Letters from the Depths of Solitude (The Forty-Sixth)

What my incessant writing taught me is that everydayness is a legitimate field of wonder and inquiry. Imagine hundreds of evocative pages filled in with descriptions of boredom and the mundane. Out of everydayness there emerges the heroic, the marvelous, and the fucked up. Nauseating marvel of the everyday.

You with your cosmic solitude absorbing worlds and galaxies in cuffs of shiny stars, blank-mapped lands inhsbited by canineheaded antipodes and murmuring mermaids; the mundane is a paramount paradigm encompassing all. It’s a Ptolemeian Catholic world preceeding Copernican revolution; the hall of the library adorned with seraphic spherical models of atoms as latter were conceived by Democritus the Abderite.

If I may be permitted but a suggestion, your mundane is only such for you, for all others it’s a land of which they know nothing. Unless you undertake a task to reveal, they don’t have access to your memories or your musings, you are absolutely, ideally obscure. Transform your everydayness with your writing; you won’t ever have anything better or radically other than the current moment which is always at your disposal, waiting for you to command it, to master it, to transmute it. Put on your alchemic gloves and alter the nature of elements.

(Written in a car on red lights.)

It’s kind of too bad that the term “shipping” is almost invariably taken to refer to sexual and/or romantic relationships, because there really ought to be a word that encompasses all the other types of relationship that fandom likes to imagine their favourite characters in.

Stuff like:

  • surrogate parent/child relationships
  • “the sibling I never had” relationships
  • mentor/student relationships
  • celebrity/fangirl relationships
  • awkward-friend-of-a-friend relationships
  • professional partnerships

(You may think I’m joking about that last one, but I have seen some very meticulous ‘fic based on the supposition that two characters would work well together in a particular professional setting, without any element of romance or conventional friendship being brought into the mix.)

But what she didn’t realize about Blue and her boys was that they were all in love with one another. She was no less obsessed with them than they were with her, or one another, analyzing every conversation and gesture, drawing out every joke into a longer and longer running gag, spending each moment either with one another or thinking about when next they would be with one another. Blue was perfectly aware that it was possible to have a friendship that wasn’t all-encompassing, that wasn’t blinding, deafening, maddening, quickening. It was just that now that she’d had this kind, she didn’t want the other.
—  Maggie Stiefvator, Blue Lily, Lily Blue

Me: *about to go to bed and sleep* let’s just refresh the dash one last time

*sees a Pricefield gif*

Me: *proceeds to lie in bed sleeplessly, staring at the ceiling for hours while being emotionally compromised (again) thinking about how Max Caulfield and Chloe Price are literally soulmates whose Love for each other is so great, so pure, so fundamental, so all-encompassing it deserves a capital L and how they’re currently at peace and living their happy ending out there after a long journey of healing together*

Fic Recs: #UnprotectHux

It’s Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day, and wouldn’t you know I just finished a fic rec list that I’ve been noodling on for the last couple of weeks!

Since my legacy to the Kylux fandom currently seems to be that post about unprotecting General Hux, I decided that was a great theme for my first rec list!

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I think I have always had trouble writing – I can’t even write a diary – I’ve always found it hard to document real life. I try to remember things by items of clothing or strange things that happen. I think it comes from reading a lot – reading a lot of poetry and being interested in language and phrasing and things like that. I think I wanted to make things that wouldn’t stick out as a point in time, d’you know what I mean? Something that was more all-encompassing, more trying to create a landscape or feeling, or a nightmare that someone could walk through.
—  Florence Welch 2009
The idea that there is some kind of all-encompassing, burning, passionate love that will never die out unless you both die is so depressing and not real. There’s this trope in literature that somehow we’re not whole unless we have another—which, for me, is not fair to the uniqueness and wonderfulness of the individual. We can compliment one another greatly but we are not the source of each other’s happiness.
—  Chris Pine

“Shaytan threatens you with poverty and orders you to immorality, while Allah promises you forgiveness from Him and bounty. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.” (2:268)

The Line #60.8

Thus the whale-line folds the whole boat in its complicated coils, twisting and writhing around it in almost every direction. All the oarsmen are involved in its perilous contortions; so that to the timid eye of the landsman, they seem as Indian jugglers, with the deadliest snakes sportively festooning their limbs. Nor can any son of mortal woman, for the first time, seat himself amid those hempen intricacies, and while straining his utmost at the oar, bethink him that at any unknown instant the harpoon may be darted, and all these horrible contortions be put in play like ringed lightnings; he cannot be thus circumstanced without a shudder that makes the very marrow in his bones to quiver in him like a shaken jelly. Yet habit—strange thing! what cannot habit accomplish?—Gayer sallies, more merry mirth, better jokes, and brighter repartees, you never heard over your mahogany, than you will hear over the half-inch white cedar of the whale-boat, when thus hung in hangman’s nooses; and, like the six burghers of Calais before King Edward, the six men composing the crew pull into the jaws of death, with a halter around every neck, as you may say.

shiryodeath  asked:

What is the basis every pagan should know?

I’ll say that every pagan should know that there are an enormous amount of beliefs, some open and some closed.  Closed religions may be appreciated but not appropriated, and that one should try to respect others’ beliefs. Not necessarily harm none, but don’t be an asshole just because someone else curses and you don’t. The Threefold Law, also known as a Wiccan Rede, is a Wiccan thing, not an all-encompassing Pagan thing. I personally don’t know much more about it than that, but you can read more about that in our tag for it as well as our ethics tag!  But that goes into Witchcraft, not really Paganism.

Witchcraft and Paganism do not have to intersect.  One can be a secular witch, or a Pagan who doesn’t perform witchcraft, or an individual who does both but their craft is not tied to their religion, or even a witch who draws magic from their religion. 

There is an enormous amount of gods out there, some old and some new, some from Pop Culture. Some are completely unknown and have no name, some are obscure and don’t have any background information, and some are incredibly popular - and none of these things make a deity or your belief lesser (or better) than others. Some Pagans don’t necessarily worship gods, either, but work with or worship demons, spirits, monsters, trolls and so on, such as practitioners of Demonolatry or Rokkatru. 

If you’re curious, you can look into the variety of Pagan religions and beliefs on our Resource Page - of course this isn’t all of them, but it’s a start. 

If you’re interested in a certain deity, make sure it’s from an open religion or pantheon, or at least one you can be initiated into eventually. General rule of thumb - if the deity or being belongs to a Native or Indigenous culture that you are not a part of, you are most likely not able to continue.

I recommend you look at our FAQ Page and our Tags Page which should help answer any broad questions you may have and provide links to help. 

That’s what I can come up with anyway. I hope that helps !

~ Rose   

I will agree with Rose on this one: Paganism is such a diverse belief structure that there is no Pan-pagan belief. Honestly, the most important thing is to be respectful of others and cultures.  I would also advise fact-checking as a lot of stuff you’ll see in published beginner witchcraft and paganism tends to conflate things and just be really inaccurate overall.


The old adage “If you ask 3 druids ‘What is Druidry’ you will get 9 answers” comes to mind. Even people on the same “path” or “tradition” could have radically different views on this subject. Even people who worship the same gods/pantheon do it differently (I mean, Heathenry alone is a mess of overly bookish recons to the loosest of revivalists and everything in-between)  I’m sorta just being an echo chamber here but Rose already hit all the links I could think of plus a few, so the only things I think you should know are that there are jerks in paganism too.  Learn who they are and avoid them, and that your path is as valid as anyone else’s! 


Also be aware of what isn’t pagan.  It’s both inaccurate and ethnocentric to say that paganism is any religion that isn’t an Abrahamic faith.  Paganism as a broad category comes from a distinct religious movement and Romantic revivalism, and it doesn’t include indigenous or diasporic faiths, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.  In practice a polytheist tends to practice differently from a pagan, but technically it simply describes a style of belief and not a specific religion.

- mountain hound

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anonymous asked:

You're not celtic? Why are you culturally appropriating a culture that's not yours?

A) Celtic is not “A Culture” - because it’s not one single culture. It’s a lot of different ones. And they’re all really damn cool. The reason this blog is called Everything Celtic is because I post about all of them.

B) Literally the only vaguely ~*~Celtic~*~ (to use your all holy and all encompassing word) activity I participate in is Irish dance, which is not only phenomenal exercise but is open to EVERYONE because you don’t have to be Irish to do it! 

For example, this is Drew Lovejoy, who won All Irelands three years in a row and (from what I’ve heard - cannot confirm-) wanted to compete so bad once that he danced on seven broken toes. Also yeah, he’s black AND Jewish.


C) Pal, if you think that me posting landscape pictures on the internet is appropriation, but you don’t seem to have a problem with, say, the actual degradation of already marginalized communities.. you know what I’m just going to be a tumblr grandma and use a gif and tell you to sort out your damn priorities.

(unless you do not identify as female, in which case I do apologize.)

D) This ask didn’t even deserve a response, I just really wanted to share that picture of Drew Lovejoy.