Honestly, what IS this show??

I would like to point out right now that  - I don’t even know how many of us - were secretly or openly in denial before episode 10. And I was one of them.

Like we all thought to ourselves we would LOVE to see their relationship to be openly canon and outright confirmed for the whole world to see, but we KNOW this is most likely not going to happen and we do understand. It’s difficult, early, might not sell as well and yes, we are totally happy with whatever they give us and they are giving us soo much already. It is totally fine if they don’t have them confirm anything in words, we can read between the lines, it is so easy to see how much they are in love but we totally get if they want to keep it ambiguous…

You remember this, dear fandom? Does this ring a bell?

No matter how much we hoped to see Yuri on Ice being our saviour, how much we wanted and needed this pure, homosexual lovestory in our lives as something openly beautiful to be admired by the whole world, we would have been happy with whatever, as long as they would not part midway and/or wave the no homo flag at us suddenly. We wished for the world but basically believed in nothing.

And then they go and give us THIS!!

How little faith did I have? x___x

I should start to believe that Yuri on Ice saves the world at this point.


life’s a game but it’s not fair, i break the rules and I don’t care so i keep doin’ my own thing — walkin’ tall against the rain. victory’s within the mile, almost there, don’t give up now. only thing that’s on my mind is who’s gonna run this town tonight.

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Almost every time a pokemon fan theory basically boils down to “these two things are similar, so they must be related” it’s provably false - at least in game canon.

Examples of these are: Ditto is a failed Mew clone; Kangaskhan is Cubone’s dead mother; The Shadow Triad were Cilan, Chili, and Cress; and most recently, the prediction that plot-relevant characters in Sun and Moon were going to really be Ultra Beasts.

All of these theories are canonically false. Amazing.

when u want to listen to someone play a game ur super into but u dont got the patience to listen to someone whos just starting out bc u already know every corner of the game. u want someone who gets it. u want someone who knows the statistics. the game mechanics hidden in the codes. u want the forbidden knowledge.

@lenalis What I have learned so far is that the taller they are, the less trustworthy they are. Only trusty tall plumber in Luigi.

And to ask in advance as to what will be shut off/continue to be shut off (if you decide to get a second opinion) in regards to their inspection.

Since they came by today and now we can only use the toilet and outside hose. No shower or sinks at all. They also didn’t mention that until they were leaving.