Weeb at disney world

So i went to Disney world recently for my birthday as well as my 3-year old niece’s birthday (the day before mine) with my parents, my older brother (J), his wife, his daughter and my obnoxious little sister (OW short for obnoxious weeb). OW is a huge weeb and its annoying. She also thinks everything is about her! So she threw a temper tantrum cause she’d rather be at Disneyland Tokyo. She was told off by our mother.

So she discovered there is a Japan Pavilion in Epcot. “Let’s go there!” OW was asured we would be going there. But that day we were going to celebrate my niece’s (S) birthday. She wanted to go to Magic Kingdom and she loves the movie Beauty and the Beast so we had dinner at the new restaurant. OW was sulking the whole time we were there. Once S said, “Auntie OW do you want to go on Jungle Cruise with me?” OW told her heck no and not to talk to her. You should have seen S’s face. She was so hurt. My dad said, “OW grow up or you won’t be going to with us to Epcot!” OW rolled her eyes and sat down at a bench. This happened a few more times. Then at Dinner she only had a soda and a salad (reluctantly). Every family picture she looked pissed.

Then epcot day came. She was excited saying we had to eat at the Japan Pavilion. We had made a reservation for my birthday at a pizza restaurant in the Italian pavilion for dinner. (5:30pm) When OW was told this she went nuts. I decided to have a compromise. We’d have lunch at the Japan Pavilion. But since S is sort of a picky eater (she does not like Japanese food) i decided to hang out with her, my brother and his wife. I needed space from OW. So we got to Epcot. As expected she only wanted to go the Japan Pavilion. I wanted to go on Spaceship Earth but she did not. We wanted to see all the other Pavilions? Nope OW was getting upset if we did that. S,My mom and I wanted to check out the Mexico Pavillion. “No we have to go Japan.” My dad warned OW again. So around Lunch OW and my parents headed to the Japan Pavilion. While the rest of us went to get lunch elsewhere.When it was time for my birthday dinner OW had wandered off and we did not know where she was. So my dad had to track her down while the rest of us got seated. He did find her in the Japan Pavillion again and had to drag her to dinner!

Then my parents during dinner said i can get somthing from any store. OW heard and wanted somthing too. “You can get one thing but less than $20.” OW complained how it was not fair. Then our food came. OW complained about the food. After dinner we walked around so i could pick something. I picked out a jersery of my favorite soccer team from Germany. S wanted this teddy bear and this bag of candy. So she got this plushie Bulbasaur and some candy. OW saw this expensive kimono over $200 and she wanted it. My parents said no. OW snapped and threw a hissy fit. She then grabbed S’s plushie and went to throw it away. Our brother stopped her. That was the last straw for my parents. So Ow had to stay at the hotel with my brother’s wife. But I did not let OW ruin my trip and i made sure S’s trip was not ruined too. 

My parents said my birthday next year if we do a trip OW won’t be going with us.