Imagine Lydia’s older sister coming into town: Part Two!

Looking between the teenagers, Rhea couldn’t help but feel that she needed to tell them the whole truth. Rhea gave her sister a cautious look. “Lydia… Be honest with me. How bad is it?”

The redhead looked around the room, her friends giving her all the same look… Fear. “We don’t even know…”

Rhea nodded, standing up from the couch and walked to her sister; holding her at an arms length. “I’m going to tell you something and you can’t get mad at me.”

“That’s doesn’t really give me any confidence that I won’t get mad at you,”

“I know,” She smiled, running her fingers through her red hair and sighed. Rhea unconsciously started to pace the room; trying to find the words to tell her sister that she had been lying to her for the past five years. “Lyds, I never went to Africa or Japan or Tahiti.”

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