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of course i’d still be upset with mark and steven even if they made johnlock canon in a 4th episode or 5th season. of course i would be. but right now i’m feeling better than i was days ago, and listening to my own belief and logic helps. performative anger for everyone else’s sake would only damage my own mental health, of that i am sure. so i’m sorry if i’m not upset enough right in this moment but 1. i don’t believe the same things i did a few days ago and 2. it would. not. be. healthy. for. me. but 3. that doesn’t mean i’m condemning anyone else’s feelings i’m just unable to interact with them at the moment. remember when ben c played All in z00lander? i was extremely hurt and upset. i was so angry. i felt sick. i was mad at him. then like that same week my dad had a heart attack and almost died. and i couldn’t afford to be upset at one of my few comfort things. so i got over it quickly. but i’m still upset. i will be indefinitely. but it’s just like that sometimes. sometimes you need to budget your emotions. and this is how i do it.

ok y’all i’m going to bed & i’m not going back on tumblr til I finish watching s2, so …. I’ll see you all on the other side. 

One more time: This blog is not going to be spoiler-free, and I’ll be tagging all voltron/s2 posts with “vld” and “s2″ so block those if you don’t want to see spoilers from me!!!! 


okay when will jungkook drop his cover though

Hey, guys! I just wrote my first fanfiction in english (yes), and I just want to post it here. I also want to thank Michelle (@ssherlock). She helped me a looooooooooooot because I’m too insecure. Thank you for being the best beta anyone could ask for. Thank you for fixing all my grammar mistakes lol (a lot of mistakes, I guess). Well, anyway, here it is.

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