My excitement about post-game last DLC for DA:I is filling me with excitement, sure, but also a weird amount of anxiety. Like… I don’t want all this fucking tragedy. I want the Inquisitor to have some GOOD THINGS happen. I want their LI to still be there and still be faithful and in love. I want their friends by their side. I want Solas back, as a friend or LI, I don’t care, but I want him back by their side. I want them to have a win even if they know their life is short and the mark might kill them soon. I don’t want them to die. I don’t want ANYONE to die. Maybe end it with a Citadel-style party. Everyone is together and happy even if they know it can’t be forever. Maybe the mark will kill them five minutes after the DLC ends but I don’t want to see it. I understand the appeal of tragedy in storytelling but god help me the Inquisitor has been through hell and back sort of literally, over and over, and I want a happy ending. Give me an open-ended “it’s happy now but shit is gonna go down in the next game”, that’s fine. But give them a chance to be happy, dammit.

hey guys :)?

reply to this post and tell me about your day or what you are going to do today. You can also just vent to me, i just want to know what all of you are up to today :)

I have one class in 40 minutes and then I think I’m going to try to do some homework or something. I am not sure because I still feel shitty and I’m trying to get better before the football game tomorrow.


Word of Life

Team building, Time to appreciate all the things around you. Meet a lot of ppl.. even though I’m not that friendly. Expect the unexpected dude. at first, I’m really not comfortable and just want to go home. My other friends were in different seats bc we were arrange in diff colors, I’m in Green team btw.

There’s a lot of games of course, needs a lot of teamwork. It’s fun!! kinda tired but yeah I’ll join the team building again next year.

My dog miss me hehe.

Beeb’s Playing Outlast and Scopin’ (Recap):

  • He’s very very scared. Yikes.
  • I’ve played this game and it’s creepy and I know exactly where he is I’m cackling.
  • He’s in a good mood. He’s really enjoying himself and it’s adorable
  • HAHAHHAH startled Beeb is basically triple-chin Beeb.
  • He just made the funniest face. Please.
  • “Who the fuck came up with this shit? This is some demented shit man.” - everyone ever while playing horror games
  • He literally recedes into his chins whenever he gets scared.
  • “Imagine playing this with an oculus? Yeah, no way, man. Fuck that. No way.” Sounds about right.
  • “Should I figure out twitch?? Is that a thing I should do?” BRENDON LIVE STREAMING HORROR GAMES. That’s all I’ve ever wanted in my life.
  • This is basically the New Politics video.
  • He was looking at scope and then the game made a sound and he’s just repeatedly yelling, “YO. YO. OH SHIT. OH SHIT. OH SHIT,” and doing that little laugh he does.
  • He died in the game and he took his glasses off in real life instinctively.
  • He turned the scope around to face the screen and everyone on periscope is LOSING THEIR SHIT.
  • This is the most entertaining gameplay I’ve ever seen and at least 60% of my day is spent watching gaming channels.
  • He just popped into the screen and asked periscope of help I’m crying from laughter he’s so precious.
  • He got an achievement. Nice. I wonder what his gamerscore is.
  • All he’s doing is going, “What the fuck is that? What the fuck is this? Who the fuck are you? What the fuck?”
  • This is the sweetest thing. Less than 2k people are still watching but he’s being so nice and excited about us wanting to see his scary game. He was gonna take a break because he was freaked out but he saw someone’s message on scope and kept played awhhh.
  • He just accidentally zoomed in on himself. ICONIC.
  • I guess he had to go do adult stuff because someone walked in the door, but wow. What a fantastic scope.

Found this behind the scenes footage and thought this was the perfect way to say THANK YOU FOR 3,000,000 VIEWS on Little Game!! I never can say thank you enough, it has changed my life. 🎉💘 Almost makes me want to do it all again… Maybe I will 🙈👀

Nostalgia Critic quotes {Sentence Starters}
  • "Why does he get to call the shots?"
  • "It is not only bad, it is annoying. Ungodly annoying."
  • "This is the greatest movie I've ever seen in my life!"
  • "Maybe this won't be so horrible, after all."
  • "A prince, really? I, uh... never would've guessed."
  • "From the minute you hear it, it is never gonna leave your head."
  • "Hey, you! You want 20 bucks?"
  • "Surely spending your entire life just playing video games can't get you any kind of fame."
  • "I love you all! You're all so beautiful and innocent to me!"
  • "What kinda sick, crazy world is this?!"
  • "It's supercrapafuckerificexpialibullshit."
  • "Sorry, sorry, it's just- Wow, is this one bad!"
  • "Hey, kid! What do you want to see on TV?"
  • "It's honestly like talking to a kid on the ultimate of sugar highs."
  • "Looking back, I’ve noticed this is the stupidest idea in the entire world."
  • "Oh my god! That's blood!"
  • "I can safely say that I'm not the least bit happy!"
  • "Oh, well, I guess that's cool — WHA?!"
  • "Oh, it's you. How'd you get up here?"
  • "Alright, that's a little dark, but, you get what I'm getting at."
  • "Unbelievable, I mean just unbelievable."
  • "This is crazy! In every possible meaning of the word!"
  • "If I got shot in the head, then how did I survive?"
  • "Nothing can stop him. Nothing would dare."
  • "I don't know whether to give it to a scientist to examine or a priest to exorcise!"
  • "Look, I don't know why you're getting so angry-?"
  • "I'll never use a can of Raid again!"
  • "OK, it'd be gross, but imagine how many lives you could save!"
  • "So, no disrespect, I apologize, let's move on."
  • "Most people would consider that a little out of the norm."
  • "I really hope you people appreciate what I do for you."

Williams revealed the Game of Thrones fight choreographers will forget that she insists on playing Arya left-handed, as in the book, even though she’s right-handed in real life. She will make them re-choreograph scenes. She also really wants to do more of her own horse riding. “I know Richard Madden got to actually gallop,” she said. And by the way, “all hell broke loose” when she got her nose pierced.


Never ending list of favorites movies: RocknRolla (2008) dir. Guy Ritchie

“People ask the question… what’s a RocknRolla? And I tell ‘em - it’s not about drums, drugs, and hospital drips, oh no. There’s more there than that, my friend. We all like a bit of the good life - some the money, some the drugs, others the sex game, the glamour, or the fame. But a RocknRolla, oh, he’s different. Why? Because a real RocknRolla wants the fucking lot.”

Wanting to ask your online friends to play video games/do art trades/do anything together but feeling like you’re bothering them is the worst feeling ever. :/

The third in a few Life Is Strange pieces I’ll be pumping out in the near future.
Episode 4, man. What a shock. I had to take a break from everything just to process it all. I loved it. Extremely excited to play Episode 5!
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anonymous asked:

"No more triggers, no more fake positivity, no more hoping for someone to come save you." You really think it's that easy??? omg, google depression.

In all honestly, it doesn’t fucking matter. Reality does not care about your feelings or your disorders. It will not slow down for you, change the difficulty level like a video game, or anything of the sort. It doesn’t matter if you find it easy or not. You either force yourself to change and become something better, or you lay on your death bed chanting “but I was depressed” in the hopes that it’ll justify your life that was not even 1% of what you wanted it to be.

This goes beyond me and you and how your feelings are hurt. The excessive focus on feelings is what gets people into these types of situations. They lose complete and total touch with reality as they insulate themselves within these little bubbles where nothing can ever offend them. But the price of being insulated, never offended, is that you become utterly mediocre and stagnated, believing you’re fine as you are and owed happiness. You’re owed nothing, you take it, or you get fucked. Your jaw may hit the floor now, but in 20 years guess what post will be running through your head.

“Out of evil, much good has come to me. By keeping quiet, repressing nothing, remaining attentive, and by accepting reality - taking things as they are, and not as I wanted them to be - by doing all this, unusual knowledge has come to me, and unusual powers as well, such as I could never have imagined before. I always thought that when we accepted things they overpowered us in sone way or other. This turns out to be not true at all, and it’s only by accepting them that one can assume an attitude towards them. So now I intend to play the game of life, being receptive to whatever comes to me, good and bad, sun and shadow that are forever alternating, and in this way, also accepting my own nature with it’s negative and positive sides. Thus everything becomes more alive to me. What a fool I was! How I tried to force everything to go according to the way I thought it ought to.”
— C.G. Jung

After the Endgame: Part 2

With Trespasser quickly approaching, I figured I’d start writing about Isii’s life after the end of Inquisition. Obviously reading Part 1 will give you the proper context.

Post-Game Stories so far:
Still Hurting 
After the Endgame Part 1: Rough Night

Content Warning: sexual situations (not smut).

Part 2: The Bull

Dorian said this was fine.

He reassured her, this was fine.

He got annoyed when she kept asking if he really meant it.

“Kaffas, woman, yes. It’s fine. We’re all adults here. Do whatever you want.”

So why didn’t this feel right?

Bull’s hands were too big. His chest too broad. Muscles too hard, flesh too firm. Too tall. She wasn’t used to someone towering over her. It was strange to feel so small.

Isii tugged on his harness, pushing him to sit and he obeyed without a word, sinking down onto the end of the bed. Better, she thought. This was better, having him closer to her level, face-to-face as she stood between his legs. His hands went to her waist, gentle as he pulled her closer. “We’ll take this nice and easy.” His voice was low and reassuring, but she still felt a weird tension in her belly. She smirked over her nerves.

“What?” she laughed, straddling his lap, “Think I can’t handle the mighty Iron Bull?” His hands slipped lower, cradling the curve of her backside as she sat against him. She kissed his neck, tasting the strangeness of unfamiliar sweat as she trailed along his jaw. “Hmm. Are Qunari ears as sensitive as Elven ones?” she whispered teasingly before running her tongue along the pointed curve. He hummed approvingly, hissing as she bit him.

“Harder,” he grunted. She bit down, tugging roughly on his ear with her teeth and he let out a pleasured snarl. Alright. He likes pain. I can work with that. She bit along the column of his neck, hard enough to mark him, alternating the sharp sting of her teeth with the flick of her tongue. She could feel his hips shift beneath her, his hands tightening their grip as he let out a low, growling hum. She grabbed one of his horns, forcing his head to turn as she slated her mouth over his own.

And felt nothing.

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Gamer Fever

Hey, guys! I’ve never posted a one-shot on here before, so I felt that this was finally the time! (Also can be read here.)

This one-shot is entirely dedicated to one of my best friends, chikera! I hope you’re having a great birthday today and you keep having more great ones! Thank you for being such a lovely friend, and answering all my silly questions that I may or may not ask you because I want to make you suffer. :’)

Hope you guys like it! ~

Summary: Lucy Heartfilia had never considered herself a gamer, but Fairy Tail made her believe otherwise. And the pink-haired boy she met didn’t care about that, anyway.

Lucy Heartfilia had never considered herself a gamer.

She preferred being outside than inside, reading books than watching TV, and talking to someone in real life than over a screen.

But after sauntering past the video game aisle on her way to get a new book, a certain PC game started to call her name. Her footsteps paused as she slowly reached out to the computer game.

“Fairy Tail?” she skeptically whispered to herself. She flipped the case back and forth, skimming through the game’s summary.

Fairy Tail’s case promptly made her hands tingle in anticipation. Though she had never seen the game in her life, she felt as if she had to get it. There was something about it, luring her in.

“Weird,” she muttered. Once she was finished reading the last paragraph, she was already hooked.

Secretly tucking it under her arm, she resumed her walk to the book aisle.

It was at that moment when Lucy’s double life began.

She couldn’t ignore the urge—she needed to start the game on the first night. That night only led to an endless amount of nights.

Each day and each night Lucy played Fairy Tail so much, it made her forget there was such thing as a life. It was as though her computer screen had sucked her right into the universe of Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail was the only thing on her mind as she slept and even during school.

All she could think about was completing each mission the game had to offer until the end, becoming as strong as the game would allow, and working hard with her fellow guild members.

She was addicted—she had the inevitable case of gamer fever.

Her best friend, Levy, had commented that it was scary just how identical Lucy’s avatar resembled her.

“You could meet a super creepy guy on here, and he’ll find you and kidnap you!” Levy exclaimed, only thinking of the worst.

“Not happening,” Lucy waved her off with a giggle. It wasn’t like she was actually talking to someone in Fairy Tail.

The guild members were solely computers, not having any mind of their own. Although they spoke as if they were real, Lucy knew they were simply there to help her throughout the game.

But it wasn’t until she completed the final mission of the game when she realized—she wanted more.

“I could just play it all again,” she mused while staring at the main screen.

Yet, like the game itself, a certain option snatched her attention.

“Online play,” she read quietly.

Lucy squeezed her mouse in her hand as the cursor hovered on top of the option. The option sparkled in response, making her wonder.

How many people were online playing? Were they her age or were they older? What if Levy was right and there was a super creepy guy waiting to kidnap her?

Glancing at the clock and noting it was hardly evening, Lucy audibly exhaled through her nose. She didn’t have any plans tonight—let alone any other day.

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October is rolling around soon and I need your help!
Well not “need”. Seriously don’t make this your main priority, there are way more important things in life.
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Markiplier is a well know lover of horror as we all know.
I work at a haunted house at the Janss Market Place in Thousand Oaks called the Reign Of Terror haunted house or ROT.

I want to offer him free tickets to come through. Of course he can come through our VIP section if he chooses to avoid fans for just having time with friends. Or he can come through before or after we open or close one day. Or he can come through when it’s crazy crowded.

POINT IS free haunted house tickets. A free horror-y experience for fun!
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Mark if you see this you may send me an ask or message and we can talk there or you can send me your e-mail or however you would like to talk.

Or you can decline! Or ignore this! That’s fine. I understand your busy.

Thanks for sharing anyone!


fuckmakingacleverdomainname asked:

Hey Ziegs! Okay, i have a not video game related question to ask you. You don't have to answer at all. ^-^ But i saw you said that you had tinnitus. And i recently (about a month or two ago) have started dealing with it after a really bad ear infection. I haven't really found anyone for advice. I wanted to ask how you dealt with it 24/7? Sometimes it really sucks the life out of shit i love (i.e, sleeping, listening to music) and I wanted to see if you had any ways of how you dealt. ^-^ Thanks.

Oh god tinnitus. I thought, as a teen, that standing in front of speaker stacks at gigs was cool, that it some how made me ‘hardcore’.
Fast forward 12 years and I have a permanent ringing sound in my ears.

It does ease off after a while, or rather you get used to it. It becomes background noise. Unless you do something to anger it, like loud music under the headphones or an infection.

It’s horrid and seems terrible now, but I promise soon it will be hardly noticeable. I recommend getting over the head earphones, if you listen to music, and turning it down. Avoid really loud noises for long periods for a while.

It’s like a paper cut, it gets ALOT worse when you notice it. I’m not sure there’s a cure, but it becomes manageable and stops really effecting things after a while. Hang in there!!

i think i remember reading somewhere that life is strange was being considered as a game of the year candidate. i cannot even begin to explain how badly i want that to happen. i want pricefield to have the option of becoming canon and then i want this game to become game of the year. i want a story-driven game with two queer girls falling in love to be game of the year. i want this because it would be an amazing step in showing that developers can create games with marginalized characters and still achieve financial and critical success. i also want this because i want to bathe in the tears of all the straights who complain their ship isn’t canon and all the whiny gamer bros who say this isn’t a ‘real game’ because it focuses too much on the story. just imagine the glorious, copious amounts of butthurt pissbaby tears that would happen if life is strange became game of the year jUST IMAGINE

Okay so my thoughts about the ATR before I go to sleep (its almost 2 a.m).

I absolutely loved this ATR, so much better than the gamescom one. This is all I wanted (well not all I wanted, but what I expected). There’s just some things I want to point out:

•Poor Tabata being scolded for telling about the 2016 release date. Guy can’t catch a break
•So official confirmation for a 2016 release! As expected
•The Special event in March 2016. I can already feel the disappointment inside of me for not being able to go to such events (my life in general :S) I hope that at least it’ll be streamed since they are going to announce the date there…

Progress of the game:

•Those new freaking enemies! Damn that samurai looked cool!
•COOOOOR!! Youre alive and decided to grace us with your presence, finally!!
•And is that new ffxv music we heard?
•NOCTIS WITH A GUN! NOCTIS WITH A GUN! I DIDNT KNOW I NEEDED THAT UNTIL NOW. THERE GOES MY HEART AGAIN. It has been a rumour since the versus xiii era, I’m glad they decided to keep it.
•Warping to the airship. Yeah defeat those fuckers while they are in their spawn point
•HYPE FOR VOL. 2!!! :D
•btw noctis in the ladder? Remember that dream I had about noctis going up a ladder? Well….*cough*DATASS*cough* while going up the ladder. Some good shit view. 100% approved. My dream became real :’D

Concept art

•pretty much stuff that we already knew
•Old man definitely Cid
•In Lestallum, they get energy from a meteor (so much ff7 vibes I’m getting in here)
•New town: Caem
•and boooaats


•Jesus step aside, let Ignis fucking handle the wheel!
•I really want the boys to run out of gas so I can see them push the car to the next station xD
• Dat 1st person POV from four eyes. Hhhhmmm
•Noctis sit your goddamn ass down! Your butt is really pretty but that shit is dangerous baby

Next ATR

•cant really say it got my interest. I mean talk about the characters is good. But will it only be about Regis and Luna? Square I think it’s time to move to the other characters…*cough*blackhairedlady*cough*hatguy*cough*cor*cough*dragoonlady*cough* whew what a coughing fit

•but I do want to see the fishing and the chocobos though

Well and that’s it. What did you guys think about this ATR? I thought it was awesome. Anyway I’ll have to go to bed now, going to wake up early tomorrow. Goodnight ;3;(gonna dream about noctis with a gun now)