The problem with Raff

In light of the most recent Transformers Prime episode “Flying Mind”. My bestie Wynnfield and I both agree on one thing: The kids are unbearably annoying and uncharacteristically under developed. 

Let’s look at Raff for the moment. It seems that every episode, he’s slated as the ‘genius’ of the group. Even in the episode “Grill” he was stated as the team’s 'tech specialist’. Those are all very good, if he had some character development to back that up. Which he lacks. In reality, a short kid his age would be considered gifted, and be in a special academy for other gifted children. Or even in college. 

My big bitch with this character, is that he’s horribly left void of background information. Such as it mentions that he was in a big family and was hardly paid attention to. How big a family? A family of nine kids? Or more? Or are “Team Prime” developers just pulling shit out of their ass so they can focus on the Transformers? 

I would like to see in the future further development on Raff. Such as; His family background, an explanation as to why he can communicate with Bee, and most importantly, how and why he’s a 'tech specialist’. 

Without all those things to back up character development, Raff’s just another gary stu