“I would court you with all the grace and courtesy that you deserve. There’d be no lies between us. We’d have time to be together”

Happy Valentine’s Day! In other news I still want a spin-off/AU of Captive Prince where Auguste is alive and Damen can court Laurent and they can be happy and in love and Laurent can smile and laugh all the time AND BLUSH

Being Dean’s Valentine

Y/N walked into her bedroom found her black dress laying spread out on the bed. A piece of paper with Put this on, Sweetheart scribbled in Dean’s handwriting resting on it. She smiled at the note and did as instructed. She had absolutely no idea what was going on. It was mid afternoon on Valentine’s Day and Dean had been acting weird for days. Although, this explained some of it.

She pulled it on, fixed her hair and slipped on her heels. Walking into the library she found Dean waiting in a dressed down suit. Black pants and jacket, white shirt and no tie.

He handed her a bouquet of roses and a card, kissing her cheek.

‘What’s going on?’ she asked, laughing slightly and shaking her head.

‘Well, you said you’d never done the Valentine’s or date thing. So I figured I’d show you how it’s done. Set a standard, all that.’

He watched as she blushed slightly. God, was she hot. And the fact that she was standing here, in front of him, willing to follow whatever crazy idea he had planned made her even hotter. Seeing her like this was a dream come true for him. His biggest regret is that she was here as a friend not as a girlfriend.

He watched as her smile grew as she read the card he got. He was nervous about her response. The card said everything he felt but he was too scared to admit it. For the one who has my heart, You are my today, my tomorrow, my life, my reason, my everything. Happy Valentine’s Day.

‘Now, I know you’re still sore from that last hunt, so I promise nothing huge or dangerous,’ Dean explained, he held out his arm and beamed as Y/N placed the roses and card on the table and let him lead her out to Baby.

He opened the door and helped her slide in, before climbing into the driver’s seat. He drove the car into the trees next to the bunker and around the back of it and smiled as Y/N gave him a huge grin when she saw the set up on the hill in the clearing.

He’d laid out a picnic blanket and some candles, a small battery powered stereo and some blankets and pillows.

‘Stay there,’ he said, jumping out of the impala and running around the car.

He opened the passenger’s door and held out a hand for Y/N to take, helping her out of the car. He grabbed the picnic basket from the back seat and lead her over to the blanket and helped her sit down.

The two spent the night talking, listening to music, eating the picnic Dean prepared and drinking wine. Once they had finished, Dean cleared the mat, blew out the candles and the two lay down on the pile of pillows and watched the stars.

‘Thank you,’ Y/N said softly, looking over at Dean.

‘You’re welcome, Sweetheart. If I could, I would have done the whole fancy restaurant thing. But, I get the feeling this was more your style.’

She laughed at his comment and Dean felt himself soar.

‘Definitely, more my style. I’m that person in the restaurant that would order a pizza and have it delivered because the place I’m out over charges and under feeds,’ she chuckled.

‘My kind of girl,’ Dean laughed.

He watched as she shivered slightly as the wind picked up and she snuggled further under the blankets and closer to him.

‘Want my jacket? Or to go home?’

‘No, it’s fine. I’m good to stay, if you are.’

Dean felt her arm lightly brush against his. He was more than good to stay. They pointed out constellations making up ridiculous stories for how they got named. Dean’s grin growing the more she laughed.

He watched as she rolled onto her side and looked at him.

‘You’ve set the standard pretty high, Winchester.’

‘Good to hear.’

‘Not sure anyone can top this.’

‘Do you think that’s cos we’re awesome? I think it’s cos we’re so awesome. At least together,’ he rambled, trying to build some courage up. Nobody made him as nervous as she did. He was so scared he would screw things up and she’d walk away from him.

He watched as she laughed at him.

‘I’m serious. We always have an amazing time together. Regardless of what we are doing. The date’s just something to do. It’s us being awesome together that set the standard’s high,’ he tried again.

He watched as she thought about it. He could see sleep was catching up with her.

‘Then I’m never going to have another decent date. Cos no one can match our awesomeness,’ she smiled, sleepily.

‘Fine by me,’ Dean grinned.

‘I’ll die alone,’ she groaned, dramatically.

Dean watched as she tried to keep her eyes open. Sleep eventually winning out. He smiled softly at her as her breathing evened out.

‘While I’m around, you’re never alone,’ Dean said quietly.

He watched as she slept next to him, never once taking his eyes off her face. One day he’d tell her in a way she would understand.

‘I love you,’ he mouthed, wishing he had the courage to say it out loud. He lent forward and kissed her head. ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby.’

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omghgg is tsukki BLUSHING @ akaashi in that last drawing u did?? i love this ship sfm but practically no one else ships it OTL

AKAASHI is SUCH👏 A 👏CATCH👏 !!!! He’s confident but not obnoxious, calm/collected without appearing COLD, he’s seriously so generous and patient and kind, has great manners and is probably top of his class! Also, he’s so sexy! like, quietly sexxxy! How could anyone not fall for that! I bet Tsukki looked straight past catbro & hootdude’s bs (notthatidontshipthattoolol) to this diamond and straight up fellllllll.

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Awww, Slendy! You got such a cute blushy face! You're cute all the time, but you are just absolutely adorable when you blush! Makes me want to coo over you and make you a cake just for being so cute!

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Agree abt Black Sun, people can ship what they want but bc Sun is quite similar to Yang, (well pre s3 yang)...blond, linked to sun imagery, upbeat, humorous, caring under a slightly goofy exterior ect as love intrest for blake idk it somehow it feels like Black Sun is a het version of what Bumblebee could be, but without all the interactions of the latter: the months of working together, being friends, supporting each other- all B/S has is like two investigations, a dance and a blush.

Yeah. All Black Sun really has going is heteronormativity and the fact that they’re both Faunus. Other than that, bumbleby has much more development and much more going for them, however you want to see it.

I would like to put in a formal request, for after the CO, when AIMH beats Ellen’s Oscar Selfie. 

I would please like Harry and Louis to silently walk on Ellen’s stage with a tshirt with AIMH on it. And I want Harry to look smug as fuck and I would like Louis to blush a bunch. 

Thank you, that is all. 

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Valentine's Day with Gabriel?

Oh my. Obviously you both share the same huge sweet tooth, and he plans to take full advantage of this. He decks out your place with candy, presenting you with a bouquet of edible flowers and a present wrapped entirely in candy wrappers that makes you giggle. The two of you share candies all night, making a game of who can catch the most love heart sweets in their mouth before moving onto who can fit more jolly ranchers in at once (he wins but you’re sure that’s only because he kept making you laugh and drop them all).The night ends when pulls another wrapper out of his pocket, opening up the candy ring and sliding it onto your finger, making you blush and laugh at him all at once.
“You’re such a dork” Is all you mumble in response but he seems happy with it, kissing you slowly before he picks you up to carry you to your room.
Turns out the candy wasn’t just for the living room.

Send me a character and I’ll tell you how they’d celebrate valentines day with you

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"Hey, I know it's not much but uh.. These are some flowers from a planet I was just at. Y'know.. cause it's valentine's and all that junk." Rick mutters as he tries to hide a blush, holding out a bouquet of exotic looking flowers. Once you take them, he runs his hand through his hair, smirking a little. "So now that that's outta the way.. Why don't we put those in some water and uh, get to the real good stuff? Know what I mean, babe?"