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Kiwi MV: Filmed in NYC. Lots of shots of busy city, lights, craziness, traffic all at night. Dimly lit party scenes with people dancing, drinking, messy, grinding, disappearing into rooms together while draped all over each other 😉 getting into cabs as the sun is rising completely wiped out. Harry is the cab driver 😂




♦ Be proud to be his girlfriend at the premiere

♦ Being the girlfriend of Spider-Man (it’s huge!)

♦ Become Tessa’s best friend

♦ Having very romantic nights together

♦ Him doing his best to please you

♦ Laughing to cry because of his jokes

♦ Don’t always understand him because he’s crazy

♦ And after all, you’re crazy in love with him too

♦ Him telling you that you are beautiful, every day, every hour, every minute and every second

♦ Be very proud of him because he’s a great guy

♦ Him preparing your breakfast in bed

♦ Have the most beautiful surprise at Valentine’s Day

♦ Always reassure him because he is afraid to disappoint his fans (including you)

Oh my god I just realized someone. Okay so I was reading my posts about Arata/Hikari/Yomo parallels to Touken and Ayato and I realized that there’s some differences as well?

After Hikari died, Arata couldn’t completely lose himself in grief because Touka and Ayato were around and he still needs to take care of them. But Kaneki doesn’t have this yet so if something happens to Touka and the baby now, there’s nothing holding him back from going all out and crazy in anger and grief. Arata was already pretty extreme but this would make Kaneki even more extreme.

On the other hand, when Hikari died, Yomo went about causing chaos and havoc because he’s essentially alone and has nothing to live for. Even Uta and Itori only came into his life much later. But if something happens to Touka, Ayato won’t be alone. Because he has Hinami around and I’m sure that Hinami won’t just let him lose lose himself in his grief and anger and go do crazy things from it, especially since he’s the person who’s always been there for her to voice her own sorrows to. I pretty sure she’ll be his support.

I mean, not to say this is absolute but it’s an interesting thing to think about, is what I think at least. I don’t know if something will happen to Touka but if it does, Ken Ken is gonna go crazy for sure. :’)

Trauma and Healing: The End [Alternate Ending] [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: Here’s is the alternate ending to Trauma and Healing that I wrote so you guys all wouldn’t hate me lol. Hope you enjoy!

Warning: Multi-Personality Disorder, Talk of Suicide

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Ch. 1 - Ch. 2 - Ch. 3 - Ch. 4 - Ch. 5 - Ch. 6 - Ch. 7 - Ch. 8 - Ch. 9 [Other Ending]


The first thing Jason felt was his head pounding. It felt like his skull would crack open at any second due to the immense pressure within it. Cracking open his eyes he squinted in the dim room. A single spot light hung above him, it being the only illumination of the room. For a moment, he thought he was in one of his nightmares. That the Joker would show up in front of him, dragging a crowbar along the concrete floor.

But no, he was very awake. Not hearing the sound of metal scraping against concrete, just the sound of breathing. Looking next to him, Roy and Kori were tied up beside him on opposite sides of the pillar. “Roy! Kori!” Saying in a harsh whisper, trying to bring consciousness to his friends. He heard Roy groan, shifting his body Jason brought his leg back to nudge him. Roy opened his eyes and looked around. “Where are we?”

“I don’t know, Kori’s still out.” Jason answered. “Do you remember anything?” Looking over at his friend. Roy thought for a moment, “They came up behind me, whoever it was. You?” Jason shook his head, “Only they wore an all black suit except the eyes” remembering the white lenses of the suit. Roy groaned and leaned against the pillar. Jason looked around the room while trying to get Kori to wake up. After a few minutes her eyes fluttered open. She tried melting through her restraints but had no luck.

“It’s cute you thought that would work.” Seven spoke from within the shadows of the ceiling. She’d been there the entire time. “I mean, I did capture you. You think I wouldn’t have the correct restraints?”

Jason and the others looked for the owner of the voice. God, he wishes he had his helmet. Night vision would be great. “Who are you?” Roy called and the sound of her climbing down and her feet hitting the floor could be heard. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” She said before a laugh.

“Come into the light you coward!” Kori challenged as they followed the sound of footsteps. The footsteps stopped before Seven stepped into the light. They all stared at the white lenses that covered her eyes. Jason narrowed his eyes at her, “Who are you?” Seven laughed, “‘What am I?’ would be a better question.”

Seven grinned under her mask. “Me, well I go by Seven. And well, I’m the person you love Jason.” Jason stared at the masked person in front of him. Trying to decipher who they were. “No guesses? Well, you three aren’t much fun.”

They watched as she reached up to the top of her mask. Pulling it off as [h/c] hair framed a familiar face.


Seven laughed, “In a way. You see, I’ve been inside [F/n] since the particle accelerator exploded. Since the night that wave of dark matter hit her. You see, I came from a very dark place inside [F/n]. That night, she was planning on killing herself. The mix of drugs and darkness seemed to fuse with the dark matter. Creating her powers which are connected to her emotions, along with me. I’m the embodiment of that darkness. I’m here to protect her from other dark things, from things that might hurt her. So I’ve taken the forefront, and she’s never coming back. I have to do this to protect her from those things. To protect me.” She kneeled in front of Jason, taking his chin between her fingers. “Things, like you.”

He narrowed his eyes at her. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’d never hurt her.” Growling back at her, not breaking eye contact. Seven chuckled, “It’s a shame really, she actually loved you.” Jason’s eyes widened when she said that, ‘she loves me’ thinking to himself. “[F/n], please I know you’re in there. I need you to fight.” He begged trying to get through to her.

[F/n] was witnessing this entire thing, trapped in her own mind. ‘Please don’t do this’ She begged Seven, who didn’t pay her any mind. “[F/n], she is weak.” She let go of Jason’s chin, standing and turning around. ‘I am not weak! I can take care of myself, LET ME OUT!’ Her voice rang in her skull, Seven stopped walking. Holding her temple.

“[F/n] come on you’re stronger than her!” Roy yelled next, pulling at his restraints. “You’ve proven how strong you are, fight her!” Kori was next. Jason stared at Seven as she held her head. “[F/n] please, I need you. I… I love you!”

Seven spun around that instant, though it wasn’t Seven who faced them. Those words seemed to trigger something, a warmth inside your soul that was just enough to bring you back. Collapsing ok the floor you looked up at Jason. “You love me?” whispering. “[F/n]” Jason smiled, sighing in relief. “God yes. I love you more than anything. I love you more than life itself.” You felt tears prick your eyes as you rushed over, pulling a knife from your belt and cutting Jason & Roy’s restraints and unlocking the special cuffs used for Kori. Immediately Jason stood and wrapped his arms around you. “I was so worried about you. Thank god you’re alright.”

You cried into his soldier, “I did so many awful things, I’m so sorry Jason. I’m so sorry.” He rubbed your back trying to help you calm down. “It’s not your fault, it was Seven. It’s going to be okay.” He began to lead you out of the room, Roy and Kori in front of you both. Kori was checking for anyone in the corridors. While Roy sent out a distress beacon.

As he helped you, thoughts ran through your head. What if you couldn’t control this? What if she comes back? She tries to hurt Roy again? Kori again? Jason again? What if you’re really not strong enough for this? You couldn’t live with yourself if something happened to them.

Looking up at Jason, his eyes were glued on your exit. You took in his features; his blue eyes, the sharpness of his jaw, the white streak decorating the front of his raven black hair. Remembering how it felt to sleep in his arms and how he protected you every second of your life since you met him. How could you put him in this danger? It’s time you protected him.

In a split second you grabbed one of the guns from it’s holster on his thigh. Pushing away from him and pressing the barrel to your temple as your finger rested on the trigger.

“[F/n]! What are you doing?!” He yelled, seeing the tears stream from your eyes. Roy and Kori came running over, “[F/n] put the gun down!” Roy yelled.

“I can’t.” You shook your head. “I can’t put you all in that danger. With Seven, I can’t control her. She’s evil and murderous. I can’t do it, I’m not strong enough.” Sobs broke up your words. Jason shook his head, “No, you can do it. I know you can. [F/n] please put the gun down, I love you. Please, I’m begging you.” His voice trembled, in fear of the finger resting on the trigger. He took a few steps closer to you.

You didn’t move, god you wanted to step back, to keep your distance from him. But, you couldn’t. You stared into his eyes as he came closer to you. “Jason I can’t do it.” Shaking your head at him, voice barely above a whisper. “You can do it [F/n], give me the gun.” He held his hand out. More tears streamed down your cheeks, staring at the man you love.

Thinking about all the things you wanted to do with him. Still had to do with him. You wanted to go on vacation together, move out on your own, snuggle together on the couch, have him steal kisses whenever he wanted. You still hadn’t been intimate with him, had him make love to you. You wanted so much to be with him. To love him. “But what if she comes back?”

“We’ll help you, there are people in the league who can help [F/n]. Do you trust me?”

Staring into his eyes, your arm seemed to become weak as a sob escaped your throat and arm falling to your side. Knees buckling under you. He rushed forward and caught you, taking the gun from you and tossing it aside as you sobbed into his chest. Tears of relief and joy escaped his eyes. “Don’t ever talk like that, or do that again. I can’t take it.” He cupped you face, making you look at him.

“I’m sorry Jason, I’m so so sorry.” You sniffled and he pressed his lips to yours. “It’s okay, you’re okay. I’ve got you.” You nodded before looking over his shoulder at Roy and Kori who were crying tears of relief themselves.

Pulling away slightly, Jason helped you stand and they both hugged you immediately. “You scared us shitless” Roy commented, making you smile.

“I’m sorry”

“Stop being sorry” Jason pushed your hair from your face. You were about to say ‘sorry’ again but stopped yourself. He chuckled before kissing you again.

“I love you [F/n] [L/n], and always will.”

I spent most of last year teaching myself to draw Sam. A lot of this year has been teaching myself to draw Dean. I’m going to start teaching myself how to draw Cas soon. So I hope you guys are cool with all the crazy style experiments when I work on possibly the most difficult face to draw in supernatural. /thanks/ Misha.

I feel like most men are rude as fuck and then try to make you feel less offended by saying “you’re acting crazy all of a sudden. I said nothing wrong” and blah blah blah like bitch shut the fuck up and stop being a misogynistic piece of shit. Im done.

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Can I check all rooms?

I’m a night auditor at so-and-so 4 star full service hotel and it’s been crazy busy all week. Tonight we walked more than 15 guests to another hotel which means that we sold more rooms than what we actually have. Anyway, I had this couple walk into the lobby at 3:00 am.

Dude: hey can I get a room.

Me: Sorry we’re fully committed.

Dude: I don’t believe you.

Me: NO really. All of our rooms are occupied.

Dude: I’m pretty sure you’re holding rooms for VIP guests.

Me: No I’m not and if we did then they’ve already arrived.

Dude: OK can I check all rooms?

At this point the woman he was with was getting annoyed at his behavior.

Me: Absolutely not. And since it’s [very big event that our city hosts once a year] I’m pretty sure all hotels within a 15-mile radius of our property are also fully booked. You’re more than welcome to call hotels in [city nearby].

Guy: nooo I really wanna see if you’re telling the tru–

Lady: Stop it. Come on let’s go you’re getting ridiculous.

Me: Ok good luck!

Why is it so hard to reason with people sometimes.

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:) Hey, I just read what you wrote about the supercorp fandom and I agree with all my heart. I'm gay and I ship supercorp but I think the supercorp fandom is crazy (not all the members of course). I'm sure Melissa and Jeremy are not homophobic. There are too many SJW in the fandom... Also it's awful what the cast have to endure. So thank you for speaking up, I just want you to know that we are not all crazy and I respect karamel.

Hello, nice Supercorp shipper!

I know supercorpes are not all crazy. I just interact, like most of the Karamel shippers, with the idiots who come to our tags. So, it’s hard sometimes to remember not all Lena x Kara fans are like that, even if I know that. And well, supercorp is a big fandom, so statistically you have more fanatic and vocal idiots than us. It’s the problem of every big fandom, I guess.

I have no problems with the ship, I have problem with idiots who say they represent all of the shippers. I talk with people who are lgbt members and who ship Karamel. I talk with gays and bisexuals who like Mon and Chris what makes supercorp shippers surprised – like? Gays attracted to hot actor, wow, what next? Lesbians liking hot actresses? *sarcasm*

But seriously, I talked with few Karamel male lgbt community members and they are feel totally ignored. Like they voice is not important because they are men. Add to that the fact fanatic supercorp shippers make a really, really bad PR for the whole fandom in the name of “fighting for lgbt rights” and ugh. You know, I can’t be sure of course, but I feel like the most of so called lgbt members who “fight with homophobes” by throwing shit at the cast, are ermmm, not really giving a shit about homophobia, they just want their ship to happen and are pissed off that things they want won’t happen. Calling people homophobes is the easiest way to make them back off and stop fighting.  And… hmm, again I can’t be sure, but I doubt that all of them are people from lgbt. The way fetishize things or the way they fight using hate – do people who are a part of a community that got tons of shit and hate do the same thing to others? Who are innocent? It’s hard to believe.

No, Jeremy and Melissa are not homophobes, they are far from it. They just had enough and chose, maybe not the best, but a way to communicate it.

I talk too much, sorry.

Thanks a lot, seriously. It’s always good when someone reminds you there are good people on both sides. Cheers, mate :D

Fighter || Im Jaebum

Pairing: Jaebum x reader
Genre: violence, a bit fluff
Words: 1334

You were in class at the school, everything seemed normal. The surrounding people were focusing on the teacher as he taught the class math formulas and stuff you didn’t care about. All you could was look at Jaebum. Your boyfriend, who sat on the other side of the room. All your emotions went crazy as he looked at you with a light smile.

You weren’t sure if it was love you felt, but it didn’t matter. It was something good, so it was fine. But suddenly as you looked at him peacefully, he began to bleed. You wanted to run to him, but something hold you back.

“Jaebum! Please, let me to him!”, you screamed hysterically. But the power was stronger than you. His  face looked like someone beat him up in this moment but there was  nobody. Everyone except you and him looked at the teacher, didn’t even look in your direction.

Suddenly, he collapsed, his head fell at the table first, while his whole body was limp. After a few seconds, his body fell to the floor. All you could was cry, screaming till your lungs hurt. But at one point everything went black.

You  startled from your fretful sleep. Your hands were shaking, your heart  was racing. What the hell was this dream? It felt so real, that you even felt that you felt a tear rolling down your face.
Actually, all you wanted was taking a nap before meeting your boyfriend, but it got more intense than you thought. It was already 7 pm, when you made your way to the fast food restaurant, where he was about to meet you.

Well, he said that you would meet him there, but as expected you saw him nowhere. “You never change”, you sighed as you entered the restaurant and took a seat at the back.
You ordered the vanilla milkshake the both of you liked so much and waited. And waited for another hour.

It was the moment when you scrolled through Instagram, when you saw a video of a friend of yours where two boys were  fighting, around them hundreds of people. What was this crap?, you thought and were about to scroll further, when you heard a few people screaming: ‘Im Jaebum! Im Jaebum!’

Immediately, you stood up, left the restaurant and ran as fast as you can to the  hall, where all this happened. Thanks to the google earth, you found the place faster as you expected. Faster as you wanted, because you didn’t know what to see when you would go in there.

The gray building spanned in front of you, as it wanted to devour you.

Without  further thinking, you went in, met already the first people from the   gang in this area. You didn’t really know them, but knew that they were dangerous. What does Jaebum making here?, you wondered, hoped for the best in this moment. You didn’t want to see a real nightmare.

You followed the loud cheers and screams, while you remembered the video.   The more you got into the building, the more people were dancing and   drinking alcohol. This was nothing bad though, but somewhere was your   boyfriend, maybe got beaten up, although he was innocent.

Shortly after, you stood there, in the middle of the crowd watching an unbelievable scene, while the people screamed for their favorites and numbers and money were exchanged. Nowhere was Jaebum, but you remembered the boys fighting in the video. It had to be your girlfriend, so he had to be here somewhere.

“Do you know where Im Jaebum is?”,you asked the blonde boy next to you, who focused on the fight. The sound of bones cracking and slaps echoed from the big walls, it was everywhere.

“In this corner”, he pointed at the right,“there are the fighters for this weekend.” You were blind because of your anger which boiled inside you. All this he never mentioned. The two of you were a couple since three months and somehow he could keep this secret, but now  it was too late. You were already here and saw him getting up. Actually, you thought he was about to go, but he took the other way.

“Let’s go for another round with our champion, Im Jaebum. And your rival will be Jang Woojong.”,  someone said through a megaphone. In shook you stood there, didn’t have  a plan how to stop all this; stop your boyfriend from being beaten up.  But it was already too late. Jaebum confronted his rival with a smile on his face.

You’ve never seen him like that; his dark side. All this seemed unreal. Even more unreal than your dream.

A loud bang filled the room when Woojong  attacked him immediately. You saw his fist smashing in the face of your boyfriend, which made you to stop breathing. How could he do this? Was  this his hobby?

In the next second Jaebum avoided the next beat of his rival and beaten him till he  fell. He was aggressive. Every pore screamed anger and power, which  scared you as you saw him like that. All the months you saw him like a  good man, even if he was pissed off sometimes, even if he said things which hurt you. But he apologized after that, and then he was the caring boyfriend again.

All  this were in your mind as you saw how your boyfriend knocked the other  man unconscious. Then there was another bang, echoed from the walls. The  fight ended, Jaebum smiled again. All the anger in his face was like wiped away.

You didn’t even recognise that You was in the front row, when Jaebum suddenly shot a gaze in your direction. And suddenly  you thought, you would throw up. You turned around and ran out, heard  your name behind your back. Your feet ran as far away as you could, when  you collapsed on the wet grass a few meters away from the building.

All  the pressure were on your shoulders, all the secrets he didn’t tell  you, when you began to cry. Why didn’t he told you all this? Of course, you wouldn’t have been liking it but it was better than finding it out in this way.

You heard footsteps behind you, but you wasn’t capable of even turn your head around. Of course, Jaebum knelt down in front of you, as you sat there sobbing in your jeans.

“(Y/N), I’m more than sorry. I don’t even know what to tell you.”, he began to shutter. There was blood on his light blue tshirt, which made you more cry. “Why, Jaebum? Do you have so much anger in you that you have to hurt people?”, you screamed, didn’t know where you took the strength from.

He looked at you pitiful, pressed his lips together because he didn’t know what to answer.
“I hope, you know that all this is illegal. You can get into prison because of that. You would leave me then. But wait, you don’t even care about me so it doesn’t matter.”, you cried out, while your lungs began to hurt.

“That’s not right, (Y/N). I care about you. More than about anyone. More than about me.” His hand touched mine, trying to hold it but you took it away.

“I don’t want you seeing like that, Jaebum. I love you, i really do, but please stop fighting. I don’t want to stand at your grave when all this escalate in some way some when. And it will, I’m sure.” You didn’t want to lose him. You would have been destroyed, when he would end this between you two.

“(Y/N),  please don’t break up with me. I’ll get my anger under control, I  promise. I didn’t tell you because I was afraid how you would see me  after this. But now it’s even worse. I’m so sorry.”, he said, regretting his actions truthfully.

Maybe  he wouldn’t take the chance you gave him, but you knew that the both of  you needed each other. You needed to give love to each other, needed to  care for each other.

Maybe that thing that you felt, was really love.  

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Is it my idea or thinks are getting worse in the fandom? It seems the actors are really annoyed with the toxic parts of the fandom and are not trying to hide it so well anymore. The peaceful ones now remind me of baby groot curling in a corner thinking if they should go out or keep their heads down until the storm passes.

Yep. The fandom is getting worse and worse. I thought that with time things would settle down and all this craziness would subside but it just keeps getting worse. People keep finding reasons to be angry about and if they don’t find them they make them up so it’s pretty hard. And yeah I imagine it can be hard sometimes to know how to act. And btw A+ for the baby groot reference. 

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how can i make tumblr hp community friends? u seem to have so many im cryin im such an awkward smol bean

honestly? i just bother and spam my friends and it was sort of a forced friendship with my memes! if you come off anon and message me we can be friends!!! I LOVE FRIENDS! it’s really easy to like fit in with everyone because we all are weird and crazy! love u anon <333

Seventeen in a Nutshell

95 Line: all in love with each other. the oldest but you’d swear they’re the maknaes. Just a mess. Always there to listen to the younger members though. All softies.

96 Line: Judges you, judges each other, judges everyone. The underrated geniuses. Also the biggest idiots. All variety Kings.

97 Line: the cool kids. Underrated talent and visuals. Have the most idol friends. Dabs. They’re all crazy. 70% lost, 30% Dabs.

Maknae Line: just trying their best but their talents are often overlooked (yes, even Vernon). Lowkey savage. Babies. Please love them.