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To quote Diggle, [Felicity is] irreplaceable. Not only because of her skills, but because of what she brings out in others. Because of her connections. Because she is the heart of the team. Take out the heart, then the show dies.

I think I found my disconnect. 

For me, the post-Season 3 Arrow doesn’t feel like mid-Season 2 Arrow. All of the shiny new characters brought in and/or promoted in the third season have made me think that the show does not consider characters quite as uniquely qualified as before. It might just be the lack of Original Team Arrow for so much of the season, or it might be because of how frustrated I was at having characters render Oliver obsolete, but the emphasis of plot twists over consistent characterization has made me wary. 

Basically, I prioritized Felicity’s importance and relevance to the main character in “10 Characters Who Absolutely Cannot Die.”