100% Pure Cosmetics, long last concealer.  Fruit pigmented, all natural, cruelty free, gluten free makeup.  This concealer is fantastic for covering skin blemishes and evening out skin tome.  All natural ingredients nourish your skin and it is tinted with fruit and vegetable pigments, not minerals or synthetic dyes.  Good for you, good for animals!

Pretty in 60 seconds.

If you said to me, “PJ!! Alexander Skarsgard just called, he read your latest blogpost about hippie deodorant, he loved it, and he is going to be here in SIXTY SECONDS!@$@!!” I would grab the above four products, race to the bathroom, and feel much more beautiful in sixty seconds. And then you would laugh at me for an hour. But hey, I’m happily married and now I look really pretty so the joke’s on you. 

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