Slowly realizing that Bill was less “immortal eldritch chessmaster” and more “petulant child” over the course of the series was a little disappointing, but also kind of hilarious.



This time zone difference has me so confused lol but I guess that’s the good thing because then he can celebrate it again “tomorrow” with us fans on the other side of the world right? ^^ Anyways Happy Birthday to the world’s cutest, fluffiest, and kindest rapper £2 Love you to the moon & back 😘 😘  Please stay healthy & always be happy!! Let’s celebrate again next year!! 

Pitch: lets Ginny have healthy platonic relationships with other men in the show, becomes “one of the guys”, has turned a bunch of asshole men in her team into supportive team mates and friends
Media: … 
Pitch: intends to make Mike/Ginny happen  

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In tough times, just having someone to say they’re on your side can save you.


You could not tell a potential customer, expecting a learned and ancient magician, that you were not even fully grown. Magnus had started lying about his age young, and had never dropped the habit. It did get a little embarrassing sometimes when he forgot what lie he’d told to whom. Someone had once asked him what Julius Caesar was like, and Magnus had stared at him for much too long and said, “Not tall?” 
           — What Really Happened in Peru
the light that never fails - archons - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

the light that never fails.
ship: aithlin x dorian.
words: 12k over nine oneshots.
rating: soft t.

well, returning to Ostagar was upsetting

Moods of today. It’s been a weird fucking day. It was suppose to a good day but oh well. Here’s some Orion’s expressing my various moods. 

A brief interlude from gays in space for some classic antique gay. 

 Heronstairs, based on Alan Foster’s The Fall.

You know what I would love? Since the TO gang have mastered bringing people back from the dead, the greatest gift they could give other than some monetary donation which how did he do that, he’s been trapped behind a wall for the last five years and, oh yeah, busy raising his daughter, protecting his family, killing enemies and being in love with Cami, yes I’m gonna throw that in there be salty about it if you want but whose he dreaming about in that magical coma? Cami, not Caroline  Caroline didn’t even need is hAVING STEFAN BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE SO HE AND CAROLINE CAN ACTUALLY LIVE THEIR LIVES AND ENJOY BEING MARRIED FOR MORE THAN A FUCKING HOUR!!!!

Since it seems to be “talk about things Doctor Sung has done” night, I guess I’ll share a moment I witnessed, too. After TWRP’s performance at an all-ages show, this kid walked up to the merch table with his mom. He didn’t have enough money for a t-shirt so his mom told him to pick a cd or poster. Sung was at the merch table and gave the kid a t-shirt and a cd. Sung was just really nice, and you could tell the kid was ecstatic.