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So, does Amun have a love interest, like a crush or something? What's his sexuality? (Or is he asexual maybe?)

i got a very similar ask from @angelface273 (just so it doesn’t seem like i ignored one)! :0

this guy is angelo, professor carter’s actual real life nephew (since to avoid having to explain the whole “the mummy we brought back from our egyptology expedition rose from the dead and i’m taking care of him” situation he’s been passing amun off as his nephew). he’s spending the summer with his uncle curating a dusty old museum, and was fully prepared to hate every minute of it until he got introduced to the literal walking dead.

he’s a tech whiz and is always tinkering with new gadgets and upgrades to his own stuff. this infatuates amun, because 4000 years ago they’d only just figured out pyramids and now he’s being presented with ten thousand musicians in a tiny box who play music wherever you go??? and moving paintings on flat screens??? and chariots pulled by nothing at all??? he wants to know about all of it and he wants to know now

this is only one of many concepts though (and relies more on amun being fandomless), so i’m also open to other ships on this magical journey!!! if anyone’s got some cute monster high OCs they need a prom date for then hey y’know…. 

Klance, I won't say I'm in love
  • Keith:If there's a prize for rotten judgement,
  • I guess I've already won that.
  • No man is worth the aggrevation
  • That's ancient history, been there done that
  • Pidge:Who ya think ya kidding,
  • He's the Earth and heaven too
  • Hunk:You try to keep it hidden,
  • Honey we can see right through you
  • Shiro:Boy you can't conceal it,
  • We know how ya feelin, who you thinkin' of
  • Keith:No chance, no way, I won't say it, no, no
  • Allura:You swoon, you sigh, why deny it uh, oh.
  • Keith:It's too cliche', I won't say I'm in love I thought my heart had learned it's lesson
  • It feels so good when you start out
  • My head is screaming "get a grip Boy."
  • Unless you're dying to cry your heart out
  • Coran:Boy, you can't deny it
  • Who you are and how you're feeling
  • Pidge:Baby we're not buying
  • Hon we saw you hit the ceiling
  • Shiro:Face it like a grown-up
  • When you gonna own up that you got, got, got it bad?
  • Lance:*Looks over at Keith and smiles*
  • Keith:*Blushes* No chance, no way, I won't say it, no no
  • Allura:Give up, give in, check the grin, you're in love
  • Keith:This scene won't play, I won't say I'm in love
  • Coran:We'll do it until you admit you're in love
  • Keith:You're way off base, I won't say it
  • Get off my case, I won't say it
  • Pidge, Shiro, Hunk, Allura and Coran:Boy don't be proud, it's okay you're in love
  • Keith:At least out loud I won't say I'm in love

-Carol Gilligan (insp)

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‘00 liner edition! NCT DREAM - WARNING, KINDA LONG-


  • is clearly the best at everything
  • very proud of themself
  • doesn’t care for the world
  • literally on the verge of cocky (but not in a bad way ofc)


  • knows how to do certain things
  • pretty mundane
  • known to smile
  • knows they’re the better dancer, ( i love jisung ok)
  • prone to being exceptionally giggly-ish


  • no one ever knows what they’re up to
  • laughing, but for no reason
  • living life dangerously (like staying outside the lines when coloring)
  • know haeroast is too proud of their ego


  • love teasing chencute
  • actually good at everything
  • knows they’re precious, and don’t take advantage
  • loves everyone and they all love you



  • you’re known for being thug
  • you’re not actually cute, you definitely own swag
  • you have 34392289234 medals, trophies, albums, and such to show your success
  • you hate renchu, but you low-key enjoy the teasing


  • constantly nervous, giggling, or confused
  • has random pauses, trying to remember what’s going on
  • too good for their own good sometimes
  • trying to do everything, since they’re absolutely fully capable


  • sounds mature, actually isn’t
  • can pull a stunt, and everyone backs up in awe
  • holds the best dancer position
  • actually a really shy and cute puffball
Okay so Sheith Right?

No one knows the relationship of Shiro and Keith, pre-Shiro rescue. 

They could be actual canon brothers, they could be bros before ho’s, or even sparkly cross-galaxy pen pals.

No one knows yet.

All I’m saying is that I will ship it until it becomes a Luke and Leia situation, you feel me?


@emousul and I had a good group idea for the neotag that we’re super excited to share!!!! OLD ART DAY!!!!! On this day, you can post the oldest, weirdest, dearest art you got!!! It can be a really fun way to see how much we’ve all grown and improved (and have always been in ETERNAL NEOPETS HELL)

 Ofc it doesn’t have to be neoart, it can be whatever weird stuff you got!!!! So for now we’re just seeing if this day can get some support-  but tomorrow if you guys like this idea, THEN WE CAN KICK OFF THE OLD ART !!!!! Thank you!!! 

thoughts on ‘a better world’

(I know I’ve talked about this in chats, since it’s been almost a month, I can’t remember with who… I think @hermitlikecrab?)

After getting my heart broken by @squeeneyart and their A Better World comic, I got reminded of some old thoughts I had about this specific parallel Earth.  Namely, I don’t think ‘Stanley taking the Journal and leaving’ was the one divergence point for this universe.  Things don’t match up.  Ford didn’t get the full story.  

(Honestly, half of my motivation for writing this is because I refuse to believe that ‘Stan leaving forever’ was the right course of action in any dimension.)

According to canon Ford, he was able to reunite with Fiddleford and figure something out to cut Bill off from the portal.  Problem here is twofold:

1.) Ford doesn’t have the metal plate in his head because he never met Jheselbraum.  He has no protection from Bill getting into his mind as soon as he fell asleep, and I doubt he was able to stay awake enough to find Fiddleford, have what must have been a really long conversation about trust and triangular chaos gods, and create a scientific marvel complex enough that he couldn’t do it alone.  At least a few days or a week without sleep, on top of how long he had been staying up already. 

2.) Fiddleford is in the middle of Society of the Blind Eye shenanigans.  We know he started even before his break with Ford, and there’s no telling how much Fiddleford remembers of him at all at this point (let’s face it, guy went through a lot of trauma associated with Ford.)  Not to mention, what with starting a cult and all, I doubt Fiddleford could be easily (if at all) convinced to return working with the man who created a portal to the Nightmare Realm - especially when the plan of action is less, “shutting the portal down” and more “let’s do more science and mess more with unknown powers!”

Important thing: Ford didn’t find out who was behind the Society of the Blind Eye until after he came back from the Portal.  He had no idea Fiddleford continued using his memory gun, especially on himself/Ford/random townspeople.

And another thing?  Ford found out everything he knows about this dimension from the other Fiddleford.  Not the other Ford, not the other Stan, but the man who has canonically wiped Ford’s mind and never told him about it - the man who has done some pretty ethically ambiguous things over the course of the Journal (mindwiping the lumberjacks to raising a sentient being for the sole purpose of cryogenically freezing it) for the greater benefit.  

I don’t think the big canon divergence happened with Stan, Ford, and the Journal.  

I think the big canon divergence here happened, or at least started, with other Fiddleford making an extremely ethically ambiguous decision in his last ditch attempt to convince Ford not to go through with the portal (even canon tells us with the ring story that this is Ford’s last chance to turn back.)  

This isn’t to bag on Fiddleford because honestly, it’s an understandable decision - speaking pragmatically, this is a great outcome for Ford, Fiddleford, and the universe all around (except for Stan…)  And if Fiddleford already erased Ford’s memories just for finding out about the memory gun, it makes sense that he would be willing to do the same if it meant giving Ford the life of his dreams.

Last of all, parallel Ford doesn’t have the metal plate in his head to keep Bill out, but we know the one other weapon that can get rid of Bill and presumably, his influence…