i feel like i only ever come on here to complain bout shit but seriously… stop reposting gifs.

stop taking gifs from people’s blogs and reposting them on tumblr, twitter or any other site without permission

stop using people’s content that they’ve spent time and effort creating just to get urself a few 100 notes or a couple dozen RTs

it’s so disrespectful towards people who spend so much time and have so much talent creating gorgeous thing in photoshop for u to enjoy For Free when u take that content and repost if just so u can take the credit for it

you might thing ur not doing that, but u are. if you repost content w/ no credit or source link, you are taking away recognition from the creator. you are taking the attention away from the original creator and giving it to urself, thats stealing credit even if u dont claim to have made shit 

gifs arent magically shat out by the Mystical Gif Fairies or shit. it takes time. it takes people months, years to get to the level they are at. it takes hours of work. it takes so much frustration and anger and hard work. its shitty to disrespect all that just so u can get a couple RTs on twitter when u repost someones gif along with ur bland ass comment that adds nothing to the gif. 

if you want content. if you want gifs, which probably make up like 80% of ur blog if ur a fandom acct, then respect gif makers. appreciate them. or they will leave

link to our shit. give credit, ask permission. use the millions of tutorials out there to make ur own. ask me, I’LL MAKE U SHIT TO USE. just dont take things from ppls blogs that u have no right to. just TRY to look like u give a shit about the time we put into this ok 

Real Conversation I Had With My Friend Recently
  • <p><b>Me:</b> *blushes while smiling down at phone*<p/><b>Friend:</b> OoooHhhH who are you texting?<p/><b>Me:</b> My boyfriend he’s such a dork I love him<p/><b>Friend:</b> YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND, WHO IS HE, BITCH TELL ME EVERYTHING, SPILL<p/><b>Me:</b> *giggles* Ok<p/><b></b> *shows picture of Seven*<p/><b>Friend:</b> ........<p/><b>Me:</b> ^-^?<p/><b>Friend:</b> Honestly what did I expect <p/></p>
hand in unlovable hand

title: hand in unlovable hand
rating: mature
pairing: steve rogers/bucky barnes


“So lemme get this straight,” Sam said, and Bucky was impressed by how well he was hanging onto his dignity, considering the Hello Kitty ice pack that was currently obstructing most of his face from view. “You got to the winter soldiers before Zemo did, you had a clear shot, and you decided to break them out instead?”

“Technically, it was Bucky’s idea,” Steve said awkwardly.

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Prologue 05-07 Translation + Video

Prologue 01-04     Prologue 05-07

This is part #2 of the test run, finishing up the prologue~

If you want to find other game translations I’ve done that’s not DL, here is my list.

~~[Prologue: Part 5]~~

-Scene: Living Room Area-

We were brought along to a room. Beset with old-fashioned furnishings, it gives off a warm atmosphere.

You could call this spacious living room a lounge even. There is a table set, couch sofa, and a game table. It also seems to lead off into a kitchen.

Me: (Who knew there’d be a room like this here… …It feels livable. I may be able to relax in it… … … …Eh?)

Right as I stepped foot inside, butterflies with cream-white wings pass in front of me.

They flutter around in my line of sight, as if they’re playing. Suddenly, they disappear to somewhere.

Me: (What just happened… …?)

Droopy Eyes: Uhm… …, those gashes you have were done by a monster, right? It seems like they did a number on you.

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I did an art challenge with some of my friends art styles!
Friends styles featured:
Top row @officialmattengarde @robot-star @theotherturnish
Mid row @pychopath @gracethejollyblogger @roryvanwilder
Bottom row @bloodyhellhayden @tophatfloof @aceattorney-trash

Blank template found here:

I need more friends who I can go out with, cause right now I just have one and I’m pretty sure she’s getting sick of me wanting to go out so much.

the matchmaker [13/13]

chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | chapter 5 | chapter 6 | chapter 7 | chapter 8 | chapter 9 | chapter 10 | chapter 11 | chapter 12 | chapter 13 + epilogue

pairing: kurohina
words: 7096

tags: smol angst, birthday party, birthday presents, birthday smut, butt plugs, nsfw, kuroo knows how to make hina swoon; enter THE MATCHMAKER

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After everything they’ve been through, Tetsurou’s end of the year break was the best thing that could have happened to them. It was April and the spring was in full bloom, cherry blossom petals stuck in everyone’s hair. Every time Shouyou plucked some of them out of Tetsurou’s black locks, he pulled the younger man down for a kiss as sweet as the air filling their lungs. Shouyou had taken a few days off, just to let himself relax, and they spent all of their time together – day and night, until the free side of Shouyou’s bed got clattered with Tetsurou’s things.

Their week off flew by faster than either would have expected and slowly they had to return back to their lives. But life was good now: Shouyou’s articles were coming up nicely and he even mentioned to his boss that he’d like to dial down on the trips outside of town if possible, which had only earned him an amused crinkle of Iwaizumi’s eyes and a firm nod; Tetsurou had applied for the short psychology course at his university to see if it really would be something for him and was about to start it this month; but most of all – there was no more drama.

No more secrets between them, no more buried past that would ever come to haunt them, no more lies and small half-truths. Tetsurou’s father was a piece of work, so there was that, but Shouyou was positive that the man’s cold demeanour was born out of the sheer reality of this world and his deep concern for his son’s wellbeing. And Shouyou respected that, so he made sure to help these two see what the other really wanted.

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bucketofchum  asked:

Dude every time you reboot something YGO related or mention it, I feel so exonerated of my closet love for it? Like it was such an important part of my growing up and clearly I am still not over it, but it doesn't seem as socially acceptable to still like YGO compared to Pokemon even though they came out at the same time. But when I see an artist like you who is pretty successful still liking YGO, it just feels good and validating.

Yu-gi-oh is such an important piece of my development growing up. It’s very deeply seeded in my childhood, like, right in between Pokemon and DBZ. I used to rp it non-stop in middle school??? So, you’re not alone!! I’m defs friends with people who still care about YGO a whole bunch, but it’s definitely a very low-key sort of thing. Honestly though? I prefer it that way. Kinda feels like being apart of an super special underground club lmao. I’m still itching to cosplay Marik and Thief Bakura sometime. ; v ;

SW and SI crews. What shampoo do they use?

Sharzul (sith warrior): Erm… It probably has word “shampoo” on it… I don’t know.

Vette: *quite a lecture about lekku and how to care about them. A lot of words like “lekku buffer”*

Malavai: Soap.

Jaesa: *listed like a hundred positions, all with different flavours*


Moru (sith inquisitor): Head&montrals. Yes, they paid me for that answer. Far more than others.

Khem Val: I BATHE IN BLOOD OF MY ENEMIES. Like great and almighty Tulak Hord.

Andronikos: No hair - no problem.

Ashara: Head&montrals. And no, they didn’t pay me. 

Talos: *quickly and insensibly changed theme to Naga Sadow`s favorite shampoo*

Xalek: *silently polishing claws*