Is anyone else so stressed out during the day that you look forward to going to sleep at night? Like I wake up and literally cannot wait for the day to be over so that I can go back to sleep. I don’t understand how I did not appreciate going to bed early/taking naps as a child. What do I want for Christmas? All I want for Christmas is SLEEP.

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iiaat??? when i was about 8 my sister and i shared a room and our Christmas presents that year were two new twin sized beds. id been sleeping on a trundle bed until then and when i saw the new bed i flipped bc it was a surprise so there'd been 0 warning, all i saw was that my trundle bed was gone and i didnt want my parents to think i was ungreatful but i still burst into tears and even after i learned that the trundle was just in the hallway i was rlly pissed abt the huge change with no warning

This is definitely an autism thing.

-mod har



i’ve wanted them since i was twelve and i got my lip pierced on one side last Christmas because i couldn’t decide on snake bites or spider bites, but i’m so glad i decided to go yesterday! it was completely spontaneous but i love them!! also, it may or may not have triggered my love of bands again, so i wanna follow more punk band accounts and reblog trashy memes :3

i’m starting my 4th high school in September so over the summer my mum’s agreed to spend a bit of money on getting my hair done so that i’m confident when i start. i’m gonna get it chemically straightened and grow it out a bit so i can get an ‘emo style’ hair cut which again- I’ve wanted since i was twelve. so yay me :3

20-07-16 // he & him pronouns //

I can’t believe this is actually going to happen.

In exactly one month, I’ll be sitting on a Lufthansa jet, only a few hours from touching down on German soil, ready to embark on a full year away from home, family, friends, and all that is familiar.

I’ve wanted to study in Germany for a very long time, and I’m thrilled that I have this opportunity to go and have an academic gap year of sorts prior to starting law school. Still, the reality of it is only just starting to hit me.

A whole year away. No visits home. A whole year in which I won’t see my aunts or grandparents, or drive my beloved Porsche, or sleep in my home. A whole year without falling asleep listening to the waves and the birds, Christmas without a tree, without my extended family, not in my childhood home. I’ll miss my great-grandmother’s 100th birthday in October. I’ll spend my own 22nd birthday preparing to move home.

Even though I can’t wait for all of the unforgettable experiences ahead this year, in a way I’m mourning the routine, mundane ones that I’ve experienced all of my life. In some ways, I feel that I’ll be missing out, even though my life will be filled with adventure.

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I love learning about people's lives a stuff so forgive me if this comes across rude or intrusive. Would you mind sharing how you and your husband met? And how you ended up living in Norway? I'm very jealous by the way, me and the hubs wanted to go there for Christmas, it looks beautiful!

Not intrusive at all 💖 I actually moved to Trondheim in Norway when I was 19 to work as an au pair and absolutely fell in love with the country so I ended up moving back home to go to uni for Teaching English as a foreign language. when I was there I decided to do an Erasmus exchange to the university of Bergen for my final year. While I was on exchange a friend of mine visited me and got horrifically drunk so I decided to let her sleep it off in my room. I went to a dorm party in the dorm next to mine. I was actually talking to a different guy as we walked into the kitchen where everyone was and I saw Tor Petter so I promptly dropped the other guy I was talking to, strode over to him and told him I really liked his beard 😂 that was it he was smitten 😉

@ttcbabywest about 5 ½ years together and married a year on August 1st 💖💖

People always say the bigger the better. And people fall in love with my room instantly.

They’re wrong. I miss my old room. I miss it so much. I miss how small it was. I miss how comforting it was. I miss how smooth the flooring was. How creamy the walls were. I miss being able to have all my cousins come right upstairs and sleep. I miss having the bathroom two feet away. I miss the Christmas lights all across my curtains. I miss how I prayed there. It’s quietness. It’s studyspo. It’s vibe.

My room is beautiful now, yes. It’s the dream room I’ve always wanted. A tufted white bed. White furniture everywhere. Cubic shelves with trophies and tiaras and books upon books. And a small one seater. It’s a dream room. With Windows everywhere and actual sunlight and moonlight too.


But it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter and too lonely all the time. It’s away from everyone and everything. It’s floors unfamiliar and rugged. It’s air never cozy. Only filled by candle scent momentarily that disappears quicker than summer sunshowers. The way it shudders when the train goes by. It holds very little memories. It’s all foreign. It constantly reminds me that I won’t be here long. That I’ll have to leave. That my home is elsewhere.

And the uncertainty of where.