first lines meme

rules: list the first line of your last 20 stories. see if there are any patterns, then tag your favourite authors.

i was tagged by the incredible @zoenightstars​, thanks maya!!!

1. Color Blind. ‘Stiles is in third grade when he falls in love with Lydia Martin.’

2. Obtuse. ‘“Oh, thanks!” Percy smiles as the girl - Cassie? Casey? He thinks it’s Cassie, but the music was so loud when she introduced herself he couldn’t quite hear - hands him a fresh cup.’

3. Formal. ‘“I don’t think he’s going to ask me,” Jenna said to Harper, shuffling the pile of books in her arms.’

4. Bite. ‘Percy froze with a mouthful of fries, green eyes going comically wide as he finally gave the Iris Message his full attention.’

5. Blanket Burrito. ‘“Percy. Psst, Percy.” Annabeth curled her hand over her boyfriend’s shoulder and shook him gently.’

6. Aftershocks. ‘He dreamt about her dying, and he woke up screaming.’

7. Beach. ‘Annabeth lies spread out on the shore, yellow against white against gold, shining brighter than the sun itself, all long lines dipping into soft curves covered by smooth skin.’

8. Bookshop AU. ‘“Do you want to use my discount card to buy that?”’

9. Theme Park AU. ‘“This is dumb,” Annabeth grumbled.’

10. Surfing AU. ‘“Okay, so you’ve just got to balance, right -”’

11. The fight for the last condom. ‘As if being pushed out of his tent in nothing but his boxers wasn’t bad enough, slamming into a similarly dressed Jason in the dark really elevated the situation from ‘embarrassing’ to ‘mortifying’.’

12. Percy’s 23rd Birthday. ‘What Percy had expected to wake up to on the morning of his 23rd birthday was a series of kisses from Annabeth, the late Summer sun shining through the window, and the scent of Sally’s famous pancakes wafting down from the kitchen.’

13. Ice Cream Shop AU. ‘The chime of the door startled Adam out of his half-asleep state, the surprise of someone coming to buy ice-cream at 11.30pm on a cold night enough to jolt him to alertness.’

14. Height Difference. ‘Jenna stood on her tip toes, reaching for the top shelf off the cupboard.’

15. Super Market. ‘There was something really strange about being in a supermarket at almost midnight.’

16. Stupid. ‘This was stupid.’

17. Annabeth hates Spiderman. ‘“I’m not going to see Civil War,” Annabeth said decisively, immediately scrolling down the cinema’s Now Showing page to see what other movies were playing.’

18. Marauder’s Map. ‘Towards the end of sixth year James started to feel a sort of horrid desperation whenever he thought of the looming Summer holidays.’

19. Car Crash. ‘Annabeth is on her feet as soon as the image flashes on the screen.’

20. Flying Fridge. ‘Percy had driven the route to Sally and Paul’s apartment so many times now that it was essentially muscle memory.’

i don’t think i see any patterns?? hmmmm

i tag @lililibird@percyyoulittleshit@vampipers@percy-the-sorcerer​ and anyone else who would like to do it 


for the people here who didn’t know, my ocs started out as homestuck ocs. with those homestuck snapchats coming out i felt like redrawing them in their old designs and compare them with their current ones. I meant to do this after homestuck ended but i think i was too busy with high school stuff.

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Send ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for my muse to talk about a day they’d rather not remember

“The last time I was caught running away. It was last year, and I was taking the change I saw around the house and on the streets and stuff, and I was gonna try and go on a bus and go really far away. I said I was going to school, but I lied and tried to go to the bus stop instead. I was almost there when they found me, though, so they had to bring me back. And the dad at the house I was staying at was REALLY mad… He threw me in the basement, and kept hitting me and yelling at me and saying that I was bad, and I deserved it.. and then he just left me down there for the rest of the night. And it was really cold and dark and I couldn’t sleep, so I never wanted to try and run away again..”


So I’m keeping up with @nekojitachan​ ‘s All For The Game AU fic “Armies”
And I’m not gonna say much because what’s the fun in that when you can just read it; but it does involve:
-Andrew & Neil wearing ~*Very Nice Clothes*~
-Andrew driving a ~*Very Nice Car*~
-Andrew & Neil doing~*Not So Nice Things*~.

So I wanted to draw them in some formal wear. The one in pencil was first- it was a rough start so I improved it with MORE knives. Ink was done second. <3

(I need a pair of monk-strap shoes for myself or at the very least some wingtips UGH)
(Ignore my lumpy car please.)

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things tyler and josh do in interviews

things tyler does in interviews takes his wedding ring off his finger and plays with it picks at his nails intensely sits with his head on his hand and stares into space pulls at his hair sits on his hands wears sunglasses indoors makes a lot of hand gestures stares deadpan into the camera like he’s on the office avoids the question and goes off on a tangent refuses to name any other bands as inspirations insists his dream band is the dixie chicks and celine dion’s backing band says he wants to get a baby cow tattooed on his calf says ‘see you on another time’ at the end stares at josh things josh does in interviews spaces out while tyler talks says ‘um’ at the start of every sentence takes years to get to his point chuckles at tyler’s dumb jokes for moral support gives advice from his grandpa puts his arm on the back of the chair/sofa wears hats nods gently along to tyler’s speeches mentions their physique a lot talks about cereal retells his most tattooed guy at the record store story in a slightly different way each time stares at tyler