We all got the same red blood running through our veins

Considering the situation we are in right now. Facing war, having war, millions of refugees and it seems like this is just the beginning. What is happening right now? A few minutes ago I read a message my friend posted on her way home. She was listening to the radio and heard that there was a truck full with 71 people in austria, all dead. Locked in a truck with no air by a illegal immigration network. 59 men, 8 women, 4 children. A couple of days ago the media reported again of a refugee camp set on fire.

What on earth is happening in this world right now? We are living the good life. We have everything we need, an no war. We don´t need to be afraid of getting killed every second, we don´t need to worry about the survival of our children. We don´t face dead day by day. We don´t need to run away in hope of a better life. 

We are all human! We all got the same blood running through our veins! It is our responsibility to be there for our brothers and sisters in need.