If I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die historic on a fury road!

Painted pretty much as soon as I got out of the theater!! Will be part of my upcoming second solo show, “MOMENTS II,” which opens on June 12th (come to the opening if you’re in the NYC area!) Prints to be sold through Bottleneck Gallery.

Iain Thomas, I Wrote This For You

the very lovely Dani requested/ human!Cas


You could not tell a potential customer, expecting a learned and ancient magician, that you were not even fully grown. Magnus had started lying about his age young, and had never dropped the habit. It did get a little embarrassing sometimes when he forgot what lie he’d told to whom. Someone had once asked him what Julius Caesar was like, and Magnus had stared at him for much too long and said, “Not tall?” 
           — What Really Happened in Peru

well, returning to Ostagar was upsetting

Slowly realizing that Bill was less “immortal eldritch chessmaster” and more “petulant child” over the course of the series was a little disappointing, but also kind of hilarious.


Spirited” belongs in that category of Victorian-novel style words, along with “feisty”, and “lively” that means (to paraphrase Rebecca West) “woman who differentiates herself from a doormat”, which is to say, “bitch”. As far as I can see,  the whole “bitch” thing is because Anora has the temerity to think she’d make a better ruler than Alistair, and says so. (x)

BTS Constantine!AU series pt.1: Hoseok as Balthazar

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Solas copes with our break-up by eating frilly Orlesian cakes by the cartful, buying a Lavellan waifu pillow, and crying the sparkliest of salty tears. While sleeping in Fen’Harel footie-less pajamas. I bet he hasn’t bathed in weeks.

Legitimately do not regret the break-up. AT ALL. Think of all the bullets I dodged. And now I get them thighs instead.

Also… I think I just utterly and completely defanged the Dread Wolf. Just sayin’.
  • Random Person: Isabella is just a pirate with no conscience or morals, she was always looking for casual sex ugh.
  • Random Person: Zevran? Complex? Are we talking about the same character here?
  • Random person: Dorian´s entire personality is that he is gay!
  • Random person: Aveline has such an ugly design, she looks like a man! And she is boring!
  • Random person: Iron Bull is such a stereotype, he only cares about drinking and fighting!
  • Random person: Merril was a stupid blood mage with no redeemable traits!
  • Me: (appears in the smoke, holding rusty screwdriver) Say that again punk.