Tw: character death, gore (kinda), idk what else
This is a descriptive essay I wrote for school 🌸 I hope you like it (all of my writing is pretty dark 🙈)

I open my eyes and see the Sun, shrouded by dust and smoke, but still bright compared to the inky black darkness that I have been seeing for the past few hours, behind my eyelids and inside my mind.

The metallic taste of hot blood pricks my tongue, and I try to move my hand to find the source of this bleeding, if it is external, only to feel a sharp, extreme pain shoot up my arm, then disappear. My eyes shoot downward and I see my right hand, or rather where my right hand should be. All I see is cement, blood and glass. I suddenly realise how much pain I should be in, how I should be crying waterfalls and letting out blood-curdling screams, but I don’t. I can’t. My body won’t let me scream, or cry, or speak. I just feel numb.

My eyes examine more of my broken, beaten body, until I see something that makes my insides churn: a piece of long, sharp, red glass protruding from my abdomen. My senses wake up. The smell of fire, blood, smoke… And death fills my nostrils, making me gag. I hear shouting and screaming surrounding me, drowning me. Childrens’ crying echoes through my ears, hitting every surface of my skull, and breaking my barely beating heart over and over again.

I can’t take it anymore. I close my heavy eyes again, embracing the darkness that calls out to me. Maybe this time my eyes won’t open again. Maybe this day, as the ground rumbled and shook beneath me, it groaned good bye to the world on my behalf.

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             Listen to everything at once, you will know why I am going mad

                  Crossed by my imagination, my future darkly invisioned

     How can I rest when I must keep climbing

                      To stay upright

And is the best I can hope for

               Nightmares to fill my mind?

                                                                    Wishes comes true with lies

                                           Now I am a cold and lonely queen

                          Ruler of all I see

                                             Tired of my looking glass, I climb up history

                          How to balance

                                         Madness and Restraint

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Sometimes I miss you,
Before you’re even gone.
I know you’re just going to sleep,
But I can’t stop the feeling that follows.
I like it when I can see you,
Face to face,
Screen to screen.
But when the time comes to end the night,
I know I won’t fall as quickly as you do.
And when that moment comes,
I’ll be left alone.
On many occasions night is the one time I don’t get to be with you. Because you’re asleep.
And I’m awake.
So cruelly trapped in my own over-active mind.
I lie awake at night thinking of you.
Hoping that you’re getting a good night’s sleep,
And praying that I’ll get one too.
But once my mind starts rolling,
It’s almost impossible to stop.
I worry about you.
I miss you.
I think of all the reasons why I love you,
Why I will always love you.
And sometimes it scares me.
I don’t want you to wake up one day
And realize that you don’t need me,
That I’m nothing.
I don’t want you to forget about me.
Sometimes I cry at the thought of ever losing you.
Because I can’t picture a happy future,
That doesn’t have you in it.
All I can see is shattered glass,
And bleeding fingers as I try to pick up the fallen pieces.
—  B.M., NeverOnLand

anonymous asked:

Do you think glasses can be attractive on girls? Most people seem to think that glasses can't be attractive or that they even block someone's attractiveness. I've always been told I look better without glasses and that makes me kinda sad. After all, I need them to see.

glasses can be super hot!