I won’t speculate on who meets their end at Negan’s hands in the season premiere, their death will piss me off anyway.
I’ll just say this: Glenn’s flashbacks are all about Maggie, Rick’s are about Michonne and his kids, Abraham’s are about Rosita and Sasha… And Daryl’s are about Carol.
He loves her. She loves him. We all know it, so now it’s time to stop dawdling and make it canon, for frak’s sake!


Here’s a little video I did with the amazing Jully Black! Check out Part 1 of the Jully Black + All About Maggie Sessions @ The Pearl Company! 


All About Maggie - Lovesick


All About Maggie- Spin Your Lies

Following Karmin & DaveDays’ breakthroughs, another youtube fav gets a record deal! Cant wait to see Chris Crocker billed for stuff. lol


haha, … better than the original ;)


Tuesday: “The Way You Make Me Feel” cover by All About Maggie

This chick has such a cool voice. Her vibrato is perfect, and there’s a twinge of soul to her sound. I like this cover because it’s so laid back. Check out her YouTube channel for more goodies!




Song of the week:
         Walk of the earth ft. All about Maggie - Party Rock Anthem Cover

My friend sent me this last week as a proposition for our band to cover and I must say I really like this cover with the funk guitar and slapped bass, the awesome distortion guitar riff and one of the best piano riffs I have heard.

what i say: i’m fine

what i mean: you know what keeps me up at night? how jake fitzgerald’s death affected not only the remaining members of the lakewood six, but also maggie duval. just look at how heartbroken she is after finishes examining jake’s body & puts the body bag over his face. she was gonna break into tears if it wasn’t for brooke coming up to her, & she’s sad for not only the trauma her daughter is gonna go through again - but for jake fitzgerald himself. for the life he’ll ever be able to have. maggie duval genuinely cared about jake fitzgerald.

Challenge Your Shelf July 2016 - Day 6: Favorite Book by Your Favorite Author

I don’t have just one favorite book, and I’m a bit limited by the fact that I don’t own all my favorite books, so I included a few of my top picks

me on my period rn: but why would gansey say that? he knows that adam already thinks he’s a bad person… why would he say “don’t break him” when he knows adam already thinks of himself as a breaking kind of a person… adam doesn’t deserve this treatment he’s been through so much already… *crying noise* i just… fuck these books


July 10, 2016: battle stations