I think the first real love relationship any of us ever have in our lives is with our bodies. We enter into it the moment we’re born, and whether or not we love them back, our bodies want us to be okay. When we’re cold, they make us shiver and close up our pores like shutters on a window before a hurricane. When we hurt our backs, muscles contract and keep us from moving and irritating spine and disc further. We drink too much, our stomach makes it all come back out, like a best friend sucking poison from a snake bite. Whether we love our bodies or not, they all try in their own ways– because every body differs–to look out for us. To do whatever they can, however they can, to help us thrive. I aspire to love that way, to love recklessly, freely, to love for loves’ sake. To love someone unselfishly and look after them because I only want to help them thrive. 

it makes me fucking gag when ppl are like “SUPERWHOLOCK IS THE GAYEST CROSSOVER EVER!!! THE THREE GAYEST SHOWS ON TV!!!” like….straight allies i dont know how to break this to you…but two white guys who are friends and go “no homo!” is not representation….at all….

windwaker2 asked:

womit geben sich eigentlich alle medien das recht homo ehe zu sagen wenn homo auf dem meisten schulhöfen noch ein schimpfwort ist? was wenn zwei bisexuelle heiraten ist es dann immer noch homo ehe? ist es zu viel aufwand gleichgeschlechtliche ehe zu sagen