• (Pharah Introduces Overwatch to the Public)
  • Pharah: Sup Bitches Check out my Crew! We are the Overwatch for justice… because, as children, we were nursed on the milk of justice, and, as we grew up, we acquired a taste for justice. Now, as we get older, we once again desire the taste of justice… but we cannot find the milk, so we go to Starbucks, and we get a coffee, but it’s not the same thing! IT SUCKS! WHY DID I ORDER THIS?! IT’S TERRIBLE! And, now, you all understand what our mission is. And! What! We! Must! Do!
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Okay, I know everyone’s snapping to blame YD about PD’s shattering, but I think WD did it.  YD might’ve known, but as a writer, it just would be cheap if it was her.  Think about it, we haven’t seen nor heard of WD yet, and what did the title cards depict after The Trial?  And let’s consider all the theories that our Pearl was WD’s.  Food for thought guys.  Food for thought.

  • Yerin: What did you guys get Eunha for her birthday?
  • Sowon: I saved up to get this bracelet she told me she liked months ago.
  • Yuju: A mixtape of all our favourite songs to listen to together.
  • SinB: I made a photo album of pictures of us since we were kids.
  • Umji: I got this teddy bear and wrote her a heartfelt message about how much she means to me.
  • Sowon: What did you get her, Yerin?
  • Yerin: Uh, well, I was hoping my friendship would be enough. And maybe a throw in a kiss...
A Rose Is A Princess Is A Rose

A long-stem rose

stands in a carafe

of clear water tinged green.

Where did her ruby wings

come from?

Where will they fly

after the fall?

A princess sits on royal red

cushions atop a high

army green tower

covered with hard spikes.

Her imperial aloofness

has not cooled

the fire in our hearts.

For humanity has woven

her visage as a silk garment

through the history

of the literature of love.

When we imbibe her bee-pleasing

redolence we are tasting

a distillation of all

that our hearts could embrace.

© Scott Thompson

Defending The Capital

we have built a silver castle
Made of slivered bullet casings
Raining from linings of the clouds
Some were found shining on the ground
Somewhere down in a pool of blood
There’s bodies sinking in the mud
Stinking up our perfect palace
we’ll use their flesh in place
Of our fresh mortar costs so much
Bones to decorate a perfect touch
don’t worry you can stay with us
you need our protection from those
Monsters we know who want inside
we can laugh and watch them die
shed a tear while we sip our fine wine
And pass the time by telling white lies
With heavy sighs for those left behind
Hands tied in a bind and left out to dry
Till they tried to seek shelter inside
these fiends dare asking for a key
we have room for all who’ve earned our keep
With space to spare it’s only fair to these
Fair folk already paid their dues they’re who
You should look up to the tower above soon
You’ll too look down on those below your view
pay your way up front a simple fee of a spoon
to pave the way to the top your silverware will do
save some time and gouge the eye of whose next to you
With their spoon and take their food it’s’ not rude
If you’re hungry too, we’ve got plenty to contribute
But not until you work hard to show you’ve got alot
To give and take away the game we’ve all been taught
You have to play the same shame we’ve fought so hard
so why shouldn’t you run in this bullet hell yard
And pick up the pieces of the world was ours
To lose and we bet it all on the war
Against the lot of all the others
Who were threats outside towers
our peace is of silver might
Turn the tide if smelted right
sent in showers on cloudy nights
so look on the bright side

And keep an eye on the sky