Do you ever cry when you think about Lois and Clark?

Do you ever feel like your heart stops when Clark thanks Lois for believing in him?

Do you ever feel giddy when Lois officially welcomes Clark to the planet and they share knowing grins with each other?

Do you ever think about that bathtub scene in BVS and wonder where your Clark Kent is?

Do you ever get choked up when you think about how Clark told Lois that she’s his world before he died at the end of BvS?

Do you ever sob thinking about Lois standing over Clark’s grave with his engagement ring on her finger?

Do you ever clutch your hand to your heart and whimper when you see Lois waking up alone in their bed?

Do you ever get overwhelmed with emotion when you see that EVERYONE knows that Lois is the most important person in the whole world to Clark and that she was the contingency plan to bring Clark back if things didn’t go well?

RIGHT? Gonna take this opportunity to talk about the whole of my feels, since I never talk on here— Wincest is the truest love story to ever be told, whether people want to be delusional and deny it or not. It just IS. Wincest doesn’t even have to ‘try’ to make anything Wincest. The show alone does it for us. We don’t have to read into 'they looked at each other, it must be true love!’ delusional stuff so many Destiel shippers do. Wincest is RIGHT THERE out in the open, and we love it. At the end of the day, you just can’t deny the facts. We’re talking about two boys here who grew up…fucked up. Like it or not, growing up the way they did, it was fucked up. They were restricted to either the backseat of a car, or a motel, and forbidden to make any kind of lasting human connection with anyone outside each other. That’s not cool, that messes with you psychologically. If Sam and Dean had been a boy and a girl –like the kids from Flowers in the Attic, if you know that incest story–, they would have OF COURSE found comfort in each other, so why do people freak out at the thought of Sam and Dean finding comfort in each other just because they’re boys? Of course they did. They were the only thing that could make the other smile, the only thing that made them happy, the only thing that gave them some sense of ’home’ some sense of ’constant’ in their ever moving, ever dangerous, ever terrifying lives. John wrote in his journal that for the longest time (if you’ve read the journal), basically, that the boys couldn’t even sleep if they weren’t in the same bed. Dean was everything to Sam growing up. He was 4, and yet he had to be big brother, father, mother, best friend, confidant, partner, comfort..everything. And Sam was everything to Dean, whole universe. From those first wobbly steps, from the first reaching of pudgy grabby hands to be picked up, from his first word being a coo’d “Dee!”, Sam has been Dean’s world and Dean has been Sam’s. John was hardly around and just… Seriously. There’s no bouncing back from that. There’s no ’being okay’ with the other dying or moving on away from them. There just isn’t, and it makes NO SENSE when people try and rationalize it into being okay. How can people really think that with growing up that intertwined that it’d be easy to 'change’ and 'live their own lives’, be detached from each other and both be able to survive? As if it’d be possible to detangle two grown trees, that grew up completely wrapped around each other, with tangled and intermingled roots. No way. No. Fucking. Way. One or both would die, and THAT is the show. It’s always been the heart of the show. Their love is the most pure, gut wrenching, self sacrificing love there is. They love each other enough to fuck over the whole world. Wincest is the saddest, truest love story of all time.  They were made into this. Psychologically made into these irrationally, psychotically, erotically codependent individuals who can’t survive long without the other, and no. No, that can’t just 'change’ or be ignored. You don’t just wake up one day from being bipolar or schizophrenic. What they have is sticking with them. For life. There ain’t no coming back from it. These boys are dying together. Even in the show, if it ends, it ends with them either driving off into the sunset to hunt together, or with both of them dying together. There is no in between, and in our hearts as a fandom we all know this to be true, no matter how much it breaks our hearts. So yes, their codependency might be 'horrible’ for people like you and me who lived normal lives, but for Sam and Dean? In their case, with how they grew up, it’s something they just…they NEED it, you know? Like air. Like a heartbeat. Their codependency is something broken but it’s beautiful. To love someone that deeply, that all-consumingly, and unconditionally, that…just…guh all my friggin’ feels, man. People who hate on that, and hell, even Destiel shippers who try and cast Sam to the wayside, are just jealous that Dean will never love Cas like that. Ever. To even entertain the thought is blind delusion.   I’m not saying everyone 'has’ to like Sam, and I’m not saying everyone 'has’ to ship Wincest, but at least don’t be delusional about canon. Acknowledge Sam’s importance and necessity in Dean’s life for Dean to be happy. Anyone who thinks Dean could live happily ever after with Sam dead or pushed aside or disregarded, clearly doesn’t know Dean, doesn’t respect Dean, and views him as this shallow person. A good parent would never place a relationship in front of their kid, a good parent believes in 'either my kid, or nothing’, and for the people out there who don’t ship Wincest, they should look at it at least like that. Dean raised Sam. He’s like a single parent taking care of his kid, there’s no way he’d push Sammy to the wayside for a relationship. He’d never screw over Sam for Cas’s sake. Not in a million years.   Anyway, long story short, as a Wincest shipper, I can say I’m not an 'incest advocate’ or anything –rude when idjits assume–, but… This show. These two boys. With the way they grew up? With how hard they love each other? With them being consenting adults? Yeah. I see it and would never turn my back on that kind of pure love. It’s broken and so beautiful to me, and I accept it, and it’s glorious and they’re my OTP for life.   5Ever, my friends, and peace out~.

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things i love about rogue one (no real spoilers so it’s all good)
  • Cassian being firmly reminded Jyn can kick ass
  • but still saves her every chance when she absolutely needs it
  • Bodhi’s development from stuttering scared to having let himself in faith to the rebellion
  • even after being literally mind-fucked
  • Papa Organa showing up
  • Donnie Yen and Wen Jiang being complete badasses
  • their relationship is all about faith and trust in each other and it’s amazing
  • empire fuckers being badass like godamn you scary
  • vader making A FUCKING PUN
  • K-2S0 being hilarious and not forced
  • And then come out as a badass out of nowhere
  • Also Cassian showing how while being a badass rebel makes him cool, it still sometimes fucks him up

(feel free to add if any ya’ll watched)

LoK episode 9


I’m getting this off my chest before I got to bed.
To sum it all up..MY FEELS… SOBS.

MOMENTS I LOVED (not in any particular order):
1. Tenzin, Meelo and Pema LOL. I just adore Meelo. They’re such a beautiful family. Hence why I love Pemzin so much.
2. Linzin Friendship: “Wake Up *slaps*”
3. ALL THE FLASHBACKS. AANG… TOPH… SOKKA… Let me sob right now… *ugly cries* their voices sound so different but its not bad haha and councilmen Sokka.. OMG… I JUST MISS THEM SO MUCH.. THE GAANG MAN…. *more ugly sobbing*
4. Makkora Moment at the end: can I just say my makkora heart just burst out and started singing? It was such a beautiful moment guys… Mako was being so understanding and non-jerky. I love my OTP so much.
5. LIN IS SO BADASS. And I love you, tenzin.

MOMENTS I DID NOT LIKE (again, not in any particular order):
1. Masami Kiss; I mean I don’t mind Masami… Much… I love asami though. But the kiss was like “WHUT!?”
2. Bolin… Why did you tell asami that LOOOL!? I feel sorry for asami now… Oh but I wonder how Bolin and Asami are like as a couple O: … Would that be weird :/ ?
3. TARRLOCK YOU BETCH. That’s all I have to say about him.
4. Holy crap Amon was scary.

My Brain is in a mess right now and my feels are all over the place. This is a little summary of my feels.

Just… Let me sob now…

And season finale is on the 23rd of June. That Promo… THAT PROMOOOO.. FFFFF SOOOOOBS
MY HEART CANT TAKE THIS NO MORREEEEE… I got my exams in two days and I’m fangirling like this OTL SOBS.


Scorpion 30 Day Challenge
Day 14: Favourite Character ► Toby Curtis

I’m like mold. At first, it’s gross, but it grows on you and eventually you realize how precious it is…

                                                         What a rare and wonderful fungus you have.