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sexual tension and love and all is good but olicity needs a lot more to reconcile. what are your thoughts on that?

Oh you’re right, anon. 

Felicity told Oliver when she left him that he tended to revert back to his island way of going alone when things got rough. Oliver had been full of guilt and Felicity had been full of pain, and though they’d talked, they hadn’t talked. 

They haven’t had catharsis. They need that. We need that.

I need them to fight the fuck out. (I’m going to go One Tree Hill on your ass, so bear with me). It would be like this (in my head):

Oliver would be

And Felicity would take a deep breath and crack a joke and change the topic. For once though, Oliver would persist. Because they need to hash it out. The conundrum they’re in is not healthy for either of them, swinging between a rock and a hard place. 

Oliver would push and push and then Felicity would snap. Oh, she’d snap gloriously, laying it all out on the line completely, bare to him

They would hash it all out, completely and yell or whisper or just plain shake each other but they would LAY IT OUT

(I swear i got chills when i saw this scene for the first time)

That was the crux of the matter. Oliver didn’t share with Felicity. Oliver didn’t let her in. And he’s trying. Trying harder. 

He tells her that. He tells her.

It’s raw. It’s unrefined. It’s real

But she isn’t ready for the risk, not again, not so soon. Her heart is bruised and she isn’t ready.

But he can wait. He will wait for eternity if there was even a glimmer of possibility for them because for him, she is it.

And then, after that whole cathartic talk, would they be on the road back to each other. That doesn’t mean they’ll reconcile suddenly. It’s a long road, and it should take its own sweet time when the destination is forever. 

But this is how they get on the path. 

Because after all,

I don’t care if they take thirty minutes or five. I don’t care if they yell or whisper, scream or murmur. I don’t care if they cry like lovers or joke like friends. 

I just need them to talk the fuck out of this conversation.

it’s so sad that Annalise loathes herself so much that when someone genuinely cares about her and wants to engage in a healthy relationship with her, she thinks they are “too good for her” and pushes them away because she doesn’t think she deserves good things, she doesn’t think she deserves to be treated with kindness, love and respect.

idk why but i feel like sharing a bit about how i came to love haikyuu so much, and it’s entirely because it probably saved what little part of me actually wanted to continue living when i first saw it

it got a bit long so i put it under a cut for the uninterested

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Hi there, Can I request a situation with the boys where they react to MC getting abused, molested, beaten etc. by someone. If this is too dark of a subject that's totally fine, and I respect that. I just find a lot of comfort in being protected, thank you!

((Trigger warning: Abuse, rape. Minor Spoiler warning for Zen, Jumin and Seven’s route))

* When you and Yoosung first started dating, he had been a bit concerned that you almost never consented to physical contact. It was a bit unusual for him not to be able to kiss you or hug you whenever he wanted, but he respected your wishes anyhow. At first, he was hurt that you didn’t want to touch him, but you weren’t ready to explain the reasons why to him, and it broke your heart when he acted hurt because of you not wanting to be hugged or kissed. When he came up behind you one day for a surprise hug and you started screaming and crying, you had to explain to him about your past abuse and rape. He was horrified, to say the least. He cried, telling you how sorry he was for trying to show you physical affection when you didn’t want it. He’ll never ask you to do anything until you specifically tell him that you want it. He’s so broken up about the fact that because of somebody who hurt you, you always fear that any man who comes in contact with you is likely to beat you or worse. He tries not to yell when he’s playing LOLOL with his headphones on because he knows that when you hear him yell, it scares you so bad that you hide in the bathroom and cry. You never told him, but he heard you once, and he could figure out the rest. 

* Zen joked about you releasing the “beast” in the group chat only to see that you logged out a second later. He called you and got no response, and that was when he figured he’d said something wrong. He tried to talk to you about it later, but you avoided the subject. You thought that he shouldn’t have to filter himself just because you were sensitive to the subject. When you were getting ready for the party at Zen’s house and he looked at you and told you that he wouldn’t want any other guys to look at you, all you could see is the person previous to him. You began to have a panic attack, shoving away Zen’s hand whenever he tried to ask you what was wrong. You decided to tell him about your past so he knew what he was dealing with, and could choose not to deal with if he saw fit. He ran into the bathroom and threw up, the idea that someone had hurt you so badly and that he sometimes even reminded you of them, it was so revolting. He felt so guilty for anything he’d ever said that made you uncomfortable, he ended up barely talking or looking at you for a whole week, always thinking about what he said to you a few seconds before he said anything. When he was called for an opportunity for another role, he took the call only to find that the role in question was for a character who was mentally abusive to his s/o. He flat out refused it, and you heard the phone call through the door, how he paused between sentences to take shaky breaths. You asked him about it later, but he wouldn’t tell you anything about it. 

* Jumin had troubles of his own, he thought all women were the same and couldn’t trust them, that was until you came along. So you figured you could overlook the offhand boarderly possessive comments that he made. When you came to the penthouse to hopefully make him feel better about all that had been going on lately, you didn’t mean to stay the night. You were shaking, but you desperately wanted to feel safe. He asked you what was wrong, but you didn’t want to admit that you were downright petrified by the idea of staying the night, so you didn’t tell him the truth. When he thought you were asleep, he left the room, but you stayed awake the whole night, terrified of what might happen if you were to go to sleep. In the morning, when it became clear that he didn’t intend to let you leave, all you could see were flashbacks. You were dismayed and scared that this situation might end up like the last one. You broke down in hysterical tears, shaking and sobbing. He was shocked, trying to help and ask what was wrong with you, but you couldn’t speak, and he wasn’t making it any better. When you finally managed to calm down, you told him, and he immediately let you leave the penthouse. He didn’t try to speak to you again unless you spoke directly to him, and when Seven offhandedly mentioned that he was finding information for Jumin, you were sure that something was up. When you heard that your abuser had died, you were sure that it was his doing. 

* Seven knew the signs of past abuse pretty well before you, as he was a victim of a form of abuse himself. The way you jumped when somebody touched you from behind where you couldn’t see them coming, the way your bedroom door was always locked when you slept, how you always made sure to wear conservative clothing in public. For him, he flinched whenever someone raised their hand near his head or if he saw it out of the corner of his eye, he always apologized whenever he thought he had seriously hurt someone in some way, he always assumed that he was unwanted. You recognized those traits as well, and for a long time you were both just wondering when one of you would tell the other. Seven had a temper, but he would never even think of hitting you, and this was common knowledge to you, but he still noticed the way you immediately tried to shrink down your size when he yelled. He told you before you told him, and even though after you could see the similarities between you both, it took you some time before you were able to tell him all of what you’d gone through. It was hard, you were both in a constant state of fear of each other, him that you would leave him, and you that he would hurt you. But you both understood each other more than anyone else ever could.


my motivation to study was running out so I decided to do something different…writing my geography notes on some leftover a3 size paper from my design and technology coursework (*≧∪≦)

So no one told you fifth year was gonna be this way