Sometimes I picture the atypicals watching tv a doing a commentary on characters with the same powers as them, like Chloe watching X-men and being all ‘ha I know that feel bro’ at Jean or Caleb catching an episode of Charmed and going ‘What are you DOING Phoebe, THAT’S NOT HOW EMPATHY WORKS’ or Mark watching literally any power switch episode of a show like ‘been there, done that’ and everyone just kinda booing when a mind controller shows up

I haven’t mentioned it on here but I’m writing a fast n loose n casual KH summary for a friend who only played the first one and wants to get back into the series and so far I’ve written some great gems:

  • “[on the X-blade] The Original One. Every Keyblade after this is man-made and actually just trying to cramp this one’s style”
  • “[on the Keyblade War] What KHUX is currently trying and failing to tell us about but u can have that salt later“
  • “the more human it looks the more you should run”
  • “There is friendship and adventure and maybe a Final Fantasy character or two before Sora finds out Kairi’s out of commission and Riku is a bag of dicks who thinks Sora’s ditched him“
  • “Oh yeah somewhere in there Maleficent gets brutally murdered by Sora and Ansem is also a Heartless and not named Ansem actually BUT ANYWAYS“
  • they’re all really disorganized and maybe a little, oh, I dunno, backstabby.“
  • “[Riku] agrees to stop chilling so he can kick Ansem’s ass“
  • really it’s a beautiful thing to see a bag of dicks turning into a wonderful young dork of a man.“
  • “there u are Axel the plot and the angel of death missed u ya red haired hedgehog.“
  • Sora it’s your job to fix this because you have the Keyblade. 
         “Alright!” says Sora, quietly thinking about how hot Riku’s gotten in this year or so.”
  • “Hey Mr. Ansem you kinda were evil a year ago but I guess you’re ok-” 
         “Sora he’s Riku” says Kairi with magical bullshit-proof Heart of Pure Light
         “YOU’RE RIKU?!” says Sora, immediately on his knees and crying in the gayest moment I have ever seen.“
  • “they sit there and start confessing all their bro feels but just before they can say that maybe there is a little homo and have the series banned forever and Disney privileges revoked a magical letter from Kairi comes by and the fuzzy memories of that third friend they’ve been forgetting come back and open a magical door“
  • “[Xemnas] says in a totally supportive and not creepy way that he can give you “purpose”, and that purpose is joining the totally not a cult Organization XIII. … Congrats, Roxas, you’re employed at a cult at the tender age of nothing.“
  • “Roxas’s ever growing list of “why” as he enters toddlerhood“
  • “the narrative is still trying to save face about Sora not being gay by claiming his most important memories are of Kairi.”
  • “REWIND EVEN LONGER. Sora’s a fucking baby which means it’s time for a NEW PROTAGONIST“
  • it’s Riku’s arc if ever-trusting and somewhat-oblivious Sora was at the helm.“
  • “Not-Roxas has Roxas’s face with blonde eyebrows instead of brown and is much less focused on existential angst (for now) and much more focused on having fun times and good friends.“
  • “ “I got u bro” says this weird new baby friend“
  • “Mark Hamill says Mr. Spock is actually Master Xehanort and totally not evil please ignore the dark skin, golden eyes, black coat, bald of evil, wavy and dramatic fingers, evil smirk, and various other alarms for a evil person. “Trust me we were college roommates” says Mark Hamill.“

@kyleisokay requested: I need more Dino in my lyfe. What has you did 2 me??? Can I get like, lazy day snaps of him just bein a cute lil bf??? None of that rude shit hes been pullin recently with his hot self. I am pained. Save me.
So yo, Dino rarely puts out selfies so this was difficult for me to make like a whole story set thing so I hope this works! I’m really nervous to put these out. You’re welcome for all the Chan feels bro. Also speaking of Chan, HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIXPACK PERFORMANCE!!?!?!? I am still not over it. Thanks for the request.

I think now the initial post-episode adrenaline rush has dispersed a little, I’m into the denial and disbelief phase of proceedings.

- We didn’t really get an on-screen depiction of a young Mycroft finding an even younger drugged-up Sherlock possibly ODing in a scuzzy drug den.

- We didn’t really get verbal confirmation that this wasn’t a one-time event but that Mycroft had to go searching for his wayward drug-abusing little brother in all sorts of places on multiple occasions.

- We didn’t really discover that as on some level Mycroft accepts that stopping the drug use entirely is a hopeless task, he made his little brother agree to at least document what he takes for him. And that Mycroft seems to keep those lists.

…oh no wait, we did.

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Can u do dean thomas and seamus finnigan? (that came out wrong oops)

Either way the answer is HELL YES

  • Okay so I know people joke about Harry being so oblivious that they could have been dating all 7 books but I don’t think it was actually til after the battle of Hogwarts
  • Well okay, backtrack a little. During the fourth year Dean found himself inexplicably jealous and distraught when Lavender asked Seamus to go to the Yule Ball with her, but then that didn’t go anywhere and Dean was like oh okay yeah. It’s all cool. Just normal bro feelings. Nothing gay here.
    • (Lavender totally asked Seamus instead of the other way around. Lavender doesn’t have time to wait for dumb boys to get shit done. Girl wanted a date.)
  • And fifth year passed without incident
  • But then sixth year  Dean started going out with Ginny and I think Seamus is probably a LOT WORSE about handling jealousy in a mature way? You thought Harry was bad; Seamus was trying to find a non-verbal breakup spell for moooonths. 
  • And then came seventh year and I think Seamus would have been the only one that Dean told before he went on the run. Seamus BEGGED Dean to come hide out at the Finnigan house, but Dean wouldn’t have it. He didn’t want to put Seamus in danger.
  • Then Dean showed up for the battle and the book actually says, text, that Seamus like gives a roar of joy and goes to hug him or something; I chose to think this means he snogged the hell out of him but Harry was too preoccupied to notice.
  • So basically what I’m saying is they took their sweet time getting together and then at the end when they were both still alive they just sat in the rubble holding hands like a couple of dorks.
  • They spent the next year figuring out what they were gonna do with their lives. There wasn’t much rush; I’d like to think the wizarding world as a whole was pretty gentle with the younger generation who got dragged into the war.
  • I’d like to think Dean’s art skills didn’t go to waste and that there’s a nice wizarding art store somewhere in Diagon Alley he can work in. Seamus is working over in Quality Quidditch Supplies, maybe. 
  • So basically once they actually got their dumb selves together they were the chillest couples ever; I mean they’ve been bffs and living together for  years, so it’s not like it was that much of a transition getting a place in Diagon Alley. They live like 5 minutes away from their jobs, so they have nice slow mornings, take their sweet time kissing each other goodbye, walk each other to work most days.
  • They totally take their lunches together too. These two might be sickeningly sweet, actually.
  • They do dinner with each of their parents once or twice a month; they like keeping in touch with the family. Holidays get divied between the families as evenly as possible. 
  • Seamus still has his little jealousy problems from time to time, but by the time he and Dean are at Harry and Ginny’s wedding (party! of! the! decade!) he’s pretty much over it. 
  • Probably one of those couples who have been together so long no one remembers that they’re not technically married. They finally made it official a few years after they adopted the first of their kids.
  • There’s a whole gaggle of Finnigan-Thomas kids by the way; three or four, so they have to get a bigger place in the countryside. They end up about a ten minute’s walk from Seamus’ mum. Dead strongly suspects this was arranged by Team Finnigan behind his back but just shakes his head and grins.
  • Seamus is totally the dad who embarrasses the kids by standing up and yelling too loud at Little League Quidditch and football practice
    • Dean insisted the kids be allowed to play football if they want. It is too a proper sport, Seamus, shut up.
  • Seamus is like 5 feet tall but is the most aggressive big spoon on the planet. He’ll walk up behind Dean and wrap his arms around him and try to rest his head on his shoulder but he’s too short god bless him
  • They’re the cutest, basically 
Zaheer and Kids: Humanizing our villains

I just wanted to make a quick post to talk about how I love how genuine Zaheer seems to be when talking to Ikki and Meelo. I never thought he was just sucking up or being manipulative, he just seemed to like talking to them or, in Meelo’s case, be respectful to the little guy. I sorta theorize this is because (as he said) hes been a fan and scholar of airbenders for a long time, he probably has a LOT of respect for original airbenders like Meelo and Ikki. Sure, its definitely creepy to see Ikki discover Zaheer in her dads study in the dark, but the way he tells Ikki about the pendants poem and even says goodnight to her before he fights Kya makes the character seem more human. besides, he seemed to get a lot of happiness from getting to share some knowledge about Guru Laghima to Ikki, as he’s smiling pretty genuinely the whole time, but as soon as Kya walks in his smile goes away and hes immediately scowling a bit and more defensive.

This is something I think book 3 is doing so well at. We have all of the villains having their moment of being relate-able. Whether it be Gazan being uncomfortable around his friends making out, to Ming hua “Showing off” around P'li, these characters all feel like bros and are all relate-able in some way. I don’t know, I just love these villains!

okay but imagine Robin and Regina get into a huge argument and they think the kids are asleep, but all the yelling has woken Roland up. Henry goes to the bathroom and hears Roland crying, holding his stuffed monkey. And Roland is all sad because Regina is his mommy now, and he doesn’t want them fighting because he wants her to stay his mother. And Henry is like, it’s okay little bro, parents fight sometimes, and then he reads them the story about how they met. Roland asks Henry to stay with him until he falls asleep and the next morning Robin and Regina find Roland curled up against henry with an open book on his lap :’(