the signs: studying for exams
  • Aries:acts like they don't give a single shit but is secretly freaking out and cramming all night
  • Taurus:slow, steady, effective studying. cries every hour.
  • Gemini:procrastinates studying until they realize they have no time left, then takes a nap
  • Cancer:cries and whines but can cram pretty well
  • Leo:thinks about how much studying they have to do, freaks out and does absolutely nothing
  • Virgo:studies nonstop and lives off coffee and adrenaline
  • Libra:tries to buckle down and study but gets distracted every 8 seconds
  • Scorpio:does nothing until fear of failure kicks in, then goes into full study-mode and yells at anyone who disturbs them
  • Sagittarius:forms a study group with their friends and goofs off instead of reviewing
  • Capricorn:procrastinates until the night before exams, then pulls an all nighter, sobbing the whole time
  • Aquarius:googles "how to bullshit an exam" and lies in bed
  • Pisces:forgets exams are being held and chooses the answers nearest to their teardrops on the test