Marvel Announces All-Female Avengers Team, “A-Force”, To Buy My Love Forever

by Alice W. Castle

Announced today on The View, “A-Force” will be a series tying into the upcoming “Secret Wars” as we see an all-female team take the place of the Avengers during the event. Now, that’s interesting enough in and of itself, but it gets really interesting when I next tell you that “A-Force” will be written by G. Willow Wilson and Marguerite Bennett and illustrated by Jorge Molina.

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The First All-Female U.S. Navy Construction Team Breaks Building Records in Afghanistan
It was an ordinary task that was taken on by an extraordinary group -- in Helmand province in Afghanistan, a project to build four 20-by-30-foot barracks in the

“When they showed up, naturally some less-evolved soldiers “rolled their eyes” at the sight of an all-female team. But then they went ahead and worked 12-hour days, finishing the barracks in a period of two weeks. Normally, it takes three. They also went ahead and installed electricity and plumbing, then added an operations center and a gym. Since they had the time, you see.”

What’s coming out this week? February 3 edition

Happy Black History Month! It’s a packed Wednesday this week:

Mirror #1 - Emma Ríos & Hwei Lim

New series with an all-female creative team! This watercolor adventure about “a terrorist talking dog, an idealist mage, and a lab rat on their quest for acceptance” is the next chapter of the 8house shared fantasy universe, but you don’t need any prior knowledge to jump into this one. Jake wrote a more in-depth introduction to Mirror over at Panels.

Paper Girls #5 - Brian K. Vaughan & Cliff Chiang

Paper Girls has moved beyond the easy-paced ‘80s suburbs full of latchkey kids and paper routes to something more like a cross between The Goonies and ET. Our plucky protagonists are dealing with a lot of crazy s#&t at this point. If you like your Walkman nostalgia with a side of totally weird and the continuously rad art of Cliff Chiang, read this now.

Shutter #18 - Joe Keatinge & Leila del Duca

Is that some queer romance we see?! The first issue after the vol. 3 trade paperback, so you can jump right in if you’ve been reading the collections. And remember we’ll be Skyping in with Leila and Joe for our third Shutter book club on Sunday the 21st!

Spider-Man #1 - Brian Michael Bendis & Sara Pichelli

The glorious return of Miles Morales as he takes on the job of being THE Spider-Man. Now, we’re not excited for this book just because it’s gonna be awesome (it is) but it’s also the first book featured in our Black Excellence Book Club this week. DON’T MISS OUT!

Giant Days #11 - John Allison & Max Sarin

If you haven’t been reading the now ongoing series from Bad Machinery’s John Allison by now, you need to get on that. Our favorite group of British university students are back and it’s Susan’s birthday! What could a girl possibly want for such an occasion? Well, Susan is about to get the greatest gift her little pre-med heart could ever want: medical students are about to begin the dissection of their cadavers.


anonymous asked:

LOL. Peter Coffin complaining that Marvel is "bad with representation". It's obvious the dude doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. Marvel has a Muslim Ms. Marvel, a black Captain America, a Hispanic/black Spider-Man, an all-female Avengers team, another Avenger team w/ only women and minorities, & an X-men roster with half the characters are female, non-white, and/or LGBT. He's just mad because there's no Korean heroes for him to pretend is his Japanese girlfriend.

That’s what fucking gets me, Marvel has done nothing but pander to people like Coffin and now he’s throwing a hissy fit because Marvel’s CEO donated money to Donald Trump’s Veterans Campaign, it blows my fucking mind how petty these people are.

Again this is a perfect example of why you should never pander to feminists/progressives because they will never be satisfied with what you give them.