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1) I’m Gonna Win - Rob Cantor

2) Down With the Sickness - Richard Cheese

3) Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! at the Disco

4) Novocain for the Soul - Eels

5) Lampshade’s on Fire - Modest Mouse

6) Pure Imagination - Fiona Apple

7) The Mind Electric - Musical Miracle

8) Slipping - Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

here’s my first go at a fanmix!! i might tweak this one a little bit but so far, i’m pretty pleased with it!

Jihan Moments in Shining Diamonds Fanmeeting in BKK

  • Jeonghan and Jisoo walked together in both their arrival and departure flights.
  • They were from the same van.
  • Jeonghan drank water from a bottle the passed it to Jisoo and yes he drank it from Jeonghan…..
  • Jeonghan need someone to hold his legs for the sits-up competition so choose Jisoo. Jisoo walked over and sat on Jeonghan feet. After Jeonghan had finished doing sits-up. Seungkwan asked Joshua how many sits-up did Jeonghan did. He answered “50″ and everybody was like woahhhhhh~ but the Seungkwan said that if he was helping jeonghan by lying, Jisoo will need to do sits-up. Without the second thought he said “no, its 28″ lol. Then he went to pat jeonghan back as a comfort lol <3. These two are evil twins confirmed.

alright, so i was thinking about the mianite gem au thing today and i finally picked out their gems. i was also thinking that i wouldn’t really want this to be an au, but more like a ua. i don’t want to change what’s happened, i just want to make a slight alteration to the current universe, y’know?

i was thinking that they could be like steven, half-human, half-gem wow guys lol look at how original i am xxDDDD really i did this so i wouldn’t have to change their outfits or their fusions. the only characters i think would be gems would be like the gods, and the wizards ((i guess wag doesn’t count)), and maybe widsom and intution

the other thing i was thinking about was maybe when they finally choose a god, that’s when they get their gem; so it’s not like their born with it and it kinda makes the half half thing a little more valid it’s like a cutie mark

also i have a list of their gems if you can’t read it:

jordan // fluorite, tom // crocoite, tucker // mairialite, wag // blue star sapphire, sonja // star mica