• Aries:Sultriness, Spring Burst Ether, Ferocity, Baby's Breath, Bounce, The Cosmic Dawn, Firelight, Conception, Detonation, Blast, Toddler giggles, Exploding Nebulas
  • Taurus:Cinnamon, Composure, Music notes, Entrenchment, Resolve, Saccharine, Rich, Fawn, Petals in the Dawn, Natural remedies, Aroma, Bouquet, Silk, Caressing, All four Seasons
  • Gemini:Splitting Bubbles, Freshly printed pages, The Sound of the Typewriter, Vocal chords, Childhood Giggles, Citrus Sorbet, The Winds of Change, Acidic Wit, Musical dialogue
  • Cancer:Caramel Photographs, Calligraphy, Nostalgia, Black and White Film, Ocean breath, The rabbit in the Moon, Lunar Love Notes, Psychic Moondrops, Heart swelling Newborn Cuddles
  • Leo:Mango Skyline, Delight, Rapture, Broadway Lights, Royal Glow, Cosmic Throne, Childhood Euphoria, Intuitive Jewels, Solar Kisses, Beating Heart, Spirit and Smiles, Sun Drench Haze
  • Virgo:Stitches, Herbal Aroma, Green Tea and Chai, Musical Tapping, Healing Honey, Cleansing, Crystal Lenses, Eco Villages, Intellectual Ingenuity, Fresh Paint
  • Libra:Whipped cream Piano Keys, Blossom Fragrance, Glass Bubbles, Held Hands, Lyrical Thinking, Rainbow Marbles, Flower Pastels, Dream weaved Intellect, Midday Sunshine
  • Scorpio:Morning Sex, Incense, Underworld Crystals, Crackling Charms, Musky Spellbooks, Crop Circles, Undying Devotion, Imbibed Immortality, Passion Pain and Pleasure, Stars at Dusk
  • Sagittarius:Passport Photos, Longitude and Latitude, Graduation Hats, Jet Fuel, Inflamed Intuition, Bursts of Consciousness, Running through the Woods, Scriptures, Rapture
  • Capricorn:Ice Sculptures, Saturn Rings, Cosmic Crowns, Success Sound waves, Starry Stepladders, Almond Hour Glasses, Snowglobe Cities, Appetite for Ambition, Wrinkled Hands of Wisdom, Grandparent's Love
  • Aquarius:Cloud breath, Low Riders, Lime Snow Cones, Psychedelic Ingenuity, Wifi Connection, Splashing Mermaids, Electric Air Bubbles, One World Government, Radical Protests
  • Pisces:Cerebral Symphonies, Uncorked Wine Bottles, Moisture Beads, Sea salt Window Panes, Poetry in the Sand, Winter Blankets, Meditation, The Moment between Awake and Asleep
If Stanley dies, we riot.
  • Grunkle Stan: “My brother is a dangerous know-it-all and the stuff he’s messing with is even worse.” 
  • In the next episode, Stanley will run for mayor.
  • “The Mayor of Gravity Falls is not long for this world.” 
  • Throughout the entire episode, they talked about season finales.
  • Grenda: (talking about “Duck-tective” season finale) “I’m so invested in the lives of these characters” 
    Grunkle Stan: “It’s a big night. I think we all remember where we were, when Duck-tective was shot.”*sad music* 
  • Ford: “At least I’m not keyed up to watch a kid’s show!” 
    Stan: “I’ll have you know, that “Duck-tective” has a big mystery element. And a lot of humor that goes over kids’ heads.”
  • Grunkle Stan: “As long as I live, I will never, ever play your smartypants nerdgame.” 
  • Ford: “Your math is no match for my gun, you idiot!” 
  • Mabel: “Is he….dead?”
    Stan: “He’s magic, sweetie, I’m sure he’s fine.” (turning to Grenda) “There’s no cops in the forest, we take this to our graves.”
  • Mabel: “Man, that was fun for ages 8-80, or million, or however old you guys are.”
  • (Duck-tective)
    Duck-tective: “I’m going to that big pond in the sky”
    Officer: *wipes tear* I just don’t understand who shot you. The only person clever enough to beat Duck-tective is *gasp* Duck-tective!”
    *Duck-tective’s brother knocks out the officer*
    Duck-tective’s brother: 
    “Time to finish the job….TWIN BROTHER!”
    Duck-tective:*terrified quack*

    He had a twin brother all along? That’s the big twist we were waiting for!?”
    Grenda:“What a rip-off!”
    Soos: “I predicted that, like, a year ago.”
  • “Duck-tective” is “Gravity Falls”

Now, I’m not saying Stanley will be shot in the season finale, but all this talk about graves, guns, deaths and season finales is making me a bit paranoid. Also, Alex said at least one character won’t survive this season. Now I’m just hoping that character isn’t our precious lil’ muffin, Stanley.

Also, (”A tale of two Stans”) “A tale of two sons” is a video game, where the older brother dies.