we have finally found him

 My mom and one of my uncles do family research because why the fuck not. Apparently through the research of church books, family trees, and now the most recently DNA tests we’ve found a number of interesting ancestors and distant relatives, lords, queens, emperors, horse thieves and a man who was at least once named “a devil for a priest” for his charming personality.

 Besides dead relatives, websites that specialise in this also enable you to get the names and facebook contact some of the living people who both share your ancestry and are also doing family research, and apparently both my mom and uncle have found a big, nebulous flock of interesting people of all walks of life who share some of our ancestors.

 But now they found him.

 The black sheep of the family.

 See, due to a number of reasons they may or may not have taught you in history class, lots of people from Europe migrated to the United States in large waves some generations back. They were met with some hostility, endured, adapted and contributed to the culture and lived happily ever after. Many finns were amongst them. Including the dude who is apparently my 15th cousin once removed of something of the sort.

 And now that you know this snowflake’s backstory, here’s the more important half: He voted for Trump because he hates immigrants. He adores Finland, he adores America, he is proud of his heritage and he voted for Trump because immigrants will ruin America. Someone on facebook pointed out the hypocrisy of this as he, too, is a descendant of immigrants.

 And he was like yeah, that’s why I’m moving back to Finland.

 So allow me to recap: This man is from Wisconsin. He was born in the United States, as were his parents. He speaks english as a first language and is trying to study finnish as a second language, and according to my mother his grammar is atrocious. His plan is to migrate to Finland because immigrants are ruining America.

 Bob from Wisconsin, I don’t think you’re going to like it here.

This week’s episode in a nutshell 

hunk: i don’t know how to ask shay out ://
lance: relationship advice!! don’t worry i got this buddy ;)
pidge: lance, i don’t know if you remember but you literally once tripped and then spilled your pasta all over keith and after five awkward seconds of just staring at him you proceeded to say “i guess you’ve seen my noods now”.

What the signs get wrong about astrology posts

Aries: Reads a tumblr astrology post and takes it seriously without realizing it’s actually an elaborate Homestuck joke.

Taurus: Learned all their astrology from Homestuck astrology posts and doesn’t realize it.

Gemini: Learned all their astrology directly from the Homestuck webcomic.

Cancer: Learned all their astrology from Sailor Moon before they ever heard of Homestuck.

Leo: “Why isn’t this Leo post specifically about me, though? It’s getting me completely wrong. Maybe the other signs’ posts are about me instead. I think my other planets are probably exhibiting a little more strongly than the author thinks and maybe bounced into all the other signs today. Oh goddammit this is actually about Nepeta.”

Virgo: Can’t get over how bad the formatting on the post is and hasn’t noticed it’s a Homestuck post yet.

Libra: Lie about astrology? On a tumblr post? Who would DO that?

Scorpio: Gets nothing wrong, because Homestuck is extremely accurate about Scorpios.


Sagittarius: Thinks Andrew Hussie got that tattoo because he’s actually a fellow Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Reads a real tumblr astrology post and doesn’t take it seriously because they just assume it’s actually an elaborate Homestuck joke.

Aquarius: Actually notices a subtle Homestuck post but spends thirty minutes correcting its canon inaccuracies.

Pisces: Was just looking for Homestuck astrology posts tbh.


One(?) gifset per episode || 19 Trial of the Take: Part 2

…the Huntmaster (…) hand-chose and divided the party into two separate smaller groups: the first group being the one that began playing with us last [episode], in which we had the illustrious Scanlan, Percy, Vex, and Grog, who were paired up with two new adventurers (…). [Critical Role’s] audience chose the creature they were going to hunt, and [they] voted on an adult white dragon—so they’ve been hunting that.