serious dicks though, this is the first ep that has literally fucking overwhlemed me like, every scene. Between Doyle and Kimball desperately trying to hash their shit out, Locus having a complete identity crisis, my love Washington trying his best to keep his shit together, and Sharkface busting up the fucking scene I almost had a heart attack. I’ve loved this season so much you guys, but this was so much development for all my faves I’m legitimately swooning.

electricindigo said: Damn you. You’re right, and whenever I’ll see Melisandre on GoT, I’m going to see Jean instead. That is just great.

Bwahaha my evil goal is accomplished. Hey, does this make Magneto Stannis? Because that’s not a bad fancast either.


I’M PROBABLY GOING TO GO WATCH THE END SCENE OF DOFP NOW, JUST SO I CAN BE HAPPY EVERYONE’S ALIVE AND WELL. MOST EXCELLENT AFTER-CREDITS SCENE, THANK YOU. Though I’m still confused because aren’t the future events of DoFP, with the Sentinels killing everyone, supposed to come after this movie? So how did Charles get his body back and Erik his powers? I mean, I guess probably the answer if “scientifically implausible hijinks” i.e. regular comic verse stuff, but ??

A little help?

So, out of all the stuff I’ve written, which scene do you like the best? I’m planning to commission someone to do that scene, but I can’t decide which. blunaowl copper-anise makingtodayaperfectday obsessedwithfrozen42 prfxn gemel-dreamer drybananahippyhat et al–any suggestions? Though anyone’s free to answer, too.

Doesn’t have to be my ship–I’ve written some non-Tadelsa fics too.


Edit: please keep it kid-friendly?

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I hated this specific scene because the original…

I didn’t know about the behind-the-scenes stuff (wow!), but in my headcanon, I believed Alec let Logan win as a hustling ploy. At the start of the scene, Alec had scared away all his potential marks by winning too much, and no one would play him. So it made sense to me that he’d let Logan, a plausibly good challenger in the eyes of the crowd, beat him to draw more marks, and because he actually listened to Max’s snark “Nobody likes a show-off.” He was always a quick learner. And he made the game look really close!

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it doesn't account for all of the missing scenes, but things like the master singing are often explained by differing copyright laws. iirc, england's copyright law says that shows can use anything that's been on the top 100, which is why you see so much more popular music on smaller-budget shows. when they're aired in the states, though, they usually cut those scenes out rather than pay royalties. it's why my dvd of lost in austen is missing the best scene in the entire show.

that’s just. so weird?

I only noticed things missing when I first saw that the bit where Martha’s mother pulls a gun on the Master was missing. It turns out there’s a good portion cut out, and when I looked at times it looked like they had cut things to make episodes fit into a typical U.S. time slot (42-45 minutes of the show in a 60 minute slot).

The copyright makes a lot of sense (even if it seems kind of stupid to me, like they already paid it to make the episode, do they have to pay every time they run it? how weird is that? do they have to do that with movie reruns? I know very little about this subject).

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You said recently in an answer to an ask that for one of your stories you wrote a kickass opening scene and then had to cut it. I was just wondering, would you ever think about posting that scene on your tumblr? I am really curious to read it.

Ah, I’m afraid I can’t do that. Once I finally realized I had to let it go, it was cut up and put into other other parts of the story. I didn’t end up saving the original opening!

It’s for the best though- it needed to go. And I think almost all of the best bits are in the fic in some form or another.

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how do you do your gifs Channy? like what are the steps? first you color or sharpen or crop? can you tell step by step (doesn't have to be in lots of details)

Hmmm well me personally (this is how I make majority of my gifs):

I make all mine the screencap way (you also have the choice of making them the video way) so first I open the video I wanna gif from in KMPlayer, then I cap that scene, then I open the caps in Photoshop by going to file -> scripts -> load files into stacks (but I’ve been using load multiple files lately because it uploads the caps way faster imo), then I crop & resize the gif & then I pick what psd looks best (which is always the hardest part for me because I like all my gifs to look similar to each other even though most of the time thats hard because every scene is lightened differently & so psds color every scene totally different ways smh especially with cm – literally the hardest show to color ok), then after that I convert all my frames to smart object & then sharpen them with an action, save the gif for ‘web & devices’, preview it & save it & that’s it lol

Sounds confusing & probably like a long process but it’s not once you’ve done it so much like I have lol, I’ve honestly just found my own way to make gifs & most of the time that’s how all gif makers are lol (that is once you’ve read lots of tutorials but figured out things on your own)

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I also have OCD. It tends to make me take so long on working on a chapter. I find it very frustrating at times. Any advice to help me? Things like 'not using the same word twice in a sentence' are my kind of bothersome pet peeves.

Writing in sections or scenes sometimes helps me work faster, but speed is rarely an issue for me, so I may not be the best for advice on this particular issue. Splitting into pieces really does help me a lot, though, whether that be with speeding me up when I am stuck or just helping me piece together a chapter more cleanly or what-have-you. I like to write different scenes in different word documents rather than opening one document and starting from the beginning and pushing my way through. I write what is most dominant in my mind first, and that isn’t always the opening scene, and I keep all my main scenes in separate documents, and then combine them and weave them all together in the proper order at the end. :) This likely didn’t help you at all, and I’m sorry for that, but I hope it does. Take care, XO.

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can someone still be considered punk even though they don't like all of the music associated with the punk scene bc black/death metal / metal core makes my head spin and i get headaches and some asshole said i cant be punk and im weak bc of that ???

omfg tell that person they’re an asshole who doesn’t know wtf they’re talking about, you can be whoever you want to be and listen to whatever u want. like, there’s so many subgenres associated w “the scene” that no 2 “punks” are ever gonna like the same stuff. even me n my best friend don’t. metalcore sux anyway jaja

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BALLERS Ep 101: Dwayne Johnson Gives It Promise

Let me set the scene for the all new HBO series “Ballers.” Spencer Strassmore, played by “The Rock”, is out to make a name as a financial adviser to NFL ballers. Strassmore is a former player who has a circle of friends still in the game that he needs as clients. Dude is a nice guy that doesn’t want to be too pushy getting his crew to come on board with his company. He best get more aggressive if he wants to make an actual living before all his knucklehead buddies go broke though.

The opening scene is probably close to a real morning for a former NFL player as Spencer eats some pills just after dragging his aching body out of bed. The flashbacks we see from Spencer are from his playing days and thankfully actual NFL teams are used in the series. No made up teams and uniforms so the NFL is on board with the show apparently. That could be good and bad. We all remember how the NFL pressured ESPN to cancel “Playmakers” when the League felt they were being shown in a bad light.

Tragedy strikes early when a former Rookie of the Year is killed in a car wreck. His psycho mistress, aka skank, causes the crash when she gets pissed at his refusal to leave his wife for her. Spencer ends up speaking at the funeral which is full of “funeral hoes” according to his buddy Ricky Jerret who plays for the Packers.

Spencer has been working as a financial adviser for just one year and is being pressured by his manager named Joe, played by Rob Corddry, to use his connections to add more clients. Spencer has to deal with lots of drama along with that pressure. There’s the client who needs a small loan of $300K, his friend Ricky Jerret who finds trouble at every turn, and his buddy Charles Greane who is just lucky to get hired as a car salesman.

Greane’s wife played by Jazmyn Simon has some great lines and could wind up one of the best characters on the show. She warns her husband about too much free time and whores being a big cause of death among ballers, pointing to his friend that was killed in the car wreck.

The show is going to resemble “Entourage” a great deal with all the partying. We see how Ricky Jerret likes to get down when he tags a hot lady (in branding I believe), in the restroom. The hot headed Ricky gets hooked by a random dude outside the bathroom and beats him down only to hear the guy say, “get the checkbook ready.” This is the number one reason pro athletes should not go to public parties. Lawsuits are around every corner at places like this. STDs in the bathroom are also a great reason to party at home instead.

Spencer has a heart to heart with Ricky when he sees that the Packers may trade him because of the bad publicity. Ricky says he will retire if they send him to Jacksonville. Spencer laughs in his face as he knows that’s a lie. Few NFL players can use the threat of quitting if they don’t like their situation. What are they going to do to generate that same money? Nothing! They are going to take their ass to work on that football field, no matter what city they are forced to play in. Ricky gets the advice he needs from Spencer, “Wise the fuck up and grow up.”

It’s a bit unrealistic that the Packers end up cutting a guy who had 80 catches the previous season, but hey it’s TV. Ricky gets a chance with the Dolphins after a few calls are made by Spencer and Jason the agent. Charles Greane also puts in the good word for his friend Ricky.

By the way, Charles’ first day of work at the car dealer had his wife thinking his “fat ass had been abducted” when she didn’t find him lounging on the couch.

Ricky’s vulgar prayer shows us that he doesn’t “get it,” and is a real knucklehead. He ends up being one minute late for his meeting with the Dolphins’ coach and as a bonus gets called an asshole by Don Shula. Jerret shows some grit as he waits all day for the guys to return from the fishing trip. So the coach gives him a shot, but knows he will likely regret it.

The first episode wraps up with Spencer coming through with the big loan for one of his clients. The guy has leaches living with him that he doesn’t even know so that $300K will be gone soon and Spencer won’t ever benefit from this guy as a client. Spencer is nearly broke too as we see his ATM visit go horribly.

I would say that “Ballers” could be an entertaining way for young athletes to learn about the perils of fame and fortune. But I know better. Young athletes will only see the fancy cars, hot skanks, and big jewelry. They will pay little attention to the retired guys having to work as car salesmen. “That won’t be me,” I can hear them now.

This show has lots of promise simply because Dwayne Johnson is the lead. I lost interest in action films long ago since they all were about the same with the hero always winning in the end. However, almost every movie that Johnson appears in I end up liking a lot. The guy is just plain entertaining and has the “it factor” of course.

I loved “Entourage” back in the day, even when it got a bit redundant. It was just a fun show to follow. Watching a circle of friends climb the Hollywood ladder made Entourage enjoyable for me. I am hoping for the same thing with Ballers. I know “The Rock” will deliver. It remains to be seen if his supporting crew can hold up their end of the bargain like all the guys from Entourage did.

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all of the Harry Potter questions (:

Okay, sorry this is so late. I didn’t realize how many questions there were but yeah. Thank you so much whoever you are! I love you so much!

1. Do you consider yourself more muggle or more wizard? More wizard, obviously. Is this even a question? 

2. What Hogwarts house are you in? Ravenclaw all the way.

3. Which Harry Potter character would be your best friend?Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe Luna because even though she’s a bit odd, she’s also very observant and extremely intelligent. Yeah, Luna.

4. Which spell would you use the most? Probably Accio, because I’m really lazy and it seems so simple just to say “accio” and have whatever you need fly right to you.

5. Is there a scene from the books that you wish had made it to the movies? The kitchen scenes with Dobby and Winky and all of the other house elves in the Hogwarts kitchens. The fourth movie is probably my least favorite out of the eight though.

6. If you weren’t in the house you are in now, which other house could you see yourself in? Probably Gyrffindor or Hufflepuff, but most likely Gryffindor.

7. What is your favorite Harry Potter related memory? Definitely when I got my first tattoo, because it’s the Deathly Hallows symbol and now I want so many Harry Potter related tattoos.

8. Your favorite subject at Hogwarts? Probably Charms or Transfiguration.

9. Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, Salem Witches Institute, or Hogwarts? Since I live in the U. S. I would probably go to Salem Witches Institute, but personally I would want to go to Hogwarts.

10. Favorite song off the Harry Potter soundtracks? Hedwig’s theme, duh.

11. Who is your least favorite character and why? Dolores Umbridge, and I think that’s pretty self explanatory. I mean, I know a lot of people who just absolutely hate Draco and his family or even Lord Voldemort just on principle, but they were the antagonists throughout the series so it makes sense but it’s kind of repetitive. I picked Umbridge, because she wasn’t necessarily evil. She wasn’t the main focus of the protagonists, like Voldemort and the Death Eaters were. At least, that’s how I see her. Plus, she never really became a person that was sort of absolved of what she did or how she acted. It’s hard for me to explain but hopefully you catch my drift.

12. A Hogwarts house you don’t think you belong in at all? Definitely Slytherin, because honestly, I am not cunning or extremely ambitious in any way.

13. A spell you would never use? Okay, this one is tough, because most people would say the killing curse, Avada Kedavra, but personally I think using the Cruciatus Curse is worse. Think about it. The killing curse, does just that: kills. It’s virtually painless. Whereas the Cruciatus Curse literally tortures people, and can lead to insanity or even death. So I would never inflict that kind of pain on someone. 

14. Who is the most badass character? Either Molly Weasley or Professor McGonagall, because honestly, these two are bamf.

15. If you could talk to J.K. Rowling, what would you tell her? I would tell her she shouldn’t have killed Hedwig, because that was just not fair :(

16. What are your favorite character’s worst qualities? Okay, so my favorite character is Hermione, and she tends to let her intelligence become a superiority complex. I’m re-reading the books (again), and I started noticed that she does that sometimes.

17. When you think of your favorite book from the franchise, what could they have made better in the film? So in Prisoner of Azkaban (my favorite book obviously) I wish they had done the Shrieking Shack scene more like the book had done it. It was way better in the book than in the movie, but I have to give the movie credit for finally getting Harry’s unruly hair right, like damn. 

18. Would you like to own a house elf? So I kinda would, but I would ask them if they wanted to work for me, give them pay if they want it, provide them with an environment they want to live in. I would have one, but I wouldn’t treat it like a slave.

19. What would be your job after your time at Hogwarts? I would like to say I would become an auror but honestly I’d probably end up getting a job at Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley.

20. A subject that seems absolutely pointless to you? Personally, I think all of the subjects at Hogwarts are useful in their own way. They’re diverse enough for everyone to find a subject they like.

21. Your favorite Quidditch team? I’m gonna take one from Ron and say the Chudley Cannons.

22. Which wizarding family would you like to belong to? Definitely the Weasley family.

23. Cloak, stone, or wand? Cloak, because the stone would only cause problems, and the wand would be cool but extremely dangerous.

24. If you could date any of the characters, who would you date? Probably Ron honestly.

25. Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about the wizarding world, but absolutely could not figure out by reading the books? There’s nothing I can really think of, except how James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter never found the Room of Requirement in their time at Hogwarts.

26. Have you ever noticed something that doesn’t make sense to you while reading the books? Actually no.

27. I’m actually skipping this one because it needs a character(s)

28. Your favorite scene from the films? The one in The Deathly Hallows part 2, right after Harry killed Voldemort and he’s walking through the Great Hall and seeing everyone that survived and whatnot and he runs into Hagrid, and yeah I just love that scene because he sees everyone he cares about and knows that he’s saved them and that they fought for him and helped him and yeah.

29. see 27

30. What’s your Patronus? I wanna say it’s some really cool animal with like cool features and whatnot, but nah it’s probably a koala or maybe even a cat.

31. Would you have fought in the Battle of Hogwarts? Uh, duh. Hell yeah, I would have!

32. An unpopular opinion about the world of Harry Potter? I don’t think I have one….

33. Write a letter to the character you hate? I really don’t feel like writing a letter, but basically it would say “Dear Umbridge, I hate you. Hate, Miranda.”

34. What was your thought when you finished the first book? I believe it was something like “Why wouldn’t my teacher let me read these? That was great!” because my first grade teacher wouldn’t let me get it from the library because it wasn’t for my age group, so I borrowed my sister’s copy and read hers. After I finished it, I read the rest of my sister’s copies. I don’t remember how many were out when I was that age, but yeah…

35. What motto would you give the school? I don’t have anything clever or interesting so…I wouldn’t give the school one?

36. Who is your favorite founder? Rowena Ravenclaw…isn’t that obvious? lol

37. A Harry Potter ship you absolutely can’t stand and why? Effing Dramione. It’s just wrong. I can see the basis of it, but just no. stop.

38. Your OTP? Ron and Hermione.

39. there is no question for 39 so I’m just gonna say that i love harry potter

40. What animal would you bring to school with you? An owl of course. It’s a friend and a delivery service.

41. What names would you have given Harry’s children? Okay, keep James and Lily for obvious reasons, but I would’ve named his second son Sirius or Remus or maybe after his best friend Ron or maybe Fred. I don’t know, I just think he made a wrong choice in naming his second son Albus Severus.

42. Which death was the most painful? Sirius and Hedwig tie for this. Sirius, because even though Harry never really knew him until he was 13, Sirius still treated him like family. And Hedwig, because she was always there for Harry while he was at the Dursley’s and he could rely on her. She was one of his best friends.

43. A character you wish were more famous? Seamus, definitely. He didn’t get much screentime either, only when he became relevant to the plot.

44. Have you ever played any of the video games (whether PS, PC, XBox, etc.)? Yes, I played the Order of the Phoenix game on XBox and i have the Deathly Hallows for Nintendo DS and also Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 on DS.

45. What position would you play in Quidditch? Probably either keeper or beater.

46. A character everyone hates that you love? Draco Malfoy.

47. A character everyone loves that you hate? Cho Chang.

48. The funniest character? Fred and George, since I can’t pick between them.

49. Favorite magical creature? Hippogriffs for sure.

50. Your favorite quote from the books? Honestly, I can’t pick between “After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” and “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that.”

51. Roughly how many times have you read the books? Well I read them at least once every summer since like 7th grade, but before that I’d read them like 3 times a year at least since 1st grade, so probably around 30-40 times.

52. Describe what Harry Potter means to you? When I was growing up, I always had trouble fitting in and making friends. Reading became my way of not having to talk to anyone and being able to ignore everyone who picked on me. Books became my best friends. When I started reading Harry Potter, the ridicule had started getting worse, so the Harry Potter books were really my escape from reality. I got to explore and go through these wonderful adventures and experiences with the characters. I didn’t have to worry about what other people thought of me while reading. It became a home, especially since my home life wasn’t too great either. It was a way to ignore my parents fighting and my sister’s comments and jokes about me. Harry Potter means so much more to me than people think. Yes, they are great books, but for me it isn’t like I’m reading a book, it’s like I’m finally living. Even as I got older, Harry Potter grew older with me. The world of Harry Potter was my refuge, and no matter how many times I read the books, I can never get enough of them. They mean so much to me.

Anyway! Thank you anon for doing this! Seriously, I’m super happy I got to do these! Thank you! I love you! And it only took me two hours to get it done!

Review: Trainwreck

One day Judd Apatow is going to learn the value of film editing, and that day is going to be glorious. Until that day comes though, we will have to settle for the “good but not great” output that make up the bulk of his directorial filmography.

This time around the movie that is involved is Trainwreck, which is Amy Schumer’s big screenwriting and leading lady debut. It’s a simple enough, genderswapped romantic comedy story where a caddish lady (Amy Schumer) falls in love with a bookish, boring guy (a wonderful Bill Hader), and is convinced that maybe settling down isn’t so bad after all. What makes it work in moments though is how strong some of the punchlines land, particularly strong in making them work is surprisingly LeBron James, who is a fantastic scene partner for Hader in the film’s best scenes. 

As funny as the film is though, and as smart as it is for not messing around with the romcom scripting formula too much lest it get overly complicated, the editing really kills it. There are whole scenes that add nothing to the comedy or story of the film, and at a certain point, it begins to get tiring. The film has an absurd running time of 2 hours and 5 minutes, when it easily could have been cut down to 1 hour and 40 minutes or so 

As it is though, Trainwreck is the perfect example of an Apatow film. A bloated, decently funny look at relationships that never quite reaches the moments of greatness it might have with a different director at the helm.

Final Rating:  ★ ★ ★ (★) ☆

Director: Judd Apatow
Starring: Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, LeBron James, Brie Larson

honestly my favorite scene from any of Sherri’s books is in Cloak & Silence when Maris is in the ambulance and he says “Darling” and Darling AND Ture both respond. Like Ture never doubts for a goddamn second that he is who Maris is talking to, even though Darling is literally the name of the best friend and Maris does love him, Ture does not doubt him at all in regards to his relationship with Darling. The fucking openness, the trust, I will never be over that scene. He knows his boyfriend has feelings for this other person but never once doubts his own place in his boyfriend’s heart. I’m so happy.

Also Ant Man is the best 3D experience I ever had??

It looked sharp with the glasses, it was still bright and colorful, there was no ‘OH THIS SCENE IS IN 3D.. THIS OTHER SCENE ISN’T. KEEP YOUR GLASSES ON THOUGH.’ problem I had with other movies I saw here

Or maybe that’s a thing that happens with subbed version because of all the subtitles?

I honestly do not know