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the raeview: All Cows Eat Grass presents The Milk EP

album: The Milk EP
artist: A.C.E.G.
released: October 18, 2011
copped: definitely.

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this producer is in my top 5, but you may not have heard of him. and if you are familiar with this multi-talented, fly cat, you can only expect his latest project to be nothing short of perfect.

he is a p i m p n a m e d T.

T. Brown and the collective, All Cows Eat Grass, have released The Milk EP. this 3-tracked eargasm is a blend of electro-pop, with urban punk-rock and a signature bass funk. these beats are complimented with virtuous verses that make for a delightfully rhythmic groove. The upeat tempo of the opening track, “M.I.L.K.” introduces an opportunity for dance and optimism. This song does not discriminate against the rhythmically challenged, and encourages anybody and everybody to move– just (M.I.L.K. clever, eh?) 

Though the EP begins with a pop track made to make you move, the duration of the album really speaks to the soul “SMH” is a hip-hop/rock fused track dedicated to the haters. T. Brown lets ‘em know that “you can be the best, and yet not find success/ but even if you find her, I am not impressed”. The lyrics and militant drums make for a hype song; this song is followed by a much more harmonic song. In “We All Win”, lovers around the world are reminded that “even if we lose, we both win with love”. “We All Win” is a standout track because is wraps up the complete EP. The fluidity from “SMH” to “We All Win” shall not be disregarded, as it arouses an emotion from rage/hype to peace.

I cannot wait for the EPs to follow. Word is, A.C.E.G. will release an album in Summer 2012. Follow All Cows Eat Grass at And watch the trailer for the EP, featuring yours truly.


Grown Folks Music Spotlight Interview: All Cows Eat Grass [10.23.15]


Tennessee-born, Atlanta-based art collective and band, All Cows Eat Grass (@ACEG_Music), continues its slow, steady stream of content releases as it unveils “Keisha,” the second single from the collective’s upcoming debut album, Self-Help. “Keisha” is ACEG’s self-described “origin song.” Originally produced in 2009 at Pasture ATL, “Keisha” encouraged Terrence Brown, iamjeffcohran, and Reneeka Rae. to formally establish All Cows Eat Grass. This electro-R&B tune is a downtempo celebration of the female mind, body, and spirit, inspired by the many muses of the Pasture tribe.

All Cows Eat Grass has also settled on a date for the aforementioned, long-anticipated album. Three years in the making, Self-Help will get a birth date of November 13, 2015. The follow-up to the 2014 remix project, The Kool Collection, Self-Help was created as T, Reneeka, and iamjeffcohran traveled the world as producers of Janelle Monáe’s live show. Their travels resulted in the creation of a trove of tribal, funky, electro-trap records that expresses a locally cultivated world sound, just as comfortable in South Memphis as it is in South Wales. 

The past year has been a “complete blast” for All Cows Eat Grass. From December 2014 to-date, ACEG released the The Kool Collection [December 2014], created and toured the All Cows Eat Grass Dance Party, headlined a SXSW stage, and released the first single and video for Self-Help, titled “If We Dance” [October/November 2015]. The video for “If We Dance” was directed by Sean Kelly, with the treatment written by iamjeffcohran and Reneeka Rae. Young Savannah-based artist, Cyd “Cydvolution” Ahlberg, designed the artwork for the singles and album, with art direction from iamjeffcohran. 

Twitter | IG: @ACEG_Music
FB: @ACEGMusic 

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t’s project is out. i’m in the trailer for it. review overdue coming soon.

Song of The Day: All Cows Eat Grass - I’m in Love

Matt Martians better known as the other half of Odd Future’s “The Internet” and “Super 3” posted the itunes link for All Cows Eat Grass’s new project.  I’ve never heard of them before but I ALWAYS trust Matt’s word when it comes to music.  ANd now, I am absolutely IN LOVE (no pun intended) with this song! the alluring synths around the hook is what grabbed me the most.

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