Author Roxane Gay to write companion series for Marvel’s Black Panther

Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay will be making her comic debut this fall, writing a companion series to Marvel Comics’s popular Black Panther series.

While Gay admitted that it’s “the most bizarre thing I’ve ever done” to the New York Times, she added that she couldn’t pass up the chance to “write black women and queer black women into the Marvel universe.”

The comics giant has been making strides towards diversifying its roster of superheroes, notably with the introduction of Pakistani-American teenager Kamala Khan as the latest Ms. Marvel. Critics have pointed out that movie adaptations featuring Marvel heroes haven’t been keeping up.

Gay’s series, World of Wakanda, slated for a November release, will follow the adventures of Ayo and Aneka, a pair of lovers who leave Black Panther’s all-female security team to create their own force. The story is set in Wakanda, a fictional country in Africa. Continue here.


Meet the all-female team of coders that brought us Apollo 11.

In 1969, the world watched as Neil Armstrong marked his historic achievement with the words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” His now-famous transmission was heard around the globe thanks to NASA’s Deep Space Network, which made communication from outer space possible.

That network was built by a woman named Susan Finley. She was part of an all-female team of coders whose work was integral to the success of the Apollo 11 mission. Science writer Nathalia Holt brings us their stories in her book, Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us from Missiles to the Moon to Mars.

Listen to their story here.

[Images via NASA]


Because everyone needs more dragons in their day. Please don’t remove credits if posting.
Photography by Moments by Sacha  
Model: Belle le Noir
Hair Stylist - Lisa Polini Hype Hair Studio. The Barber Shop
Makeup Artist - Jasmine Mary Ann Little Fairy Face Painting
Dress designer / headpiece - Belle Le Noir
Cage Skirt / Shoulder piece Atelier Sylphe


her newly established resurrection granting her previously unknown freedom, shuri (black panther) is touring the globe, taking in the sights and taking down bad guys, but when she gets in way over her head she needs to call for back up. With earth’s mightiest scattered all over the universe she makes a call to an old friend instead…

monica rambeau (spectrum), janet van dyne (wasp), greer nelson (tigra), natasha romanoff & jessica drew (black widow & spider-woman), cindy moon (silk) and valeria richards star in Marvel’s Avengers: International (20XX)
Marvel Announces All-Female Avengers Team, “A-Force”, To Buy My Love Forever

by Alice W. Castle

Announced today on The View, “A-Force” will be a series tying into the upcoming “Secret Wars” as we see an all-female team take the place of the Avengers during the event. Now, that’s interesting enough in and of itself, but it gets really interesting when I next tell you that “A-Force” will be written by G. Willow Wilson and Marguerite Bennett and illustrated by Jorge Molina.

Read more.
Roxane Gay will write a Black Panther companion series for Marvel
By Kaitlyn Tiffany

Feminist writer Roxane Gay and poet Yona Harvey will write a Marvel comic series set in the same world as Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Panther series, The New York Times reports.

Reportedly coming this November, the series will be called World of Wakanda, and it will go deeper into the stories of the women of the Black Panther universe. One of Coates’ main goals for his Black Panther series was to make Wakanda feel like a real place, with a distinct African cultural history — these stories will give a huge boost to that world-building by fleshing out even more of its inhabitants.

Gay’s story, which Coates will co-write, will feature two members of Black Panther’s all-female security team — Ayo and Aneka — who fall in love. Harvey’s first story will revolve around Zenzi, a female revolutionary introduced in the first issue of Coates’ Black Panther series.
Meet the all-female creative team behind this summer's production of the play 'Or,' by Liz Duffy Adams.
A comedy by a female playwright, about a female playwright (Aphra Behn). This team represents a significant step forward in confronting the imbalance and under-representation of women in creative leadership positions in the arts. Shakespeare & Company is proud and grateful to work with so many talented women. And men. We're proud to work together. 'Or,' opens this Friday, July 29th at 7:30pm.

Photo: Jeanne d'arc from Rwanda and Mosana Debesay from Eritrea

World’s first all African, all black women’s professional cycling team 

A total of 13 female riders are currently training at the Musanze-based Africa Rising Cycling Center (ARCC) as they are prepare to form the continent’s first all-black female professional cycling team.

The 13 riders include two Rwandans, five Eritreans as well as six Ethiopians, and have been training in Musanze since July 7 with the objective to create an all-black female professional cycling team, which will be part of the UCI World Tour, starting 2017.

A statement from the ARCC reads, “The purpose of the training camp is to assess talent for a potential all black African women’s professional team (women’s elite/world tour). The team would be formed for the 2017 season; training and racing would start in March 2017.”

Among key skill assessments that the 13 riders are undergoing is climbing ability, sprinting, descending, bike handling, physical fitness and flexibility (yoga).

List of trainees

Magnifique Manizabayo and Jeanne d’Arc Girubuntu (Rwanda), Tigisti Yowhans Gebrhiwet, Wahazit Kidane Afewrki, Baire Wogahta Gebrehiwet, Debesay Mosana Abraham, Yohana Dawit Mengis (Eritrea), Dino Kelil Eyerusalem, Fkaddu Abrha Brhan, Eyeru Gebru Tesfoam, Takele Gelaye Fikreadis, Abera Furtuna Kasahun and Selam Amha Gerefiel (Ethiopia).

Comics to Read, July 20 - End of Days Edition

It’s time for the biggest week in in comics in San Diego so let’s take a respite from the awfulness of Cleveland with some comics including several first issues.

The mini starring Faith was a big hit and now she’s back in her ongoing book. If you enjoyed the mini you’ll enjoy this. Writer Jody Houser once again gives us a hero who really wants to be a hero. This is a joyful book. We need it. Go read.

DC Comics is back with Volume 4 of the  Birds of Prey book this time from a set of (in one case controversial) TV writers. You know the characters - Barbara Gordon, Dinah Lance and Helena Bertinelli. These are all the new 52 versions of the characters except they’ve now respun Barbara Gordon’s history to once again include her history as Oracle. The result? A jumping on point for those who want an all female team in DC Comics with familiar characters written by women The writing is sturdy and you can sense they spent time getting to know the characters. The art by Clare Roe is good although her face work felt rushed in places. The downside? The Killing Joke is back.

QuirkyGolden Age Heroes have retired to a farm. We know Lemire does superhero teams well, we know he does quirky well and he melds both of them together for a excellent first issue. Here, we meet most of the characters, get a bit of the sense of the alliances and then see them out and about in society. Lemire does, as he can, a lot with a just a few panels in setting up the story and he is much assisted by Dean Ormston and colorist Dave “OMG that Red” Stewart. I highly recommend this one.

Adam Hughes takes on Betty and Veronica. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking (or maybe its just me - Cheesecake! Sex Jokes!) but this was enjoyable first issue. That’s the Cliff Chiang variant there but not to worry there’s plenty of teh sexy Hughes work inside. 

I’ve really enjoyed the team on this book both creatively and plot wise.

Marvel does not share any advance copies of comics with me so I will just say I assume this is as good as the other issues!

I’m also continuing to read Velvet and Lazarus from Image. If you haven’t picked those up by this time, what can I do?

What’s on your list?

My mom and I went on a Pokemon adventure this afternoon that started with an Eevee jumping in the car window.

“There’s an Eevee in the car!”

“Where is she?! Should I pull over?”

“She’s standing on your arm!”

“I’ll hold still!”

We found two gyms and a bunch of Pokestops a short drive away, which is encouraging! We’re not too far away from Poke-civilization after all. With reckless optimism I pledged myself to Team Instinct even though both gyms were blue. (Whereupon I was immediately clobbered but that’s okay.) We even found some eggs!


(I’ll post context on this later since I’ve already talked about Nicola and this makes more sense with her bio)

Alright so judging by Nicola’s SGE application, at first glance she looks like she’s supposed to be a straw feminist who’s character arc is that she learns that boys and girls are equal just *~different~* and her happy ending is being nice to boys uwu. Which would be pretty annoying to read imo, especially since she’s supposed to be a Never, but upon closer inspection I kinda have newfound hope that Soman learned from AWWP and won’t fall into writing that again? Here are my thoughts on her after reading about her a couple times:

-She founded Gavaldon’s first UNISEX Rugby team, not an all female team. Since she’s currently campaigning to have skirts removed from the female uniform (which would be super uncomfortable to play rugby in anyway) the implication is that the team took off enough for them to HAVE uniforms, meaning that there’s something resembling a full team with both boys and girls. Assuming she’s the captain, it would be pretty hard to keep a coed team together if she were a Man Hater™.

-Her best friend (Hunter) is a guy who feels close enough to her that he can submit an SGE application in her stead. Soman’s previous straw feminist characters hated guys to the point of male slavery, so at least this is an improvement.

-On the topic of Hunter, he’s apparently sensitive enough to realize that Nicola is struggling with Gavaldon’s heavy gender roles and tries to help her in any way he knows how, but doesn’t seem to be romantically interested in her. Again, a nice improvement from “boys and girls are practically different SPECIES and can’t really be friends but have to force themselves to get along to survive”

-Her application says that she admires any girl who challenges a boy to a fight and wins, but honestly, who doesn’t?

-This is probably wishful thinking, but there’s a lot of evidence that points to her being nb/agender. She founds a UNISEX sports team, lobbies to make the male and female uniforms the same, apparently goes by “Nic,” etc. Again, probably wishful thinking, but at least a cool headcanon until we find out more about her.

-Instead of the overdone “straw feminist learns a lesson about REAL equality” plot I was dreading, I’m kinda hoping Nic’s plot is gonna be more about her being at odds with the more extreme parts of Sophie’s regime. In a weird flip flop, the Handbook reveals that while Dovey has made a concentrated effort to make the School for Good less segregated (coed Groom Rooms with all stations open to everyone, Animal Communications AND Weapons Training now required for all first year Evers, Evers no longer required to take a date of the opposite gender/same school to the ball or have a date at all, etc.) while Sophie, in the process of remodeling the School for Evil, has been implementing some of Good’s old gender divides (Neverboys can’t use “beautifying” sections of the Groom Room, Nevergirls can’t use the fitness sections, Nevergirls are required to buy a lot more self care products for school than Neverboys). Given Nic’s love of sports I can’t see that going over well with her at all, or the other Nevers, who are pretty used to being treated the same despite gender.

-I really hope Nicola is buff. This isn’t really grounded in anything but even the Nevergirls didn’t really have muscles bc they hate the sun and viewed physical fitness as another form of beautifying so I really REALLY want a buff girl character. I want Nic to be the Jasper of SGE. I need this

This post is already long as hell so I’m gonna cut it off here even tho I’ll probably think of something later. Anyway Soman’s gonna announce what his next book is in like a week and I really hope it’s the Bogden/Nicola one because I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT EM

anonymous asked:

but you can still be a lesbian and happen to like one boy. i still think weiss is a useless lesbian~

there you go again.

there was once a tumblr post going around, saying the same exact thing of “a lesbian can like a boy” but the fact that that post lacked any sign of bi and pan is erasure. 

you are erasing bisexuals and pansexuals. 

until RT clearly shows weiss into a female character like how she was into neptune. until RT states “yeah, she’s a lesbian.” until you hear weiss say “oh, i’m actually a lesbian.” guess what? weiss liking neptune is canon.

weiss does not show any feelings to anyone except neptune. sorry you lesbian shippers, but any interaction - even with ruby - can be seen as platonic and being a female on an all female team. 

and why did you have to explicitly state that she is a “useless” lesbian? couldn’t you just say “i still think weiss is a lesbian~”? the point would have still been made. 

tl;dr: ignoring neptune’s influence is bi/pan erasure, you biphobic, panphobic shitface. 


Women Behind Wonder WomanRamona Fradon

Ramona Fradon got her first job illustrating comics in 1951, at a time when few women were in the industry. Her first regular assignment was drawing an Aquaman feature in Adventure Comics, and for the next decade she was one of the principal artists for the character. She co-created a number of DC characters, most notably Aqualad and Metamorpho, and worked on many titles for both Marvel and DC, including House of Mystery, Plastic Man, Super Friends, Fantastic Four and The Cat.

In 1980 she made the jump to newspaper comics, and for the next fifteen years she illustrated the daily strip Brenda Starr, Reporter.

Wonder Woman was a main cast member of the 1976-81 Super Friends comic, for which Fradon was the principal artist. Fradon also contributed to the 1989 Wonder Woman Annual #2, which highlighted women in the industry with an all-female team of artists, inkers, colourists and letterers.

Ramona Fradon was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1986, and today at age 89 she continues to take commissions and appear at conventions.

Rotten Tomatoes main page gives new Ghostbusters movie a solid 73%!  With an average review of 6.5/10, the new movie is getting a mixed bag reaction. Positive for some of the laughs and high praise for the cast, varying reactions for the story and overall style of the film.

My game plan is to see the film this weekend and write a review, but for now, I’m fairly pleased with this. It doesn’t have to be a perfect film–nor do I expect it to be–but I’m pretty sure that I will love it even so. I love the idea that it exists. An all-female team GHOSTBUSTERS movie was made, and I get to go to a movie theater and see it.  That’s a miracle.
'The Secret Loves of Geek Girls' creators reveal their first fictional crushes
The all-female creative team behind the book The Secret Loves of Geek Girls divulge a lot in their new comic series, but in the exclusive video...

The all-female creative team behind the book The Secret Loves of Geek Girls divulge a lot in their new comic series, but in the exclusive video above, they get personal and dish on their first fictional crushes.

Marvel’s Female Superheroes Assemble At Comic-Con For Epic Photo

Not to be outdone by DC who unveiled the first trailer for ‘Wonder Woman’ to huge acclaim at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel assembled its growing roster of female stars for a team photo backstage proving the studio is doing its best to address equality on screen.

The first person to dare mention “Girl Power” gets a punch in the face.

Gathering stars from ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2′, ‘Black Panther’, ‘Doctor Strange’, and ‘Captain Marvel’, the all-female team photo brings together a wealth of screen talent that boasts three Oscar-winners amongst them.

- Watch All The Comic-Con Trailers
- Comic-Con’s Best Artwork
- Marvel v DC: Who Won Comic-Con?

From left to right: Laura Harrier (”Liz Allan” - ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’), Zendaya (”Michelle” - ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’), Elizabeth Debicki (”Ayesha” - ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2’), Danai Gurira (”Okoye” - ‘Black Panther’), Tilda Swinton (”The Ancient One” - ‘Doctor Strange’), Zoe Saldana (”Gamora” - ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2’), Brie Larson (”Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel” - ‘Captain Marvel’), Lupita Nyong'o (”Nakia/Malice” - ‘Black Panther’), Rachel McAdams (”Christine Palmer” - ‘Doctor Strange’), Karen Gillan (”Nebula” - ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2’) and Pom Klementief (”Mantis” - ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2’).

Marvel also used its showcase panel to unveil Brie Larson as the actress chosen to play ‘Captain Marvel’, Marvel’s first female-led superhero movie that’s coming to cinemas in 2018.

Call me Captain Marvel.

— Brie Larson (@brielarson)

24 July 2016

Image credit: Getty Images