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Oh lordy, now im just imaging you and your datemates sitting around a table at a bar staring a girl that one of you is interested in, trying to wingwoman it uo and failing miserably.

I mean I don’t think any of them ever met each other but if they did, that’s probably what would happen because if i’m terrible at flirting by texting them shit like  “are u a spice? because you’re so hot your make me cry”, they are all equally terrible for still wanting to kiss me after that

HAHAHAHA our mate in the docu saw himself make this face for 3 whole seconds and we threatened him with a meme so he ended up making his own xD

the story behind this is that our poor mate is being investigated for a mysterious stomach issue which means he’s had to stop eating many kinds of foods

when we got to the pub to have food in the documentary he looked at the menu and had no choice but to ask if they would give him a banana whilst we plowed into an epic feast

he said this meme summed it up perfectly hahahaha


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