“Everytime I hold your hand
I feel that everything’s going to be alright.”

Flowerfell AU by @underfart-snas

Overgrowth by leviticusarts

Follow Forever :)

Hiya! So recently I reached 300 followers, which I mean isn’t the biggest deal but I’m honestly surprised I have more than like 4, so this is cool and unexpected, especially considering I don’t really do anything. All I do is reblog Michael. :))))) 
So I decided since it’s not really a huge milestone, I’m not going to do a full, proper follow forever, I’m basically just going to shout-out my friends and people I love, because honestly the people I talk to on here are some of the most amazing people ever and they deserve all the love and support and everything in the world. I love you all dearly and I’m blown away by how much love and support you give me. I really do appreciate it, even if I always deny everything. Tumblr is the place I can be me. I don’t feel bad about sharing my love of things on here, and I’ve found people who love those things as well. I don’t really have that outside of tumblr. (honestly I just wanted an excuse to make my friends feel better about themselves, because they deserve it)
(also the rest will be under a read more because this might get long. (hi, future me here. yikes I didn’t realize I had so many people I love on here. that’s amazing though. you are all so special to me) I’m gonna try to write you all nice messages. SORRY IF THESE SUCK, I’m really bad at expressing my feelings, just please know I love you so much and you are so important to me)

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Okay so I just want to take a moment and say thank you to all of you. (And I know I’ve done this once before but I just have to do it again.)

The following I have gathered on here still blows my mind. The fact that there are people out there from different states and different countries who actually look forward to reading what I write. Holy crap.

And your enthusiasm when it comes to them and the fact I am swamped with requests to complete because you all actually wanted me to write something for you. I am just so incredibly flattered and humbled by it all.

My favorite part isn’t even the likes or the reblogs(although which writer doesn’t love these, especially when someone gives you feedback. It could be something simple like “AJSLWVSI OH MY GOD” and I just love it because honestly the fact that you said something about it means the world.)

ANYWAY, my favorite part is that you’ve all been so kind and invited me into your lives even if it is through a screen. It makes me so happy when you fill my asks with stories, whether it be personal like how things are going with your current crush, or if it’s just a comment about how adorable MGG is that you just need to say. I love hearing from all of you and the fact you take time to go to my blog and hit that ask button makes me so happy.

I will always be here for you to talk to, whether it be through ask or private message. I am always open to hearing anything you have to say. My blog is a shame-free, judge-free zone. You can always feel comfortable here.

Thank you for all of your love, your time, and your support.

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Avery I miss you on here

don’t come for my inactive ass like this

Lessons from Barcelona: A Love Untold

This film is not just a love story. It is so much more than that. Here’s a therapeutic note-to-self of just some of the realizations Ely and Mia had, that I hope to carry with me from now on.

•When people leave your lives, that doesn’t mean you weren’t good enough for them to stick around. Don’t think so lowly of yourself. Kamahal mahal ka, remember that.
•Don’t let what ifs keep you from realizing what is. We constantly find ourselves dwelling on “sana’s” that we fail to realize kung anong meron tayo ngayon.
•Everything happens for a reason. You may not get all the answers right away but you will in time, at the right time.
•One mistake does not define who you are. You are so much more than that.
•Forgive yourself. You can’t change what has already happened. You can only accept it and keep moving forward.

•It’s okay not to be okay. Pain demands to be felt. Don’t try to find a quick escape.
•Crying is good for the soul. You’re human; you don’t have to put up this strong “kaya ko ang lahat” act all the time.
•We’re all broken on the inside, just in different ways. It’s up to you whether you want to let other people help restore you or fix yourself on your own. You have the right to deal with your pain however you feel is best.
•We all heal at different paces and in different ways.
•Just because things get difficult doesn’t mean you should give up. Keep fighting. Keep moving. Look how far you’ve come, don’t stop now.

•Prove to the disbelievers that you are capable of whatever it is you want to do. Don’t let their negativity get the best of you. And don’t just do it for revenge, with “in your face, look at me now” intentions. Work hard to become a better version of yourself, for yourself.
•We always look for validation from others about whether we’re good enough. But in doing that, we end up losing ourselves.
•Realize your worth and uphold it. Because that is what you deserve.
•Don’t just be someone others will be proud of. Of course, the opinions of your loved ones matter to an extent. But at the end of the day, are you proud of yourself? Are you who you want to be?
•You are your own person. So stop comparing yourself to others. Stop making your existence co-dependent on others. And don’t let others dictate who you were, are and are yet to become. You have your own dreams, your own struggles, your own unique lovable qualities, your own story. Just be you and live your journey.

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  • Fan or not: I AM A FAN
  • How long I’ve been a fan: I think no more than a week… but the downfall has been painful.
  • The first song I heard by them: 1 cm taller than you
  • My favourite song as of now: ANGEL, please it’s so beautiful… it’s what made me look more into them.
  • The first MV I saw: 1 cm taller than you
  • My favourite MV as of now: Since I’ve not been here for long… I really liked New York, because it’s the first one i’ve actually enjoyed like “wow, I love them“
  • Who my bias is: I don’t think I am ready to choose, I love all of them, but I am drawn to Hwasa and Moonbyul, but Wheein and Solar too… LET’S SAY ALL OF THEM.

Inbox me a Kpop group

For all he threatens to hit Oikawa (or actually does), his hands can be quite gentle.  (❛▿❛✿)

Because I can not imagine why people would think Iwaizumi is 24/7 angry. He’s not. Just a bit grumpy