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14 - 21 

[he/him or they/them pronouns] i’m okay with the fact i may never look like i feel from the outside & at least now i feel better about pictures of me!! also i still look like teen!self & that’s great

Happy April Fools’ Day, guys

And just for this one day I will try to do that Ask Sassy Seiryuu / Swagryuu thing.

So go ahead, send some asks, and I maaaaybe draw some answer for it :D If it’s fun. If I can make it fun. Yep.

Don’t disappoint the swagryuus

No matter where I am, every time I notice that it’s 30 minutes before a Wicked show begins I think “omg it’s half hour people HALF HOUR!!! Let the greenifying begin!!!”

I’m such a nerd oh my god


My sister just randomly sent me this video of new kpop group Gfriend sing S Club 7.

The world is a great place.

It’s been 58 days since Mark hit 6 million subs. He’s less than 200 more away from 7 million.

Let’s put that into perspective, okay? It took 58 days, almost 2 months, for 1,000,000 people to succumb to the awesomeness that is the Markiplier.

Let that sink in by how many people that actually is.

For one person to reach so many people in such a short time and have a community so large in number that still feels so close-knit and generally amazing… Mark, are you a God??

It All Started With My Skirt - Part 7: “Sk8er Boi”

Nikki and I were going for a coffee to wake us up, because we were damn bored from school and we had to do homework later. On our way to our favorite café we met my long-year friend Michelle, whom I shared almost everything with. Before Nikki came into my life, I thought of her as my only actual friend.
‘’Michelle, what’s up girl?’’ I greeted her.
‘’Hey there, smart-ass! I was out for a coffee and now I gotta study.’’
‘’Yeah, same here. Um, this is Nikki, he’s my roommate. Nikki, this is Michelle, a very good friend of mine.’’
‘’Nice to meet you!’’ Nikki said politely for the gentleman he was and shook her hand.
‘’Oh, I heard about you guys’ fail at the chemistry lab, I couldn’t believe it but…I finally found out who took the place of (Y/N)’s ex-roommate.’’ Michelle said, not taking her eyes off Nikki.
‘’God, the chemistry lab!’’ I sighed. ‘’How about you Michelle? How are things going with your boyfriend?’’
‘’Everything’s great! He’s taking me out on Saturday.’’ She giggled like a little girl.
‘’Just tell Romeo that if he hurts you I’m gonna roast his balls on slow fire.’’ I laughed.
‘’Haha, don’t worry! He already knows, since you let him know very well.’’ Michelle put on a devilish grin.
‘’I fucking did!’’
‘’Nikki, can I take her away for a second? Just girl stuff.’’ Michelle asked with a grin.
‘’Sure, I’ll wait in the cafe. (Y/N) what do you want me to take you?’’
‘’Um, a cup of green tea.’’
‘’Thanks Nikki, I’ll join you in a minute!’’
‘’See you around Nikki!’’ Michelle waved and pulled me aside. ‘’(Y/N), girl! He’s fucking gorgeous!’’ She said excitedly.
‘’Yeah, he’s an eye-candy, isn’t he?’’ I tried to make it sound kinda indifferently and keep a straight face, so it doesn’t sound as if I like him or something.
‘’He’s amazing! And seems to be a gentleman, while you still like that weed-smoking moron – Anthony.’’
‘’Hey! He’s not that much of a moron and also, Nikki smokes weed too, they’re smoke-mates and…ugh, good friends.’’
‘’Pf, he found the kind of friend you’d want.’’ Michelle said sarcastically.
‘’I know.’’ I sighed. ‘’And since me and Nikki are best friends, I’ve got to drag around with them because Nikki doesn’t want to leave me alone and you know why I prefer to stay away from Anthony.’’
‘’Because you blush as red as a tomato. Wait! Did you say best friends?!’’
‘’Goodness (Y/N)! That’s so awesome! Jeez, have you seen him undressing?’’
‘’We’re sharing a room. How do you think?’’
‘’Oh my God! Does he have a nice body?’’
‘’Yeah, he works out.’’
‘’Good God! Hold it! Has he seen you undressing?’’ I raised my eyebrows, meaning ‘How do you think?’ and crossed my arms. ‘’Holy, he fucking has! Damn! Screw Anthony and see who you’ve got beside you – someone who cares!’’
‘’Michelle, we’re best friends.’’
‘’It all starts with just a friendship.’’ She winked. ‘’Now go! Don’t make him drink his coffee without the sugar!’’ She hinted, and I just shook my head.
‘’Bye, Michelle!’’
‘’Bye sweetie and keep in mind what I said!’’
‘’Hey! Sorry about this!’’ I sat down next to Nikki.
‘’Nah, it’s ok! What were you two gossiping about?’’
‘’Ugh, my weed-smoking crush…Yeah! More like a fucking car crash!’’
‘’Girl stuff indeed. How’s the tea?’’
‘’It’s very good, you got my favorite one from here.’’
‘’I memorized it.’’ Nikki smiled kindly.
‘’I appreciate that, good sir. Thank you very much!’’
‘’Always for you!’’
‘’You’re always so kind, Nikki.’’
‘’That’s not something everyone has access to.’’ He smirked.
‘’Well, I feel special now.’’
‘’And you should. By the way, Anthony asked if you want to come skating with us tonight around 7.’’
‘’Anthony asked?’’ I gave Nikki a surprised look.
‘’Yes, he did.’’
‘’Keyword – Anthony. I’ll think about it, but inside I secretly hope that I’m not done with my homework till then.’’
‘’Even you won’t study for four hours straight (Y/N), unless you’ve got exams.’’ Nikki winked.
‘’Okay you got me…Alright! I’ll come!’’
*Later at the skating grounds*
‘’Hey guys!’’ Anthony greeted when he saw me and Nikki coming. ‘’(Y/N) you came after all?’’
‘’Yes, I did. Just a little warning for you boys: keep your feet on the ground because kicking asses is one of my hobbies.’’ I said proudly, trying to sound even rude.
‘’Damn, you’re like fire!’’ Nikki laughed, probably not taking me seriously. *Doubt me? Ok!*
‘’Let’s go then!’’ Anthony said. ‘’Ladies first?’’
‘’You meant amateurs first? Come on, you go first!’’ I said haughtily and Anthony started making his skating tricks while I was observing him carefully and Nikki was observing me more than him, which I found quite awkward.
‘’Are you ok, Ms. Floating-In-The-Clouds?’’ Nikki whispered in my ear jokingly.
‘’I’m totally ok. He’ll be the one screwed up this time.’’
‘’How was it?’’ Anthony asked, breathing heavily.
‘’Hmm, it was good…I’ve seen better though.’’ I smirked self-satisfied, which made him smirk too. ‘’Come on, Nikki-boy! Show us what you can!’’ I encouraged Nikki. Actually, he turned out to be a pretty good skater, times better than Anthony and his tricks were also better. ‘’Good job Mr. Steel-Feet! Those were some awesome tricks out there!’’ I said, not only because I was thinking it, but to make Anthony jealous as well. Bitchy, eh?
‘’Alright then, Ms. Self-Confidence. Why don’t you show us what you’ve got?’’ Nikki smirked.
‘’Give me that skateboard.’’ I took the skateboard from Anthony’s hands and did my fucking job. I fucking nailed them. Nikki was indeed very good, but I had spent hours and hours skating before, when I was all alone. I performed the most awesome tricks known to skaters and shut them boys’ mouths up. I shoved the skateboard roughly into Anthony’s hands.
‘’Now excuse me, gentlemen! I’ve got to finish my Biology homework.’’ I said haughtily and walked away sassily, leaving them with their jaws dropped to the ground and tongues swallowed. After a few seconds, I just heard one of them whistle surprised and I turned around to see them staring at each other in disbelief, wondering if what they saw was true. I love it, when someone doubted me and I fucking proved them that despite the fact that I’m a girl, I could be thousands of times better. I smirked satisfied with myself and headed back for mine and Nikki’s room.

anonymous asked:

i kind of feel nervous on posting a pic for tdov, whats your advice?

It’s totally okay to be nervous!
““Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” 
To me this quote by Bernard M. Baruch is really something to live by. 
There will always be people who judge you, no matter what you do, but don’t mind them. Just be what you are and be proud of it!

I feel like these kind of days are so great ‘cause mostly I see super positive comments. It makes me so happy!