Sunsets are so lovely, the sky turns into all kind of beautiful colours and you enjoy it even though you know something as beautiful as the sun will be gone for a while.

In real life you can have similar moments; if you spend time with friends, a week of time together or a musical you participate in: you have an amazing time (normal daytime) and then there might be a highlight (like the actual performance of the musical) and then the sun will be gone, your time together will be over.

That itself can make you sad, or you can try to look for new beautiful opportunities, you can find happiness in the moon and stars. If you’re lucky.

- sorry was having a deep moment right there xx

here’s a shout out to my fellow bi people of colour!!! you’re all incredible and beautiful and i know a lot of you aren’t in situations where it’s safe to come out or be out, but i want you to know that regardless of if you’re still closeted or not, you’re so brave and amazing for being who you are, and there’s nothing wrong or dirty about how you feel. you’re all magical in my eyes & you deserve the world. ✨

before you get on my case by telling me “cheyenne!!!!  ofc the beauty and the beast was colourful look at all those colours!”

look me in the eye and tell me that this entire movie didn’t just look like the Masquerade scene from the 2004 Phantom movie.

like look at that, and then look at these stills from the new movie:

now look at these stills from the original animated movie:

look at those fucking beautiful colours!  all that beautiful contrast!

everything just looks so muted in the new one and everything’s some shade of gold with maybe a little bit of blue mixed in, but even when the blue is there it’s so muted it might as well not even be there?  it’s just so unbelievably boring and i am unbelievably tired of washed out colours and zero contrast just.  ugh.  Belle’s dress is boring enough, but there’s nothing for it to stand out against in that background.  where are you supposed to look?  even Gaston doesn’t stand out, especially since other people in that scene are wearing similar colours; the only reason he stands out even a little is because he’s been placed on a physically higher level than the other characters.  basically every single one of these costumes blends in to the background when it should stand out against it.

i’m not an artist, i’m not a designer, but there’s just no focus.  what is an audience supposed to focus on when the characters look more like part of the woodwork than the focus of the movie?  where are our eyes supposed to go?  this movie is just a couple hours of bland aesthetic when it should be bright and vibrant.  at the very least i should not feel like i’m looking at a bunch of fucking chameleons scurrying around a dead forest.  this movie is supposed to be bright and vibrant so why doesn’t it look bright and vibrant?  this isn’t Saving Private Ryan, so why is every single movie trying to code its colours to be that?

it’s frustrating and it looks ugly and dull.  there is no contrast where this movie desperately needs it, and to be honest it’s feels like looking at a talking hardwood floor for ninety minutes.

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And what about Éponine durning R and Enj marriage? And when they have kids and she became aunt?

  • Eponine is the friend who tells Grantaire to pull himsef together on the day of his wedding. Of course Enjolras still loves him. Of course it’s the good decision. Of course I will tie your bowtie for you beccause your hands are shaking
  • Honestly, choosing a bestperson was horribly complicated because they have so many friends to choose from and don’t want to upset anyone, so Grantaire’s were Eponine, Joly and Bossuet, and Enjolras’ were Courfeyrac and Combeferre. They were all colour coordinated it was beautiful
  • (Jehan and Courfeyrac insisted to through biodegradable confetti and seaweed based glitter because protect the planet, kids)
  • Eponine was the only one not crying because she has a good pokerface, but she did smile the entire time because her best friend is SO HAPPY
  • Also, when Enjolras and Grantaire get Apolline, she’s the BEST.AUNT
  • Well… Auntie Musichetta does cook the best food, but other than that!!
  • She gossips with baby Apolline while she styles her hair. “And they were roommates” “DadaDaga”
  • Looks badass with aviator glasses, leather jacket and black baby carrier
  • Courfeyrac and Eponine battle to try out the best snapchat filters on Apolline

me, at marvel studios: please…. mr marvel… let me show you all these colours… these beautiful colours you could put in your films….

mr marvel, who is colourblind and defensive about it: i can SEE these colours! i can see ALL these colours and what’s more they’re all in my films! i have put every CONCEIVABLE shade of concrete into my films and they are beautiful! get out of my house and take your colours, WHICH I CAN SEE, with you!

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What would the 104th and the vets reactions be if they saw that somebody has multiple colors in their eyes(like both eyes are green and blue)

Mikasa: Is interested
Reiner: Thinks it’s pretty
Bertholdt: Doesn’t really care
Annie: Believes it’s very beautiful
Eren: Likes it
Armin: Always adores the different eyecolours people have
Jean: Isn’t really interested
Marco: Finds it very wonderful and tries to find out all the colours
Sasha: Doesn’t really care
Connie: Thinks it’s pretty
Historia: Tries to see all the beautiful colours in everyones eyes
Ymir: Doesn’t care
Levi: Likes colourfull, open eyes
Mike: Adores blue eyes in all forms and colours
Erwin: Finds it incredibly beautiful
Nanaba: Thinks it’s pretty
Moblit: Mostly can’t look directly into peoples eyes, because he’s shy
Hanji: Doesn’t really care for eyecolours

What people draw an Osomatsu-san underwater au as: Everyone is a gorgeous mermaid and handsome. Even Dekapan and Dayon are hot and fuckgn ripped. They are all beautiful colours and glimmering gods. Totoko is a powerful siren.

What would be more accurate: Most are really boring ass fish. Karamatsu is a half dolphin and regularly gets sucked into the propellers of cruise ships. Jyushimatsu is one of those eldritch creatures that lives in the pitch black bottom of the sea and is as tall as a building. Chibita is a particularly angry crab.


Sea Glass and Songs

Annabeth’s tail flicked anxiously under her, in the water. Percy sat in the rowboat, a ways from the ship. Jason had suggested he take a breather and go have some ‘alone time’

If you can be alone if a siren keeps bugging you.

“Are you sure that happened?” She looked up at him. Percy nodded.

“It just exploded, like it knew I was in trouble.”

She put her hands on the ledge of his boat, rocking it a little. Her grey eyes flickered from side to side, like she were reading invisible equations.

“Did you see any unusually attractive girls there?”

Percy frowned. “No, I wasn’t looking for hot girl, I was looking for rum.”

“You’re so dense.” She snarled. “Just try to remember if you did.”

Percy thought. The barista girl was pretty, but not unusually attractive as Annabeth had placed it. There was maybe a girl or two who would walk in, but all of them were average.

Annabeth was defiantly usually attractive, though. Her skin had an iridescent glow to it, her hair had almost a red tint to the blonde, and it got curly when it was dry. Her tail wasn’t one simple colour, it was all of the colours of beauty rolled into one, magically shifting from one pretty colour to another. Her eyes were a clear but stormy grey, beautiful in their-

No. No, he did NOT like this annoying fish girl. No way.

“Seaweed Brain, I’m talking to you.” She snapped. Percy scowled.

“No, I didn’t see any attractive woman.” He replied.

She pierced her lips. “So the liquor just exploded.”

“The guy had his gun to my neck, and as the crew came closer I started to feel queasy, like they had tried to drug me. Then the liquor exploded.”

Annabeth stayed silent for a minute, then hummed in frustration. “That makes no sense! It had to be a land siren or something.”

“A… A what?”

“A land siren,” Annabeth clicked her tongue like she was trying to taste her next words. “They use to be mermaids, sirens, but for some reason they have the mutation where they can go onto land and permanently form legs. They’re like a bridge between both worlds.”

“You’re telling me that there are people who are bloody sirens walking on land with magically voice powers?”

Annabeth shrugged. “I guess you could put it that way.”

Percy almost pinched his nose in frustration, but when he thought more about it, he remembered strange woman who could calm a whole crowd with their words. 

“Miss Jamia.” He stated finally.

Annabeth raised a blonde eyebrow. “Who?”

“The bar owner.” He said. “I’ve met her before, when Bianca almost got into a bar fight with some guy who was over-the-top sexist. She… I guess I wouldn’t describe as unusually beautiful, she is in her late 60′s, but her voice demanded attention. She could sing very well, too.”

Annabeth tapped her fingers on the ledge. “Was she there?”

“Maybe?” Percy shrugged, leaning on the ledge of his row boat. “I didn’t see her, but she could have been in the back room.”

Annabeth looked up at Percy with a strange look on her face. “Or maybe…”

Percy waited, then frowned. “Maybe what?”

“What happened after the bar fight thing, yesterday?” 

Percy racked his brain. He acted on autopilot then, so everything was fuzzy.

“I… I ran out of the bar, because I shot someone. Then when I got back into the boat, this boat, I dove in and… and it…”

He paused. “It started rowing itself?”

Annabeth’s eyebrows went up. “Like some poltergeist took your oar and started paddling?”

“No, more like the ship had some invisible sail that caught a really strong wind. It moved on it’s own, fairly fast.”

She looked slightly troubled in the moonlight. She bit her lip, and Percy’s stomach did a strange thing, almost a fluttering motion.

“Percy?” Annabeth looked up at him.

He leaned down so his face was inches from hers. He had no idea what he was doing, his body liked to take control and do the only thing that was natural at that moment.

His lips met hers. The fluttering feeling intensified. Her hands went up to hold his face as she kissed him back. Slow motions, lip moving with each other. She smelled like vanilla and sea spray on a cold morning, her lips were surprisingly soft and smooth.

His boat dipped down dangerously low under his shift of balance. He ignored the motion, reaching out to hold Annabeth.

Big mistake.

She grabbed him and pulled him under the water. He barely had enough time to suck in a breath of air and she pushed him under, away from the boat and the surface.

Her tail flicked and they swam deeper into the blackness. He struggled against her grip, but in his shock he was powerless. His eyes and face stayed facing up, watching the moon flicker.

The water threatened to run down his throat. He could hold his breath for a long time, but Annabeth could breath here. He was going to die.

Percy’s lungs started to scream. ‘We need air, we need to breathe!’ they pleaded. 

His vision started to dim. His gut did a slow roll. 

Now the throat was joining into the protest. ‘I can’t breathe! I need to breathe!’

He thrashed around, but Annabeth pulled him down even further. All he could see was her tail beside him, making powerful motions that would take him to his deathbed at the bottom of the ocean.

His head pounded. His heart ached, he was truly going to die.

He opened his mouth and water filled his lungs.

So sick of disabilities being left out of all kinds of social campaigns.

Like you see posts saying ‘bodies of all shapes, sizes and colour are beautiful’ but so rarely do you ever see pictures of beautiful women with canes or wheelchairs.

Do you know how hard it can be to accept yourself when you’re newly disabled and your disability has taken almost every part of your life away? If these movements included us more then maybe it wouldn’t be such a struggle. There are some wonderful blogs like medaesthetic and cutieswithcanes which made a huge difference in my ability to love myself with my mobility aids but I would love it if we didn’t have to make these services just for us. Because we have no other choice because disability is always the forgotten one left behind.

Disabilities are the biggest minority that anyone can become part of at any time in their life. You never know what life can throw at you, and like me you might suddenly find yourself wheelchair and cane dependant for life.

I accept that when I was able bodied I didn’t give disabilities as much thought as I should have but now that I am disabled, it seems so simple to include us.

Just put pictures of us in your self esteem and body image campaigns. Because ALL bodies are beautiful, especially disabled ones.

When you do your shout outs to all the minority groups - don’t leave us out. I’m so sick of reading social justice posts about race, sexuality, weight all in one post but nothing about disabled people.

We are here. We want to be included.

(Note: I speak for myself and the views I have consistently seen around the spoonie, chronic illness and disabled communities. )

Art journal is looking stripy af 😋 “The sun is bright but I am dull” ^^^ I’ve used this quote before but it’s really stuck with me for some reason and it just sums up my mood at the minute. I know things are getting bad because it feels like everyone else gets to see all this beautiful colour in the world and I’m living in darkness and everything is dull… which makes me feel like it’s my fault and I’m the ‘dull’ one. That’s probably the best way I can explain my depression at the minute. (Also a whole lot of sadness at what a mess everything is but not caring/ being motivated/ seeing any point in doing anything about said mess)

also yep that is the lid of a pepsi max bottle, which I used to create black paint circles on a different page

The Art of Escapism - Part II
After a traumatic experience, Reader wants to escape, will Spencer go with her?




Second part as promised.. hope you like it!

Reminder:  requests are OPEN! OPEN I say!

Triggers - PTSD

Word Count - 1285

‘Miss Y/L/N. Can you hear me?’ You heard as your eyes fluttered open.

You looked up and saw a doctor staring down at you and smiling.

‘Welcome back. You were only out for a few hours, don’t worry. It is a miracle that you didn’t need surgery. You are very lucky Y/N. You have one broken rib, bad bruising on your legs and upper abdomen, and we are confident that there is no head trauma after completing a scan. The bruising that your knee suffered is extensive so you may need crutches for a short while. Other than that, you will be free to go this afternoon.’

You offered a slight smile at the doctor. But there was only one thing on your mind- Spencer.

‘I will send your team in for you now.’ The doctor said.

You heard some voices outside before the door burst open once again. Your team ran in with grins on their faces and hugged you one by one- even Hotch.

‘We are so glad you’re okay.’ Said Prentiss, clutching your hand.

‘Some more than others.’ JJ piped up with a wink, gesturing to Spencer, who was stood at the back of the group and staring at you with a look of adoration.

Rossi interrupted. ‘We will give you a few minutes alone, bella.’

With that, the team piled outside, and Spencer stepped forward and sat on the chair next to your hospital bed, taking your hand into his.

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