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(Spoilers) When do you think they found out Pidge was Katie since they all, except Lance, seemed to know ?

I think the best hints to that are in the reveal scene itself. (Or several scenes, as the case may be. I’m just going to talk about everyone because that’s what I do.)

1) Hunk and Keith

These two are the most ambiguous, but we can make some guesses, though there’s no single point we can look to. 

Hunk spent time with Pidge and Lance Pre-Voltron. Considering how badly the three of them were squabbling during the simulation, either they barely knew each other or they knew each other pretty well (that just seems to be how it works). 

However, just from the rooftop scene, I don’t think Pidge was super close to either of them, but the three of them were close enough that Pidge would be included in their trip to town, and Lance and Hunk weren’t just told to get lost. This gives Hunk plenty of time to ‘figure it out’, but he probably didn’t find it important enough to bring up, respecting Pidge’s privacy. Notice he says ‘figured’ here, not ‘knew’, so he only had suspicions at the most, there was no secret finding out on his own.

Keith is a bit of a wild card (as always). The two of them don’t seem to know each other at all until Shiro crash lands. If he did figure it out on his own, it would be sometime after the team forms, with one possible theory mentioned here.

Another is that Keith seems to be uniquely perceptive about things, intuitive in the way that is necessary to pilot the Red Lion on instinct (as Allura mentions when designating the Lions). It’s possibly just another thing he sensed. I’d say he could be bluffing or just tagging along with what the others say, but if he were genuinely surprised, I’m sure we could tell with how he wears his heart on his sleeve. 

2. Coran

Coran seems genuinely confused here, so I don’t think there ever was a point where Pidge was considered a boy in his eyes. There was never a need to figure it out, because he’d always assumed. It is possible he’s lying, but he’s been known to be honest in a carefree way about other things, such as the rocks that rained from the sky on Altea. Either way, he’s not surprised either.

3. Allura

We get to see her discovery on screen, and she’s baffled, openly surprised by it. Unlike Coran, the thought probably never crossed her mind.

4. Shiro

He probably knew the instant Pidge mentioned the Holts were family.

Even if they got separated early on after being captured by the Galra, there was at least a two month period of time (Samuel Holt mentions eating space peas for two months around the dinner table in Pidge’s flashback) where he was in close quarters with Matt and Samuel. A doting father, who’s clearly proud of Pidge and what she will accomplish one day, plus an extended period of time doing… pretty much nothing equals stories. Shiro probably got quite an earful about Katie, and with no mention of another brother from either Matt or Samuel, he made the connection. (Also look at this man’s freaking face, wth that should be illegal. Here have the screenshot without the text:)

Sorry, moving on.

5: Lance

This loser had no idea. Considering his approach to every female that has appeared on screen, he probably thinks of himself as an expert in women. Pidge completely blindsides him here. Come on, get yourself together. (To his credit, he doesn’t treat Pidge any differently after finding out. Kudos.)

Star Vs The Forces of Evil episode in August

according to Zap2it (not an official source, but a reliable one)

NOTE: as usual these are just personal theories, I’m probably wrong about a loooot of things

- Star vs. Echo Creek : No idea. Maybe the scenes of city-destruction from the promo are from this episode, but I think they might be from the next segment, or even from another episode.
Maybe it’s “Star is lost, alone, in Echo Creek and it’s surroundings, and has to ‘best’ the city”. Then all those scenes with Star alone, dirty, in the woods, and then the hug at the police station, might be from this episode, and not Star on Wheels as I’ve often speculated.

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Friends after all - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter ??? (Fake boyfriend/Neighbour AU) ~ Deleted Scene

Title: Friends after all

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Lisa Braeden

Warnings: Angst 

Summary: AU. Dean Winchester. Mechanic. Neighbour. Best friend. Single father. And fake boyfriend? You babysit his daughter. You’ve known him for years and you’ve been really close. Everything will be put to test though when your sister’s wedding approaches and he has the brilliant idea of pretending to be your boyfriend. Nobody would have ever thought of the result. Certainly not you.

A deleted scene from and upcoming chapter. Take a look. 

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“You’re such a huge idiot you know that?” a small smirk formed on your lips and he smiled slightly as well.

“Yeah” he breathed out “I can’t even count how many times we’ve been in this situation before.”

“I certainly can.” you noted, a small smirk on your face and a chuckle left his lips.

“You have the right to say anything you want to. I will take all of it. I know I am a big jerk.” he was so glad you could joke at this, despite how much he’d hurt you.

“Yeah, more like jerkass. Jerk plus ass and all that comes from that. Asshole. Assbutt. Pain in the ass. Huge let me tell you.” you started rambling and he rolled his eyes.

“Yeah yeah fine, I get it.” he grumbled and you looked at him, a smile forming on your lips. Just like his.

A small chuckle left your lips “You will really have to try hard to make up for this, you know.”

“I know.” he was more serious “I know and I will try. My hardest. Trust me. I won’t rest until I have fully made up for it.”

“Trust me… I know” you breathed out, all playfulness gone. Brows slightly frowned.

You knew he was probably not going to really make up for it. No matter what Dean did and no matter how much he tried he’d always end up hurting you much worse than the previous time.

You let a small sigh, not wanting to really show him what you felt and thought. Instead you danced to the song, slowly swaying together.


As seen she forgives him but this is a deleted scene, so it might not have actually happened that way into the read story.

300 followers GIF-away!

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i've just finished hit the floor and i hope it's okay that i came here just to yell but wHY ARE THERE NOT MORE GIF SETS OF THE SCENE AT THE HOUSE? like good golly i never knew i was a sucker for hurt/comfort but that was like the most beautiful thing ever and i MIGHT have shed a few tears? (ok, let's be real, there were a lot of tears). also how does it feel to have the best url?

You right though! That scene was like a pivotal moment in Jude & Zero’s relationship! It was a beautifully sad moment! So you yell ALL YOU WANT ‘CAUSE IT DESERVES MORE RECOGNITION! 

On the down low, I’ll try to do more edits of that scene.

(And real talk…I sometimes just stare at my url and kind of just admire it and ask “why does God love me this much?”) 

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To answer the Park Shin Hye question, as someone who used to be not so fond of her, her acting wasn't great. She chose some pretty bland or cliche roles, her characters were often the same and her kiss scenes were very... well, she didn't really move her lips. Or face. She's improved a lot though; she seems to be more willing to step out of her comfort zone and it's really doing her well. To put it shortly - people didn't like her because as an actor, she didn't act very well.

I assure you that when they shoot kissing scenes the actors do exactly what pd tells them. Her kisses in those dramas were like that because all kisses in all dramas for younger audience were like that at the time. Slow lip-touching at best. I recall her movie miracle in Cell No.7 was well received and her acting in Flower Boys Next Door was acknowledged as good too. As I said, the fact that she got popular by playing bland characters is what made people dislike her.

so i saw the new Ghostbusters and i actually really loved it

and it really didn’t have….like, any real “feminism” type themes? i mean, unless you count the fact that it just has women in it. it generally wasn’t particularly leaned towards either side. i’d heard they’d added in a scene about the ‘haters’ but honestly, i have no idea what scene that could of been. they all seemed to fit into the plot very well and nothing seemed egregious.

other than that, it was just a movie about a group of ladies that are all really funny. of course it wasn’t the best movie ever, and that’s fine, but i still liked it a lot. 

it certainly doesn’t deserve to be hated or revered for it’s women-cast though. that honestly seemed to have almost nothing to do with the movie as a whole.