Allen Leech and Matthew Goode in the Christmas Special.

idk why i love this scene so much but i really do love it alot

maybe its oikawas amused smug face. or maybe because iwaizumi is there.

maybe its because iwaoi just popped up together and in a random scene 

hinatas reaction is perfect though


Septimus Heap Fancast: Emily Deschanel as Marcia Overstrand

“Things have a habit of working out, you know. Eventually.”



ponyo-ghibli’s 16k PSD Pack!

I just hit 16k followers on here which is nuts! I wanted to make something to show my love for all of you guys so I made 6 basic PSD’s for gif making! I never color my own gifs like ever so this was fun to play around with! I’m sorry if they’re not the best. Like I said they’re basic, and I honestly didn’t do too much to them, but I hope people get use out of them! I tested them on multiple scenes so they work for pretty much every scene in each movie. You’re free to play around with them though to make them suit your needs! Let me know if there are any problems!

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Sunset w/ Izaya Scene

So, as I am working on the Standing Ovation novel stuff, I sort of wanted to analyze certain scenes from the previous novel (and eventually other works for the Narita-verse). I decided to do this particular scene because it is so rememberable. Also, I felt like even though I can describe the other characters, it is much harder to get a feel of them unless they are interacting with the each other. Lastly, some people did not know who Himari and Haruto were, so this scene also helps clarify that. Himari’s father killed Haruto’s father.

This is not an official translation. This is all done by me at the best of my ability of understanding the Japanese language. I did not translate word-to-word, so I made minor changes so the sentences would sound more natural to the English speaker, but the overall meaning should remain the same. This scene is right before the climax or “showdown.” Enjoy

Evening - The royal suite of the Bunokura Grand Palace Hotel

“I guess it’s about time. I have a good feeling for today.”

Izaya says while looking over the city, fidgeting like a child. Looking at Izaya watching from his wheelchair at the window, Sozoro spoke in chastise.

“For Izaya-dono “a good feeling” for you would mean hell for other human beings.”

“In that manner of speaking, it would be a bit rude in the instance of a murderer who takes pleasure in killing.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Izaya faces Sozoro and starts talking of himself.

“For me, Sozoro-san. I like to see the sight of a human happy from the bottom of his heart when he wins the lottery. I really enjoy seeing that happiness when until that point that person just had a mediocre life and then suddenly changes to the extraordinary. However, I like seeing those with that ordinary life and those who ruin themselves with money both equally. It’s just I only occasionally get to see those times where one takes the path of their own self-destruction.”

“And of those occasions, I think you are quite the devil.”

“In that case, there is occasionally a time where one will be shown the way towards happiness, you know? Well, objectively speaking there is no way to measure happiness, so perhaps there are people who enjoy seeing others’ lives in ruin. I can respect those type of humans too. I can also accept a lot of perversion. If that is part of how humans behave.”

“Not loving anyone means the same thing as not loving anybody…that is what someone has said before.”

Sozoro continues in indifference and sarcasm. Standing behind him, Haruto calls out to Sozoro.

“Sozoro-ojiichan! Are you bullying Izaya-san?”

“Now-now, I’m not doing that sort of thing. It’s just that you, Haruto, must not become like the type of human Izaya-dono is, alright?”


Tilting his head in disapproval, Sozoro answers plainly.

“The ones who can become like Izaya-dono, is just Izaya-dono. You are free to look up to him, but if you try to impersonate him it will only lead into destroying yourself. Even if you sought a path without loosing yourself, you will simply just stop being human. You would become a monster.”

“That’s fine! If it’s to become like Izaya-san, even if I was no longer human, I-”:


The one who interrupted Haruto was the rare, stern voice of Izaya.


“Haruto-kun, the reason why I can love you, Himari-chan, Sozoro-san, and all other kinds of people is because you are all human. I don’t like people who threw away their humanity and their self. Still, monsters who try to be human are better than that.”

Whether there was some sort of existence like that he was thinking of, Izaya stared off distantly as he said that.

“But I…I just want to be like you.”

“Why is that?”

Without breaking his smile - a broken smile - Haruto said to Izaya,

“If I become a person who knows everything like you, I think I would have been able to help have Himari’s dad get back along with dad.”


“When mom started acting strange…I didn’t know what to do…..But if it was you, I think you would have known what to do. So if I become like you! Become a person who knows anything! If I can do that, then I will know how to make everyone get along!”

The young boy said while smiling.

Izaya knows. That while it seemed that the boy’s heart was open, it was indeed closed. Blindingly believing in him, trying desperately to support his own broken heart.


From the corner of the room, Himari quietly listened to Haruto’s and Izaya’s conversation. When she looked at Izaya, there were times she looked at him with a cold gaze, and sometimes she would look at him with killing intent.

“Himari-chan, you come too. The town looks great.”


The cold attitude Himari usually takes.

Unlike Haruto, she internationally keeps a far gap between her and Izaya. Izaya knows. That she understands everything. But while knowing everything, while knowing he was in the place to stop her father’s murder, Izaya did nothing. And that young girl, Himari, understood all that. Because he considered him as his best friend, the man was murdered by that best friend. That was Himari’s father. Izaya just offered the desired information, even though he knew everything.

If Himari’s father were to say, “I want to know why my best friend did such a thing,” Izaya would tell him why without hesitation. The compromise of the friend’s dispute. That would be what Izaya would call beautiful outcome. But that did not happen. That was everything.

Izaya left it on that outcome, and he enjoyed that part of the outcome from beginning to end. He just respected the other party’s chosen path, and did no more than push his back. The one who made that choice, was Haruto’s father.

Naturally, Izaya understood that from an ordinary person’s perspective he would be seen as evil. Even so, Izaya would not change his stance on things. For Izaya, he can accept hatred towards him and acts of faith towards him like words of love. And so, it can be said the same for this city.

“Say, Sozoro-san. Do you think there will be a day sometime when I can move around freely?”

Izaya suddenly asks Sozoro standing next to him. After giving Izaya a glare, Sozoro says,

“If Izaya-dono desires so, you probably could, right? Have the doctor’s said the same?”

“…Again, they said if the day comes when I want on my own will to move around.”

“I have not been told anything, and I am quite completely indifferent on the matter. However, from those who have no hope of an expected recovery, you can decide on your next course of action depending on your mood, so there is nothing to talk yourself into accepting the blasphemy of medical treatment.”

While giving the uninterested Sozoro a bitter smile, Izaya continues speaking half to himself.

“I wonder about that, after all what I need to get healed isn’t my legs. It’s probably a mental illness.”

“My, could it be you just figured that out?”

“Don’t say it like that. I quite understand that I’m not normal. But even so, I can’t quite stop it. I at least accepted this much, but the next time I do harm to myself…I have a premonition that I will probably loose my life.”

As Izaya looks out on the city, he is reminded of his home town in Tokyo.

“It’s so ironic. I talked about the monster-like person I lost to, right?”

“Yes, I have heard one of Izaya-dono’s specialty, sinister plans fully rebounded, and you lost miserably.”

“I won’t deny it. What’s so ironic is that I lost to that monster’s humanity.”

Although he says it like reminiscing the past, his expression held no anger or smile, he was just completely expressionless.

“If that monster killed me, then he would truly become a monster. To me that was my win. I, who loves humans, would be killed by a monster. That in of itself should have been a satisfactory end. But that didn’t happen. Thanks to the monster’s habits, the monster was able to make human friends. Really trustworthy friends. And those humans, stopped that monster. And so…I lost.”

As though somewhere the evil spirit had fallen, Izaya continued to speak.

“Because I never tried to look at the human parts of that monster, I lost.”

Watching Izaya laugh on his own self derision, Sozoro begins to speak after giving it a bit of thought.

“I think that if Izaya-dono can heal his body, you will be able to do the same things as before.”


“However, I do not think that the result will be the same. That is being the case that Izaya-dono can really look at people in the real sense.”

“No way, Sozoro-san. Isn’t that like saying that I’m not looking at people in the real sense?”

He replies with a joke, though Sozoro says nothing in answer.

After shaking his head in disappointment, Izaya slowly begins to move his wheelchair. And while looking at the mansion at the base of the mountain - the Adamura residence - he spoke. Not feeling the fragments of his human nature (weakness) that he just showed, he spoke with a cold smile that seemed to lower the temperature of the area around him.

“Now, let’s be heading off now. To watch the end of this town.”

i started rewatching snk with my older sister who hasnt watched it before and she really started to like marco so i told her “oh yeah marco’s gonna do some wicked awesome shit later you’ll love him even more!!” and she got so excited but right before we got to the scene where jean finds his body i looked at her and said “i lied”

Starting in Scene

Have you ever heard the writing advice to “start as close to the end as possible”? Meaning, skip the boring stuff and jump straight to the meat. You can explain the rest later. This can apply to every scene you write, in a sense—not just your opening paragraph.

Sometimes you’ll start with only a paragraph of summary. Sometimes this is okay. I mean, you do need some transitions, so this is up to you to decide. In general, though, it’s best to start in scene rather than summary. Scene draws in your reader and pulls them into the now.

Don’t tell us about all the hallways she has to walk through to get from room A to B. Place her in front of that door with her heartbeat already out of control as she hesitates to knock. Don’t tell us about his morning routine—put him in school on the first day of class, standing in the doorway and terrified to choose a seat. Starting with action can often mean starting with a choice and/or emotion, and you’ll find this is a great way to make your character seem more fleshed out and/or decisive.

Not to mention how much faster it’ll move along your writing. If you’re worried that your story drags and doesn’t pick up fast enough, try this out and see how it works for you.

Pro Tip: Don’t worry about this during your first draft. Save it for your edits and revisions. When you go to edit, make sure you “save as” a new file so that you keep your original version. Then you can delete entire paragraphs without fear, since you can still go back to the original if you don’t like the changes you’ve made.


Friends after all - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter ??? (Fake boyfriend/Neighbour AU) ~ Deleted Scene

Title: Friends after all

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Lisa Braeden

Warnings: Angst 

Summary: AU. Dean Winchester. Mechanic. Neighbour. Best friend. Single father. And fake boyfriend? You babysit his daughter. You’ve known him for years and you’ve been really close. Everything will be put to test though when your sister’s wedding approaches and he has the brilliant idea of pretending to be your boyfriend. Nobody would have ever thought of the result. Certainly not you.

A deleted scene from and upcoming chapter. Take a look. 

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“You’re such a huge idiot you know that?” a small smirk formed on your lips and he smiled slightly as well.

“Yeah” he breathed out “I can’t even count how many times we’ve been in this situation before.”

“I certainly can.” you noted, a small smirk on your face and a chuckle left his lips.

“You have the right to say anything you want to. I will take all of it. I know I am a big jerk.” he was so glad you could joke at this, despite how much he’d hurt you.

“Yeah, more like jerkass. Jerk plus ass and all that comes from that. Asshole. Assbutt. Pain in the ass. Huge let me tell you.” you started rambling and he rolled his eyes.

“Yeah yeah fine, I get it.” he grumbled and you looked at him, a smile forming on your lips. Just like his.

A small chuckle left your lips “You will really have to try hard to make up for this, you know.”

“I know.” he was more serious “I know and I will try. My hardest. Trust me. I won’t rest until I have fully made up for it.”

“Trust me… I know” you breathed out, all playfulness gone. Brows slightly frowned.

You knew he was probably not going to really make up for it. No matter what Dean did and no matter how much he tried he’d always end up hurting you much worse than the previous time.

You let a small sigh, not wanting to really show him what you felt and thought. Instead you danced to the song, slowly swaying together.


As seen she forgives him but this is a deleted scene, so it might not have actually happened that way into the read story.

What troubled me was the last cut. To show clearly what Makoto thought of Rin. I of course wrote with the intention to show Makoto’s relationship with Rin properly, but I was troubled over whether I should put those thoughts into words. I wondered whether it was too straightforward. But the director wanted to put it in. I personally also like the scene where Makoto fails to reach out even though he’s swimming [his best].

– Yokotani on episode 6, PASH