Lmao are people seriously blaming Logan for corrupting William, a grown man?

That’s not how responsibility works y’all.   Like, Logan was a piece of shit, don’t get me wrong, but…  You don’t just become a murderous rapist because your asshole brother-in-law takes you to a theme park.  That’s a personal choice.


i saw you at walmart last night. that’s probably the first time i’ve seen you in about four years. it’s crazy how we’ve lived in the same town our whole lives but never seem to ever run into each other. i guess we don’t run in the same circles anymore, huh?

when we were together, i was so naive. i believed everything you said. i trusted you so much. my friends all hated you. they thought you were the biggest piece of shit in the world and they were so baffled as to why i liked you. honestly, i’m still baffled as to why i did too…

within three months of dating, we broke up and got back together about five times. dude, do you know how unhealthy that was? i’m still not sure as to why you finally broke it off. i mean i have an idea as to why, but i’m really hoping that i’m wrong and that you had other bullshit reasons for exiling me out of your life. but then not even six months later you were back in my life.

you literally spent a whole night at my house with me watching stupid thriller movies because i didn’t want to be home alone. you’d text me random cute things to get my mind off of the bad thoughts that i had. we’d go to your friends’ house and watch a movie about a killer tire that falls in love with a human woman (i still haven’t seen the whole film. i just don’t understand why it exist.) we’d go to mcdon’s just because i liked the fries. and you constantly tried to get me to meet you for ice cream but i just wouldn’t stop cancelling.

you never deserved me. i was a bitch. a fucking clingy as hell bitch. but i never deserved you either. you had sex(?) with my then best friend the weekend you broke up with me via facebook and then started seeing the girl you knew i hated the most. and for what? to get back at me for never really loving you? because god knows you didn’t love me either.

last night, though, i was silently hoping that you’d just smile my way. just a tiny little grin. just to show that yeah, you remember the mutual hell that was our relationship and that you’re okay now. but you didn’t.

i don’t want to feel awkward if we ever run into each other again.


ps. i really hope the reason you looked so focused of a pack of hotdog buns was because you’re now really passionate about buns and not because you felt a little awkward seeing me walk down the aisle…

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you don't believe me? then you're an idiot. I'm one of your biggest fans, supposedly. you can not believe in me all you want, but it'll just make you the bigger idiot.

[Then fucking come off anon, you little fucking coward. Or are you too much of a coward? All you are is a pathetic piece of shit, wasting your life bullying others. Trust me, I’m not the idiot here.]

who is this crazy cutie badass lady? if you don’t know immediately, let me inform you that this, friends, is Tanaka Mayumi, and she is the voice of Monkey D. Luffy (and a huge host of other very very famous characters) and she had a birthday the other day (on jan 15th)!

i didn’t see anything on tumblr about her birthday, but this queen just turned 59 years old and i think she certainly deserves a special mention at the very least! happy late birthday, Mayumi, and thanks for being insanely badass. you keep on doing what you doing like damn girl


The Foretellers - Pokemon AU
       (click individuals if they’re not hq)


Where can I find it?