My hands… most importantly, my RIGHT hand… is just plain tired and just aching enough to keep me from comfortably drawing. I’ve overused the muscles at the base of both thumbs due to keeping tight gripping tension in both hands for a couple hours on Monday.

I am determined to keep hacking away at eagle color studies in Photoshop now that I FINALLY HAVE IT WORKING but, despite my really light hold on the pen, my hand just goes “please leave me alone I’m tired oh I’m sore oh I can’t hold this pen it’s just oh so much to ask of me waaaaaaaaah.” And I’m just disproportionately frustrated that this is the result of the day job. I mean, come on!

I’m not worried about my hand, all it needs is to rest and not grip/do any repetitive motion for more than 12 hours? Maybe? It will be just fine once it’s had time to fully rest.

Why are my muscles so tired lately. What did I do. This is stupid I just want to make progress on things. 

*looks at mountain of pressing things that need doing*

Sooooo…. Aequis watercolors tomorrow? It’s the best I can do. (Honestly aside from this achey hand business I’m in an unusually good mood. YAY)

the-gitz  asked:

You should invest in a scanner, because your art is really good!

Thank you! ^,^ I’ve been meaning to get a scanner for some time now, because all I have is this piece of shit camera. D: 

But every single one I’ve tried getting hasn’t been compatible with the computer, so I’m just waiting to get one with an installation disc. Apparently all the scanners I’ve been picking up from yard sales have software that is obsolete and unavailable for download on the internet.

Maybe I’ll try asking for one for my birthday … :P

As a side note, I’ve been curious as to how to get into digital art without the use of a tablet … if I should ask for a tablet instead, or if the scanner will suffice. I kinda wanna try digital drawing, but don’t know the first thing about it.

who is this crazy cutie badass lady? if you don’t know immediately, let me inform you that this, friends, is Tanaka Mayumi, and she is the voice of Monkey D. Luffy (and a huge host of other very very famous characters) and she had a birthday the other day (on jan 15th)!

i didn’t see anything on tumblr about her birthday, but this queen just turned 59 years old and i think she certainly deserves a special mention at the very least! happy late birthday, Mayumi, and thanks for being insanely badass. you keep on doing what you doing like damn girl


The Foretellers - Pokemon AU
       (click individuals if they’re not hq)


Where can I find it?