Blizzard Christophe Jacrot

It is the dream-like aspect of climate that interests me, as well as its romantic-fictional dimension and its unpredictability—that which emanates, after all, from the implacable whims of the skies and offers us an infinite range of atmospheric moods: a typhoon in Hong Kong, torrential rain in Tokyo, a snow storm in New York, icy rain in Greenland, a cloudburst in Paris, the monsoon in India, snowscapes in Iceland, a blizzard in Normandy, in Bucharest, or Chicago…

I loved wandering through mega-cities as they grappled with weather phenomena, and capturing the harsh beauty of these “meteors” from the point of view of an observer of the fragile equilibrium of the world we live in.

Images and text via Christophe Jacrot

Kung Fu Panda 3 Full Movie

In original movie “Embrace of the Serpent (2016),” he will take us to the most extraordinary location of all—inside the mind. When Box Office’s movies with the same theme, produces imaginative, fairy tale and fantasy films. Hungry Hearts is successfully increases the row of film Hungry Hearts is the character of the classic story, which was filmed for the first time. Great credit to the director of Hitting the Apex , who greatly gives a new color in the world of cinema. Surely this is a new thing for Disney films over the years. The main characters are superbly appointed and the title of the film is usually loved by the audience which makes it all become iconic and remembered for all time.

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How to Be Single Movie Detail

Storyline : New York City is full of lonely hearts seeking the right match, and what Alice, Robin, Lucy, Meg, Tom and David all have in common is the need to learn how to be single in a world filled with ever-evolving definitions of love.

Release Date : 2016-02-10

Casts : Rebel Wilson, Tuesday Knight, Nick Bateman, Damon Wayans Jr., Lily Collins, Alison Brie, Dakota Johnson, Dan Stevens, Leslie Mann, Jason Mantzoukas, Jake Lacy, Maria Breyman, Charlotte Kirk, Carla Quevedo, Anders Holm, Nicholas Braun

Duration : 95 minutes

Rating : 4.4


‘Girl Meets Commonism’ clip

How to Be Single Movie (2016) Original Title

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➴ How to Be Single Movie Storyline:
New York City is full of lonely hearts seeking the right match, and what Alice, Robin, Lucy, Meg, Tom and David all have in common is the need to learn how to be single in a world filled with ever-evolving definitions of love.

↡ Movie Details :
Release Date : 2016-02-10
Category : Comedy, Romance
Casts : Alison Brie, Jason Mantzoukas, Tuesday Knight, Leslie Mann, Jake Lacy, Anders Holm, Nicholas Braun, Maria Breyman, Damon Wayans Jr., Dakota Johnson, Dan Stevens, Carla Quevedo, Rebel Wilson, Nick Bateman, Charlotte Kirk, Lily Collins
Duration : 95 minutes

Things the Signs Shouldn't be Insecure About
  • Aries:Their unbridled enthusiasm. Without their encouragement we'd never get as far as we possibly could.
  • Taurus:Their persistence. Without them pushing us through we'd never overcome our obstacles.
  • Gemini:Their wit. Without their wit we'd never be able to keep a serious situation light.
  • Cancer:Their clinginess. Without their clinginess we'd never know how to rely on others in times of need.
  • Leo:Their melodrama. Without their melodrama life would never be as exhilarating as it could be.
  • Virgo:Their inflexibility. Without their inflexibility we'd never learn how to compromise.
  • Libra:Their love for all things. Without that, we'd never find as much beauty in the world.
  • Scorpio:Their intensity. Without their intensity we'd never find the depth in the world around us.
  • Sagittarius:Their restlessness. Without their restlessness we'd never learn to keep moving on.
  • Capricorn:Their pessimism. Without their pessimism we'd never know that sometimes things won't always work out and that it's ok.
  • Aquarius:Their eccentrics. Without their eccentrics we'd never know that it's just fine to do our own thing.
  • Pisces:Their idealism. Without their idealism we'd never know just how much drive a dream can give.

Good morning and welcome to the weekend bombshells. With a busy day of relaxing ahead I am wrapping up in all black, strappy backs, and sleek sexy simplicity love. My picks are from the VS Very Sexy collection and are the the front close push up bra and strappy back v-string panty. Feeling empowered, strong, confident, sexy, and beautiful to the core, I am ready to embrace all the coming day has in store. Start your day off right, with a smile and wrapped up in a lingerie set you love. Take a couple of minutes for yourself, breathe deeply, focus on the positive, and open your heart a little further to truly feel the beautiful person you are inside and out. Love yourself without exception and know in your mind that this feeling is right. Stand up for what you believe, fight to be the good in the world, and let your self love radiate out to lift up and touch the lives of all who surround you. Be ever proud of the person you are, walking tall through your day with your head held high in the knowledge that your light makes this world a brighter place in all that you do. Let the people in your life feel the power of your love expressed through your words and actions. Give your all in pursuit of your dreams and allow your passions to burn at their brightest to light the path in life that is meant for you and you alone. Let your true light shine for all to see so you may have like light find its way into your life. Allow grace, compassion, and kindness to be your by your side at all times. Celebrate the beautiful journey of everyday, always remembering that the journey is what life is all about. Choose to see the beauty in others, know in your heart that love can win, and have an incredible time rocking your day! Love you all to pieces. Stay true to your light. xoxo MML <3

jikook imagines: famous pop star jeon jungkook rumored to be dating his backup dancer park jimin

the two were spotted together in numerous occasion together for over a month now. the pairs were seen being very affectionate with each other and it has been reported that jungkook could be serious with his cute boyfriend park jimin.

fans has suspected the couple for years now gathering evidence of a possible romance between the pop star and his dancer being seen in the picture below.

It has been confirmed by jungkook’s manager that it is true jungkook has been seeing park jimin for over five years now. He implied that the pop star is very fond of his boyfriend and that they currently had moved in together. Clearly this pairs are the hottest couple around in the showbiz and we wishes all the love in the world for them.

hekate1308 asked:

For the translation issue: The German version of Cas' "You've destroyed any nostalgia I had for you" from 7x01 is "You've destroyed any feelings I had for you, Dean."

OH MY GOD, it gets better and better, apparently translators from all over the world are assuming that Dean and Cas are HELLA in love, lmao!

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Because there’s just too much injustice in this world, too much hate & too much violence

If you want things to change, you can start by yourselves

All little actions counts, like helping your olders to cross the street or just by listening to someone who needs to be listened

Don’t forget to fight the hate with love

there is always another one walking beside you

I’ve been thinking about this post all day and what I wanted to say so we’ll see where this takes me. Today, five years ago, one of the most formative authors from my childhood passed away. I picked up my first Redwall book in fourth grade at my school’s library. It was Martin the Warrior and it was the most beautiful, poignant story my nine/ten year old self had ever read. It stuck with me, getting right down into my bones and becoming as much a part of me as my blood.

I went back again and again to the library, checking out each and every one of those books (and racking up my AR score cause those suckers were like 20+ points a piece). Fortunately, despite being in the middle of podunk Alabama, the library had all of the ones that had been published until that point and I devoured them. They were a new world, an escape, a canvas to paint my imagination on, and I did. The Redwall books took up with me and ran. In my imaginary games, in my dreams, in my own little stories and poems that I started writing.

They got me through middle school and high school and they’re still on my bookshelf to this day, and that’s where they’ll always be. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them, I don’t honestly know who I would’ve turned out to be without them or if I would’ve made it at all. They were a major influence on me and I’ve tried my best to live like those blessed creatures of Redwall by being kind and patient and warm (sometimes I’ve failed doing that, but I’ve always tried).

Now when I think about them I know they’re the same old tropes time and time again, I know it’s very black and white, but I also know that each one is still a good story. It’s the same plot; but there are different characters, different reactions, different griefs, different places and sprinkled throughout every single one of those books is love love love. The Redwall books celebrate friendship and bravery and taking care of one another, and these are things that have remained in my heart. Now when I’m editing my own writing I can see those common themes, the little slants that got there because a man named Brian Jacques wrote these wonderful children’s books and I got a hold of them in one of the most formative stages of my childhood.

A major recurring theme in the Redwall series is coming home, always being welcomed back with tears and happiness even if not everyone made it back. And in just about every single book Mr. Jacques ended with an open invite, saying that the gates of Redwall are always open to friends, no matter the season; so no matter how long it’s been or how old I am I know that I’ll always be able to go back to those books and they’ll still pull me in and take me to the world of Redwall.

So for that Mr. Jacques I thank you from the deepest depths of my heart that you gave me these little pieces of hope and light and always that reassurance that it will be okay, sometimes it’s dark and sometimes you lose people, but it’ll be okay. Just keep living and loving and keeping a hold of your warrior spirit.That’s why I’ve got the compass from Legend of Luke tattooed on my shoulder, because Redwall will always be a part of me, guiding me and protecting me from what the world might throw at me.


Dally’s Wedding Vow’s

You looked up at your soon to be husband expectantly, the priest had told Dally to recite his vows…, his hands were shaking and he was shifting around on his feet, deep breaths escaping his lips anxiously. 

“You’re okay” You whispered under your breath, reaching out to grasp his hands in yours. “Just breathe, they’re not here… it’s only you and I.”

“I had something prepared…” He muttered awkwardly. “But I’m not going to say it. I don’t think the words I wrote could properly describe how I feel for you. I’m not a man of words and I rarely share how I feel, but today is a special day. Because today is the day where you are mine forever. I know I don’t say this to you enough, but I love you… more than anything in this world. My promise to you is… that I will kill all the spiders. I won’t expect you to cook and clean all by yourself, I will take care of you through sickness and health, and you can take care of me too.” By now you had tears in your eyes as you listened to the words that he hardly ever spoke to you. 

“I will kiss your door slammed fingers and go out at midnight just to buy you ice cream when you’re craving it. I promise that I’ll hold your heart carefully and never let it shatter. I’ll never stay angry at you, and I’ll forgive you for all your mistakes. I will spend every single day falling even more in love with you.” 

He wiped away your tears… and you launched yourself into his arms, pressing your lips to his with all your might.

Leo Fitz 2x11: The Caregiver

He puts others first. Always. Doesn’t matter if it’s Jemma or Skye or Mack. Leo Fitz’s superpower (other than his genius) is his selflessness—his empathy with others around him. He doubts himself and blames himself before he ever points fingers at other people. Caring for and protecting the ones he cares for is how Fitz loves himself and how he loves other people.

Fitz exhibits this quality most often and most intensely with Jemma. Protecting her and caring for her is the same as caring for himself-for if she’s not okay (physically or emotionally) neither is he.  While Fitzsimmons still have trouble connecting in Aftershocks, Fitz finds use for his superpower with other people around him.

Skye needs him. Mack needs him. They have no idea how much they need Fitz. And Fitz—he has no idea how much he needs to help them, to help himself. For months, Fitz’s world has all been internal. He had to focus on helping himself first—before he could consider helping other people.

Not being able to share one’s superpower, one’s special talents, is hard for anyone, but it’s much harder for Fitz. Fitz is someone who needs to create an imagined Jemma to remind him to put himself first. His selflessness comes out so naturally because it’s who he is. He can’t survive without it.

So, when he sees how lost and scared Skye is and how angry Mack is, Fitz has an opportunity to share his superpower and he seizes it without thinking. He identifies himself in their struggles, because he’s been there. He knows how they feel and how he can be there for them. How many times has he said to himself (or imagined Jemma said to him), “You’re just different now and there’s nothing wrong with that,”? Well—probably not enough because all of us could hear that once a day and it still wouldn’t be enough.—The point is, that Fitz told himself that, created a mantra for himself, before he ever assured Skye with it. Part of Fitz’s struggles with his brain injury had to do with Fitz learning how to take care of himself before other people.

But now that Fitz has learned to care for himself, he is able to ignite his extraordinary caring powers when the people he loves need it most and take the next step in saving himself.

       i actually just went back through my archive because i thought this blog was older and i didn’t believe myself. that’s a lot of people in six months & it has felt like i’ve had this blog for an eternity but like ??? i’m never good with words, i’d rather just have ripley speak which is a good point. ripley has been my greatest blog, the muse i’ve connected with the most and i’ve made so many wonderful roleplay partners and i love every single follower, down to the personal’s. that’s for making this one hell of an experience and giving me a place i can go to forget the world. 

@divine-clarity / @tornhumanity / @assholemodel – i’m sorry i got you into the alien series and by that i mean i’m completely lying. i’m not sorry at all. thanks for being the call to my ripley and thanks for continuing to be the alice to my claire and over all, thanks for being such a great girlfriend. thanks for being the world’s best roleplay partner. just thanks, christina, thanks for being you. you’ll always be my favorite person to write with. no matter what. | @xvitvarg – our conversations are always so strange, but you’ve become such a good friend and i honestly can’t say anything else about you but that i love you to death. you’re so amazing. | @brideofsparda – you’re probably wondering why you’re here when we barely speak, but in all honesty, i’ve always just been a huge fan of yours. thanks for existing, mina & i’m sorry for being super creepy. | @iskariouth – hey, thanks for being such a stable friend, thanks for being around and most of all, thanks for always being on my dash. you’re such a wonderful writer and such an amazing human being. | @liabxlxty  – you follow me wherever you go, you’re my favorite support system and i’ll always have a foam finger that says, ‘i’m team brandy.’ | @matriarkh – you’re probably my senpai and i love your writing to death, you’re such a wonderful presence on my dash and i am Blessed to know you. | @hollowcorpse – you’re honestly one of the few people that put a world’s worth of effort into a ship with me and i’ll be forever grateful i met you.  

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Tell me about how you burned Rome to the ground with the flicker of an eyelash, tell me about all the lost pieces of Atlantis you found when you were surrounded by seabed, tell me, did they whisper their stories to you? did the catacombs tremble, did the fire melt away?

(did they mistake you for gold, 
try and imprison you in their aureate city?)

You taught me what it meant to bruise, what a hundred collapsing stars sounded like, the sweet nothings Zeus whispered to Hera back when love wasn’t as fragile as splintered glass and tear-stained cheeks. I felt the world falling away, 
you were spinning me into gossamer, 
I was entangled in you, 
in the battle lines we’d already drawn 
without even realizing it because 
militat omnis amans, 
because this will end in bloodshed. There are tales, that even the sun is 
afraid to swallow, how my wax wings
were burned off, how you blackened a
bit of my soul, whilst lightening it 
at the same time.
Those are the nights the sea, the stars, 
even the settling dust, will never forget.
The nights, even the gods were tempted
 to bow down in our worship.

—  This Holy War We Trudge / @jupiterreed

y o u r  w o r d s  i n  m y  m o u t h;  {covers}

you were always good with words. you crafted them into something magnificent and divine. worlds spun from the sounds that escaped your lips and filled my mind. you breathed life into me with every syllable. i was all mechanical stutters, and you were spirals of enchanting melodies. my hollow words in your mouth, transformed into something so much more.

at first this was just a compilation of some of my favourite covers, but it soon turned into a cluster of mostly sad love songs.