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@TheEAPostblamingconsumers... What a lot of people don't get is that they had to take away some of the features of the game to allow us to connect more deeply to ours sims. By taking out toddlers we are now allowed to have CAS be more free and for us to have the ability to make our sims "realistic" without sliders. Honestly, in my opinion, toddlers and babies aren't that exciting. Having a daycare was pretty cool, but what else could you do with toddlers in the Sims4?

I see your point, and I’m honestly glad you shared it. :D

Things like this deserved to be talked about from all perspectives honestly.

I also fully understand why not everyone would be interested in playing with toddlers, but the thing is I’ve come to realize, is that whether or not you, or anyone else actually does, having a sim family is literally a major core part of the game ( the base game itself ), as a lot of the community has proven ( challenges and legacies and junk ). It’s why they have in game family trees, have the new option to create full families with, in my opinion, a much improved play with genetics button, adoption options, and openly allow and support same sex marriages, and families, because that’s what it’s about at the end of the day, as my husband would put it, because literally no matter how hard he tries to just play one sim who just lives this promiscuously exciting single life, he almost always fucks up and accidentally presses Try Baby instead of Woohoo.

Gat dammit, Bob! Wrap it before you tap it! D8<

I really don’t play with toddlers a lot either, I actually tend to get bored come the child stage, but that could have something to do with actually having a child of my own in RL ( or the fact I get bored easily period ), I dunno. 

Here’s the thing a lot of people are missing, and especially EA in my opinion is missing.

They’re selling to the wrong audience.

Their fans have grown up, a lot, newer fans have come in, but really they’re no different from the old ones. Sure they like their emojis, and their Kylie Jenners, and their One Directions ( puts hip back into place ), but they’re literally no different than we were when we were young. They like to torture their sims with ladderless pools just like their moms and dads, but let’s be honest. Why do we really play the sims? REALLY?

To live the lives we want to live. That we find more interesting than our own, and like you said, are attached to.

Though I will tell you right now I honestly had zero problem being attached to my TS2 and TS3 sims. None, at all, why? Because I made them. EA gave me the platform, but I took the time to buy it, and to install it, and to turn it on, and to spend countless hours creating an entirely different world from the one the game gave me, and that’s fucking awesome.

What I’m trying to say is, EA knows they don’t have to put in the effort to add what we like because we, the community will find a way. It shouldn’t have to be that way though, and by limiting the game by taking out key features you’re limiting, even dare I say stifling the creativity of those who do make it better, the fans, and that’s screwed up tbh, especially when it’s for a reason as shady as making an extra dollar or two. :/

I mean, they’re just now adding dishwashers…yeah, it’s gonna be for free, but that right there says a lot. This game was not anywhere near ready or as well thought out as it’s predecessors.

Burning Hatred (MUKE SMUT)

A/N: Guess who got her first job the other day! Me!!!! Yay!! After all the shit that’s happened I’m finally getting my life together (I even made my own doctors appointment)

But yeah, this is real weird, sorry

Warnings: Rough sex, kinda orgasm denial, vibrator usage and daddy kink, sorry if there’s been too much but I’m all about daddy kink


“Lucas, line 3,” Ashton said

Luke sighed, knowing it would be yet another complaining customer, he should’ve known from day 1 that working in the Staples call centre was a horrible idea, but no, he was 16 years old and just wanted to get a job and have some money he could use to help his mum, who was sick at the time

Now he was 23, his mum had passed away just weeks after him getting the job (a/n same Luke but it was a few weeks before) yet here he was, still working at this god forsaken place, taking calls every day from complaining people, and listening to his manager Ashton groan on about how hot his boyfriend was

What was his boyfriends name again? Carl? Kale? Clum bucket? Luke couldn’t remember, he tried his best to block out Ashton whenever he had the chance

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yeah so i read the post about dan and phil having found a home in each other and *sigh* well first of all i put on sad music to read it bc im trash but also *sigh* i love their friendship so much?? it's like, they'll go wherever the other one is, because that's like being home.. I always think about how they must smell the same as well, how their house is just one smell instead of two separate smells. and there is this bit in the halloween baking video where (i'll continue in another ask)

so there’s this bit in the halloween baking video where they’re sitting on the kitchen floor after they were finished filming and they’re just sitting there with each other and that’s so cute?? like you live with each other, have a channel together, do a radio show together, but never get tired of one another?? its the same in their day in the life videos, where they just spend the entire day together and are still ok. i can’t even stand myself sometimes and ugh i love them

THANKS FOR MAKING ME EVEN MORE EMO but yeah i agree :(( like, they tend to reflect the little things on each other and through the years theyve gotten super in sync and thats so cute and the fact that they could be surrounded by a lot of people they’re friends with but they still stick with each other during social events is making my heart hurt in a good way. like honestly, they’re each other’s home. they’re each other’s comfort blanket i need to leAVE

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can you do one where you lie and tell michael he won't get soaked on splash mountain bc you know he won't go on it and you guys end up going on at night as your last ride of the day and you make him sit in front and he gets absolutely drenched?

“Babe, no one actually gets wet on this ride, it’s all just effects!” you persuaded him, causing your pouting boyfriend to sigh in defeat as you smiled and grabbed his hand, pulling him into the line and making sure that he was distracted from seeing all of the drenched people getting off of the ride.

Michael’s hand was gripping yours tightly as the log you were seated in slowly inched its way up the hill, the vultures on top freaking him out as he cursed at you under his breath. He screamed like a little girl when the flume flew down the hill, the rush of water splashing right into his face as his body shivered from the cold impact. His mouth was hung open in disbelief as you died laughing, ruffling his soaking wet hair as you sang along to the zip-a-dee-doo-dah song and nudged him with a grin on your face. 

And he wouldn’t hear the end of it from you as you kept showing him the picture of his terrified face as you plummeted down the Splash Mountain, Michael eventually giving in and laughing because you did get him pretty good, and he had to give you props for that. 

disney!5sos night with quiffedluke and featuringluke!!! send in requests or tag us in your blurbs!!

Fic: A Winning Streak

repeatinglitanies prompted: “Despite Librarian Belle French’s best efforts, no one ever comes in the Storybrooke Public Library. In a fit of ennui, she decides to walk its halls naked never knowing that her secret longtime crush, Mr Gold, has been spying on her the whole time.”

Rated: NC-17


Belle wanders the quiet halls of Storybrooke library with a sigh. She’s read all the books on these high shelves and although she adores the written word, reading about adventures is really not the same thing as having one, and reading about social interactions is really not the same has having a conversation. No-one has visited the library for months, and Belle is bored. She can’t leave the library during the day, not when there’s a chance some custom might come in, but she needs to find some way to liven up her working week, or she’ll go mad. She wonders what she can do to get a little thrill in the sedate, quiet library, and a small smile creeps over her face. It’s not like there’s anyone around to see her, and even if, by some miracle, someone did come in, perhaps word will get round and her visitors will increase.

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well enjoy this failed one shot of mine

“hey ino,” sakura says softly. “do you think it’s possible that some people are born to give more love than they will ever get back in return?”

“sure feels like it.” ino gives her friend a sad smile. “what? are you thinking about him again?”

“i think about him all the time.” sakura sighs, slumping down into her chair. 

the two ladies were at ichiraku, barely touching their food. their minds were in different places. 

“sakura, he’ll be home eventually. for years you have been waiting for him, now it’s time to just, i-i don’t know, try to live your life? have some fun?”

“it’s hard.” sakura mumbles, placing the palm of her left hand against her cheek, staring at the dish of hot food in front of her. she picks up a piece of ramen with her fingertips and stares at it. 

“yeah i get that, but c’mon sakura. we have to be happy; it’s finally our time!” ino smiles while clamping a hand onto sakura’s shoulder, encouraging her to eat.

later that evening, after they were stuffed and swore that they would never touch a plate of ramen again, ino dragged sakura into a local dress shop, trying to get sakura out of her depression. but after showing sakura eleven beautiful summer themed dresses and killer shoes, there was no change. 

ino paces back and forth in front of sakura in the dressing room. “i don’t know what to do with you! i’ve tried everything. you haven’t cracked a smile all day and it’s my job as a friend to make you happy. but i can’t if all you feel is sadness. you need to help me out here.”

“ino,” sakura shakes her head. “you’re doing a great job being a friend but i don’t need these dresses or shoes or even ramen to try to get a smile on my face. i just need time.” 

“oh.” ino manages, staring at sakura. 

“i appreciate you trying to make me feel better but i think it’s time for me to head home and just…deal with my problems myself. thank you for today.”

without any other words, sakura walks around her, heading for the door. ino groans loudly, collapsing onto the ground. her plan had failed. she promised naruto she would get sakura to smile today. she tried hard, she did. but whatever sakura is feeling, ino just can’t work around it. sasuke just needed to come home. that was the only way. 


maybe i’m just fooling myself. maybe i have been this entire time. sakura thought to herself, while walking through the village to get to her home. i mean really, every time i imagine sasuke coming home i think of a happy reunion, where he runs up, kisses me, and tells me that he’s been waiting forever to do that. but sasuke isn’t a romantic and if he were to come home, i’d be the last person he’d visit. 

sakura begins to tear up as she arrives at her house. she rests her forehead against the door and silently curses at herself for still being weak. her parents were inside, probably about to question her greatly as to why she was crying. sakura didn’t want to deal with that she so removed herself off the door and sat down a few feet away, next to a bunch of plants that were dying.

she begins to remember that after sasuke poked her forehead and began his journey, she came back to her house with a huge smile on her face. and the plants were just starting to bloom.

she puts her head in her hands and cries so loudly that it hurts to even breathe. she bites her lip hard, just in case someone would hear and come outside. 

sakura wipes the tears and the snot off her face with her sleeve. and stares into the alley across her house. she feels so empty and her heart is breaking more and more everyday. she tries to be strong but it’s just no use.

she’s worried. she’s scared. she wants sasuke to come back and be safe, not out doing whatever he might be doing. she shakes her head at herself and fumbles to get back up. when she does, she heads inside, ignores her parent’s questioning, goes upstairs, and collapses onto her bed.


when she woke up the next morning, something was different. the smell in the air, the weather outside, the whole atmosphere was completely off. sakura leans upward, staring out her window. she forces herself out of the covers and dresses in her usual attire. she brushes her hair slowly, glaring at herself in the mirror. her eyes are still red and puffy from all the crying she did last night. 

“sakura, honey! come downstairs pronto!” her mother’s loud voice calls.

she rolls her eyes, sets down the brush on her dresser and heads downstairs. the first thing she sees is her mother wearing an apron, cooking something on the stove. her family cooked, they were big on take-out. 

“what are you doing?” sakura raises her eyebrows.

her mother turns away from the fridge and smiles at her daughter. “we’re about to have a wonderful brunch.”

“since when do you cook?” sakura almost smiles.

“very funny, go set up the table. your father and our guest will come inside any minute.”

sakura blinks, dumbfounded. “our guest?” 

“i guess no one informed you. oh well! you’ll find out yourself,” she hands sakura pearly white dishes.” go on.”

she sets them down on the dining table slowly, she can’t even remember the last time her family used these. the door opens behind her, she doesn’t bother to turn yet since she’s trying to arrange everything on the table perfectly.

“sakura, please welcome our guest.”

“one second.” she mumbles as she’s placing napkins under each plate.

“do you need any help?” a familiar voice rings in her ears so loudly she almost tumbles backward. she looks up to see him. the person she has wanted to see all this time…is here. in front of her eyes, next to her father, smiling.

“w-what are you doing here?” sakura stares at sasuke in disbelief. her father joins her mother in the kitchen, leaving them alone.

“hn. ino said it was her gift to you. she sent a letter to an anbu black ops to give to me. she wrote how i needed to come back, just for a day. you know, she’s very persuasive.” 

“but, i don’t understand.” sakura’s eyes searched his face. he still looked the same since he left. 

“i arrived early this morning, i was hoping to speak to naruto but instead i knocked on your door. your parents answered, said you were still sleeping. i was about to leave but they insisted on me waiting.”

sakura was about to say something sweet, something like ‘i’m glad you stayed’ or ‘so you came back for me?’ but instead her feelings from yesterday and all the other days he was gone wrapped around her brain. “you can go if you want.”

sasuke narrows his eyebrows at her. “what?”

“if you want to go talk to naruto you can, don’t let my parents convince you to stay. lets face it, you don’t want to be here. they’re just going to make it awkward. before you go, just come back to say goodbye.”

“naruto can wait. but you on the other hand,” he lets out a small tsk noise. “ino said that i can’t keep you waiting forever and she’s right. so i’m going to stay.”

sakura stares at him, her eyes starting to water. she smiles at him so widely. she’s happy and even though this reunion isn’t the romantic one she was daydreaming of, she is so glad she even gets one at all.

after that, sasuke stayed. it wasn’t awkward. they had a great brunch and her parents got sasuke to smile so much she began to think he was a completely different person. 

she made a note to herself to thank ino later.

Temporary Bliss (Luke Hemmings Series)

{{based off the song Temporary Bliss by The Cab}}

words: 900+

rating: slightly mature content

Part 1

2am. That’s the time your phone screen read when it kept on violently vibrating on your nightstand. Without actually checking the caller ID you swiped your thumb along the screen accepting the call. “Hello?” You mumbled obviously still sleepy. “Fuck, (Y/N). I need you, baby please.” The all too familiar voice at the other end of the line groaned. A sigh left your lips as you contemplated what to do. “You’re gonna be the death of me, Hemmings. I hate you, but I’ll be there in 10.” You murmured before hanging up, getting out of bed and quickly brushing through your hair with your hands before grabbing your wallet, car keys and phone and silently sneaking out of the house, luckily without getting caught. You got into your car and buckled up before making your way over to his house. When you got there you could already see the dim light in his room, being able to make out the dark shadow laying on the bed through the left curtain. So you parked the car, unbuckled your seatbelt, got out and locked it. You made your way over to the back door and sneaked upstairs, once again careful not to get caught. If Luke’s (or as a matter of fact, your parents, knew about what you guys had going on hell would break loose - literally). Finally reaching his room you walked inside without knocking, closing the door behind you and then putting your belongings on his desk, walking over to his bed. There he was, Luke Hemmings, your “friends with benefits”, in all his naked glory, laying upon his plain black bedsheets, still stroking himself. Your breath hitched in your throat as you looked him in the eyes and he smirked at you. “C'mon over, (Y/N). You’re usually not that shy.” He spoke with a grin on his face. A barely audible sigh left your lips. Yeah, last time was actually 6 months back before he went away on tour. Also, last time you weren’t sure if you felt more than just the usual “friends with benefits” connection. Now you knew, though. This relationship was toxic, it kept pulling you down and even further down. Whenever he was away on tour he’d find himself groupies or just random girls at clubs, there were pictures, videos, everything. Of course Luke was oblivious to all of that. He’d never notice you actually felt more. That’s why a week ago, before the boys came back from tour, you were sure to end this. But now you knew you wouldn’t have the strength to do so. He actually was the only guy who ever took interest in you, which definitely made things more difficult than they already were. He was your first kiss, first time, first everything - but of course he didn’t know that. You always kept your mouth shut about those things, trying to get as little feelings involved as possible. Yet, it obviously didn’t work.

Anyway, you made your way over to his bed, crawling on it and hovering above him, licking your own lips before pressing them to his. He immediately responded and you put one hand on his chest, slowly trailing it lower and lower. This was all you’d ever be to him, a fuck buddy, a booty call. It hurt, but for now it momentarily filled the hole in your chest while you found yourself lying underneath him, him pounding in you, giving you his all. At least physically you were close to him this way and if that’s the best you can get, then so be it.


You rolled onto your side, throwing your arm around the person next to you. Wait, there was no person. Groggily you sat up rubbing your eyes before opening them, squinting at the bright light flooding into the room through the already opened curtains and then a sigh left your lips. Of fucking course. There was a note laying on Luke’s pillow saying something along the lines “sorry, emergency band meeting - had to leave early, but thanks for the great night ;)” You angrily crumbled the note in your hand and threw it across the room before getting up, putting your clothes back on and sneaking past Liz and Andy who were downstairs in the kitchen, most likely having breakfast. No sign of Luke and you didn’t even bother to check the time. Normally Luke would never get up before 12am, but whenever you guys had your “fun”, he’d be out of the house at at least 9am, leaving you to wake up by yourself and also deal with sneaking out by yourself. It was the same thing every single time, yet you still fell for it, every single time. You shook your head at yourself for being so naive, but you couldn’t help it. He had you wrapped around his finger, literally. A few angry tears made their way to the surface as you got into your car, buckling up and driving away. You tried blinking them away but soon you were trying hard to contain yourself from sobbing hopelessly as tears were streaming down your cheeks, as if that wasn’t enough already you could barely see anything on the streets anymore because of the tears completely blurring your vision, but right now you couldn’t care less. You couldn’t wait to just get home and curl up in bed again. This is basically what your life consisted of. Luke messing with your head, you falling for him - deeper and deeper - and you laying in bed 24/7 thinking about how messed up this really is. Though you couldn’t help but do it over and over again just in order to be close to him. It seemed as if it was a never ending circle.


Please forgive the odd colors - she’s much more tan and not so mismatched in person. My camera is fussy. And I need to blush her neck.

I learned something important with this doll: the reason I’ve failed with shelling this character SO many times is because I was looking for specific features and skintone rather than expression and *feeling*. Every version has been wrong - too cutesy, too old looking, too bland, too whatever. They were all pretty in their ways, and I liked and even loved a couple of them, BUT none of them had the personality I wanted. THIS doll has that personality. She has that *feeling*, whatever that means. 

The terrible thing is that this girl was a happy accident. For all my trying and plotting and planning over the years, it was this random impluse-buy Supia head that ended up working for me. Deep sigh.

Bonus: she looks perfect with all my other dollies. :) 

So, my doll family stands as follows (mostly hybrids, only Keynan is a full doll):

Limhwa Mano (Keynan), Napidoll Yarrow (Faylen), Napidoll Lucifer (Harland), Or-Doll Eris elf (Tuyah), Supia Giyom (Stokes), Dikadoll Adler (Taramin), and Supia Nael (FAWN! DAMNIT FINALLY). 

Now, I just need to find a body for my DT Rian head and wait patiently for the DF-A Froggie I ordered. Ooooh Frog, I can’t wait for you come home! :)

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"I think it's locked from the other side. Well, we have a bit of time on our hands. Whaddya say?" -Yoongi

“This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening.” You whispered to yourself, pacing around the gym cupboard, head in your hands,

“Well.. It seems to be happening.” Yoongi retorted snarkily, settling on one of the metal benches by the basketball cage,  “Hey calm down, someone’ll find us, they take morning register, it’s all good.” You sighed, sitting down on the floor next to his feet, running a shaky hand through your hair,

“I don’t like being stuck.” You whispered through gritted teeth,

“I told you, things are going to be okay.” He smiled and ruffled your hair,

“How are we stuck? Can’t we get out, is it locked?” You asked, tipping your head backwards, closing your eyes in annoyance,

“I think it’s locked from the other side. Well, we have a bit of time on our hands. Whaddya say, let’s play some games whilst we’re here?” He suggested, a smirk on his face.

There was a small basketball tournament inside the small school gym cupboard, one filled with laughter and smiles; and of course Yoongi won but you enjoyed just laughing with him. You sat between his legs after getting a little out of breath, calming your laughter before setlling down for an intimate game of ‘Truth or dare’.

“Truth or dare?”


“Kiss me.”


The Crash (Part Two)

Nate’s POV

“When can we see her?” I questioned breaking the uncomfortable silence, he looked down at his clipboard and tapped his pin, sighing like he was in deep thought. “I guess two of you can go in now, but all of you would be to much.” He sighed running a hand through his hair and tugged on his tie a little.

“I don’t think I’m ready to see her right now.” Johnson looked like he was on the verge of tears and he never cries. Everyone nodded in understandingly, “I need to see her.” Sammy looked up from the ground desperately. I looked over at Swazz questionably but he just shook his head “no” and looked down. “Alright, the two of us will go.” I sighed standing beside Sam.

The doctor led us through a series of halls before we arrived to her hospital room. She was sitting straight up playing with her fingers looking lost. “We found out her name by going through her records, she doesn’t remember her name.” He sighed before tilting her chin slightly before checking her eyes with a light. “I’ll leave you all alone.” He sighed with a little smile before leaving the room closing the door behind us.

“Hey lil'mama how you feel?” I smiled even though it hurt to see her all bruised up. “Who are you?” She looked up at me with a raised eyebrow. “I-I’m Nate, r-r-remember?” I said shakily and Sam put a hand on my shoulder for support. “Ugh! Why do they keep asking me that?!” She fussed. “Remember!? Remember!? It’s clear that I don’t fucking remember!” Y/n yelled she grabbed her hair that had blood globs in them.

I looked at Sam not knowing what to say next. “Um-uh, why do you remember?” Sammy asked sighing worriedly. “How to speak, and daily stuff I guess.” She looked anywhere but at us. “What’s my name again?” She huffed in annoyance.

“Y/n.” Sam murmured. “So what y'all to me anyway?” She uttered sassily. I rubbed my eyes almost losing all hope that she’d come around. “You’re one of our best friends. And theirs some more guys that wanted to see you but they couldn’t. Y-You were supposed to meet us at a party t-tonight but um y-you never m-made it th-there.” Sam drifted off.

All she did was nod and looked at her bedsheets. “I think I wanna be alone now—wait what’s your name again?” She looked up for a split second. “S-S-Sammy.” Sighed biting his lip and running a hand through his hair, something he did when he was nervous. “And yours?” She turned towards me.

I can’t do this, “Nate.” I answered shortly. “Well thanks for visiting Nate and Sammy but I wanna be alone now.” Y/n whispered. Sam didn’t even say goodbye and rushed out the small hospital room. “One more question?” I questioned running a hand through my messy hair. “Shoot.” She smiled insincerely.

“Remember the time when your boyfriend stood you up at the prom and you came crying to me? Remember how we snuck out and went to that tattoo parlor?” I showed her the tattoo that we both had imprinted on our wrist.

Y/n+Nate For Infinity

I looked into to her beautiful eyes and I saw a change in them. They weren’t as dull as when we walked in, a flash of remembrance ran through those gorgeous orbs but as quickly as it came it was gone and she shook her head with an expressionless look and tone in her voice. “No I’m sorry but I don’t remember.“


Part three or should I end it?? And message me what you all are thinking🌹

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kimani please call your nasties out I'm so fucking bored.

It’s so chill now with everyone gone but it is getting a little boring. *sigh* where y'all at, Nasties?

Hyde's Diary Vol.24 (2000 March 6th ~ 2000 May 30th)

March 6th

Today was so busy both photo shoot and Golden Award; we also got this award last year. And then letter from fans, it’s not good to neglect them sigh.. so nervous! Then, I wrote the name on the envelope showing I got it already (^^;;) … Although it’s not really good way to do but it shows I did get it! After that I sealed it, the corner of the letter will change so people can understand. I read a lot already but there’s still a lot more!!! Sigh.. gotta try to read them all anyway ne~ When moving my body, it’s kinda like rhythm of drum, very pity! I’m so shy of it. This time I got to meet Matsushima Nanako, I think she’d cute na~ But as for the conversation part, funny but I don’t really like it. (you make me confuse, haido-san >.< )

March 10th

Today we went to Kujyukuri beach for photo shoot of magazine [anan]. Haven’t gone to the sea for so long already, it’s really fun just think about eating hamaguri shell. Well, photo shoot is gun anyway. Actually, I didn’t think hamaguri is delicious but I ate lot of them. Then, I took a dog to go pick up some more shell at the sea, got one full basket lar~ [I ate those hamaguri shell too]

March 13th

The next day we have to choose song for our new album, this gonna be the last Arrange too. All the songs will be brought up, but that’s not enough anyway…

March 14th

After pick up the songs, we have to separate all the songs that we put together at the Record. There’s number of songs so we have to vote for the song that we want to put in our new album for all our fans.

March 15th

Type the next part of Self Portrait for magazine [R&R Newsmaker] and then go to Recording. Here we discuss about 2 new songs.

March 16th 

Start recording CM for Canon today, in this CM we don’t need to move, not even a little bit ahh~ very comfortable and easy ne~

March 18th - 20th

Pre-Produce with Okano Producer, make an agreement for the last step.

March 22nd - 25th

Producer for this Pre-Produce is Okano-san again, anyway onegaishimasu~~ ^^ Once in a while we will have another person to work with, as for this time Kameda-san and Chokkaku-san will come and work with us. Now we use the song that Katou Noriko brought for our temporary title. Although this temporary title will be used in a short time and often change, someone still interest in it so ken-chan asked part-time staff there that “ whose idea do you like the best? ” and he said he like Katou Noriko’s the most so we use that one for our title even though it has nothing involve with this song. Other title is also come from the situation when we work on it too such as [hyde1].

March 26th - 27th

OFF!! ( these days are haido’s day off ^^ ) Today I watched American History x too. I think staying in the cinema is very stifled, it’s just uneasy to do anything, can’t move the way we want and so on… besides, caring about people around is necessary when we want to talk too. Most of the times I’ll watch scary movie but well, the lovers behind always said something like [coming yet? coming yet? … ] so boring!! You shouldn’t say either it’s coming or not, you know!? Don’t say a word is better because in the cinema, just a step walking is much more enough to make people think [Ah! This guy is so rude] (laugh) just watch and think!

March 28th

Today we have to set all the song in order for the new album, still can’t make a decision though.

March 31st

Pre-Produce, start writing the lyrics since last week.


April 1st

Record Tokyo FM while free from writing the next part for [R&R Newsmakers] This host for this station is Yamada Hisashi san. He always invite for the drink after record but I refuse him every time. I think doing so is pretty impolite because we didn’t have a chance to meet that often but well…

April 3rd

Picking up the songs since 5 o'clock in the morning. First, each member have to think about each ordering pattern, we have the same idea for around first three songs but after that.. it just can’t be used.

April 5th - 7th

Recording Start! Yokohama drive to pick up all of us to studio everyday. Song with title kotou noriko can cover all part of our new album but other song. I have interview with [B-Pass] on 7th, the guy who work there is quit already. I didn’t talk about äsex ne, just thinking of the busy time with drawing. I took a photo and collected many more flowers since I went to Yokohama. sigh! So long but debuting is good coz I can go to Morocco too. Ah~~ really like the child thinking ne!~~

April 11th

Today we start recording for vocal part. While waiting, I’d rather spend my time drawing in the private room. I always draw skull every time I feel moody or not so good but today I draw with my super happiness so I got panda, flower field, etc.

April 14th

Today we have meeting for Toma Laruku. We have to discuss about the detail of everything, face and movement of each character in Toma Laruku. This project is still a secret. We kind of moody today so all staff have to take care of our work. We just have to meet chief.

April 15th - 17th

Today we went to Yokohama for recording drum.

April 22nd

TD [stay away]

April 27th - 28th

Today I went to Yokohama for practice singing and then I went to landmark plaza, got a chance to take a look at the toy store there too but there’s nothing at all. So I bought some bread back for everyone here, heard that there’s a famous bakery ( melon pan here is very popular ) I gave hamburger to our chief, I really think hamburger is the best bread ever, I just love it.

April 29th

Recording [ get out from the shell ]


May 2nd

Recording MV new Single [stay away]. Have to wait for making Tomarunner and send it to recording team too. I did change and do many thing for my co-worker too.

May 3rd

Foretelling from the name can be popular all the time, as someone I know take a look at the result and everything come out pretty bad ( may be he gotta change his name hehe ^^ ). I talked about this because there’s many foretell like this available on the net, should I believe them? Manager F also look at it but the result is so bad, super unlucky, can’t success in anything, very brutal ne~ (laugh) As for me, most of the time it’s gonna come out pretty good but the luckiest person is Producer A [super super lucky!!!] What’s a lucky man!! Why telling from the name can come out this good? ..well, that person I know changed his name finally ^^

May 5th - 7th

Today is the same, recording at Yokohama with GW. Thinking of Noro-san, he might be working now, we have to work here as well. Talk about within GW, it’s so funny! There’s also much more thing by the street, really wanna see Tokyo during New Year time, it would be so great!!!

May 8th

Recording vocal for another version of get out from the shell to put in the new single

May 9th

Recording the second version of get out from the shell and then record voice for TomaLaruku, something like [Arkkk!!, Yah~~!!!] (Fighting sound ^^)

May 11th

Recording of vocal for route 13 (temporary one ^^)

May 12th - 14th

I wrote lyrics for all these times. The company had race cast on 14th but all I did is just watching because I absorbed with writing lyrics so I didn’t know what’s going on and also this racing T__T Someone send me the pix from this racing and sign the name on the forehead, what’s the hell did they thinking about? ^^

May 15th

Temporary record song Tamo, as I said before, the title of this song came from Ken-chan (laugh) [ actually, the song can be this good because this guitar ] It’s the guitar which was gave to Tamo-san, that’s it!

May 16th

Today we record guitar part for the last time, for stone temple ( temporary name of the song ^^ ) I wonder why Ken-chan said he want me to play guitar, it’d be so bad if I don’t have arms. Here’s pretty much like we do guitar debut!

May 17th - 19th

Start compose the song, I think this time is pretty fun. The feel of this song is like hot water that flooding all over. For me? It’s not like burning or scald just smouldering, kinda like [ Ah~~ it’s boiling ] or something like this (laugh)

May 20th

Temporary record for stone temple

May 21st

TD [finale]

May 22nd

TD [stay away]

May 23rd

TD [(ªÑèǤÃÒÇ) route 13]

May 24th

Recording for vocal part [(temporary) hyde 1]. Here we have some more movement on Live meeting as usual.

May 25th

Photo shoot for the cover of [What’s in] and [Le-Ciel]

May 26th

TD [(temporary) stone temple]

May 27th

Recording Vocal [(temporary) shiroi mike] This song was composed by Tet-chan (I think this song is Bravery: typewriter ^^) It’s kinda hard to sing if other person write the song but if I wrote it myself, I’ll be able to sing it good (^^) Another thing is it’s hard to memorize the lyrics for the song that other person wrote, how can I say? This is an exacting thing, it’s very hard to put words in the melody and so on. So, even until now, I still have to listen to the demo tape which I sang and gave to Te-chan all the time. After done with recording, I ate ramen which I haven’t eaten for a while, so full! I killed that devil in the empty stomach already ^^ Everyone also eat ramen while we recording, I think ramen shouyu and shio have different mystery (?) I’d eat just the one with black color only. If talk about the food taste one, I think it’s shouyu ramen umm many people like to put vienca in shio ramen, I wonder why? But Ken-chan really like the taste that he make it himself.

May 28th

Recording Tokyo FM regular and after that, TD [(temporary) shiroi mike]. We also discuss about Toma Laruku on the way. This is the bet of my entire life in 20th century! This’s all my manhood. (??)

May 29th

TD [(temporary) Tamo Song]. Today we talked about album jacket and meet designer, Devid and Mike after a login time that we haven’t met, after that we went to eat ramen shio (eat again!!! : typewriter) You gotta know, I really like the taste of shouyu ne!

May 30th

Today I sleep like a log!! I always go out for cycle around 3 days per week, there’s also the time that I just sleep for all day. For example is yesterday, I awake just 4 hours, since 7 o'clock (yesterday) and woke up around 6 o'clock (today) (ohh~~ sleeping beauty ^^;) And so I went eating sarusoba and have some coffee. Now, it’s 8.02 pm and…

now we come to the end of my diary for this time!

Before this, there’s the story about treasure wing in the history book, as well as the pictures of angels but there’s nothing I want, this is just the drawing that I like so if you get it, please kindly reply,

thank you very much and see you. / what should I send naa~~

Credits: NeoReincarnation2001