basic application techniques

face primer/foundation //
face primer should be applied before any other product, however, it is optional & not necessary. if you wish to use concealer to conceal any blemishes or redness on your skin, you can dot those places with concealer & blend in either before or after foundation application. brushes you need for this: concealer brush, foundation or stippling brush

bronzer should be swept in a c shape around your eye & then back down over your jaw line using a bronzer brush or a similar product. 

contour/blush/highlight, in that order
when it comes to contour product, blush, & luminizers, they all use the same type of brush & have only slightly different methods of application. you will need an all-purpose contour/blush/highlight brush for this.

once you have applied your highlight, it’s good to set the face with either a setting spray such as Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray or a pressed powder like Makeup Forever’s HD Pressed Powder using a powder brush. any excess powder can be swept off the face with a kabuki brush. i hope this helped! feel free to add to this post.

Signs at an Arcade

Aries: Trying to flirt with Pisces

Taurus: Eating pizza while arguing with Gemini

Gemini: bites Taurus and runs to hide behind Scorpio

Cancer: Laughing at people with Sagittarius

Leo: Playing all the games and beating Libra

Virgo: Bowling and blushing whenever Aquarius walks by

Libra: Frustrated with losing to Leo so they go to the bathroom and give themselves a pep talk

Scorpio: Trying to calm Taurus and Gemini and then gets angry and slaps them both

Sagittarius: Enjoying themselves with Cancer while looking at their social media

Capricorn Screams at Aries to leave Pisces alone and hits them with a shoe

Aquarius: Thinking if they should date Virgo or friend zone them

Pisces: Is fascinated by Aries until Capricorn pops up and makes them feel hungry

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I'm kind of excited to see Pony Head interact with Marco more and be like some bonding force in the ship by hinting to the other. Also I think Pony Head will go back to St. O's at the end.

that would be great like what if pony head notices star is like attached to Marco more than she should and pony head is like laughing and she tells Marco a secret and he’s all blushing and he’s like “bro no wtf” and she’s like “bro hella just calm down idk talk to her” and he’s like “bro” and she’s like “bro” -cocky

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May I just say that your Story Red Heat slays my whole life to the point that it is all I want to read.

You may. I’m blushing now, thank you!

Making Cas blush isn’t as easy as Dean first thought.  Dean figured that Cas would blush all the time, that a light pretty pink would flood his cheeks each time Dean made a private dirty joke or talked about their sex life or touched Cas in some lewd place.

Cas never blushed though.  He would when they made love behind a closed door.  He would when on the rare occasion Dean would tell him that he loves him; but, nothing more.

In fact, Dean finds himself blushing a lot; because, Cas is just as lewd and crass and touchy as Dean is and he is so much more than Dean ever thought he could have.  Thinking about it even makes Dean blush.

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Takeru Totsuka

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  yui yui yui yui yui

general opinions: i’m ngl takeyui is probably my favorite yui ship… takeru’s route is just so sweet and sugary? he’s the most precious when he’s showing care for someone because he gets wholeheartedly attached and is loyal to a fault :’) plus the way he blushes about anything romantic at all is really cute and it gives yui the opportunity to take the lead in some parts of their relationship!

sry this was mostly about their relationship but in short (heh), takeru is adorable and must be protected

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Okay hi! So actually, I'm writing this fanfiction that's basically Rin x OC. There's going to be this scene where the couple will be talking about sex and I was wondering: What do you think Rin will behave like? Would he be all shy and blushing, or not bothered by the talk at all?

Rin would try to act cool and like it didn’t bother him, but would fail miserably. Even if he could keep a straight face, there’s no way he’d be able to hide his blush. He probably wouldn’t even be able to look at them directly. Because as much as he tries to act like the cool guy, we all know that Rin’s a big, soft, awkward romantic at heart.

The Signs Reaction To Their Crush Asking “Do You Like Me?”

Aries: WH-WHAT?!?! *blushes fiercely* O-OF COURSE I DON’T, WH-WHAT WOULD MAKE YOU THINK THAT??? *runs away flustered*

Taurus: …… yes? i think? no? MAYBE? IDKKKK? *lowkey starts having panic attack*

Gemini: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *continues laughing like hell* NOO WHAT A SILLY QUESTION *after they go home they contemplate their life meaning*

Cancer: *blushes so much they look like a tomato* u-uummmmmm…… *can’t make any understandable sentence* *faints*

Leo: of course i don’t. why would you even ask that? *has the biggest urge to say yes and just kiss them*

Virgo: *literally pauses and does nothing* *stands there continueing doing nothing* *turns around and walks away all the while still not having said anything to their crush* 

Libra: *highkey blushes* Actually, I-i kind of… d-…. d-do-….. don’t……. *lowkey starts getting pissed they didn’t confess*

Scorpio: Okay i kind of do, not going to lie. Ay but that means you’d date me right ;)

Sagittarius: *gets flustered* WH-WHAT *shouts insult* *realizing what they just did and panics and runs away*

Capricorn: lol no why would I? *lies so good their crush actually believes them*

Aquarius: I-i don’t think so *starts doubting whether they have a crush or not* I-I DON’T? NO NO NO I DO? OKAY I DO *realizes they confessed and lights up like a christmas tree*

Pisces: *gets really shy and blushes* well….. yeah, being completely honest with you… *makes like the most adorable blushing face*

imagine; dave asking karkat to teach him about quadrants and karkat is so glad to, right? going over each of them first passively, then starting to get detailed and hes so expressive and makes all these gestures and hes so excited and dave is just enraptured but hes also discontent with it. hes got it bad for karkat, really really bad and as hes listening to these quadrants his heart is sinking lower and lower into his stomach because he cant place what he feels in just one.

dave who ends up upset about this and karka tkeeps pushing it asking whats wrong, whats the matter, why are you upset until dave finally just backs him into a wall w his forearms on either side of karkats head and his forehead pressed to karkats, eyes shut tight behind his shades and he apologizes. says hes sorry over and over and that he loves him, loves him so much, and he tried- he tried to figure out what quadrant because he knows thats what karkat would want but he cant and hes sorry. he cant put it in just one. 

and hes so fkn upset because karkats taught him to feel and to see what his life was before and what it is now, that hes loved now, that hes safe now and he doesnt always have to be on his toes- and he wants this, wants it so much he cant help the tears that slip out from behind his shades, but he cant do it right. he cant do right by karkat and e doesnt deserve him if he cant figure this out and hes so torn up about it..



I recently came to the realization that I don’t use much makeup besides lipstick on my sims anymore. And that’s not for lack of wanting to, I just never found anything that fits my style. 

So, I made this set. I edited an EA eyeshadow, converted Jessi’s under eye liners, made a small set of eyeliners, and threw in a couple lipsets, because why not. 

The under eye liners are available as blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and full face makeup all categories, pick whichever files you’d like to keep. They look great with just about anything. 

The liners come in 3 simple, everyday styles, and a couple options for each, in order to ensure the widest range of compatibility with different eyeshapes.

The lips each use a mangled version of their original alpha. One set has its original colours, and the other I mostly redid as I wanted some more variety. Both of them have an added black colour, because everyone needs an arsenal of black lipsticks.

The rest of it is the usual deal, everything has custom thumbs and should be easy to find. 

*The duotones on the swatch are only for the under eye liners. 



Jessi, Tea Leaf, Pickypikachu, Bruno, Screaming Mustard

What The Signs Do When They Are Crushing
  • Aries:Running up to you and screaming "Football" while wearing a hockey jersey and holding a baseball.
  • Taurus:Laughing at literally everything you say
  • Gemini:Making up weird impossible stories about themselves to make you like them. ("So, this fucking giant lizard came up to me and I wrestled it." "Like, an alligator?" "No, like a baby dino.")
  • Cancer:Epic feels sessions and telling you what they want later in life.
  • Leo:Opens one of life's doors for you, that they could of walked through themselves.
  • Virgo:People Watch and 'accidentally' say "Us" about a couple.
  • Libra:Blushes 24/7 around you. Also, all of their friends know everything about you. Screenshots all of their phones. The whole thing.
  • Scorpio:Takes you cool places and tells you stories and probs smokes with you.
  • Sagittarius:They text you and only you.
  • Capricorn:They take you to the movies a lot. Like once or twice or 90 times a month. AND they pay for your ticket. They also get really dressed up when they know you're gonna be around.
  • Aquarius:Lowkey ignores you until you talk to them and then everything spills out of their month and its an onslaught of strange immediate trust and weird opening up. They don't stop crushing until its fulfilled, and even then it may persist. Worst crushers ever. (well, theyre good at the crushing part).
  • Pisces:You know. The kid that gets flustered and cant talk and blushes a lot and is lowkey protective over you but doesnt really do anything just makes sure nothing actually happens.