Maybe, it was kismet

Gillovny RPF

Relationship: David Duchovny / Gillian Anderson

Rated: Explicit

Summary: What if the original series didn’t exist? What would have happened if Gillian and David met for the first time to film the revival in 2015? Would things be really different?

Note: A trillion thank-yous to @icedteainthebag who is the best English teacher I’ve ever had. Thanks again for your beta, your patience, your great ideas and advices. 

He did his research before joining the reading table where she’s already sitting next to Chris, her eyes focused on the script. All he knows about her is what  he’s read in the press and what his agent has told him about her work. He knows she’s an engaged artist, very talented from what he saw in the couple episodes of “The Fall” he watched yesterday, and that she has three children. He’s read some scandalous articles about her private life that said that she had been through quite a few personal issues when she was younger, but who didn’t when they were young?

She looks taller on the screen and he’s amazed about how petite and tiny she actually is, like a fragile little bird who needs constant surveillance and protection. He used to know her age, but he can’t remember it now. She looks younger, anyway. Her blond curls fall slightly on the porcelain skin of her shoulders and her small manicured hands toy with a pen that she slowly puts between her lips.

After a few seconds of observation, he needs to make himself known so he clears his throat. He didn’t have a chance to notice how deep blue her eyes were before she raised her head to look at him. Her piercing gaze makes him lose his words. He, who is always such an eloquent and talkative person.

“Hi, uh… I’m… hum… I’m David, sorry, I just…”

“Hi, I’m Gillian. Nice to meet you.” Her smile makes him shiver and he knows that from now on, he will try to make her smile as much as possible, not because he wants her to be happy, but because he would give everything he owns to see it again.

He joins the table and sits next to her. Staying focused on the lines he has to read is nearly impossible when her feminine and sensual scent invades his nostrils every time she moves her head.

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