Earlier I was imagining Star Wars as a neighbourhood tabletop roleplay game. In it Palpatine is actually this really kind old man who plays this extremely evil character that has everyone going home and wondering about old man Sheev. It all got started when Sheev came over to offer everyone cookies when they were just getting started, and someone thought it would be funny to invite him over to join in on their game. 

He is sometimes visited by his son Maul who joins in for a couple sessions, and who plays a character who is also dramatically evil. Then you have Palpatine’s character beat down Maul’s character and everyone’s just sitting at the table in stunned silence. Basically their personalities are a complete flip of their actual selves. I just find that juxtaposition funny.

Tomorrow is going to be one of the most depressing days of my life so far.

I’m walking for graduation.

But I’m not actually graduating.

It’s just going to be yet another huge middle finger in my face and a reminder of how much shit I have left to do, and how I have no idea how I’m gonna do it.


This hurts my feelings. Think of Sam earlier this season, so earnest, on his knees by his bed, praying for guidance. And he got nothing (he got Lucifer, reminding him that he was the only one in Sam’s head). And now he meets God and he’s falling over himself to provide excuses. Sam. (11x21)