Art Hoe Style Tip #3

Makeup Tips!!!

I think the three most common “art hoe” makeup looks (based on the tag) are:

1. All-Natural: the no-makeup look (or wearing just foundation or BB cream) is really popular, this is definitely the most low-maintenance look which makes it great for going out, working, school, or even just laying around ~

2. Winged Eyeliner: I love this look a lot, and once you get the hang of flicking out the wing it’s pretty easy! You can go with a classic black, or I actually really love using different colors like gold or royal blue for a more graphic touch <3

3. Bold Lip: whether it’s a few shades deeper than your natural color, or a vivid blue or purple, bold lip colors are fantastic! My favorites are the deep berry shades (:

I personally am NOT brave enough to rock a blue or black lip, but I love love love eye makeup; my go-to look is a pink and gold smoky eye with black eyeliner <3 Honestly though my #1 tip with this is to experiment and figure out what you like! There really aren’t any rules when it comes to makeup so, if it works for you, go for it!!

Twice the Love

Something where Y/N is the female Spider and on Team Cap. Both her and Tom fight one another while flirting. At school, they both have crushes on each other even though Y/N is the most popular girl at school, she still has a huge crush on Peter. Then as their alter egos, they both ask one another for help and the truth about their identities come out?

“You hit like a girl!” yelled the spiderling.

“That’s because I am a girl you shit.” I remarked back, flinging my webs at him. I fell to my back and kicked him with my leg, sending him backwards. I flipped myself back up and didn’t see him where I expected him to be. My senses felt him behind me and I ducked, as semi truck was thrown at me.

“You missed.” I snorted, crossing my arms.

“I didn’t want to mess up your makeup.” he mocked.

“Please. I’ve seen tighter tights than yours.” I said, as he swung down.

“Is that the best you got?” he remarked, laughing. I arched an eyebrow and saw behind him, a bunch of crates. I started to fake cry and he stopped laughing.

“Whoa hey? Are you seriously crying?” he asked, coming over. I nodded and sniffled for more of an effect.

“Hey hey. Don’t cry.” he said, placing an arm on my shoulder. I stopped and sniffled, looking at him through my mask. He looked concerned. Good. I grabbed his arm and flipped him backwards.

“What the hell was that for?” he said as my foot stood on his chest, my hands holding his arm up.

“Didn’t Stark ever tell you not to let your guard down?” I teased. Before I could make another remark I was flipped upside down and he sat on top on me.

“Whose guard is down now?” He teased. I smiled and brushed his cheek with my hand. I felt him tense up and I brought him closer to my face.

“Still yours.” I said, webbing up his hands and flinging him towards the crates I saw with a kick of my foot.

“You really like using your feet.” he groaned, standing up.

“It never fails me.“I said, seeing Sam flying over. "See ya Spiderling.” I said, blowing a kiss and shooting a web to latch onto Sam’s foot, flinging myself away.


Chemistry. Or as I like to call it, boring. Mr. Callin was a good teacher, don’t get me wrong, but his class was too easy. For me and the 19 other students to be precise. His teachings were taught as if we were first graders. That’s why I took an extra Chemistry class after school for more of a push. Which also meant… Peter Parker.

“Hey Audrey! We still on for Jacob’s party tonight?” Nat asked, her long black hair swinging behind her.

I hated parties to be honest. I would rather be home playing some videogames or watching movies. But everyone expected me to be there cause I was popular. What a stupid label.

“I’ll see Nat. I have a lot to study for this week.” I told her, smiling. She pouted but nodded, waving goodbye, turning to take the bus with her brother. I loved how even though Nat was more popular than me, she didn’t care that people knew she took the bus.

I sighed and headed towards Mrs. Lane’s room for the Chemistry lesson. As I entered, I saw Peter, doodling in his notebook. I marveled at the way he furrowed his eyebrows as he doodled.

“You good there Audrey?” Mrs. Lane asked. I nodded and took my seat near the window, next to Peter. Mrs. Lane liked the thought of us two being together since we were the top two students in her class and wanted us to be assistants to those who needed assistance. I opened my backpack and saw my suit was at the bottom.

Crap… I forgot to put it in the washer after I got home from Germany.

“Y-you dropped this.” Peter said, holding up a pencil. I took it and gave him a shy smile, thanking him. Our hands touched and my heart skidded to a halt. He started to blush and smiled at me. I looked away, wishing for my heart to beat normal again.

~Later on that Night~

I sat next to a gargoyle, watching through my lenses.

“Fancy seeing you here.” said a familiar voice.

“Don’t you have somewhere else to be Spiderling?” I teased, knowing he hated that name.

“You know I do. But I might just have to stay here until you get my name right.” he said sauntering over and plopping himself next to me. I rolled my eyes and looked at my phone, seeing a text from Nat asking if I could make it. I told her I couldn’t and she sent a sad face.

“You missing something?” he asked.

“Just a boring party.” I said, stuffing my phone back into my small black bag.

“Yeah. Me too. I hate going but I only go because the girl I like goes.” he said. I looked at him and smiled.

“I took an extra class knowing the guy I like would be in it.” I chuckled. He chuckled too and sighed.

“How is she like?” I asked.

“Aw man. She’s adorable. Her laugh is adorable. I love the way how she’s all natural. She doesn’t wear makeup and doesn’t even try in her appearance. She could wear sweats and a sweatshirt and still look great. She’s not like most girls, she’s independent and I just.. Really like her.” he said, leaning against the gargoyle as if he was going to fall off.

“Mine is like that too. Except he’s extremely shy. I like that about him because he’s not a meathead. I hardly know him but he’s sweet. And his eyes make me melt.” I gushed.

“Care to give me a name?” he chuckled.

“Only if you do it too.” I said, pushing him with my shoulder slightly.

“Okay. On three.”






I nearly fell off the perch as I heard my name.

“That’s my name.” We both said together.

“Peter? As in.. Peter Parker?” I asked, feeling lightheaded.

“Audrey?” he said. I nodded and slipped my mask off. He did the same and I nearly died.

“Well… Guess the cat’s out of the bag.” Peter said.

“I guess it is.” I said, stunned from confessing my love for him.

“Audrey?” Peter. I turned to look and he kissed me. I kissed him back without hesitating and instantly melted.

I’m kissing Peter. The boy who’ve I’ve fallen for since sophomore year. It took two years to finally kiss him.

We pulled apart and he was blushing like crazy.

“That’s out too.” he said smiling. I laughed and let out a small snort, covering my mouth as soon as it slipped out.

“That’s adorable.” he laughed. I punches his shoulder softly and he laughed.

“So what now?” I asked, looking at Peter. His fingers interlaced with mine and he smiled.

“I guess we’re dating. Miss Spiderling.” he teased.

“So we are Spiderling.”

I think it’s so annoying when people who are all about the “natural ethereal” makeup look are always coming for “the ig baddie” look, especially considering that the so-called baddie trend came from 90′s woc beauty and drag queens. Like mind your business, shouldn’t you be exfoliating your face with some berries??? Let people do their makeup however they want lmao

My hopes and dreams for clone club 15 years after the finale
  • Sarah: reunites with Cal. They raise Kira together off grid in a cabin by the lake. There's lots of plaid, bonfires at night, and morning cups of coffee while watching the sun rise.
  • Felix: shares an apartment with Adele, has plenty of time to paint, and is paid well for his art. He's still with Collin and they're very happy together.
  • Kira: spends a lot of time traveling. Learned how to shoot a gun at age 15, and now travels with S's favorite one. Comes home occasionally when the wind blows her in that direction.
  • Art: gets to spend a lot of time with his daughter. Never has to look over his shoulder. He only sometimes thinks of Beth and it doesn't break his heart too much when he does.
  • Alison: teaches community education, specifically painting. Gone are the schedules and calendars of activities. Donnie adjusts just fine and Gemma and Oscar go to college and study things they're passionate about.
  • Cosima: parents Charlotte with Delphine, they live in S's old house. Cosima is healthy, and she and Delphine don't keep secrets anymore.
  • Helena: lives off-grid with her babies, but visits her sisters often. To the surprise of everyone, she's a very good mom. Her kids know how to defend themselves from an early age and speak both Ukranian and English fluently.
  • Rachel: moves to a warm island, drives a sleek convertible with the wind blowing through her grown out hair. Spends a lot of time soul searching and trying to divorce herself from the past.
  • Krystal: starts an organic, all natural skincare and makeup line. Becomes enormously successful. Marries rich to a man who treats her well.
  • Tony: no longer needs a chest binder, is in a happy and healthy relationship, and owns his own auto body shop.
  • Charlotte: following in her adopted mothers' footsteps, goes on to study biology. In her spare time, she and Delphine attempt to track down surviving ledas and administer the cure to them.
  • Mrs S: is visited often by her many children and is buried next to memorials for MK, Kendall, and Beth on Sarah and Cal's woodsy property.
  • Ferdinand: rotting in an unmarked grave in a landfill beneath years worth of garbage.



I’m not wearing any makeup in any of these pictures. The before pictures are from back in June and the after pictures are pictures I took this morning. My face has done a compete 360! Sticking to a skincare routine and looking for products with only natural ingredients has really changed my skin. I could not be happier with the way my skin looks right now.

Just one of me all natural no makeup not vary many days I do this guess I’m learning to love 💗 myself more and more each day

Hugs 🤗 to al the people out there that need them today love 💗 you’re self even though self love is the hardest to do and show and learn that what your doing really is self love 💗 and not just avoidance of self


  • Customer: I love that you don't wear makeup like all these other girls.
  • Me: *wearing primer, foundation, highlighter, powder, strip lashes, nude eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip stain, and did my brows*
  • Me: haha yeah all natural, baby. No makeup for me! Good ol girl next door
  • Customer: yeah and I can see you've never had work done. I love that! So rare!!
  • Me: *looks down at acrylic nails, can barely smile because I got botox and filler two days ago, silently appreciates my non surgical breast lift, thinks about how much more money I need to do another round of cool-sculpting, says prayer to kybella inventor*
  • Me: haha yeah just a natural beauty...over here being beautiful...naturally......

Prompt #1: He clutched the flower to his chest and took a deep breath before turning the corner.

Junkrat x Reader

It’s been a long week, running around stealing shit. I mean even an explosive loving genius knows when to take a break. Junkrat was exhausted; all he wanted to do was go “home” and sleep. Long weeks, few nights, wishing he could be with them. His silent companion was just that silent, wouldn’t respond to his questions, nor would he indulge his rants about the weather. He missed the familiarity that came with them, just anything that came with them.

As he hobbled around the safe house he kept thinking about them. What are they doing right now? Probably taking a bath with one of those explosive bombs, he smiled; the memory of having used it together once crossed his mind… For the few weeks, he was with them, they kept yelling at him to wash, stating that the smell of soot and ashes is only attractive in small proportions. “Darlin’ please, my whole look will be ruined.”

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