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post more ri/s/en headcanons?

!!!! of course (this ended up being a tiny ficlet lmao sorry)

for all his life Rick has had alpha male masculine no homo forced down his throat and he’s never let himself cry around people. the only times someone else has seen him crying was:

  1. when bill had hurt him particularly badly and that night when he was crying himself to sleep in his bedroom Janet heard and came in
  2. one night he was in the cave with Kieren and when he thought Kieren was asleep he let himself start to quietly sniffle to himself

and from then on he was more careful. at times he had probably been near breaking point, eyes watering and body seeming to shake, but Rick wouldn’t let himself cry in front of anyone - even Kieren, who he knew would not mock him and who he trusted with his (second) life.

it was unhealthy. he needed to be able to cry and bottling up his emotions for months at a time and weeping for hours the moment he had locked himself away somewhere was not right and it worried Kier to no end.

that was one reason why they were so lucky to end up with Simon. after the initial awkwardness between them, Rick and Simon ended up very close. one night Simon asked Rick about his past and his dad, knowing the brief summary from what Kieren had told him, but feeling that he should know for himself.

Rick had closed up and awkwardly sat, not saying anything for ages. Simon started talking about all the stuff with his own family, hoping that would get Rick to open up, but not planning on pushing him about it if he didn’t want to.

when Simon was done Rick started to talk. he gave the short version, trying to keep emotionless, but Simon gently prompted him to go on, realising there was things Rick needed to let out. Rick talked and talked until he paused, his voice hitching and breaking, his shoulders suddenly shaking as he started to cry and cry for minutes on end, Simon just holding him, rubbing his back and whispering small reassurances into his hair.

i feel i made this too sad u were probably hoping for a cute headcanon im sorry im so so sorry

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So, remember how we talked earlier this week about how I was going to DCC, where Osric was going to be, and how I was going to try and ask him about both KCWG and whether or not he knows about the NHI and what his thoughts are about that? Me and some friends talked with him about the NHI, and he talked about KCWG during his panel. I will be posting about both, as well as a full transcript of the panel (audio on my ipod). Feel free to publish this ask to let others know! :)

Spoilers: the only thing he actually ended up saying about KCWG is that they’d be a lot of fun if the writer would stop messaging him at ass-o-clock in the morning after several shots of Jameson.

But seriously followers, go check out this blog for DCC updates about everyone’s favorite Spiderman fancast.

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Now whenever anything slightly Destiel-y happens or homoerotic scenes crop up, I automatically check no homo intern tag and the posts are all gold x) NHI is one of the greatest fandom creation :)

*Lizbob’s continued amusement at the NHI soaking up all the attention*

I’ll start preparing the carnival float dedicated to the No Homo Intern in case of canon Destiel. :P

okay I like au’s where Bokuto is the one whose all “aha no homo” after kissing Akaashi or doesn’t notice how Akaashi feels for him but what about Bokuto being super affectionate for Akaashi and Akaashi being the one to turn him down or ignore his affection? So in the end, Bokuto graduates and Akaashi wishes he told Bokuto how he felt before because now it’s too late and they’re too far apart

The doodle was meant to be related but now it’s just a doodle of them sleeping


look at this its the lesbian version of bonnie and clyde 

Soo really 2014 was pretty much about….

Swimming Homos


Terrorist Homos


Detective Homos

 High School Homos

Actual Homos 

Celebrity Homos 

Volleyball Homos

Haru’s Cousin Stuck With Sea Creatures & A Mermaid Homos 

Rich Shota Stuck At A Circus Homos

More Detective Homos 

God Homos

Element Bending Homos