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anonymous asked:

I don't even know why it's a surprise to anyone if/when Sansa betrays her family. George specifically created Sansa to cause conflict and betray her family. It was too unrealistic to have all the siblings get along so well with one another so he created Sansa.

its always been an issue in the books. i don’t think sansa maliciously betrays her family but she has different priorities and values. she fails to support arya on the trident and sells the starks out to the lannisters and is currently involved with a plot to kill her cousin so they can steal his claim. which sounds pretty bad but its complicated lol. grrm has made multiple comments about this too. now the show is going there with jon vs. sansa. so this is a legitimate discussion.

it’s clearly a very sensitive and polarizing topic. the “starkness” / True Stark™ debates get ugly. i don’t actually agree 100% with either side. as usual they refuse to see the grey area. obviously sansa is a stark and she draws strength from that. 

but there is a part of sansa that is just not on the same wavelength as the rest of her family. in particular her siblings, the only starks left. they all have a very different relationships to the old gods, the pack, ect. the direwolf situation is a notoriously huge factor here. tumblr comes up with all sorts of metaphors but the direwolves are, mainly, symbols of stark identity and sansa’s is dead. theres no way that won’t play a huge role in her narrative all the way until the very end.