Meet The New Admin!

Hello, all!

I am very pleased to be your new admin here at Things About Hufflepuffs. Please feel free to ask lots of questions and submit your own content that you want to see here. Also, please let me know if there are things you need tagged a particular way, and I will do my best to be consistent.

Quick biography:

I am Lin, I use they/them pronouns, my own (mess of a) blog is @munchkinmeep , and I love crafting, drawing, and fixing things. Lately I have been watching perhaps too many(?) YouTube videos about polymer clay miniature tutorials as well as videos about historical American cooking! I work at a tea shop, where I literally get to curate 45 kinds of organic loose leaf tea and sell it by the tin, or brewed up nicely and served to go. Something I would like to do more often is to read books, especially Terry Pratchett.

I am very happy to meet you!


banner says it all. i’m running out of money and in almost three years of being in arizona, no one has hired me. i’m getting really desperate and i’d like to be able to pay for food and such without stressing about going into lifelong debt….

that being said, i have rushed the creation of my graphics blog and rushed the official opening of my art blog commissions! if you can buy something, it would be greatly appreciated, but if not, just boosting and spreading the word would be lovely!

art blog: @because-arts | graphics blog: @graphics-moogle
examples of graphics i haven’t put on my blog