Ghost Quartet All-Ages Show- 10/7 Review!

  • ok first of all. literally the best thing ever.
  • Second of all- the *screaming*, you know, during Photograph, was LIKE 800 TIMES MORE INTENSE
    also THERE WAS NO LIGHTS, like PITCH BLACK for all of Lights Out and The Photograph and most of Bad Men
  • so a total blackout for most of side 3. which was. like. you know how when you’re driving and you r lost youthrn down the music or when you want to hear a really good part of a song u close your eyes? yeah that except instead of music you’re listening to a literal goddess scream at seven hundred fuckung decibels. no lights at all… except. Except. During The Photograph, which was already so much. more. oh my GOD she can SCREAM holyFUCK i literally ASCENDED.
  • during The Photograph theres one tiny light shining first just on Brittains face, then on Gelseys face. And it looks like they’re at the end of a tunnel like it looks like they’re either closer or further to u that you remembered and holy SHIT it was dramatic
  • At the end of Hero, between Hero and Midnight, Brittain was *sobbing* like straight up breaking down.
  • SOLDIER AND ROSE OH MY GOD. so Brittain was like being as flirty as a sophomore fuckboy. shaking her hips, raising her eyebrows, leaning in to Soldier, all that. and Gelsey was just. You know the “fwoosh” noise in soldier n rose that sounds like wind
    That’s not a synth noise. That’s Gelsey standing there with one of those things where you shake it and it makes a fwoosh sound. one of those Noisemaker Cans that you pick up at party supply stores
  • so B was like standing a foot from G, totally just like flirting it up, and G was just standing there, holding the Noisemaker Can, looking like completely apathetic. Like, “all my friends are dead” apathetic. Holding it up to the microphone, shaking it occasionally, and boredly glaring at everyone.
  • during Family Meeting, while Dave/Usher is like “yo Roxie how old are you?” while he’s doing that, Gelsey is bringing him a drink with her head down and. that really changed how I thought abt their family. like. poor Lady Usher honestly!
  • I Don’t Know was significantly faster. like 50 percent faster.
  • Usher Part 1 was. legitimately scary and disturbing.
    gonna sound weird but lady usher gave me Old Prince Bolkonsky vibes
    but more sympathetic
    her face was. terrifying. like genuinely aaaaa.
  • they changed pearls death monologue to include a little more abt rose
  • oh yeah n also in uh Four Friends In a Room Drinking, Dave n Brent SHOUTED “pretty boys knee”
  • like Marya-During-ACTP level belt
  • during Camera Shop, Rose looked So Fucking Uncomfortable. nervously laughing, playing with her hair, adorable confused face. “whom is this lady and why is she offering me whiskey.”
  • y'all probably noticed this a while ago but the Camera Shop-Tango Dancer and Monk-Midnight connections were even more obvious in person
  • also during Four Friends every time (so three out of four) that G&B sang “pretty girls knee” they would give each other this intense stare and raise their eyebrows and smile knowingly and no I do not ship actors that’s gross but uh this was… an interesting touch
  • someone HAS to get a boot of fathers n sons because IT WAS HILARIOUS but I can’t describe it well
  • i might have to draw a diagram
    but it was like
    so first, G&B take their mics off the mic stands. They walk over to D&B and hold them up to the guys faces while they sing.
  • Then, when Brent is singing “and if anyone pushes me I’m gonna push him back” and G&B are going “hmmmmmmhmmmm”, they share a mic and Dave holds Brent’s mic.
  • Then, when everyone sings “bum bum bum bum”, G shares a mic with D, and B shares a mic with uh. other B
    and G and B walk in circles around D and B
    like that overshared gif of h******n during cabinet battle 1
  • holy shit it’s hilarious
  • also this whole time dave n Brent r bashing the Fuck out of two bongo drums
  • i really hate to say this but. starchild was underwhelming. it sounded like. the cast album
  • oh,,, shit. subway. such a FUCKING banger.
  • the drums for Bad Men were painfully loud and gelsey delivered every line perfectly and brittain’s Fuck Monologue was AMAZING except I was with my overprotective somewhat conservative dad lmao : )
  • same goes for Roxie’s monologue in family meeting
  • four friends was just always a good song
  • did I mention that THE LIGHTS WERE TOTALLY DARK
  • since I’m bad at using my own words for shit: the entirety of The Photograph was grotesque and amazing
  • oh yeah,,, what’s an audio bootleg,,, totally not something I have,,, if you messaged me asking for an audio bootleg you would uh definitely not get anything in return
  • Lights Out was adorable
  • Hero made me CRY
  • Midnight made me have emotions
  • The Telescope was kinda average (never been my favorite song) but they did have different lights go on for every star
  • oh yeah I’m a fucking moron because I honest to got thought Brittain sang Tango Dancer .-.
  • the cast all went in through the same door as us aaaaa (in fact, @prettyboysknee held the door for Dave Malloy) except Brent entered through a Secret Basement Door apparently??? that Really boosts his cryptid status
  • the shirts are amazing
  • my nerd of a dad said to me during the Us Music “do you think they’d mind if I went up there and took some booze”
  • it was. so amazing
  • did I mention that it was gayer than it sounds on the album
  • it was all just so
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • aaaa
  • aa
  • a
  • if I did happen to have an audio boot, i would be glad to message it to anyone who wanted
  • however, I don’t have one
  • hey Dave if you’re reading this there’s no audio boot
  • aaaaaaaaaaaa

tl;dr: gelsey bell is an ethereal being, brittain ashford is amazing and beautiful, dave malloy is a genius, and brent arnold is an incredibly talented cryptid

REYLO would be a smart move by Disney (Part 1/2)

I’m studying economics, and I’m a Reylo fan, so I wanted to logically explain and analyze why Disney will be doing a Reylo storyline. I am not 100% sure, but I am 99% sure it will happen :)

Disney is a business. And just like any other business their goal is to make the most money possible. I remember when Disney bought LucasFilm, a lot of people thought Disney was going to ruin it. But Disney is a business. Their goal is to make more money and bring in more fans. They will not ruin it, because it will look bad on them. In order to make the most money, they have to look at what their consumers want.

The original Star Wars movies target audience was young boys/teenage boys (George Lucas said so himself). There were pretty space women, crazy light saber fights, and bad guys that had cool voices. Of course, young/teen boys (and girls) would love that kind of stuff. Disney is now trying to expand on that target audience. They know that both women and men love Star Wars, so they also want to bring in a more broad audience in order to make more money. Disney knows their consumers very well. They’ve dominated the movie business for a very long time, and they know how to analyze the market and trends in their consumers. They’ve definitely noticed how popular Game of Thrones, 50 Shades of Grey, and Beauty and the Beast is.

Fairy Tales

Disney is most well known for their fairy tales, and JJ Abrams has already hinted that Star Wars is basically a fairy tale in space. We can see above that Beauty and the Beast made a lot more money than Cinderella did. This difference could have been from Disney’s marketing or from the popularity of the cast, but still, the new Beauty and Beast did very well. The new Cinderella made about $550 million in 2015 and made $260 million in 1950. The new Beauty and the Beast made $1.3 billion in 2017 and made $425 million in 1991. Disney takes that into consideration when determining what story line for Star Wars will bring in the most money.

Pop culture

50 Shades of Grey was a top selling book, women (young and old) loved it and became obsessed with this naughty series. There’s dominance, dirty sex, and bondage, which most women would have never even thought about, but they ended up becoming obsessed with the story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Game of Thrones is one of the most watched TV shows, and it still gaining more and more viewers each season. It started with 2 million viewers and now has over 10 million viewers, which is very very rare when it comes to TV shows (viewership usually goes down). Men and women of all ages love the show. There’s a lot of violence/death, incest, sex, and the characters are never good or bad. They switch from being hated to lovable within a few episodes and vice versa (except for Joffrey).

How it relates to Star Wars

Originally posted by starwars

What does Beauty and the Beast, 50 Shades of Grey, and Game of Thrones have in common? They are original, different, and unexpected, so they are making a lot of money. Which is exactly what Star Wars was like in the 70s/80s. Even people that have never seen Star Wars knew the quote “Luke I am your father” and everyone knows who Darth Vader is. Star Wars was “unconventional”. There was slight incest between Luke and Leia (not as bad as GOT). Darth Vader wasn’t as bad as everyone thought, and he ended up giving his life to save Luke’s. Star Wars was different, unexpected, and the complete opposite of a traditional or cliche story.

This leaves Disney with a decision. Go with the more common and cliche story, or go with something that is different and widely unexpected? Taking pop culture and the current movie market into account, going different and unexpected is their best route to make money. They are a business, and their goal is to increase viewership to increase sales. They want to appeal to the original fans, while also appealing to younger kids and adults that never got into the original Star Wars. In order to do this, they have to do something that the average Star Wars fan would be surprised about while also reeling in new fans with the amazing story line.

This is starting to get long, so here is PART 2. Here I will explain how Disney is preparing/setting up for Reylo.

A radical DC Rebirth endgame theory

So while I’d personally rather take things in a different direction, it’s pretty clear that some manner of final showdown is coming between the heroes of the DC Universe and Dr. Manhattan. And while his power is considerable, one would have to imagine the collective might of the entire DCU would be able to rout him. They can, y’know, punch him and laser-blast him until he stops doing evil. That tends to work out pretty well for them.

So how? How will that final fight work? What does even Dr. Manhattan have that could possibly stand up to the collective might of the DC Universe - 52 of it, in the likely event this turns into a multiversal Crisis? For that matter, how could he have wreaked such havoc on the DCU in the first place? How were the Spectre, the Monitors, the angels of the Pax Dei, the imps of the fifth dimension, all those beings of unbridled cosmic power unable to stop him, when it was clear even back in Watchmen that there were some hard limits to his abilities? What does he have that they don’t?

Funny you should ask.

Dr. Manhattan has a penis. And that makes him unstoppable.

After all, no one can actually appear on-panel to stop him. The all-ages, hilariously mischievous Mxyzptlk show up in the same comic as a naked man, even to save the DC Universe? Not gonna happen. Unless it’s in a Young Animal joint where you can swear in front of him without repercussions, no plan on Batman’s part is going to be able to do anything when he can’t reach the threat: sure, the Comedian too could easily banish Bruce Wayne from his presence by saying “fuck”, but the very existence of a glowing blue dick is Kryptonite to the sheer concept of corporate-mandated superhero comics. Oh, you thought Jon Osterman walked about in the nude because he needed no protection from the elements and had grown beyond human social conventions, but he’s always been able to see the future. He knew this day was coming, and set the continuity wheels in motion within the safe confines of a stand-alone mature readers project, ensuring a bulletproof shield once he set foot in the DCU proper. Why do you think he hasn’t shown up yet? He may have restructured the entirety of reality, but he’s saving his real trump card for the final act.

Imagine it: the final curtain is falling on reality as we know it, as Manhattan unleashes his ultimate scheme to annihilate love and faith and hope and all that jazz, and the Justice League and company are there to stop it, but there’s nothing they can do! The best they can handle is being seen with him for moments at a time when he’s in the foreground facing them and can only pull off a butt-shot, but even that’s leaving them in agonizing pain. We hit the point where it’s like the end of Animal Man as the heroes realize the presence of the panel borders separating them from their foe; only Batman can even be heard by their enemy through the conceptual gap, but his words fall on deaf ears. As Manhattan tinkers with the doomsday weapon in the panel on the right, the heroes pound away at the edges of the panel on the left, attempting to break through to save the world, but not even their combined strength is enough: Superman can no more appear on-panel with a tumescent neon cock than I could beat the sky to death with my bare hands. 80 years of content control and mass media franchising stay their hands. Who - who?! - can save the day now?

The boys and girls of Vertigo and Wildstorm, that’s who can save the day! John Constantine! The WildC.A.T.s! Swamp Thing! The Authority! Animal Man, except as a cult leader or something! Mr. Majestic! Kid Eternity, Gen13, Black Orchid, Voodoo, Timothy Hunter and Grifter! Pandora’s desperate plan to unite them with the mainstream DC Universe yields fruit at last, for only they, with both powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men AND permission to cuss and screw, can confront the destroyer of heroes on his own terms! So, at last unleashed, utilizing every ounce of prestige-format power and narrative sophistication at their fingertips, they punch him and laser-blast him until he stops doing evil. And then Midnighter kicks Dr. Manhattan’s head off and says something fucking awesome, and Midnighter and Apollo under Steve Orlando and company rightly gets a 50-issue run. Truly, as their friend Jenny might say, a finer world.

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There's an nazi-ish protest in enschede, the netherlands coming up. Is it unwise to go there to counterprotest if you're not part of an organisation or larger group? I'm also a minor. I think it's a bad idea but I also want to do something.

First to clarify, the demonstration you’re talking about isn’t just Nazi-ish, it’s full Nazi. Pegida have finally given up their pretence of just being concerned citizens and have invited German Neo-Nazi hooligan organisation HoGeSa and a German Neo-Nazi band to their demo.

To answer your question, while it’s always better (and more fun) to go to counter-demonstrations with a group of people, in most cases it’s no problem to go by yourself. Keep an eye on the facebook event page, usually there will be a time and place announced for antifascists to assemble before the demonstration.

When you’re at the demonstration by yourself and you see some other antifascists it’s no problem to ask if they mind if you just tag along with them. If you’re still worried, it’s always worth a try to get your friends or family to come along, because the more counter-demonstrators the better! If that’s not a possibility, you could also try to contact your local antifa group to see if you can meet up beforehand with them and travel together.

At most antifascist demonstrations we have been to in the Netherlands there have been people of all ages there to show their opposition to the fascists, from minors to old ladies. Just keep an eye out and stay aware of your surroundings, and stay out of the front-lines if it seems like the Nazi’s are being aggressive. Bring some water, counter-protesting is thirsty work, and write down the phone number of the arrestee-support, just in case.


Jacksepticeye tour information (all spoilers are below the read more)

This is all basic information here above the read more that does not spoil the show. It’s mostly basic information like how much merch would cost and how long the show is. Even below the cut I keep it vague and is just for those with anxiety like myself who were really worried about what the show may be like. There are no photos and i did my best to keep it vague.


- THERE IS MERCH!!! To buy everything it will cost $60 but you most likely will only need $50, some of the merch may be limited but not the shirts. Get in line quick! (what merch is there will be below the cut at the top)

-Photos aren’t allowed, Jack said he would prefer for people to be in the moment. There is a part at the beginning that he has set aside for pictures and recording so don’t worry to much. I think you will be ok to sneak a small photo here and there, especially if someone you know is on stage but generally don’t.

-Don’t be afraid to talk to people in line! I got to talk to a pretty cool guy and it was nice to meet someone new!

-There are 3 chances to go onstage with about a total of 7 people able to go up. first 2 chances are only 1 person and the 3rd has 5 people who are picked who go on one by one. On the second chance you need to know how to play the game already, please be honest.

-If you go onstage don’t try and take a photo with Jack, one girl did at the end and Jack let her, but it’s generally not a good idea.

-JACK CUSSES A LOT. It’s Jack so of course, but it is listed as an all ages show but there are some adult jokes and a lot of cussing.

-Don’t yell random stuff please, especially during serious moments. Two kids were yelling “I’m Mr.Meeseeks”. Please let you kids know when to stop and when it’s appropriate

-The show is about an hour, maybe an hour and a half long. Sorry i cant be more specific it all kinda blurred for me.

Everything below the cut is spoilers and im only doing this in case anyone is anxious about not knowing what happens. I still keep it generally vague. The first one is the merch and prices and after that is about the show itself.

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So children shows don't often break the barrier of the targeted children audience unless its a really good show that all can enjoy. Basically what I'm saying is whats so good about Andi Mack?

I can’t speak to why any one else is enjoying it but I will talk about why I like it and some of the things maybe other people see too

First off I freely admit to being a person who can and does enjoy things aimed at all ages, I love the show Grace & Frankie even though it’s about the struggles of being 75 and a woman. 

that said I think that the show does a good job of more or less getting the feel of being 13 right. Often networks go too young or too twee, making characters feel much younger than they are or making the problems of middle school melodramatic by way of Hello Kitty. By and large Andi Mack avoids that, the problems are real and aren’t fixed in 30 minutes with an ultra campy “power of friendship” wrap up. The show is up beat as are the character but not to the point that it’s no longer believable. All the kid actors do a great job of selling believable while still funny characters. I’d like to shout out to Josh Rush who does a great job with Cyrus and Asher Angel who does a great job with Jonah Beck. 

For me speaking personally Cyrus is a character that speaks to me personally. I was a horribly awkward nervous (gay) boy at that age and Cyrus is basically who I was, though he has better hair. I’m unsure if other people relate to other characters that way, but I think they do. For example I feel like Andi Mack is being very grown up by saying about Jonah Beck “hey being popular in middle school might not be all that much fun” and they’re showing us that, not just telling us. Kids shows often think kids are dumb or slow and break the #1 rule of visual story telling, and TELL the audience stuff not show them. So fair Andi Mack does a really good job of show, we see how characters feel, the monologues are pretty limited and make sense in context as one character needing to share their feelings with another. For example we know from her reaction how Andi feels about her dad, now she’s telling Bex and Bex is reacting to Andi’s feelings.

The show also isn’t shying away from tricky topics but doing it from a 13 year old’s POV. For example someone complains about Buffy’s hair, now a 13 year old might not fully understand the racist bullshit behind claiming a black girl’s hair is a problem. However all the characters know its wrong and try to deal with it. They deal with teen pregnancy, missing and divorced parents, and an on-going unhealthy relationship. None of this is handled in a PSA way, we’re not stopping the show to look at the camera and moralize. In fact with the unhealthy relationship it’s all going on the side we see it from the corner of our eyes and we the viewer understand its a problem while understanding why Andi doesn’t see it. 

Finally not only the kids are relatable. Bex is really any 24-35 year old person who’s life maybe didn’t end up fitting the American dream they were sold. She’s struggling to “adult” and while its hard and she’s figuring shit out the show isn’t down beat about it and neither is she. Cici I think I’ve said before is basically the same person as my own mother. While my mom isn’t gonna watch Andi Mack I’m willing to bet if I edited it down to just Cici moments she would find Cici’s worries and fears and all that very relatable

okay but also to add one more thing not about the show, It’s really cool to have one of the stars ( @persongoingfast ) be very active on social media and be a very cool guy to the fans and the fans be very cool with him and geek out about the show and everything. it’s made me enjoy things far more. 

Super Sentai Fandom, Lets calm down for once

And here we go, everyone saw the scans and now we’re all going through rants right now.

Can we calm down for a moment? Please? Just to hear this opinion out?

I’m not disappointed in Lucky becoming Shishi Orion at all. Yes. I actually like it. And it’s not because I want to be the one asshole that opposes every opinion, it’s because Kyuranger has always surprised me.

When I think about it, this situation isn’t different from all the rest of outcries that happened earlier.

“Lucky is getting a Pegasus power up oh my god we’re all doomed!”

Pegasus turned out to be such a great character ya know? He’s sentient, annoying, really hyperactive, and fucking threw Lucky around like a bouncing ball. And the second time what would have been a perfect excuse to showcase him, Lucky couldn’t have the Pegasus Kyutama to help him, and in turn we got the debut of RyuuViolet/Ryuu Commander.

Kyuranger is literally the “What I expected Vs What I actually got” Meme. It’s q nutshell.

We thought it was funny and weird that Spada was a chef in the middle of a bunch of warriors. Now we’re admiring him for being a fucking chef and love him and food puns.

We thought Lucky was going to be a Takaheru, but instead he’s a BanBan, at least in my own opinion.

We thought Xiao was going to be the annoying stupid comedy relief, only he’s a fucking badass warrior with serious past moments and is actually a nice and caring guy.

Or the biggest one: Everyone started complaining that we would stay on Earth for the rest of the season, and that all the glorified planets will be gone. We were wrong. Apparently they’ll leave Earth after a few more episodes, and then we’ll start the space journey to hunt down some ship.


It always pulled through, and it always gave us something to the contrary. It actually gives a damn about te audience, and always tried to make sure everyone gets something and screentime. It gave us nice comedy balanced with horrifyingly serious backstories so that all ages can enjoy the show.

For all we know, Shishi Orion might be the same position as Den-O or Kamen Rider W, or maybe something even better.

Let’s just trust the writers for once shall we?

Today’s the day!

We’re going back in time! On this day five years ago (June 19), Disney announced they were making a new animated series based on their first full length film – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – which they would take the main characters and place them in a contemporary setting decades before they meet Snow White, titled The 7D! It was originally intended for Disney Junior and many of the people behind Warner Bros.’ most successful era of animated television in the 1990s were on board. However, The 7D went through a retooling, and its preschool demographic were soon expanded to all ages. In addition, the show moved to Disney XD from Disney Junior; despite this, the show also ran on Disney Junior and Disney Channel early in its run for a limited time in the U.S. 

While the show enjoyed some successes despite having its detractors, by the end of the first season however, there were indications that Disney would withdrew its support of the show. After they ordered 39 half-hour episodes for the second season (while keeping “The Rock of Sages” on the shelf for nine months), Disney reversed its course and cancelled The 7D, while reducing the number of episodes. In addition, Disney XD moved the show to early Saturday mornings and nearly stopped all promotions for the series, causing a sharp drop in viewers. While Disney’s handling of The 7D were devastating to many fans, the silly spirit and the warmth of the series will never be forgotten.

During the week, we’ll take a look back on the series from conception to the series premiere two years later and more! I even made visual changes to the blog to mark the occasion! Sit back and relieve the memories of The 7D!

Tomorrow, I’ll recall the first time I’ve heard of The 7D!

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Can you explain the ages and birth dates of the Stark kids because I always thought Bran was older than Arya and I thought Jon was born before Robb as well which is why I didn't like Cat because Jon was conceived before she married Ned?

Robb is definitely older than Jon, which is why she had the problem. I’m not sure how much older, but I think it’s a few months so she was annoyed because they were married. And Arya is older than Bran. Arya was born during/around the Greyjoy Rebellion and Bran was a year or so after that. There are different ages for the book and the show, since the show has aged them up. The ages on the show are according to the GoT wiki page so I don’t know if they’re actually correct, so they’re more approximations since it’s not actually clear how much time has passed since the pilot

  • Robb and Jon were both born in the same year and are 14 at the beginning of the books. In the show, Robb dies aged 18/19 and in season 7, Jon is 22
  • Sansa is 11 when the books begin and 19 in season 7
  • Arya is 9 in the books and 17 in season 7
  • Bran is 7 in the books and 16 in season 7
  • Rickon is 3 in the books and 11 when he dies.

They are all aged up on the show. Robb and Jon are 17 instead of 15, Sansa is 13 instead of 11, Arya is 11 instead of 9, Bran is 10 instead of 7 and Rickon is 6 instead of 3. It’s happened to other characters as well, Daenerys, Missandei and even the ‘older’ generation like Ned, Cat, Jaime and Cersei are aged up slightly as well.


I use to have to go to all of Machine Gun Kelly’s concerts with my little sister cause she was obsessed with him and she was too young to go by herself. And he did some wild shit..

This mf used to pour liquor in his mouth, then some random girl in the audience would let him pour the liquor from his mouth into hers

And he would simulate eating a girls’ pussy onstage

And he’d hump them and knock em off the stage

And these were “all ages” shows

Who knows how old these bitches were

This 5'10 14 yr old at G-Eazy’s show lied to him and said she was going on prom and asked him to take a prom pose pic with her, like holding her from behind and he did cause she said she was 18

She was bragging about it to me and a couple girls afterwards and talking about how G-Eazy was a sex God. I was just smh

They need to start checking IDs at these venues… That venue actually was checking cause they carded me but they didn’t card the tall, thick curvy 14 yr old cause she looked grown smh


They Might Be Giants, June 2, 2017, Nelsonville Music Festival, Nelsonville, OH

What. A. Show. TMBG headlined Night 2 of NMF, and the lovely @nosleeptilltacos and I got a front row spot. The act before was Rodriguez, who drew a surprisingly huge crowd, so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get anywhere near the stage. The moment Rodriguez ended, though, the crowd started to disperse, and Brandi and I weaved our way through folks all the way up to the rail. The only people ahead of us were a mom and her young son, and we were more than okay letting them have absolute front row.

The band started off with “Damn Good Times,” which is the only appropriate way to kick off any concert, no matter the band. It’s just federal law. The rest of the show was a total all-ages festival set, with just hit after hit after hit, plus a lot of the popular kids songs, and a couple new tracks for good measure. During “Why Does The Sun Shine?,” Linnell referred to the elements smashed in the sun as “Akron, Cincinnati…Dakron…Columbu…tanium,” and other poorly-remembered Ohio cities. They hit me with a one-two punch of lesser-played songs with “Everything Right is Wrong Again” and “Letterbox,” and I definitely lost my shit at “Everything,” because it’s straight up one of my favorite tracks.

About halfway through the show, Linnell got a call from “Mama TMBG,” the matriarch who birthed all five members of the band simultaneously. She said she got a text from “a man claiming to be from the Nelsonville Music Festival,” and he said there was no curfew, but to “keep the patter down.” Mama TMBG then talked way too much about being pwnd, and the birth of the band, right down to the terrible details of the afterbirth and the mucous plug. After that, it was back to the hits. This was my second time seeing “Don’t Let’s Start,” and I was just as excited as I was the first time; it’s a tune that gets the crowd movin’. “Particle Man” included a cover of “Chandelier,” which the audience went wild over. “I Love You For Psychological Reasons” and “Let Me Tell You About My Operation” were incredibly well-played in a live setting. The first encore was Dr Worm and Istanbul, which are always nice to see, and the second encore was another surprise for me, with “Dead,” which was unexpected and an odd choice to close out the show, but I was into it anyway.

The banter, as always, was great. Linnell and Flans talked about the massive swarm of bugs on stage, Linnell mentioned how nice it was to be able to look up and see the moon while he was playing. Flansburgh complimented the fest itself, saying most fests were a “human spanking machine” of nightmares, but this one was very pleasant. At one point, everyone clapped along to Marty Beller’s kick drum, like it was “the beginning of any Alabama song,” according to Flans.

Overall, this was probably my favorite TMBG concert to date. Everyone was just in sync with the band, they were positive and in good spirits and super enthusiastic. Because it was an all-ages show, Flans was visibly straining to not swear, especially because the front row was full of very young kids. But to his credit, he didn’t slip once. Also, the presence of the kids was awesome and the band really seemed to enjoy it (to quote my gf: “I have never seen Linnell smile so much as he did seeing those kids dance and sing”). A big ol queen bee showed up around encore time, and at the end of the show, Marty ran back onstage and gave his drumsticks to a family of kids who had been front and center the entire time, singing along to everything both old and new. I have never seen kids lose their shit more than when they got those drumsticks. It was awesome. Highlight of the weekend. And I always forget that Marty Beller is literally one of the best rock drummers in the world right now.