A list of things (and reasons) to do before your classes begin.

1. Information

Gather all the information you need. Where, what and when? This refers to your classes mostly. Also, you should know where all the important places are: library, place where you can print files, stores with cheap stuff, caffes etc. This applies to everyone, not just students who are living in a new city. 

2. Shopping

I recommend you make a shopping list before you actually do the shopping. I made a mistake last year where I wanted to be spontaneous and just buy whatever I feel like I need. NO, just no. You’ll end up spending more money, time and you probably won’t get everything you need.

Shooping lists are a must. Here’s what I think should be on everyone’s list:

-obv stationery- pens, notebooks, flashcards, stickynotes

Always check if you’ve got some of these left from the last school year, so you don’t buy more than you need.

-clothes- warm, comfortable clothes you can wear in multiple occasions (jeans for school, but also for going out, see what I mean?) And also laundry and socks, because you always need them. Pjs, robes etc. - for the lazy study sessions.

-decorations for your room- don’t overdo on this one, just one or two things to kinda “cheer up” your study place (plants, candles, cute mugs)

-bed sheets- I often study in my bed, so this is a must for me + bed sheets are so underrated

I like to stock up on things such as shampoo, beauty products, pads, snack bars, coffee etc. When I get busy with classes I have 0 amount of time to go around town shopping for these and I always need them.

3. Research.

I “accidentally” found the names of the lectures planned for september and already started reading them. I’m a freak, but you don’t have to be one. It’s still a good thing to do research on topics you know you’ll have to study in the future.

4. Clean up your room.

I spent two days, getting rid of trash, organising old notes I need and don’t need, making space for new supplies etc. This way when my textbooks arrive I’ll already have a spot for them, and I’ll avoid the mess.

5. Have “the talk” with someone.

I’m not talking about the sex talk, lol. I’m talking about setting goals for the new semester and talking with someone about them. Your mum, dad, friend, dog, someone on studyblr. I don’t know why, but it feels good to have someone listen to you when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about.

6. Make a playlist.

Life-saver advice. Make different playlist e.g. “Workout”, “Morning study”, “Break time”, “All-nighter” etc. Eventually you’ll add more songs, but it’s easier to have something to start with.

7. Plan, plan, plan

I’m not yet familiar with my schedule, but I’m slowly brainstorming how my week-days are going to look like.

I know I’m like obsessed with planing and studying, but the only reason I’m doing this is to avoid the mess ‘caused by the new begining. 

One more thing: please start studying asap. Don’t procrasinate and go behind schedule. 

The fact that you even have a studyblr blog is enough to prove that you’re smart and awesome and that you’re giving your best!!! :)

I hope you all kick 2016/2017s butt! :)

I know that fandom thought is that Bakura is super rough on Ryou’s body ( by not eating food and not sleeping you perv’s) but I love the opposite so much better ??

Bakura had to take care of himself in a really tough place so he had to know how to cook , he knows how important sleep is and all that stuff because if he didnt he would be dead but Ryou ?

Ryou is teenage boy all by himself in the modern world. He probably pulls all nighters all the time and only eats fozen pizza because ,while he can cook, he is in the middle of some nerd shit and pizza is faster

So yeah Bakura gets pissed all the time that his body can’t do shit anymore because Ryou is unhealthy as hell

All Nighter Buddies

Remember JK put on his profile last 2016 festa that Jimin is his “all nighter friend” “all the time” the fact he cant specify what they are doing rather than eating or games or phone (since you can’t stay all night together doing just all those things) is somehow suspicious.

Plus they both have this song “I Need Some Sleep” on their Spotify playlists 👀

When you pay attention to the lyrics of the songs on their playlist, most of it has something about staying all night and cuddling and shit. (LMAO PILLOWTALK AND ILYSB)

Then recently, there’s this post it of Hobi’s early bday greeting to Jimin 😏

Can yall just imagine them being together on a quiet night..listening to all these chill make out songs on their playlist after eating midnight snacks or playing any games 😭😭😭

LID: sweet revenge

——done before daybreak, after pulling an all-nighter, a down time doodle was all i produced. :X

“Hey, how’s it going, Duchess?”

Sid was the last person Louis – Louisse – wanted to see that day. After accidentally drinking a potion he thought was a new kind of tea, the unpleasant changes happened overnight.

And seeing him now, this irritatingly handsome man, oh how Louisse wanted to wipe that smirk off of his face.

“I see the potion has a very nice effect on yah,” he said, eyeing her from head to toe with a wolfish grin.

Louisse felt a twitch in her temples. “That was you?”

Sid gave a hearty laugh in reply, oblivious of the murderous aura emanating from her and the icy death glare she was giving him. She felt like reaching up to his neck and strangling him, but she stopped. There was a better way to  extract revenge…after all the inconvenience it has caused.

A week later.

“How’s it going, Grand Duchess?”

Louis wore a menacing smile at the sight of Sid, relishing in the obvious misery that was written all over his – her face. Sid has turned into a woman, and from the look Louis was giving her, she already has an idea of what happened. It must have been the wine she had last night. And why on earth does she find that uncharacteristically rougish smile in Louis’s face dangerously alluring?

She knew that her childhood friend was pretty, but she never knew he had this kind of effect on women. At that moment, female Sid understood his charm, and it made her tingly all over, even as he looked at her degradingly. She wanted to pounce on him and sully that beautiful face.

“Ah, I forgot to mention,” Louis looked at her with a devilish glint in his eyes, betraying the way his hair shone in the sunlight and made him look like he has a halo around his head. “When your body undergoes this change, so does your way of thinking and your emotions. Good luck dealing with all of that, Sid. And do something about your clothes. It’s very unlady-like.”

And with that, Louis emerged out of the rooom, victorious.

Ah, sweet revenge indeed.

Please DO NOT repost anywhere. Sid and Louis belong to Cybird.

Since the demands for Remnant get louder and louder and everyone wants it asap, I thought I should post this.
Our cleaner kaNd, who’s currently working on Remnant, just showed me this.
(click to make it big)  

Cleaning is hard work and good cleaning and uncensoring takes time. 

This goes for every manga. 

Quality takes time, so please calm down a bit, you will all get the rest of Pendulum and Remnant soon enough. It’s not a good feeling for us if people ask for the next chapter 5 minutes after the release. 
I’m not gonna answer those kind of asks by the way.

So if you respect our work and efforts, please be patient. 
We’re already pulling all-nighters all the time to get things done.

Thank you to those who understand.  


Midterm Headcannons

  • Although Logan has the best scores, does all the extra credit, and logically realizes he is already prepared, he still panics and thinks he’ll fail the class despite it being impossible with his practically perfect grade average.

  • In front of his friends he’ll be confident and will not give an ounce of doubt to the thought that he’ll fail, but the minute he’s by himself, he’s emailing the teacher about one question he got wrong 5 months ago, pulling far too many all-nighters, and drinking 3 times more tea and coffee then he already does.

  • Patton, for the most part, acts almost exactly the same during midterms, though perhaps a bit more worried about his friends than usual.

  • Testing isn’t really something he has ever worried about for himself, but he does feel a sort of second-hand stress for his friends. This results in him refreshing himself on older material, and trying his best to study with others to keep their morale up.

  • He relaxes before the test instead of frying his brain with too much cramming and complicated notes. (And he invites anyone who even hints at needing the break to a show or brings them real, home cooked food)

  • Roman isn’t always the best student per se, but he is a solid test taker. He very rarely lets the stress of midterms get to him, so he usually puts himself in charge of making sure no one pushes their limit too far.

  • Acing tests isn’t what he goes for- Roman doesn’t want to put that kind of pressure on himself- so he studies at his own pace and tries to get others to do the same. Algebra, Chemistry, and really just STEM in general are not his strong points, but he always stays confident to try and motivate others to feel that confidence themselves before the tests start.

  • When the affect of Christmas cheer wears off, the tidal wave of testing crashes down and Virgil falls even deeper into his role as the embodiment of every anxious student in school.

  • He goes through periods of re-reading anything even remotely relevant to lessons and studying all night before class, to doing absolutely any other task besides school work and laying in his room wondering whether he has enough time to shower.

  • (Virgil does have the time, but he always ends up stressing himself to the point that hours pass and he has to go with dry shampoo and darker eyeshadow to cover up his lack of hygiene. Again.)
BNHA Fic Recommendations

This post will be dedicated to Momojirou fics, my other posts are as follows:





Not Ship Oriented Fics


G (hugging, cuddling, flirting, pining, hand holding)

PG (a smooch, mentions/hints of abuse, trauma, blood or violence, drinking, and making out)

PG-13 (full on making out, imminent hickey territory, descriptions of abuse or outright abuse/violence). These characters are children, so if you, an adult, are looking for nsfw fics, of children, pls perish. If you are not an adult, know that I am an adult (legally at least) & you will not find that content here.

None of these fics have major character deaths of any sort.

Also, please note: These are my recommendations, meaning I have read these and liked them enough to want to reread them and share them. The ships above are all ships I support and search for content for, they are ships I ship. I do not have recommendations for Izuchako, Todomomo, Kacchako, Katsudeku or other ships, this is because I do not ship them.

Click on the title!

1) Slow down, Start Dancing by Mangotheif | Words: 4,803 (1 chapter) | Rated G

Summary: SO FUCKIN CUTE, PLS K I L L ME. Momo and Jirou both forgot about a project they’re partners for until the night before its due, they pull an all nighter to finish in time for All Might’s class. Confessing to each other?? Dancing in the kitchen & eating cereal together at 3am??? Jirou being so in love??? IM DYING??? Its so pure and adorable, pls, just pls, read.

2) Listen to My Voice by Celestialfics | Words: 1,773 (1 chapter) | Rated G

Summary: Momo gets an offer to study abroad….. You like tears no???

3) The Edge of Nowhere by Celestial fics (aka my god) | Words: 1,289 (1 chapter) | Rated G

Summary: Momo visits Jirou, who is still suffering the affects of the poisonous gas from the camping arc, in the hospital after she gets back from the Kamino Ward incident.

4) I Just Wanna Tell You That You’re Really Pretty, Girl by Viscrael | Words: 2,621 (1 chapter) | Rated G

Summary: Momo thinks Jirou is really pretty….. like really really pretty. Holy shit momo is lowkey highkey head over heels in love. Todoroki x momo broship is strong.

5) Fallen Angel by Silver_sterling | Words: 1,046 (1 chapter) | Rated G

Summary: Momo works in a library…. Jirou is a customer. She may or may not be carrying too many books & precariously balanced on a ladder when a very pretty employee startles her.

6) Books and Plaid Shirts by Bashfulberry | Words: 549 (1 chapter) | Rated G

Summary: cute…. waaaayyyyy waaaaayyyy wayyy too short.

7) Roommates by Bashfulberry | Words: 416 (1 chapter) | Rated PG

Summary: Again,,,,,, so short. RIP me, this lack of momojirou content is surely not good for my soul :(

8) Sweet Child O’Mine by Bashfulberry | Words: 846 (1 chapter) | Rated G

Summary: this is beautiful??? too short?? god has abandoned me? I’ve considered writing a continuation of this or something similar to this bc I love the idea of Jirou singing to or with Momo so fuckin much wow. I’m a sap.

9) Sand Under Your Feet, Sun Over Your Head by Bashfulberry | Words: 1,204 (1 chapter) | Rated PG

Summary: Idk if I would call this a momojirou fic exclusively…. def a v gay 1-a short beach day fic tho. It’s cute, I can dig it.

10) Treat You by Commedilynne | Words: 3,161 (1 chapter) | Rated G

Summary: The softest, fluffiest, cutest surprise date fic thing in all of existence holy moley.

11) Rise Up by Evanescent | Words: 516 (1 chapter) | Rated G

Summary: Momo visits Jirou in the hospital BEFORE Kamino ward.

12) Stray Italian Greyhound by Argentcross | Words: 5,350 (1 chapter) | Rated PG-13

Summary: Momo is put in an awkward situation to say the least when Todoroki comes to her for some help with a very private relationship matter. Momo is of course a great friend, and a great class rep, ensuring everyone is very safe, but it certainly gets some gears turning in her head. Poor pining momo talks to Kaminari of all people about her problem….

13) - Steep’d in Honey’d Indolence by Thelabours | Words: 1,372 (1 chapter) | Rated G

Summary: wow, just wow, so fucking cute. Kyouka is soooo so so in love & it’s so fucking adorable. Small snapshots of momojirou throughout the years, from pining to established relationship. 

14) Quirk Or No Quirk - by violet_flames | Words: 1,483 (1 chapter) | Rated G

Summary: Momo is batman, no other way to put it. She was born quirkless but works with Hatsume Mei to create new tech that aids her in fighting villains. Jirou has the same quirk, established relationship. Soulmates AU. 

Having BLACKPINK as an older sister would include...


  • Best friend sister
  • Yous probably shared a room when yous were younger cause you two are so close
  • telling her about your crushes but then she tries to play matchmaker
  • “Jisoo why?”
  • “You guys would make a cute couple”
  • “You say that every time I get a crush”
  • Pulling all nighters all the time
  •  Binge watching your favorite dramas together

Originally posted by withfx


  • Would 100% beat the shit out of anyone that mistreats you
  • Or someone looks at you wrongly
  • The person better start running
  • She would also be very affectionate
  • If I remember correctly Jisoo said Jennie’s a cuddlier on Weekly Idol
  • So I would expect Jennie to occasional be very cuddly with her younger sibling
  • No matter how busy she is she’ll always make time for you
  • Not saying the others wouldn’t make time for their sibling but Jennie would do whatever to make time

Originally posted by daegil


  • Kinda a mix of Jennie and Jisoo
  • Like Jisoo she’d love to play matchmaker for her little sibling
  • She’d actually set her  sibling up on a blind date with their crush
  • Also very affectionate and loving
  • Would let you get away things
  • Sneaks junk food into your room for you
  • Will rant with you about nothing

Originally posted by sunshine-nim


  • Never forgets any of your embarrassing moments
  • And she’ll bring them up at random times to make fun of you
  • She laughs at you more then laughs with you
  • But you’d still know she loves you
  • Has you help her prank her members
  • Helps you with relationships(not really)
  • “(y/n) look he’s/she’s hot go talk to him/her” *pushes you towards the person*
  • “I’m so gonna get you back for this”
  • “No you’re not”

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~Admin C

anonymous asked:

Can you please write platonic headcanons of Tracer, Symmetra, Genji, and Winston with a 'stoic scientist' type reader? :0

~This was so much fun to write! It’s not very often I write about Winston. I had a lot of fun doing it.


  • She comes to you for everything. Her coronal accelerator, a cut on her arm. You’re quickly becoming WedMD.
  • Watch her while she’s in the lab. She’ll touch everything. Don’t put a ‘Do Not Touch’ sign on anything because there’s a guarentee that she’ll touch it. Grow eyes in the back of your head. Or call Emily. 
  • She’s broken more than one thing in your lab. You don’t even get angry anymore. You’re used to it. She tends to hide the things she’s broken or give them to Winston to fix before she puts it back. 
  • She likes to sit with you while you work. She’ll hum or move around looking over things because she can’t sit still. When you finally get something to work, she’s just as excited as you are even if she doesn’t know what you’re doing. She’s always ready to celebrate your genius. 
  • Do you need a guinea pig? She’ll do it. Just hand her a test tube and tell her to down it, she’ll ask questions later. It may seem reckless but that’s just how much she trusts you not to hurt her. 


  • She loves your inventions. She loves to see you create order from a chaos of bolts, screws, and scrap metal.
  • She loves to watch your hands. Your hands create something so beautiful every time you make a new machine and she knows that whatever you create will be for the better of society. 
  • She loves to show you her blue prints and new hard light constructs. Your feedback is always very critical and from anyone else, she might think you were trying to be rude but she knows that your honest straight forward personality is actually you being genuine and wanting to see her improve. You quickly become a person for her to lean on when she needs someone to talk to. 
  • She’ll always ask what you’re doing and even if she doesn’t understand what you’re doing, she’ll listen and ask questions where she can.  


  • He loves to hear you talk. You tend to keep to yourself when it comes to most things so watching you get excited makes me happy. He loves the way your face lights up when you talk about your experiments.
  • He loves to sit with you and meditate in your lab. It’s nice just being around someone in a calm environment. The methodical sounds of you working helps him relax. He’s also around to make sure you don’t work too hard. He’s found you pulling all nighters one too many times before. 
  • He always humors you when you make modifications for his armor. A shield? Not his style but okay. Lasers? Sure. An area to hide snacks? Hell yeah, he’s down. 
  • You help him pull off pranks a lot. Your scientific mind helps make the pranks more elaborate. A bucket of water on the top of a door is child’s play compared to your pranking. It can get a little out of hand sometimes but you two have fun while you cause mayhem. You’re partners in crime.


  • Did someone ask for a science buddy?!?!?!
  • Get ready to be woken up at 3 in the morning by Winston who just had a breakthrough and has to share it with you. Next thing you know, you’re half asleep in his lab while he talks about the experiment he’s performing.
  • You always know when Winston is stuck in his experiments. He sighs a lot more and gets more frustrated easily. During those moments, you sit down with him and force him to explain the experiment process until he/you figures out where he went wrong.
  • He loves to cuddle you. He knows you can be quiet because you don’t need to say anything and he knows when you need someone around even if it’s just to be quiet together. He’s always willing to be that person. You’re so much smaller in his arms and he loves holding you. 
  • You love his tire swing. He’s always afraid that you’ll fall.
  • You both look over each other’s inventions and blue prints and offer ideas. It has helped both of you make better things and it’s brought you both closer.
Okay. - Lin-Manuel Miranda

  Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Warnings: One or two cuss words I think?? Mentions of child cancer.

Character Count: 13,685

Summary: Chosen AU where you share each other’s thoughts. Daveed asks you to read for Eliza in Hamilton- Hamilton is still in its workshop stages.


 You hummed along, tapping a pencil against the wooden picnic table you were sitting at to the beat of the song. The soft lights in the park just barely illuminated the area around you.

Do you like it?

Your chosen’s voice rang through your ears, just louder than the music. You smiled softly, it was the voice you had heard since childhood. Everyone had this ability, if you wanted to, you could open the channel with your chosen and talk- no, think, to them.

    To be specific, the channel was always open unless you willingly closed it, which you did often. But when you finally relaxed after a long day, your channel always seemed to slip open without you realizing. Your chosen always seemed to have his channel open, ready to talk to you or listen to you at all hours of the day.

Figuratively of course, though, this man, whoever he was, pulled all-nighters all the time. But he was kind, and funny, and your soulmate. Those facts made up for his racing mind that would sometimes slam into you at three in the morning, waking you up instantly.

    You and your chosen shared dreams, when he did sleep, but you never clearly got a look at his face.

It’s great, but helpless doesn’t rhyme in the way you’re trying to make it, why don’t you try using, I don’t know, defenseless?

 He closed the channel for a minute and you frowned, glancing around the park you sighed, wondering why he was so quiet for once in his life. It was unsettling to you when he closed his connection, technically speaking it was a part of you being closed off, but you realized how often you closed your own channel and then you felt guilty seeing as he probably felt like this all the time, but you couldn’t help it. Your work- they politely suggested that you close off your channel during office hours, seeing as a soulmate is a distraction.

It’s perfect!

You let out a small laugh as he started the song again, then rolled your eyes and you checked the time, your break was over.

I have to go, sorry, my break’s over.

He shot back a quick goodbye, making you smile at how absorbed in his work he was, you then closed the connection with a small sigh.

One day you would meet him, and you would finally know his name. All these years of hearing him talk to you, think to you, confide in you, and you didn’t even know his name.

         It was a fate everyone had. You hear your chosen, you share each other’s dreams, yet you can’t see their face or know their name until you met them. Every time their name is uttered a low hum prevents you from hearing, and it’s infuriating. People say meeting your chosen is such a magical experience, and you frowned, not knowing how long you would have to wait to have that experience.

   Your chosen wasn’t technically a soulmate, it was someone the universe had chosen for you for a specific reason. They might be chosen for love, for friendship, or just for company. You knew plenty of people who loathed their chosen, some who even refused to open the channel. You even had a homosexual friend who had a woman as a chosen, really it just depended on what you needed in life. You had decided your chosen was for company, something the both of you needed.

    Letting yet another sigh escape your lips, you stuffed your pencil and sketchbook into the small light blue bag you carried everywhere.

 Light blue. It was a sign of calm, a reminder of the ocean, which you had a passion for, it is associated with depth and stability. Stability was a thing you needed in your life, and so blue was undoubtedly your favorite color.

  You smiled to yourself when you realized you were humming his song under your breath. You couldn’t be blamed though, the man was a genius with music. You silenced your thoughts and opened the connection for just a moment to hear him still tinkering with the words of his song, then closed it once more, your smile widening.


Turning to see who on earth would be screaming your name like a madman in the middle of New York at 10:00pm, you were met with your friend Daveed jogging up to you. His hair bouncing along with his steps, paired with his wide goofy grin made you laugh lightly.

   “Y/N! It’s so great to see you. How long’s it been? Two- three days?”

You rolled your eyes, shooting back a quick,

      “It’s been about two weeks, Daveed.”

He scratched the back of his neck, his smile softening.

     “Sorry, just been really busy. I’ve been working on a project- you’re not gonna believe this!”

You rolled your eyes playfully, motioning for him to continue.

 “Okay, this guy’s name is Lin-Manuel Miranda, he’s making a musical about Alexander Hamilton.”

Your eyebrows knit together in confusion as you asked,

   “So, this-”

 “Lin-Manuel Miranda.”

   “So, this Lin-Manuel Miranda is making a musical about some dude barely anyone knows about in history?”

Daveed nodded, letting out an airy laugh, then continuing,

“Yeah, I know I said the same thing when I was asked to join the project. That’s why I’m here actually, it’s still in workshop stages, and we need someone to read- well, sing for Elizabeth Schuyler.”

You arched an eyebrow.

   “Okay, and you’re talking to me because…?”

He huffed out a breath.

 “Do I have to spell it out? I’m asking you to read for Eliza.”

Shifting your weight, you checked the time, then scratched your cheek.

 “Okay, but why me?”

Daveed crossed his arms, shaking his head.

    “Come on, Y/N. Don’t act oblivious, I’ve heard you sing before!”

You mimicked Daveed, crossing your arms defensively,

 “Daveed, you heard me sing one time in college, and you were drunk off your ass. I really have to go, I’m gonna be late for work.”

He grabbed your shoulder, making you jump backwards, in surprise.

   “Please, I’m begging you Y/N. Just do this for me, please?”

You sighed, letting a small smile slip seamlessly back onto your lips.

  “I’ll think about it.”

Offering him a soft smile and a goodbye hug, you got to work barely a minute late, then surrounding yourself in the atmosphere.

  Working at a small cafe wasn’t too bad, but being a waitress meant rude comments, inappropriate touching from men that were far too old for you, and more rude comments. There were moments that saved your day though, like a nice elderly man asking why such a kind young woman would stay at a job like this, or a small shy child looking so proud of himself when he told you his order.

Thinks like that made your day better.

After a few hours, you were clearing off your last table, minutes away from going home.


You turned from the table, letting your attention fall to your coworker, Elian, she was a short middle aged single mom, sporting a bob cut, minimal makeup, small hoop earrings, and a soft personality. She had a sad, painful background, and it nearly made you want to cry every time you thought about it. Elian had a three-year-old son who had just recently relapsed into chemotherapy. Her husband had left her, claiming it was too much for him to handle.

  “What’s up, Elian?”

You brushed some hair that fell out of your ponytail behind your ear, then straightening out your apron.

 “I really hate to ask you this, but my son- he-”

      Her voice faltered, and you could see the tears in her eyes. Quickly you rushed to her side,

  “It’s okay, I’ll take your shift, go.”

She nodded, hiccupping once or twice, then rushing off. You sighed, plopping down gracefully in one of the booths, taking Elian’s shift meant 6 more hours were added to your own.

That meant absolutely zero sleep any time soon.

           Zero sleep was the least you could do for Elian, that woman deserved the world in her hands, and what she got was- You sighed again, shaking your head, and getting up. It was almost 1 am, which meant the college students would be coming in soon.

 They were easy to deal with, most of the college students coming at night were attempting all-nighters while trying to finish a project, so really all you had to do was remember to refill their coffee.

        It wasn’t too bad, and on the bright side, you stopped serving food past 12:00, so you would be left to your own thoughts.

 After about an hour of serving a 20-year-old looking boy, frantically typing something on his laptop, he paid and left, thanking you for the ‘fab’ coffee.

     You were left to yourself, this place was quite the hole in the wall, so you didn’t really expect anyone else to come in, especially if they were looking for food.

      Plugging in your phone to the main speakers, you smiled, singing along to ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’

I got to take a little time,

You took a soft breath,

A little time to think things over…

      Pausing with the music, you closed your eyes, and letting it take you, imagining you were center stage at your concert.

I better read between the lines,

In case I need it when I’m older.

   Your voice was a whisper, barely heard over the music,

Now this mountain I must climb

    You placed a hand to your heart,

Feels like a world upon my shoulders

And through the clouds I see love shine,

It keeps me warm as life grows colder…

    You clutched your chest, your voice rising, echoing through the restaurant,

In my life, there’s been heartache and pain,

I don’t know if I can face it again, can’t stop now, I’ve traveled too far to change this lonely life.

I want to know what love is

I want you to show me

I want to feel what love is

I know you can show me

   You let out another soft breath, rolling your shoulders, trying to relax your muscles.

I’m gonna take a little time,

A little time to look around me

    You gestured to yourself, smiling sadly, slowly getting into character with the song,

I’ve got nowhere left to hide,

It looks like love has finally found me.

    You clutched your shirt, belting out the next lyrics,

In my life,

There’s been heartache and pain.

I don’t know if I can face it again,

Can’t stop now, I’ve traveled too far

To change this lonely life.

   Loosening your grip on your shirt, you took another quick breath,

I want to know what love is,

I want you to show me

   You reached out your hand slightly as if begging someone to take it,

I want to feel what love is

     You let your hand drop,

I know you can show me…

    You continued to sing to the rest of the song, putting your heart into it, seeing as it was one of your favorites.

Letting out a soft breath you smiled in content, opening your eyes again, and quickly getting back to cleaning the register area and dramatically singing along with your music.

     You let the beat of Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ take you into your own dance, which naturally led to singing, and getting really into it. You twirled around, throwing your head back, running your hands through your hair, then down your sides, belting out the lines, and swaying your hips.

 You opened your eyes again, the words dying in your throat as you flinched away from the dark figure standing far too close to you. Screaming, you immediately threw a metal cup at the person before he stepped into the light, revealing Daveed, rubbing where the cup hit him in the face.

         “Oh, my god I’m so sorry! Why didn’t the bell ring when you opened the door?”

   You clutched your chest, trying to slow your breathing, then noticing the shorter Hispanic looking man standing next to Daveed. He had longer hair, just barely shoulder length, his eyes dark, analyzing you in a way that made you blush. You looked away before making eye contact with him,

      “What the hell were you doing Daveed?”

He smiled, his eyes sparkling as he quickly said,

     “I told Lin about you, and he said he wanted to meet you- it was the perfect opportunity, you had just started to sing I want to know what love is, and you were- damn you were belting!”

You cut him off with a sharp glare and hissed,

 “You could have told me you were coming!”

He responded with a shrug,

    “If I told you, we both know you’d make a lame excuse not to sing.”

You sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose in frustration,

 “Why didn’t you make me aware of your presence before I- before I started dancing?”

His dorky smile turned mischievous and, damn was he walking sex when he wanted to be.

    “Why would I ever do such a thing, Y/N? The way you were shaking those hips…”

He licked his lips, leaning onto the counter separating you from him. You blushed, slapping him on the side of the head, then huffing, and going to prepare his usual order.

  “You’re a real dick, Daveed, I hope you know that.”

You could hear his light chuckle before he responded,

  “Yeah, but you can’t deny that you want a piece of this, Y/N.”

Rolling your eyes and shaking your head, you were tempted to throw his coffee at him.

   “Lin-Manuel, isn’t it? Do you want some coffee? It’s on the house for having to watch that mess a few minutes ago…”

His laugh was musical and familiar.

  “No thanks, but really, would you consider singing for Eliza? Your voice is, it’s amazing…”

You gave a light chuckle,

    “Yeah, I’ll consider-”

You turned to give Daveed his coffee, but stopped short when you met Lin’s eyes. You didn’t even notice you had dropped his coffee as the dreams you had shared flooded over you, finally his face cleared and you saw him.


And you knew he was not chosen to be your friend, or just your company, you knew that you would fall in love with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Hell, you could probably rightfully say you were already in love with him.

   “Y/N? Oh, my god. You guys are chosen, aren’t you? Now have to be Eliza, Y/N.”

You tore your eyes from Lin just long enough to meet Daveed’s, a knowing smirk had taken over his face, and you let out an airy laugh. Looking back to Lin, he had never stopped staring at you, a wide smile graced his lips once you breathed out,



anonymous asked:

any advice on how to get work done for college when the anxiety/depression/adhd cocktail is being absolutely horrid?

hi! um. oh man. i have to tell you, i mostly got through college by picking classes that i knew would be interesting-yet-relatively-light-on-the-courseload (what’s up, creative writing seminars) and by putting each paper off until midnight the night before it was due, using that sudden panic as focus-fuel, and then working on it all night, often finishing within an hour of the due date.

i would not recommend this.

ngl, i’m posting this in the hopes that this is one of those cases where other people comment with better advice than what i got, but here’s what i got:

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anonymous asked:

hey, i remembered sometime ago you mentioned having multiple jobs whilst being a student or something? my memory is fuzzy but do you have any tips on how to do that? I always wanna be super busy but i'm either tired and/or have no discipline.

Ahh, I just saw this! Sorry it took so long….

That’s correct, I worked multiple jobs all the way through university with the exception of one semester cause I was really suffering from my depression/anxiety. Around my senior year I was working 5 jobs and taking a full course load, plus extracurriculars…which is not ideal and I definitely don’t recommend it for everyone.

So my first piece of advice is: 1. Think about why you want to pick up multiple jobs in the first place. I did it because I was supporting myself fully throughout my four years at uni, with the exception of a few bills that my mom took care of. I had to earn 98% of the money I spent, so it was not feasible for me to live off no job or only one job at the time. You can work to just want to be busy, but there are other ways to fill your time that don’t involve really stressful commitments like this–because it is a commitment, and if you feel sick or stressed from one week to the next, your job and your work don’t just stop happening.

2. Think about where you are working and what kind of work you’re doing. The thing that made my time working multiple jobs so successful was because my work was varied. I worked as a personal assistant for two professors, as an RA, receptionist, and as a freelance editor–which all allowed me to utilize my minimal time well because my schedule could work around my classes. If you take on a job that has set hours (catering, food service, retail, etc. all of which I have actually done as well) the time you have to work on your own thing will drastically be reduced, and even if you work less jobs you will actually feel the strain of it a lot more!

3. I just said my schedule was flexible, but I had a pretty stable one from week to week. I made sure to plot out my workload a few weeks ahead. The moment I got my syllabus, I was already marking things out in my calendar–I wanted to be done with this essay by this time, this assignment by this time, schedule my meetings with my advisor here, etc. I know for some classes they only give you work week by week, by if you can plan further than that it’s best! That way, when things come up you are able to see where you can move things easily without getting in the way of your other work. For example, if you need to redo an assignment completely you will know ahead of time if there are conflicts in your schedule and when the best time to take off work/ask for an excuse from class/ask for an extension is. 

4. I have a thing that I picked up somewhere called “the one-touch method,” which basically means that once I make my to-do list for the day/week/month I have to go through each item on that list and deal with it specifically at least once in a given timeframe. No “putting it off for later” or “waiting until I have more free time” because those never come. So when I get an assignment for work or school, I immediately put it on my next agenda–and I commit to starting it. That’s all you have to do! It doesn’t mean you have to finish everything in one go, but once you start something it is a lot easier to just keep chipping away at the work rather than letting it all pile up. 

This actually really helped me with my anxiety, which is pretty severe. It meant I was getting work done when it was supposed to be done. I never had an all-nighter in the time I was working 5 jobs unless I had an emergency to deal with. I think, tbh, most professors actually do give you enough time to finish projects assuming you are working on them a diligent pace. If you don’t understand something it is expected that you go to them right away with questions–no professor I’ve ever had has turned me away from something I genuinely didn’t get, and if they did that’s an issue to be brought up with their faculty chair of the department. 

5. Work in times for your errands and free time. Dedicate at least a few hours a week to doing random housekeeping shit–cleaning your room, buying groceries, cooking, etc. and stick with it. Don’t put it off because it piles up and living in an unpleasant place makes work so much harder. Same with your free time, too, and it can be anything you want. If you are the type to like to go out on weekends, then set a time for yourself to stop working during Friday/Saturday nights so you can prep to go out. That way you know the rest of your day is going to be productive! I always took all of Saturday off to get away from campus and my work, and it was so good for my mental health. I read a lot of books, got to know my local cafes, etc. and I didn’t run out of time. 

6. Just remember that there is always time to do everything, even if you are falling behind. There’s no shame in asking for days off or extensions. That’s normal. If you find yourself having to do it very often, that’s when you need to reprioritize and cut down on your tasks! But otherwise, you shouldn’t try to force yourself to complete everything all at once. Shit happens, life happens–the best you can do is try to keep to your commitments. But never at the expense of your health, sanity, or happiness. If your boss or professors don’t understand, go higher up. Talk to a dean, talk to their department chair. Work with the resources available to you and remember that uni is a time for you to learn, not to kill yourself with work! 

That’s basically it? Sorry I didn’t have anything more concrete, but if anyone needs advice on work-life balance I’m always happy to talk. :)