• sext:when i touch you, my skin on your skin, all i feel is this greasy piece of shit; me. your skin is electrifying, cleansing, smooth and beautiful. you are too good for me.
  • sext:i would give the world for you to jump me right now and fuck this sadness out of me.
  • sext:you are a car crash i can’t look away from, you are captivating. let me piece every part of you back together after i’ve torn you part.
  • sext:you want to know what turns me on? the words that slip out of your mouth after 4 joints and 12 beers; the honesty that no one else sees; the agony you’re trying so hard to run away from, the uncertainty you fight so hard to hide. you’re beautiful when you’ve given up trying to be invincible.
  • sext:you are mesmerizing in your beauty, and can delicately destroy me as quickly as you pull me in. dig into me. breathe against me. you taste like flowers and smoke and every regret i’ve ever had; bite me hard so we both taste the same.
  • sext:you look cutest on your knees.
  • sext:the best reward and worst punishment is being closest to your lips and furthest from your thighs.

during my two and a half months writing cher, i’ve had my ups & downs. i’ve fallen off the face of the rp planet, i’ve met some amazing people, and i’ve grown as a writer, in general. hitting 1,100 followers is something i could have never expected when i first made this blog on a saturday night whim. this is, by far, the largest milestone i’ve ever hit over my time in the indie community, so i just wanted to thank y’all for choosing to follow me despite my shitposter habits.

                                       SUNSET QUEENS.

( just a short list of people i’ve really loved writing && chatting with, and even just those i hella admire, the babes who inspire me, both in my writing and in being a piece of shit. y’all are too pure. stay golden. )

tctaldark / oftheniight ( aka the lizard princess who inspired me to make this blog in the first place, imu !! ) explcsive​, bloodsole​, sageburnings​, adeloes​, whatsthesiitch​, voiidstuff​, veilled​, griefism​, feraliity​, darkinherheart​, thiievery​, ghoulardii​, firesparked​, unseenmockingjay​, brookesmxrt​ / mckiiinnon​, elderwandskeeper​, langdcns​ / harteless​, slayervow​, blaxneydays, teenragcr, yourbatmxn, loliiiiiita, rampantdoll, pvnkiish, ncrcissvs, ncncriminal, bloodtraiitor, bloodyknucklxs, ncthanprescott, mcctrippin, givenpurpose.

it’s super late here so i’m gonna keep this short. i’ve been going through a rough patch with school and everything so this all means so much to me.

forever love, xo.

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So now some jenelles haters are trying to be nice to Nathan because he and JE are broken up. They did the same with courtland and even defended courtland. Like no, they're all pieces of shit.

Yeah the haters do that all the time to Jenelle’s exes. They do it so the guy will leak tons of shit about Jenelle. It works too. Courtland and Kieffer both revealed leads of info about Jenelle.

  • what she says:i can't wait for the she's kinda hot ep!
  • what she means:i can't wait to illegally download the she's kinda hot ep because those australian fuckers made it unavailable in america yet again even after we all threw a fit about the don't stop ep being unavailable in america you know what it's okay that's fine i've sPENT ENOUGH MONEY ON U PIECES OF SHIT I WILL KEEP ALL MY MONEY THANKS FAM
the signs according to tumblr
  • aries:u wanna fuckin go m8 u wANNA FUCKING FIGHT ME IN THE PIT LET'S GO
  • taurus:m u s t c o n s u m e a l l f o o d
  • cancer:whiny pieces of shit
  • leo:you guys are really nice but also assholes? also you guys value appearance how would a leo ever survive if they became a vampire
  • virgo:god forbid anybody fucks up your shit because you WILL kill a bitch. or at least mentally scar them.
  • libra:maybe indecisive??? maybe??? idk what do you think??? i guess just whatever you think is most fitting. also very affectionate.
  • scorpio:asshole sex addicts
  • sagittarius:i saw somebody compare you guys to zeus and now i'm afraid are you guys okay??? do you need a hug?
  • capricorn:what are feelings emotions are not allowed around here
  • aquarius:idk i guess you guys are just weird and kinky and kinda clever
  • pisces:fish. just literal fucking fish. blub blub, motherfuckers. or, to quote my friend, "may the FISH GOD have FISH MERCY on your FISH SOUL"

ok, i keep seeing the “is it ok to break up w/ your partner if they come out to you as aro/ace” debate, and so imma put in my two cents (speaking as someone who is a sex repulsed ace)

if you break up w/ your partner BECAUSE they’re aro/ace and you automatically assume that they then can’t fulfill the romantic/sexual part of the relationship, yeah, your a piece of shit.

if, after learning all of your partners boundaries (ex. i personally am only repulsed by sexual things done to my own body, but i have an ace friend who is very sexual, just doesn’t feel the attraction), and trying it out for a while (b/c isn’t a relationship all about tackling problems together), you come to the realization that your partner is not fulfilling what you need romantically/sexually and you break up with them, ok, i can respect that.

feel free to ask questions

No offence but Carter Reynolds is a little bitch who has literally said he hates his own fans. So at anyone who still stans him, don’t think for a moment that he actually appreciates you, because the only reason he cares about y'all now is because he’s clutching onto what’s left of his fame. He sits there and acts like people are bullying him, claiming that VidCon staff were treating him like a “terrorist”, which is bullshit because he always continently forgets that he brought this on himself. Long story short, Carter Reynolds is a manipulative, piece of shit and if y'all still want selfies with him you need to check your fucking priorities.