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Chapter 20

I could not get the look that was on his face out of my head. Even after almost three years of being apart, of not once talking to him or seeing him since, every time I closed my eyes it was all I could see. That look on his face.

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So, I have been working on a new adult Undertale fanfic called “A Long Time Coming” featuring the gay relationship between Sans and W.D. Gaster (pre-accident and they are not related in his fic so NO fontcest)…. Warning, it will have eventual smut, but for right now the first chapter is all fluff so be warned if you aren’t into that sort of stuff :)

Enjoy, and please bookmark/give kudos if you like it! 

Image by Reauki (which was very inspiring for the version of Sans in my story)


I have finally finished finalizing, simplifying, and penning down all the timeline, worldbuilding, and character notes I think I’ll ever need for the ‘verse of Heavy and cast of the Seven Circle Muses.

Now I just have to actually put it all in fic format…..

(If anyone wants to ask about the OCs and doesn’t mind spoilers- or even if they do and want the “censored” version, I will post the requested characters’ notes with appropriate tags and readmores. I worked hard on this; someone should see it, DANGIT)

Bela Donna: Million Dollar Man

Bela Donna Pt.2

Characters: MOC!Dean, Sam, Reader (eventual Dean x Reader)

Summary: Dean finally gets inside the club he’s been thinking about for months on end.

Warnings: None really. Some curse words, Deans inner monologue

Word count: 1610

Previously: Prologue - Part 1

A/N:  Here is the next installment. Wanted to give this to you beautiful peoples before the onslaught of my July challenges coming up ;) 
This series is Deans POV - First person Dean. There will be some canon divergence ahead. Any inaccuracies I apologize for ahead of time here. It is s10 Dean, after he’s cured but still has the Mark. Smut is eventual of course ;D
NOTE: Each chapter is based off of a song. They all go along with it over all. This chapters is Million Dollar Man - Lana Del Rey (It’s what is playing…later)
I tagged quite a few people below, so please do not hesitate to message me if you would not like to be tagged in future parts (I promise I will not be offended!) OR if you would like to! I hope you enjoy :D Any and all feedback is welcome!
Thank you to this beautiful friend of mine that betas this, not to mention helpful tid bits for this beauty XO @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid AND my very gracious wonderful Ali for checking over the dance piece XOXO @littlegreenplasticsoldier

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And just to yank his chain a little, really get a good eye roll from him; as we passed by one of your billboards I nudged him with my elbow across the seat and pointed to it with a wink. “Comin’ to see you sweetheart! I hope you’re ready!”

As I had expected, he did not disappoint! This earned me a nice big fat eyeroll from my unamused passenger, who shook his head with a laugh. If it wasn’t illegal I would’ve cracked a celebratory beer and enjoyed my little road soda on the way.

Pulling into the city a few hours later we checked into our motel room and got settled before I changed into my best suit; checking gear and making sure we had all we needed before heading out. My nerves kicked into high gear as we pulled up to the large brick building on the main drag of downtown Manhattan, and I kicked myself for not taking a few calming shots of whiskey before I brushed my teeth. It was a mixture of both excitement and nerves at war in the pit of my stomach as we pulled open the huge heavy wooden doors.

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NaNo In Progress (NIP)

So close! I’ve been working on two pieces for Camp NaNoWriMo with a word count goal of 30K, currently sitting at 20,155. Think I can manage 9K in a week. Thanks to @thequillcircle for all the encouragement, and to my cabin mates, @xerxia31, @peetabreadgirl, @shesasurvivor, @javistg, @mega-aulover, @kleeklutch, @everllarkingjoshifer, @louezem, @lovelizziekins, @bookgirl318! You ladies are amazing, I am in awe at how fast some of you reached your goals, and the rest of us…keep it up!

Now for the teasers…one from each of my projects!

It’s All A Lie - Chapter 3

“Enough!” my father shouts once more. The room falls silent. “Did none of you learn anything from this morning?”

The air is thick with shame, and I somehow know that if I turn now, I will find Seam and Merchant divided in this room. As though nothing has changed. It probably hasn’t.

“Look at them!” my father orders. “Do you know what I see?”

“They’re holding hands?” someone asks in a confused tone. Oddly enough, the question is met with nervous laughter from different corners of the room. Prim cracks a small, reluctant smile that she quickly stifles. Tired of being excluded from this conversation, I turn my head to face the wider room.

“Ah, there she is,” Haymitch says as he lifts a glass to me, a smirk on his face as he lounges in a chair in the corner. “Welcome back, Sweetheart. You put on quite the show today.”

One Last Hope - Chapter 2

“No more distractions,” Haymitch admonishes, making Peeta blush further at the man’s uncanny ability to guess at what Peeta would rather be doing right now. “And don’t answer your damn door without a knife or bludgeon or something.”

“Aw, I didn’t know you cared so much, Sir,” Peeta says. Haymitch snorts.

“Cut that shit out and get some sleep, kid.”

“Yes, Sir,” Peeta says, setting the phone aside after he hangs up on Haymitch’s wheezing chortle and sets the alarm on it for early.

He tries to prepare for bed, but he’s on edge. Nervous energy courses through him, and he’s considering calling Katniss, just to hear her voice. Maybe she’ll be able to help him calm down. He’s pacing the length of his apartment in just his sleep shorts, running over his opening remarks for tomorrow, but only half in the task because a pair of mercury eyes and soft as petals lips keep intruding. With a tug on his hair, he reaches for his phone to call her, but he’s halted by the quiet, almost shy knock on his door.

Leaving the phone, he forgets Haymitch’s advice and flings the door wide, somehow not surprised to find Katniss on the other side, holding her coat together and shivering in the night.

“I realized after you left that I really don’t care about Haymitch’s curfews,” she says.

As it so often does around her, his brain grinds to a screeching halt when she steps through the door and shuts it behind her. Then she bites her lip as she locks it, further scattering his thoughts. He blinks, and as they stare at one another, Peeta finally makes his way through the haze. Stupid. He hasn’t even moved yet.

“Did you want–”

“God, yes,” she groans the second before she reaches up to grip his hair and pulls his head down towards hers.

Forever & Always

In honor of reaching 1,000 followers I would like to share this story that I’ve been working so hard on for you all. I hope you all enjoy it! :)

Chapter 1

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The sound of the alarm woke up the pretty brunette for the very special day. 


She couldn’t believe that her 4 years of high school were coming to an end. She still remembered her first day of high school with so much clarity. Especially her big fight with Lucas. She was in a deep thought until her best friend climbed through her bedroom window.

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Commission for my darling @poodle-haired-poe of Angel!Poe of her awesome fic Ruffled Feathers.

Here you have the masterlist with all the chapters

Thank you for letting me have fun with the wings! I don’t draw animals that often (something I want to change) but when I do I remember how fun it can be.

It feels refreshing being able to draw again and actually finish something. I’m gonna cry.
All or Nothing - Chapter 6
By Organization for Transformative Works

Sherlock and John, who met at the altar just over a week ago, begin to settle into everyday life. Having just moved in together, they are now facing the challenges of living with their new spouse who they barely know. Will their different habits and ideologies cause conflict, or will they find understanding in one another?

@lin-aham-miranda here is chapter six! seven is in the works and i lov u <3

Hey guys!

Y’all should go check out Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses: Two Worlds Collide! @therealightningtheif and I have finished writing it and it has a total of 36 chapters. When we post the final chapter, we will have a huge announcement for you guys so make sure to check in daily for new chapters. You can read individual chapters here or read all the posted chapters at this website! Thanks everyone!