crash of something fragile breaking and a mumble. Finally she go a response, “Go away.” his voice was strained and shaky, her heart stopped. 

“I just want to talk, please open up.” Raven knew she could teleport through the wall to get to her friend, but she understood that he would most likely react poorly, and under the circumstances she did not need to upset him more. 

“No.” he hissed. 

She leaned her head against the metal door, its cool temperature felt good on her strained face. After closing her eyes she let out a large sigh. “I know how you feel Beast Boy.” she paused for a moment before continuing. “You feel alone and scared. You feel somewhat responsible for what happened, but I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault." 

Just then the door opened without warning, the sudden action almost caused Raven to fell forward. Luckily for her, she was able to push her hands on the door frame to correct her posture. Beast Boy was radiating sadness an angst, her head began to hurt from the amount of emotion he was throwing at her. His eyes were red and puffy, and his hair was matted with grease. 

"Who in the hell said that it was my fault.” his eyes narrowed at her as he spoke. Raven found herself taken aback slightly by the amount of forcefulness in his tone. 

“I-uh, I just thought-" 

"Ya, you thought wrong.” her eyes widened at the change in his emotion. He was now admitting pure anger, this forced Raven to take a step back. Her heart began to race as he shook his head at her. 

“Okay. I’m sorry.” she muttered looking at the ground, she fidgeted with her fingers not knowing what else to do. His gaze was burning her skin as he scoffed.  

“Why are you sorry? You got what you wanted." 

His voice startled her and she looked up tiling her head with confusion. "What do you-”

“You wanted Terra to leave. You hated her.”  He took a step forward, Raven could see the tears began to form in his eyes, but he made no attempt to touch them. “You were right Raven, she was trouble. You were right, like always." 

"Beast Boy-” she started but he cut her off quickly. 

“Save it.” he shook his head as tears began to fall from his eyes, his tone changed and he began to yell. “Save your apologizes, and your reasoning! You may have had your heart broken, but you have never had it ripped out of your chest. You never felt what it’s like to have it forced down you throat! There is no way would could ever understand what I feel!" 

She just stared at him. All she could do is stare. The happy go-lucky friend that she once knew was replaced by this hollowed out body. His eyes held no happiness or humor for her, only pain. Her heart began to shatter. 

"Terra was right, you are nothing more than a witch who found her way into the hero business." 

She flinched slightly at his harsh words, knees began to shake with anger. Raven wanted to yell, she wanted to scream at him for how rude he was being and how much he was hurting her. But she couldn’t. No matter what he said, Raven knew she couldn’t be angry with him. Not after what he had just been through today. He deserved more that her crude words, he deserved the truth. 

"Beast Boy listen to me.” she looked into his painful eyes as she spoke softly “I never wanted any of this.” he scoffed, but she continued “Terra and I may of had our squabbles, we may have not seen all to eye all the time, but I truly considered her my friend. What she did, it was terrible, but you know what?” He shook his head slightly as if to answer “I still have hope. I have hope that this will all work out in the end. Maybe not in the way we want, but everything will make sense someday. All of this heartache, all of this pain that you are feeling right now, it isn’t for nothing. You have to believe that." 

Beast Boy looked away and rubbed his eyes. There was a awkward silence while she held her breath, waiting for him to respond to her. Then his mood changed, he was no longer radiating anger, he was now sending her waves of pure sorrow and regret. "Do you-” he paused looking at the floor, “Do you think she will come back to me?" 

Raven’s heart sank, tears began to form in her eyes as she spoke "I don’t kn-.” Just then he looked up to her, she could see the green in his eyes as they glimmered at her with hope. 

In that moment she decided to lie. In that moment she decided to give up her emotions for his, no matter what feelings she had for him or how much she wanted to be with him, she would suffer, as long as he is happy. “Yes, and I hope she does." 

He chuckled, the sound sent shivers up her spine. "Thanks Rae. Really.” He proceeded to shoot her the toothy grin that she loved. 

She smiled back, “Yeah well, you’re welcome.” With that she turned and began to walk away, she only stopped at the sound of his voice.

“Hey Rae?" 

"Hmm?” she responded as she did a half turn to face him. 

His face blushed as if she had said something embarrassing, he began to rub the back of his neck as he said “Would you-.” he paused deciding that the floor was a better place for his gaze “Would you mind staying with me tonight? I don’t want to be alone." 

Her face instantly turned red, she shook her head slightly as if she didn’t understand what he was asking "You want me to sleep with you?" 

He put up his hands defensively "Not in that way, you can have the bottom bunk. I just-” he let out a large sigh “I just can’t stand being alone right now.” His voice was soft, almost in a whisper. 

Raven paused as she looked into his face. Her heart began to race as a smile threatened to grace her face, after suppressing it she muttered casually. “Okay." 


She nodded “Just for tonight.” she said sternly, he smiled and nodded. “Good I don’t want this to become a habit.” she lied. 

After making her way into the room Raven watched as the changeling jumped onto top bunk in one leap, she smiled as he plopped on the bed and buried his face into the pillow. “Hmmhmmhmm” he muttered as he made an attempt to talk to her through the fabric. 

“I can’t hear you Beast Boy.” she replied as she rolled her eyes. 

“I said, mi casa, su casa.” he looked at her and offered her a weak smile. 

Raven could only shake her head as a response. After removing her cape she slid into the the sheets of his bottom bunk, her body involuntarily shivered at the situation. She was in a boys room at night. Not just any boy, Beast Boy. Her team mate. Her fiend. 

If circumstances were different, then she would have never agreed to this. She would have went to her room, enjoyed her own bed and not have given it a second thought. However circumstances were not different, he needed her and right now she could not deny his simple request. 

Her lungs drew in a deep breath to calm her nerves, she didn’t really understand why staying in Beast Boy’s room made her so uneasy, it just did. She closed her eyes and decided to try to meditate, however her mind was on full blast and she was having a hard time concentrating.

After realizing hat meditation wasn’t going to work she began to focus on Beast Boy’s breathing. She counted as his lungs inhaled and exhaled the same air they shared. The sound of his breathing began to lull her to sleep, knowing that he was near her began to put her at ease. 

After counting 1,000 breaths Raven’s eyes began to get heavy, the tole of the day began to impact her in full. “Rae?" 

"Yeah?” she muttered, half asleep.  

There was along pause until he spoke again. “Thank you for being such a good friend." 

She let out a soft chuckle "You would do the same for me.” she wasn’t sure if he was able to make out what she said because of how bad her words were slurring, but she heard him laugh. 

“Go to sleep Raven.”

“Good night Beast Boy,” she responded as she fought unconsciousness, she let out a deep sigh and rolled over as she began to speak without thinking “I love you.” The words slipped out before she could catch them, however once they were out her eyelids were fully closed and sleep was on top of her. 

There was another long pause, and right before her mind was completely gone she heard his faint reply, “I love you too Raven." 

Although she knew they would never speak of this day again, she would revisit this memory often. This perfect memory would last forever in her heart.


Okay, so in the episode defending the earth. Boone says “Look! I’m a girl! Hey Penn don’t fall in love with me.”

So this is just friendly banter right?


Boone is pointing out the fact that Penn has a tendency to get crushes on girls quickly, as seen in “That purple girl”. 

However, is he also pointing out something more? We’ve all seen Penn *rolls eyes* having friendly banter with Sashi, aka. Penn is flirting with Sashi non-stop and needs to stop being such a nerd about it. 

I reckon that Boone has noticed this, I mean come on. Who wouldn’t.

So I reckon that Boone has noticed this constant flirting, and has decided that Penn has a crush on Sashi but does not know it yet. Which is very plausible, since Penn noticeably mocks Sashi all the time, which seems to be a thing teenage boys do when they like a girl. Plus the fact, Sashi might return Penn’s feelings since she got quite jealous when Penn was showing the Purple Princess all the attention in “That Purple Girl”.

So I think we can all agree, Boone ships Penashi and Penn has secret feelings for Sashi and vise versa.

Celebrity Crush - A Eric Nam Imagine

Thanks to the wonderful anon who requested this! You didn’t state whether or not you were a girl or boy, but I assumed you were female. If not I apologize! Also, sorry that it’s a little on the lengthy side, especially when it comes to imagines, and sorry that it’s a little rushed. I hope it’s close to what you wanted! 

Oh, and I’m still taking request if anyone would like to leave me one! 

Request:  Can you do an Eric Nam imagine where you are a solo guest on asc and you are his celebrity crush?


     “She’s beautiful, she’s talented, and she’s one of the biggest female solo artist in the industry. Please welcome to our stage, for the 3rd time this year, the always amazing and wonderful, Y/N!” Eric Nam shouted, his smile lighting up the ‘After School Club’ studio as he, and the two other MC’s, Jimin and Kevin, welcomed you on stage.

There was lots of cheering as you made your way onto the stage, goofily dancing along the MC’s to your new song ‘Crash Into You’. You couldn’t help but feel giddy as the familiar feeling of being there washed over you, happiness filling every pore of you body. 

“Hey!” You smiled happily, hugging Jimin, Kevin, and eventually Eric, who’s hug lasted noticeably longer than the others.

You always loved coming to the ASC studio. Not only were you from the same company as Jimin, who was one of your best friends, but Kevin and Eric were incredibly fun to be around. Kevin was always so happy and charming, while Eric was hilarious, incredibly sweet and all around easy to talk to. And you had to admit, even though you’d never say it out loud, you had a little bit of a crush on Eric. He was just so….likable.

“Yay! My best friend is here!” Jimin shouted, wrapping her arms around you in a mock hug, almost as if she was using you as a shield. “Please save me from these crazy people!”

You couldn’t help but let a smile spread across your face as you gave her fake sentiment, patting her shoulder comfortably.

“Hey, don’t take Y/N for yourself! You have to share!” Kevin said jokingly, pulling you away from from her and into his side.

“Hey, now…”Eric said, breaking up the fake fight between Jimin and Kevin. “Let’s all be civilized adults here and come to terms with the fact that we can’t call dibs on people.” Eric smiled, looking into the camera with double meaning as he slyly gave his message to all fan boys and fan girls around the world.

“Thank you, Eric.” You smiled, brushing yourself off in a joking manner.

“I got you.” He smiled as he gave you a wink, a small blush creeping onto your cheeks in return. 

“Anyway,” Eric continued, “This is the 3rd time Y/N has been here this year and we’re all extremely excited to have her back! It’s always a fun time in the studio when she’s here!”

“That’s right!” Jimin chimed in, “And if you think we’re happy to have her back, you should see the fans! We’ve been getting tweets sent to our page since we announced you’d be on the show a week ago! Literally, THOUSANDS of tweets! You have some amazing fans, Y/N”

“I sure do!” You smiled, your heart beating faster as happiness took over your body.” I love you guys!” You said, blowing a kiss to the camera and doing a little bit of aegyo.

“Speaking of fans, since we have SO many tweets being sent to us we’re just gonna go ahead and start looking at them so we can try to answer as many of your questions as possible!” Kevin announced, motioning everyone to the giant screen with the twitter homepage.

Letting out a squeak, you almost had to keep yourself from jumping as you made your way to the screen. Talking to your fans was always one of your favorite things to do, and since you had an extremely busy schedule you didn’t always have time to sit down and do so. That’s another reason you loved being on ASC so much.

“Okay…”Eric started, sliding his finger down the screen as he looked for a question, “Ah! Here’s a good one! Bethany from California wants to know who your favorite American artists is and why.”

“Hmm….” You said, singers and bands from different languages racing through your mind as you tried to think of your favorite. Since you were fluent in both English and Korean you always had to stop and think which artists sang in which language. You knew it was strange, but with the wide variety of music you listened to, it was easy to get them mixed up. “I’d have to say my favorite American artist not only at the moment, but of all time, would definitely have to be a band called Y/F/B . I’ve always enjoyed their music and I grew up listening to them. They are amazing song writers and are very similar to me when it comes to the mix of the pop genre and rock genre. They’re one of my biggest inspirations. 

“Very cool!” Jimin commented as she took over the screen and started scrolling, “Oh! I like this one! This question is for Eric, from Olivia, and she says, and I quote, ‘Eric just needs to get married already!”” Jimin looked away from the screen and to the camera, giving it a wink since the girl used her legendary catch phrase. “Anyway, she continues by saying ‘ Lol, JK. But seriously Eric, who’s your celebrity crush?’”.

You couldn’t help but laugh at the look on Eric’s face. He was completely shocked and had no idea what to say. “Oh, come on guys! Don’t ask me questions! I’m here every week! Ask Y/N!” He stammered, trying to get out of the question.

“No,” you intervened, “It’s okay. Ask anyone anything you want, you guys! They’re all a part of the show too! I’m just a guest!” You laughed, trying to act kind and play it off when in actuality you really wanted to know Eric’s answer. Eric was always so quite when it came to girls that you honestly had no idea what his type was. You were kind of curious.

Eric stood there, completely silent with no idea what to do. He looked conflicted and you could tell, just by his expression, that while he was taken aback by the question and was almost too shy to answer it, he would have to, because he was an awful liar and pretty much had no choice in the matter, especially with Jimin around.

“Come on, Eric! Just answer! We have fans waiting!” Kevin edged on, his voice playfully demanding and a smirk plastered on his face, almost as if he already knew the answer.

“Fine.” Eric stuttered, “ My celebrity crush is actually Y/N/.”

Your breath hitched in your throat, the oxygen no longer going into your lungs. You hadn’t expected that as his answer. You hadn’t expected that at all. Eric Nam, your crush Eric Nam, the Eric Nam who could have any girl he wanted within seconds had a crush on you? 

 You were sure you hadn’t heard him correctly. Maybe it was just your mind playing tricks on you or wishful thinking. But as you looked around and seen all eyes on you, you knew it hadn’t been in your head.

“Wow, okay!” Jimin pipped in, her cheery voice fulling your ears. “What do you have to say about that, Y/N?”

All of a sudden a new found confidence washed over you. Eric Nam had a crush on you and you had a crush on Eric. And even though you always told yourself you’d never tell a soul about your feelings toward him, you no longer had anything to lose. If he could confess his feelings for you without a second thought, so you could you.

“Actually,” You said, looking Eric directly in the eye and giving him a small smile, “It’s kind of funny that you said that Eric, because you’re kind of my celebrity crush too.”

Beastly Chapter 5 (Sherlock x Reader)

Originally posted by fakiramagururluburjuva

Title: Beastly Chapter 5

Summary:  “For who could ever learn to love a beast?“When Sherlock Holmes is cursed due to his cold heart, can he finally fall in love and get it back in return?

Warnings: Pretty much the whole series is just a bad telling of Beauty and the Beast…so…

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Drunk Baby

Author: canyouimagine1D

Pairing: Harry x Reader

Trigger Warnings: None

A/N: Bit of a longer one, but I hope you guys like it!

When Harry was sober, everything he did was adorable or extremely sexy. But when when he was drunk, he was like a little baby. He’s clingy, cute and somewhat of a pain in the ass to take care of. Nevertheless, you still loved taking care of him when he was drunk because he’d do the same for you.

So when Harry told you that Niall was throwing a Christmas party, you knew that the night would involve you having to take care of your drunk boyfriend because it was his turn to drink. You and Harry had an agreement that you’d both take turns drinking when you guys went out so that the other could take care of you.

“Baby, are you ready?” Harry asked you from where he was leaning against the door frame of the bedroom. You looked over your shoulder and smiled at him. “Almost. Can you help me zip up my dress?”

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its my precious snowflake’s birthday I’m crying had mika

read on AO3

“You’re so fucking old,” Yuu groans, face pressed tightly into the crook between Mikaela’s neck and shoulder. Mika can’t do more than give a forced chuckle, holding his drunk friend up. “Like, a million years old,” Yuu adds, just because he can. 

“Only twenty-three, Yuu-chan,” Mika responds, stopping by a telephone booth to prop Yuu up. He only gives himself a minute to rest before he’s hauling Yuu’s arm over his shoulder and continuing their trek to his apartment. 

“So fucking old,” Yuu murmurs, almost tripping and busting his shit. Mika saves him last minute, grabbing Yuu’s other hand in a tight grip. Yuu grins at him, his alcoholic breath fanning across Mika’s face. “I almost died.”

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Kings And Queens

Summary: Emma Swan is struggling as an actress. All seems lost until she manages to swing a spot on Kings and Queens, the most popular Medieval TV Show of all time. But here’s the catch: Emma hates being in love, and acting it is proving more tricky than she first thought. Her whole world is about to change, especially working alongside her new and mysterious co-star Killian Jones. It’s been so long since Emma has opened her heart to anyone. Could she start now?

Rating: T. But there is a chapter later in the fan fiction which blurs the lines a little. Just letting you know! Apart from that, no other warnings.

Can also be found here, on

Author’s notes: First of all, this is for the @captainswanbigbang! It was SO much fun to do, and I’ve loved every minute of it, even though it seemed impossible at stages.

I’d like to thank my beta, @electrictoes and my cheerleader @holdmecloseandfast. They are AMAZING and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them. Seriously. There probably wouldn’t even be a first chapter.

I’d also like to thank my brilliant artist, @lucythemarauder, who has created some amazing art for this story, and really brought them to life. So check her out! And check out her other art as well!

So, there it is. I hope you like it!

The sun is bright. It streams through the window and bounces off the crystal light, casting a kaleidoscope of colours around the room.

Emma Swan sits at her computer, fanning herself with an old magazine. The August heat is unbearable, even though she’s opened every window in her house. The gentle breeze wafting through the rooms does nothing to soothe her burning skin.

She watches rainbows grow and shrink as the crystal lampshade spins in the breeze. The patterns are pretty against her wooden floor, but she’s not really appreciating them as much as she normally would. Instead, she sits with her chin resting on the heel of her hand, eyes glazed over as the other hand fans mechanically.

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She had come to Dalaran to rest for a spell, both her flight and natural form were weary from all of the travel they had endured over the last few days, that pressing on would have done more harm than good. Or perhaps it had been a week already? In the newfound haze that clouded her mind of late, Ayaeith truly couldn’t quite recall how much time had passed. In fact, she could only clearly recall the number of days it had been since that terrifying sight had appeared within the sky; shifting once known perceptions and tilting the swaying balance of many things. 

Something so substantial and unnatural to Azeroth’s atmosphere was hard to ignore. From settlement to settlement - continent to continent, word of mouth traveled quickly that all eyes had seen. The presence of Argus brought with it an ominous feeling all around, and citizens of the world were quick to react in panic or quiet fear. And few would disappear, desperate to live out their perceived “last days” doing all the things they always wanted to do but never had the chance. 

Where chatty voices were once plentiful and often loud, now loomed an eerie silence in the streets - especially at night. And if one were to pick up on social activity to be found, orders were either being barked from commanding officers from faction to faction, independent organizations to another - and those eager to pass out flyers prophesying the end of the world as they all knew it. Just like that, any feelings of hope had been fleeting; crumbling away like the loss that a simple glimmering of the eye could sing. 

Sorrowful, Ayaeith Ravenmoon kept to her feathered form; perched upon an illuminated lamppost if only to avoid uncomfortable acknowledging exchanges in the street, yet keeping an ear to anything that might drift by. She wasn’t often so restricted from being the social butterfly she had only recently become in the passing few years, but something in the air had given her the idea that keeping to herself at this moment in time was likely the best course of action. 

As she watched the little gnome light up the last lamppost on the street she had found rest, Ayaeith felt slightly more comforted in the fact the even the smallest continued on about their routine amid the chaos that had further turned the world upside down. Something so simple to observe, that maybe she might not have noticed before, gave her that final push into sleep.  A simple nod off that would restore her energy long enough to make it back to Val’sharah where she knew her father waited. 


–{ For lonely nights you are to wander,
And quiet streets with no regard…

– Comes a creature small, so small,
(hardly seen at all)
And eyes so white against shrouded night-

—————————— Leap.

Don’t scream.

Disturb none but the one;

She rips and bites and steals every drop she can.
(It’s your own fault, you stepped too close.)

stealing bases by poetictragedy, Explicit, 6288 words


Dylan never thought he’d be going on a date with a baseball player but he is. More specifically, he’s going out with Tyler Hoechlin, shortstop for the San Francisco Giants, and someone that Dylan has had a crush on for quite a while.

And Tyler doesn’t know that Dylan has a serious baseball fetish so he takes him to the batting cages… where he only enables Dylan’s fetish and that prompts him to take what he wants.

The Late Show with Mindy Kaling  by halfhardtorock, Teen and Up Audience, 2680 words 


Hobrien ficlet based on appolsaucy’s prompt “Hoech fails at acting while Dylan rockets to success.”

The Greatest Catch by dinglehoppersaplenty, General Audience, 2226 words 


Tyler brings Dylan to the Annual Hoechlin Clan Labor Day Barbecue. Dylan is nervous, but Tyler knows his family will love him. Tyler is right.

The song remains the same by PaddyWack, Teen and Up Audience, 1059 words


When Hoechlin invites Dylan to his parents’, Dylan says yes without giving it much thought.

Make Yours a Happy Home by popfly, Explicit, 24517 words


Tyler turns his head slowly to see Charlotte’s dad watching them, lips rolled into his mouth and dimples in his cheeks. 

“Daddy!” Charlotte throws herself off the bleachers and her dad grabs her just in time, making an “oomph” noise and propping her on his hip. “Mr. Hoechlin was showing me the dances I get to do in gym.” 

“Oh was he.” Charlotte’s dad still looks like this is the best thing he’s seen all day, eyes sparkling in the sun. He’s wearing plaid shorts that are way too big and a white tee shirt that is almost too small, and it’s clinging to him. Tyler figures he’s probably sweaty from the heat of the day and the exertion of the game and he can see the cut of his abs through the damp fabric and he really needs to stop staring at the father of one of his students and also he needs to not be crouched like a bunny right now. 

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“Did you even study?”


The biggest test of the semester is approaching. Of course being the study worm I am, I have been studying 24/7. Constantly studying with Jack and Jack, Mike or Swazz and little bits with Sammy. If Organic Chemistry wasn’t so hard, maybe we would enjoy that class.

“We have been studying for 2 weeks straight. We have to get out before the test on Monday. Study today, party and relax tomorrow, then Sunday is hard core studying, then test Monday. Sound like a plan?” G said looking around the table that had J, Mike, Swazz and me. Mike, J and Swazz agreed, “I don’t know guys. I don’t feel comfortable relaxing until after this test.” I said playing with my pencil hoping they wouldn’t care that I didn’t want to party. “Come on Y/N. We have been studying nonstop. We deserve a break especially you! You literally don’t stop studying! You need to give that mind of yours a break!” “I don’t know guys. I rather just study. You guys can go have fun. I’ll just be here in the library or at home studying.” I said. 

“No you’re going out with us. Even if we have to force you.” J said. “Sam will be there.” Mike said wiggling his eyebrows. “And how is that convincing me?” “We all know you like him Y/N. You will literally do anything for that boy. We’ve all seen your heart eyes at him when he’s around.” I looked down, blushing. All of a sudden a figure sat on one of my arm rest, “what’s up guys?” I know that voice anywhere. I looked up and saw Sammy smiling down at me. “Ha, hi.” I said quietly. “About to go play basketball. You guys in?” He asked the guys. “Sam we have a big test Monday.” “Yeah and?” 

“Did you even study?” Swazz asked. “No but i know what we need to know already. So I should be good. So you guys in or out?” They all looked at each other then at me. I just sighed, “Go head. You guys can leave your stuff here and go have some fun for a little then come back when you’re done.” They all thanked me and got up, only grabbing their phones. “You look nice today y/n” Sam said, smirking at me before leaving the table. I blushed so hard. 

Next day, I was thinking of ways to not go party with them. I just don’t feel comfortable being around people that don’t really know me. I’m really close with J, G, Swazz and Mike. Somewhat Sammy but not really because he’s always hanging out with the basketball guys. I’m just that quiet, nerdy girl that not a lot of people even know I exist. I packed my books and notes and made my way to the library as fast as possible. Once I got there, I got a text, 

J: Where are you? We are at your house. 

Me: Oh I’m at the library. Sorry. It’s ok. Go on without me. 

J: Are you shitting me Y/N? You said you’d go!

Me: I made no promises. 

J: Come on!!! G will send you the address and we better see you there in an hour. Get ready girl! 

i just read the message and got to studying.

An hour has passed and I was just reading my book when a body sat down. I closed my eyes knowing it was one of the guys, coming to get me. “I said, I didn’t-” I stopped when I saw who was sitting there. “Sammy?” “What are you doing here y/n? I thought you were coming to the party with us.” “I’m studying.” I shrugged my shoulders at him. “Come on, you’ll enjoy the party. I’ll be your date. Let’s go.” “Sam, I just- I don’t want to go somewhere, where I am unwelcome. Those aren’t my friends. They barely know who I am.” “You know the Jacks, Swazz, Mike, and me. That’s all you need to know. Come on. I dropped by your house, picked out a dress for you to wear.” He started getting my things together and putting it in my backpack before swinging it over his shoulder. “Come on.” He stood up, holding out his hand and smiling at me. 

I grabbed his arm and just hugged it while walking, leaning my head on his shoulder. “I didn’t know you wore glasses. You should wear them more often. It makes you look even cuter.” I just blushed so much into his arm. 

I changed in his car before we went inside the house. When we entered, every eyes were on us. Whispers started filling the air. “Who is that?” “Why is she here?” “Is she with Sammy?” “Why would he bring her?” I started getting uncomfortable as I kept hearing what they were saying, then bodies popped out of the kitchen, “Hey! I was hoping those whispers were about you!” J said, handing me a drink and hugging me, following the boys. It has only been 30 minutes and I was already getting hate for being there. We were all in the kitchen just talking and laughing. But all I could think about was wanting to leave. 

Out of nowhere, a couple of girls walked up to the guys are started talking to them. When they were done, they passed by me and yelled to grab the whole party’s attention, “WHO BROUGHT THE NERD? I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS A BRING YOUR NERD TO THE PARTY THEME!” And splashed one of their drinks on my shirt. “Go back to where you belong, nerd.” They all laughed and walked off, as everyone, but the guys, laughed at me. I just put down my drink and looked at them, “Thanks guys but like I said to Sam, I just don’t belong here.” and quickly walked out the house as they tried calling my name from leaving. I grabbed my bag from Sam’s car and jogged to the library. I changed my outfits and went back to the same table as always and started studying again, crying from embarrassment at the same time. 

40 minutes later, a chair screeched from moving it back and someone sat down, putting their stuff on the table. I wiped my tears before looking up, and saw Sammy, looking at me with an apologetic look. “I’m so sorry y/n.” “No, it’s ok. You tried to have me have fun. You didn’t mean for any of that to happen. It’s ok.” “No it’s not. You’re not a nerd. You are just very smart and intelligent. And I like that about you. Don’t listen to them. If they were going to be rude to you, then I didn’t want to be there. Because I’d rather be hanging out with you than with them.” He said with a soft smile. He stood up a little and kissed my cheek and sat back down. “Besides, I need some help studying.” I just chuckled a little, shaking my head. “Did you even study at all?” I gave him a look. 

Then all of a sudden, the rest of the boys dropped their stuff on the table and took a seat. “So, carbon-hydrogen bond?” J asked, as they all opened their books. “This is our type of Saturday night. With you. They won’t be bothering you Y/N. We took care of it.” Swazz said to me. I smiled as we all started arguing about organic bonds. 

These Three Words

Request: You walk in on Mark going on and on to the members about how great you (his girlfriend) are. The guys notice but Mark doesn’t.

Pairing: Mark Tuan x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Words: 849

A/N: okay, idk how old this request is but I was in the mood to write so I finally got around to doing a request. i doubt the person who requested this still looks at my blog buuut if you do, i hope you enjoy!

The crinkling of the plastic bag breaks through the silence of the night air. It’s almost ten o’clock at night and you’re climbing the stairs to your boyfriend (and his group mates’) dorm. Once you reach the door, you place down the bag that contains multiple containers filled with food. Mark had texted you a few minutes earlier saying he just got back from practice and was probably going to fall asleep soon. You had anticipated this and prepared some dishes for him and the other members. With such a busy schedule, it’s rare for them to eat a proper meal so you gave yourself the responsibility of cooking and feeding them. You fish out the keys he had given you out of your bag.

“Hi noona.” Youngjae says once you get inside.

“Hey Youngjae. How was practice?”

“Okay. Tiring but we’re getting there. It’s awesome to see the progress of the dance.”

“That’s great! Will I get a preview of the dance?” You shoot him a grin knowing he’d just tell you to ask Mark.

“I don’t know… You should ask Mark hyung to give you a preview.”

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