Advice/Reminders for 2015 VCE students:

For the ATAR:

  • The ATAR calculator is a lie. Don’t listen to it.
  • 90+ is actually really fuckn hard to achive. 
  • The average ATAR is in the 60s. 

Study Scores/Subjects:

  • Above 30 is a beyond average study score for anything. Most people get high 20s/low 30s.
  • Waste no time on subjects you don’t want/need to do. 
  • Fuck the scaling system and go for what you love. You’ll do better that way.
  • Just because you didn’t get the Dream Score, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world


  • Talk to teachers. They’re a beautiful resource.
  • Practice essays = too important for words
  • Pay attention to all feedback. 
  • Read the examiner’s reports.
  • Don’t measure your achievements against other people.
  • Practice papers are some of the best things
  • Revision lectures are great for wrapping your head around content.


  • Pathways are everywhere. Look out - not getting into a bachelors isn’t the end of the world.
  • Talk to your careers advisor. They should know what’s up.
  • Don’t not put something there just because you think you won’t get the mark.
  • Just because you got a bit below the clearly in, doesn’t mean you won’t get in.
  • Be aware of all prerequisites for the courses you want to do.