This Goddamn Car Crash Tho

This entire scene drives me up a wall (no pun intended). Here’s what can be gleaned about it:

  • The car is not the Stanley Mobile
  • It happened early 1980s - most likely 1982.  Leg warmers date the article as they rose in popularity in the early 1980s.
  • Car Crash coincides with the Author disappearing and the portal first opening.
  • While clearly happening in Oregon, it appears to have happened outside of Gravity Falls.

Some Possibilities (that make me pull my hair out): 

Car Crash Happened Because:

  1. Stan Pines faked own death, took Author’s identity
  2. Stan Pines faked Author’s death to cover up his mysterious disappearance
  3. Author faked OWN death, to cover up the mysterious disappearance he knew would happen to him.
  4. The car is Thistle Downe’s and Stan drove it into a ravine.

Plausibility of each: 

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