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Joffrey being slapped


@DavidGader: Okay, this may have been the best episode of Jimquisition ever: … #DAI


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Hey Thunderhoof, do you have anyone special to your spark?


   “Currently? Nah.”

          “But dere is dis one femme ah met one night. She was a Gazelle.”

  “We met at a ball like, dance. Me ‘n some of my boys were there tuh do some business. See, da mech that was runnin’ da place didn’t have mah money. He refused tuh see us. So. Tha plan was.. That if dat cheapskate didn’t do business, we were tuh massacre tha place. Everythin’ was in place. Ah had men all over tha place. Up in da baloneys, out on tha floor. Some ready tuh bust in from the skylights.. I was about tuh give tha word, until ah saw ‘er. I called it all off and went down tuh introduce mahself. Ah had all my men go home and had two stay tuh keep watch outside. Gazelle an I danced all night. Even when da ball was ova, we were dancin. No music, no lights, no nufen. She took me home that night and things got hot.”

      “…But what happened next ah regret. Ah leff dat mornin. Before she woke ups. Ah never seen ‘er ever again after dat nights. Ah dunnu, ah guess I left fer personal reasons..”

    “Primus, ah sound like an idiot, look what cha made me do..”

Heart burn and a bad grade on an exam, all in one night?