my weeby sister

My 18 year old  sister © is a weeaboo. Its so annoying and i just hate. When we moved into our new house she got mad i picked the one bed room that was bigger because she needed space to put all her anime stuff in there. I needed it because i got a desk. She loves Attack on Titan and some other anime i don’t know. She got mad at the kitchen table once when my little brother was talking about how crew (rowing) practice was. She wants to talk about anime 24/7. 3 months ago i had gotten my driver’s license and picked out a nice used Subaru. C found out and got upset as my parents bought her for her birthday a new Ford focus last year. She said it was unfair that and i quote, “A baka like her does not deserve a nihon car like that.”

Saturday morning my little brother told me, “Hey your car is gone.” I went outside and yup it was gone. I knew who took it so i told my parents and then called my sister. I tore her a new one and was just so pissed. She said she was not giving it back as she was an otaku and deserved to drive it.  Then hung up. My dad went driving around looking for her. But i had enough as i had caught her taking my keys many times before (still don’t know how the hell she got them when i had them hidden). I called the cops reporting my car as stolen. They did find her at the local anime store. She’s lucky she’s only getting a misdemeanor and could only face probation. The shitty thing is that she still feels like she has a right to my car. I’ve now keep my car keys on me at all times! 


I’ve been reading over some of my old fics. Fics that haven’t ever died in my mind, but have had to stay hidden in the back of the room, while I struggled with some major RL things.

And getting my head back on track…that was a big one and still a work in progress…but it is progress nevertheless. 

So then why I’m bothering to write a post about this, since in the past I’ve not been reliable on updating ( lol, last one was over almost 18 months ago), but I DO want everyone that stumbles on my little fics, to know I haven’t abandoned them. 

I have questioned a number of times if anyone would really care to read the end of Eye of the Beholder, especially since it has been so long since an update.

Even more so for All in the Family, which I actually started in the summer before season 3 (God, feels like a century ago).

But while Eye of the Beholder was always in the back of my head scratching for an update, I thought I would never want to write more of All in the Family.

Frankly, my original story was SOOO off the rails of what actually happened in canon, I felt it might be better to just let it fade off gently into the night.

Then I read it again today and realized, shit, there is work here worth saving. And while the story won’t be ANYTHING like the actual story line, it still could be a great story for Olicity and Arrow fans alike. 

Don’t know. Maybe just me, since at the end of Ch 8. I actually sat back and started at the computer thinking…Fuck…I…really want to know what happens now, lol.

And after all those months swimming in my head, I worked out some things that kept blocking and nagging me about Eye of the Beholder.

Then I remember I actually had a pretty long-novel length even- outline for All in the Family, with twists and mulit-storylines going on. In short–a really fun time.

All of this got me thinking of a long-ago promise I made to myself when I started writing Olicity fanfic–finish what you start. I’ve been trying to stay true to this, but it has been a struggle, not because I don’t love them or the words or the wonderful people who read them but because of me and my own mental heath which needed to be addressed. 

Anyway, I’m finishing these stories. 

I think the best course of action here, is to fix the chapters I have and keep working on new material.

I’ll post them here as well as AO3.

I won’t promise dates and timelines–Since, to all my poor, suffering readers know, I am not good at keeping a steady pace going. Maybe this time it will be different, maybe not, but adding that kind of pressure to it will just sabotage this even before it take off the ground again.

Thank you all for every single comment and Kudo you have ever given me. I hope you enjoy these stories again as much as I have and will join me for the ride as we continue the trip. 

Comments, questions or just a simple hello are greatly welcomed.

Thank you all.

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