161203 3 “Meals A Day Fishing Village 3″ Episode 8: Shinhwa’s Eric Went Fishing some Bream, Seojin and Gyusang’s Hell Meal Is Also Love.

Since he got into the island, Eric never did actually get to fish much even though he says he’s a fishing-holic. He has been only showing himself as Eh-Chef making all the food. But Eric went fishing this time while Seojin and Gyunsang tried to be the chefs of the day.

Hell meal is also love;
The absence of the all mighty Cooking Fairy Eric, Seojin and Gyunsang got their sincerity in.

3 Meals A Day Fishing Village 3” makes you surprised at Eric’s cooking as you watch the episodes. The era is for men to cook, so they might have some go-to dishes that they can cook. But it’s not easy to make all the food without any mistakes, perfectly and satisfies everyone like this.

The reason why Eric’s food is great is that he figures out what Seojin and Gyunsang likes so he spends time with that and it satisfies them. Cooking is meaningful when the people who eat the food are happy. In that context, Eric’s food is the best food. Now it’s more suiting to call Eric a Yoseknam (sexy man who can cook) than calling him a fishing maniac.

It was still awesome when he made the ‘Ric-morning set’ with hash brown, sweet potato mousse, pancake, butter milk and custard. It’s never easy to cook all those at once and you’re not eating out.

Eric takes long time because he does everything alone. But it’s amazing to see that everybody is satisfied. It seems like Eric is almost a perfectionist. Thinking again and again means that he’s prudent and focused.

For the brunch with much sweet flavors, Seojin prepared the stone-mill-grinded coffee and it was a great choice. Even though the stone mill didn’t grind so well, the coffee balanced the sweetness of the meal. After the big lunch, Eric had his time for fishing only for the first time.

Eric started fishing in a deserted island by himself and the others made lunch for Eric. They dealt with the high pile of dirty dishes, then challenged themselves to make Kimbab. It wasn’t easy for them to prepare a meal after eating the food Eric made for them.

Not easy but sincere, the ‘Hell bab’ that looks like a kimbab, ramyun noodles that they kept the noodles and soup separately, then headed for Eric. The guys were just happy. Eating is happy but they realized how joyful it is to prepare a meal for someone you share time with.

Eric caught a Bream but it was too young so he had to let it go and he tried to find the barnacle. It looked really nice when the family arrived with the simple but sincere food they made for a tired Eric, and sharing it altogether. This is the value that “3 Meals A Day” pursues.

It was the endless winter rain that greeted them back at home without much yield for the day. The sound of raindrops dropping on the eaves was so emo but not so happy since they had to prepare the meal outside and kept the fire going. It was the worst condition to make Fish Cake Soup and Duruchigi (stir-fried pork with kimchi), and to cook rice.

Even with this situation, the dinner they made with each other was priceless. The Spicy Stir-fried Pork and Fishcake Soup they made under the eaves using the BlackStar were so satisfying. It’s everybody’s admired happiness to have some drinks and chat heatedly with each other over a meal.

Nothing is happier than sharing your stories, lives with good people, and chats over some drinks. It was pretty hard for them to cook with the rain outside, but the life stories they shared with the rain were simply romantic.

The comfort of “3 Meals A Day - Fishing Village 3” comes stronger with the suspicious and hard times (of the current political stage). Maybe the reason why we go out and lit our candles is to live a life like “3 Meals A Day”. Nothing so special but a society can make each one happy, to get rid of the extreme distinction between rich and poor, and get along happily. People, who want those, go out to the streets once again.

Source: Mediaus + Translation by EricMun.tumblr

following one's dreams

do you feel the rhythm
dancing in our bones
you and me, we are meant to be
even if the world is dying

I can feel how the wind
sings me the truth
we will always have time
to find our way home

the moon told me
to follow my dreams
so, I took you by the hand
and walked into the sea

I wanted to touch the stars
and it occurred to me
that you were the sun
the same one from my dreams

we found home in each other
at the bottom of the sea
we saw the waves rocking
all mighty above us and we with them

to sleep
to sleep
to sleep, my love

Demetrious Johnson survives adversity early to defend his flyweight title for the 9th time.

Elliott said he was gonna come out and make it ugly and he did. Got MM in some deep submissions in the first including a guillotine and a D'Arce. Once that round came to an end though, Elliott ran out of solutions. Kept trying to scramble and wrestle with him but it resulted with Johnson staying on top for 20 minutes flowing from one submission lock to another. DJ had to have gone for like 3-4 different armbar attempts from the double wrist lock position.

Big performance from Elliott, def earned himself some fans but it was all Mighty Mouse from the 2nd round on. Avoided his Matt Serra moment.


Steve isn’t the only one to have lost the love of his life, either.

Charles Aznavour - She ♫


Favorite Performance in BIOPIC movies

  • Robert Downey Jr. as Charlie Chaplin (Chaplin 1992)
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  • Meryl Streep as Julia Child (Julie & Julia, 2009)
  • Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo (Frida, 2002)
  • Angelina Jolie as Mariane Pearl (A Mighty Heart, 2007)
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg (The Social Network, 2010)
  • Will Smith as Muhammad Ali (Ali, 2001)
  • Colin Firth as King George VI (The King’s Speech, 2010)
  • Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan (I’m Not There, 2007)
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Celebrimbor [Tyelperinquar] : last of the House of Fëanor, lord of the elves of Ost-in-Edhil in Eregion, the head of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain, a guild of elven craftsmen and friend of the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm.

Co-maker of the Doors of Durin and forger of the Three Rings of Power.