Honestly, I understand that maybe us IchiHime fans are going a little too far or delusional when it came to that certain scene in chapter 661, but we can we help it? It’s really a nice thing for every and ANY ship fandom to see their ship touch each other. I bet all the Ichiruki fans would go all crazy if Ichigo had done that to their designated girl. Just because it’s not your ship that’s happening right now, does not mean that you can all go and bash the fans for going fangirl crazy over a moment. Can’t we all be just open-minded people and accept the fact that no matter how tiny a moment may be, they can still scream happily about it? because it IS their OTP just like IchiHime is ours…

“Mabel is immature”


I’m willing to bet an awful lot that you didn’t have to make an immensely difficult decision that risked the future of your relationship with two of your closest family members, not to mention the entire universe, when YOU were TWELVE

Oh and have a bonus, my personal fav:

You know, no one likes having bad memories, but maybe it’s better to remember the bad things and learn from them than to go all denial crazy trying to forget.



Seriously, the nursery rhymes referenced and twisted in this song…*mind blown*

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How do you suppose Lightning reacts when other women are interested in hope or flirt with him? Does she just smirk with the knowledge he only has eyes for her? Or is she possessive like "My Hope! Get away or taste my Gunblade!" ?

I feel like Lightning is just sort of mildly amused because it’s quite obvious Hope only has eyes for her to the point where he’s completely, utterly oblivious that other women are flirting with him even after they see the wedding ring ohohoho

like an intern at the research lab will be practically throwing herself on him and trying to sit on his desk and being all obvious while Hope’s just like, “Oh hey, did you file those reports like I asked?”

but the thing is, he’s not cold or aloof to these girls flirting with him. he’s just so completely unaware that he’s being flirted with, so he’s nice to them as he’d normally be to anyone and that just makes them all even more crazy over him

when he comes home to Lightning during the evenings and they talk about their days over dinner, he’s like a lost, confused puppy because he’s all, “My new intern got me some of my favorite muffins without my asking. Usually the interns do that if they want to stay on board, but this girl’s leaving next quarter. Isn’t that a little odd? Really nice, but kind of strange. There was this other girl who came by that insisted I take a picture with her, too, even though I’m hardly that well known…”

and Lightning just smiles and smirks to herself, because Hope totally forgets about anyone else, especially after they smooch

Finally home...

After dealing with last minute bs I finally made it back home after having a sit down with this foo Tate, my 19 year old brother.

Tate’s an “I do wtf I want type of dude” unless he’s with me. I don’t play it.

He needed a place to go after screwing over our parents for the last time. He’s fam so I couldn’t let him just be out here all crazy. I told him he can have the guest room at my new apartment as long as he put in work around the place

I’m highkey annoyed right now but still can’t sleep. Tired of cleaning up behind my bro. But he always had my back when I needed him… Oh well, Idk. I won’t stress it anymore (right now)…

As soon as I was about take a random selfie I seen a notification go off. I was so busy last night so I didn’t have time to even respond or check nada.

*scrolls* blah blah blah… wait… Oh thats @riri-da-baddest. I’ma have to respond to this one ;) Maybe some convo from her can help me chill.

So they’ve got Castiel possessed by lucifer, and he’s gonna fight the darkness. What about after? Say Lucifer wins, who’s gonna fight him? Sam and Dean alone are just two average dudes, but if they had an archangel on their side, it could be a hell of a lot easier. And the only archangel close to them is Michael, and he’s gone crazy, according to Lucifer, so any vessel would probably be harmed by his broken mind. And what Winchester do we know of that has literally been to hell and back that is a true vessel? A Winchester that could stand up to the crazy? All the angels thought Sam and Dean were the chosen ones to fight, and the Prophecy does state that Lucifer and Michael will fight, but it said nothing specific about the vessels themselves.
So who’s ready for a Michael!Dean Lucifer!Cas showdown?

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your anon needs to chill, enjoy the photo of Liam and Dora. I highly doubt the sweet, clueless peanut we call Liam would be clever enough to put hidden messages in photos. 99.99999992% sure it is just a photo of him and his adorable doggie :D

anon: Oh god, that last anon is one of many who went crazy after Liam posted the pic - omg he’s wearing a suit! A SUIT? How can this NOT mean he’s getting married? They’re obviously are! The suit! Blah blah blah. Theories about them are created and spread faster than any other conspiracy theories in this world… Give me what they’re on, pleaseee

Haha it’s easy to get a little bit crazy with all of this rumours and theories and no confirmation, so I get why people would start to overthink things and see things where there’s actually nothing to see

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I sense some Dean drama brewing. And here I was just getting over the fandom mindfuck that was January >_< Dean, what are you doing??

driving all of us crazy and dividing the very few of us that there are. I went on a blocking spree yesterday and blocked so many dean blogs tbfh with you